Yves Saint Laurent M7 | Best Designer Oud EVER

Yves Saint Laurent M7 | Best Designer Oud EVER

the one that started at all today’s
video we have the one that started out Yves saint-laurent m7o like these kind
of videos cool go ahead scribe to my channel
the turn out application cannot beat your video and lifetime updates so you
boys some love yeah I got the m7 fresh Kaplan is but it doesn’t matter look at
what I got right here folks the original og 2002 m7 Tom ports take
on food brought to the west this is the fragrance that was groundbreaking
earth-shattering started an entire movement by none other than the master
Tom Ford and I’m going to tell you it is freaking epic even though it’s
exceptionally hard to get and the prices that are asking for it you might as well
get a kidney guys it is completely worth it if you are a food lover you guys know
I love rose food and amber is an amplitude cut fragrance to just
captivate at the top you have rosemary bergamot and Sicilian mandarin in the
mid you actually have a go at food and vetiver and in the base you have amber
green and a musky nothing gives you this warm kind of fresh spicy aromatic amber
kind of fragrance there’s just freakin incredible when you first spread a lot
of people say it kind of smells like cherry cough syrup I get that but then
it passes in about 10 to 15 seconds and the magic really starts to happen ah I
love each and every facet of this stuff I’ve had to cancer this bottles of this
and I finally got a chance to get the og bottle and I’m so glad I did let’s get
into the c-3po system compliment factor amazeballs
simply amazing this is one of the most complimented food fragrances I have and
one of the easiest to wear performance a solid four to six hours I got in me
it is not a projection it is not a performance monster on my skin
projection to the 3 feet see eyes 3 feet plus it does have a see eyes trail a
style personality I see rocking this this is definitely a boss fragrance and
this is a signature scent worthy yep signature scent worth and you could wear
this from the street to the boardroom and not miss a beat and that’s what this
was designed to do be masculine sophisticated elegant yet casual
down-to-earth every man this stuff is freaking in or out the only downside and
it’s a major is yes it has been discontinued this is back in time for
its era of Yves saint-laurent so you gotta go to the third hand market trade
for it so you do your due diligence to make sure you don’t get taken and don’t
spend a fortune on it speed but honestly the m7 absolute the one that’s on the
market right now unless you really are a big into these fragrances most people
won’t be able to tell that big of a difference for me though I can however
like I always say don’t just leave it up to me hit us up in the comments section
let us know what do you think about m7 by Yves saint-laurent Tom Ford’s
masterpiece do you like it so cool not cool
but keep it cool keep it classy take it the suit if you like these kind of
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33 Replies to “Yves Saint Laurent M7 | Best Designer Oud EVER”

  1. Man you should do guess fragrant I have a black panther that would Out-Rank anything you've ever smelt! 😎

  2. Mr burberry indigo 😍😍😍😍😍😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. I like skankier ouds like Oud Ispahan and Oud Palao, trying some real oud tomorrow. But somebody gave me M7 as a gift I think I need to wear it some more.

  4. kevin just subscribe to your channel . i want to know if you are still using tiege hanley product on your face.? secondly what lotion and body wash/ soap do you use on your body.?

  5. The oud absolu is extremely similar to this reform version of M7. Folks don’t spend hundreds of dollars for this version. The oud absolu is amazing in itself

  6. I went to buy cologne last week and i saw this but didnt think anything of it. Gonna have to grab a bottle next time.

  7. this is a great OUD even after all the new competitors and for the price it should be in every man's scent wardrobe love the bottle! JIM TYRRELL

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