YVES SAINT LAURENT LIBRE reseña de perfume ¡nuevo 2019!

Hello loves, how are you? thanks for
accompany me in this new perfume What do I have to say, it seems that I have
as spies in all perfumeries because right away that you my
girls try a new perfume come and you tell me what you think, what you
Like, if you don’t like it and encourage me to try it or not and I love that, let’s
See this new perfume by Yves Saint Laurent It’s called Libre, here what
we have, it’s an eau de parfum and I’m going to show you in 30 milliliter format, here
we have it, black and gold white box and the jar that is gorgeous
elegant Ives Saint Laurent, notice that here the glass has a sample where
there is the Y and the truth is that it is a beautiful job very beautiful in glass
for YSL, well let’s see its composition and as always we comment
This perfume is from the year 2019 of the Fougere Oriental family, release notes
tangerine, lavender, blackcurrants and petit graint, heart notes, jasmine,
lavender and orange blossom and base notes, vanilla from madagascar,
Cedar, gray amber and musk, is a great composition of aromas that we are going to
simplify a little, it must be said that being eau de parfum has a fixation
very good, let’s keep in mind that they have both gray amber and musk,
some wooden notes, which are a set of very good fixatives for a perfume,
It has a medium intensity and a Fantastic duration around 7-8
hours, bone phenomenal, that in skin and now once in clothes it will probably last us
more, in those last hours with less intensity but as one
very good fixation, here YSL He is giving us quality in his perfume, in a
new perfume that you are going to allow me to express this perfume is androgynous
totally, this perfume is no longer unisex this is androgynous because it has
both male and female parts in a perfume that works perfectly …
the main comments that have come to me before I try it and I also
I put it on the days that I was already testing the people who tried it and told me that they liked it a lot what do you think of an elegant and pleasant perfume fantastic, elegant and encouraged me
It’s a lot to try. Don’t be wrong of course, it is a perfume with some notes
that to start different from what we have been testing all this
season, no sweet notes, no fruity notes, no sweet tooth notes,
we eliminate, here we have read black currants even deep down it puts us
vanilla let’s forget her, okay? we will forget because if there are aromas
important in this perfume lavender, the petitgrain then when
we go a little further has lavender in my heart again
what is an important note some light floral touches and then a background
slightly woody musk always with that aromatic herbal note in
the bottom also, okay is what we found in the body of this
fragrance fruit notes don’t take us to the side
feminine, woody notes do not take us to the masculine side we will be there in the middle, with the best of both sexes united in a perfume that
it works great it is extremely elegant that is here YSL has
put an elegance to the perfume that robust that overflows but I already tell you
Me for example when I try perfumes either male or female
I try them with my partner and my husband always tells me that
perfumes on my skin they smell a little sweeter than yours
and it’s true when I wear it I feel my perfumes …. look at this perfume that
It has floral notes, fruits, we forget … we forget okay because they are in
very low levels and has notes woody, well on your skin the notes
the woody tone rises a little more and in mine, in this case a little more
floral tones but here the important thing those flowers that don’t
we will probably identify there will be who yes but we will not identify them
of course let’s forget because here the important thing is the aroma and aromatic herbal aroma of this perfume, lavender, petit graint, a
a little cooler at the beginning for that tangerine but it is not a tangerine
extremely fruitful, when they spend a little time of time, we will probably put
one hour, two hours and then they go down a that green intensity and little to
little goes up a very clean musk very elegant that comes attached to the notes
woody forget vanilla why not this
It is a perfume in which vanilla stand out in no time, are notes that
they make it up but basically what we we will find is what I tell you ..
phenomenal. phenomenal. It works very well Elegant,
when I try it even the first time I smell this perfume … perfectly
I see a beautiful elegant woman but dressed in american suit, suit
we would say … masculine with your American jacket your pants all
so …. i know that today is not only masculine but you understand me
true … a woman who when it is fixed to go out, he doesn’t need a dress,
but it is elegant etiquette with your suit that’s how I see it, directly,
it’s completely a mixture of the two I want to … because you have me
Many girls said that you like this perfume I want you guys to try it,
I think this perfume is perfect For that, I would like this perfume to be
brand don’t mess it up, don’t mess it up doing
Too many flanker, to start taking varieties and varieties and now for the
next we get one with candy, I don’t know what else … because it’s like this
which one is perfect, I think it will conquer a lot in a line completely
different because …. probably this one is not going to conquer teenagers, no, this
perfume is probably far from girls who like their perfume of
Britney Spears and all that … no, this perfume it’s for a woman who already knows
how to stomp around the world who knows how to get pretty, what she likes herself
as is and puts a perfume with a special and distinct elegance, that’s right
as I see this perfume, I really liked it in the sense that it is different from everything what we have found, YSL
risk betting on different aromas to which the market has so far
offered and I think it will be a fantastic bet besides this aroma
It is completely timeless of seasons, no, neither seasons nor
nothing that is this is one of those that you you buy … you make an investment because YSL is a little more expensive than other brands but you can use it in
many times of the year that is very versatile in that versatile sense for man and
woman, for different ages, although I I say that I think teenagers … this
they won’t like it and then also to different times of the year i think
it’s a fantastic bet it’s great, there will be who says I
I don’t like unisex perfumes but it’s not unisex,
this perfume is androgynous this perfume has both sexes stuck in
a perfume bottle by the way elegance what a nice job
of glassware in this perfume fantastic so friends do you want to try
something new? presented this year right now and of
approve it because I think YSL successful very well in the composition of
this perfume of course is already starting to enter little by little in all
perfumeries and it’s super important your opinion, those that already have
tried telling us below and you
please homework guys those who you are trying to tell me … is that I many
sometimes I don’t know why brands make us they put …
this perfume is of woman or this perfume is of man because directly
all perfumes would have to be for who likes to use it without more
true yes yes in this case it is the same don’t cut yourself try it because I’m sure that more than one you will like and
also perfume with a lot of quality well folks a huge kiss to all and we
we see in the next perfume

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