Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Fragrance Review | YSL Beauty Women’s Perfume Review

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Fragrance Review | YSL Beauty Women’s Perfume Review

Welcome back to the channel guys so if you’ve been subscribed to my channel for a while You know it’s mostly a makeup Channel But here and there I’ve thrown in videos covering other beauty topics. So after my KKW Fragrance review I asked my snap fam. Would you guys want to see more perfume reviews and people responding saying that they did. So today We’re gonna be reviewing YSL’s Black Opium. So some of you may know that my husband is a fragrance reviewer on YouTube And he’s slowly, but surely been sucking me into the fragrance world. So about 2 months or so ago We were in Ulta and we were actually there for makeup for me and all the sudden, I don’t know why, I just wanted a fragrance. Now I had smelled this one before So I knew it was up my alley and my husband talked me into pulling the trigger so he bought it for me. Now Like I said in my KKW Fragrance review I typically lean towards rich, sweet, heavy unique fragrances And I think this one is all of those things so first Let’s just get into the packaging. Packaging definitely is one of those things that sways me on a fragrance And I really really like this one It’s a black, shimmery, glamorous bottle and my favorite color is black so it gets bonus points for that. The shape kind of reminds me of how bamboo looks I don’t know why but I like that you can see through the middle so you can know when you’re getting low. So the atomizer Is really good It sprays a lot and it’s kind of forceful So the top notes in this fragrance are orange blossom, pear and pink pepper. The middle notes are coffee jasmine, bitter almond, and licorice And then the base notes are vanilla, patchouli, cedar and Cashmere wood so when you first spray this I instantly get the coffee notes. The richness of the coffee & the sweetness of the vanilla. I’m coffee obsessed like on an addict level, if you’re part of my snap fam then you know this, so I really loved that coffee note. As the coffee and the sweetness started to die down and you start to get that floral note of the Jasmine and you get hints of the licorice But it’s mild and then all throughout from start to finish in the background you get this subtle note of that The orange blossom. This is a very dark, rich, sweet blend and the citrus comes off as a creamy citrus notes It’s really blended really perfectly and balanced really well. I feel like this is a very alluring, sensual, seductive, feminine fragrance I think it smells grown but not at all to be confused with like a old ladyish smell And I definitely think you will get complimented when you’re wearing this fragrance. The projection on This is really good. Whenever I spray it, if my husband comes in the room, he’ll comment and ask me What did I spray and he really loves this scent. The longevity on this is pretty good It’s like eight to ten hours if I spray this on early in the day And my husband’s gone all day when he comes home from work he can always still the smell this on me I would say three to four sprays on this is plenty I wouldn’t go any more than that a little goes a long way with this one I will probably have this bottle for awhile. Now when to wear this one? I would say this can be a day or night scent, but it probably maybe leans more towards the evening scent But I wear what, I want when I want, so I tend to been the fragrance world rules You can definitely get away with wearing this during the day I would say it’lll probably do best in the fall and winter climates, but I live in Florida And it’s summer all year, so it is what it is for me I would say that this fragrance is really appropriate for like a date night or going out to dinner or special occasions; that type of vibe. And on a scale of one to ten I would personally rate this one a nine for me if everything that I like in a scent. Its rich, its sweet and Intoxicating, but it’s still very womanly. Plus I like the packaging so that’s a plus. …And that’s pretty much it That’s my take on YSL’s Black Opium. My husband told me there’s a bunch of different formulations of this fragrance So I’d definitely be interested in smelling some of the other ones Let me know in the comments if you have smelled this one This is the EDP. Or, if you’ve purchased it and what you think. Also, let me know if there’s something else that you would like to see me review! Make sure, if you’re not already, to connect with me on social media especially Snapchat because I really get to know you guys the best there as always Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll be seeing you in my next video!

13 Replies to “Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Fragrance Review | YSL Beauty Women’s Perfume Review”

  1. You really do a great job being descriptive. Would you able to share your husband’s channel? Does he review men’s colognes as well as women’s?

  2. I love that fragrance it’s def a fave right now. But holy shit girl, you look so glamorous. 😍🖤 you’re giving me Morticia Adams vibes. Like you’re walking around your house in a black lacy robe and heels looking and smelling like a dark goddess. 🖤😂. Yes to more fragrance reviews.

  3. great review. i have three of the other Black Opium fragrances. Eau de Toilette, Floral Shock and Nuit Blanche. I love all of them. Each one is has enough of a difference to make them interesting. 🙂

  4. Why are you sooo Gorgeous 😍 thank you for the review. I've been on the fence about this scent but its sounds like its perfect for me as I'm obsessed with coffee and vanilla 🍵

  5. I luv this fragrance soo much but sad side it doesn't last long on me . I too luv Carolina Herrera good girl Perfume and Olympea By paco rebanne these 3 are my favorites and you looks soo beautiful .

  6. I just got this fragrance and I love it. I personally only spray once on my neck, because it's so strong compared to what I'm used to (body sprays and scented lotion). I love that you were in depth in describing the fragrance, the notes, the occasions you would wear it for/how many sprays you'd use. Other channels have the tendency to just say "this smells good" and it really doesn't do much for the audience in my opinion. Btw, you are also very pretty and have a like-able quality about you. I'm a new subbie and I'm excited to see more fragrance videos from you.

  7. Black Musk by The Body Shop is basically the same exact fragrance. I have both and I was disappointed that I spent the money on this one. It’s nice but I’m not a fan of pepper notes. I wish they made it with out the pink pepper note.

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