Your Day for a Mission

Your Day for a Mission

There will always be something you leave
behind when you respond to the prophets call to serve in Nineteen Sixty One at age eightteen and holding the aaronic priesthood Sydney Going was becoming a star in New Zealand rugby because of his remarkable abilities many thought he would be chosen the
very next year for the national all blacks rugby team at age nineteen in this critical moment
of his ascending rugby career Sid declared that he would forego rugby to
serve a mission some called him crazy others called him foolish they protested that his opportunity in
rugby might never come again forty eight years ago this month nineteen-year-old Sydney Going left New
Zealand to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints it was evening and he and his companion were
just about to return to their apartment they decided to visit one more family the father let them in Elder Going and his companion
testified of the Savior the family accepted a book of mormon the father read all night in the next week and a half he read the entire Book of Mormon, the
Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price a few weeks later the family was
baptized after his mission Sid Going became one of the greatest half backs
in All-Blacks history How good was Sid Going, he was so good that training and game schedules where changed because he would not play on sunday. Sid was so good the Queen of England acknowledge his contribution to rugby. He was so good a book was writen about him entitled Super Sid. A mission instead of a place on the New Zealand All-Blacks team Sid responded the blessing of bringing others into the
gospel far outweighs anything who will ever sacrifice One of the great miracles of
missionary service in this church is that Sid Going and thousands just
like him have not asked what will I get from my mission but rather what can I give The priesthood of God has been restored to
the earth and the Lord has set His hand to prepare the world for his glorious
return these are days of great opportunity and
important responsibilities these are your days

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  1. I'm go grateful I served a full-time mission (in Canada as well). The spirit that is felt, the personal growth, and the blessing to see lives changed as they embrace the restored gospel is a beautiful blessing.

  2. Fantastic little video/documentary! Should give detractors something to think about instead of criticizing the church… as well as young LDS men considering going on a mission. Well done!

  3. Going on a mission is very important. I am almost 19 and people ask why I am going, and I tell them because I want to. They tell me I could use the money on collage or a car. I don't want to though. I am a convert and I understand the importance of missionary work. I was on the receiving end almost ten years ago. I will spend my ten year anniversary in the mission field. I can't think of any where better to have my ten year anniversary than serving the Lord.

  4. "As you go forth, open your mouth and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to your fellow man and serve a mission for your Heavenly Father that he has asked you to do prior to coming into mortality."

    This is an excerpt from my patriarchal blessing. I will go and do the things the lord has commanded, and I will go forth and preach his gospel and serve a mission.

  5. Personally, its 100 times more attractive when a guy decides to serve the Lord first despite what the "world" keeps offering him 🙂

  6. Serving an honorable full time mission is not something I just want to do but it is something I believe in. I'm going to serve a mission believing that I can help others change, believing that I can make my heavenly father proud to sacrifice a tiny portion of my life to serve him and I know he will bless all those that believe in him.

  7. i testify to this to be true with all my heart 🙂 i was doing really well with sport before my mission, i was picked to play for my country just before i got my mission call. i went on my mission knowing that i will be blessed 🙂 now i live in France playing top level rugby. you mission will help you become 20 time better the person the lord wants you to be 🙂

  8. I'm 22 years old, and am a recently baptized member of my church. I knew before I was even baptized that I was going to serve a mission, and have been saving up for it for almost a year now. I faced a great deal of opposition on this decision, from my family, from my coworkers, and (occasionally) even members from the church. Despite it all, I know what the Lord wants me to do and I honestly don't care about much else. I can't wait!

  9. Cant wait to go to Cochabamba Bolivia later this year to serve the people and the lord on my LDS mission!!

  10. I to am a convert. I was baptized three years ago on the 19th of April. It is because of two young men who took the time and made the sacrifice for the faith. I have not looked back since. Thank you for your service.

  11. A mission is a wonderful opportunity for young men and young women who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to give up 18 months to 2 years of their lives serving God by spreading His gospel. They are able to bring individuals to Christ and show families how they can be sealed together forever!

  12. The missions that this video is talking about is when young men, who are eligible at age 18 after graduation, leave there homes to preach and serve people in mission areas across the globe for two years. Sister missionaries are eligible at age 19, and serve for a year and a half.
    Their job is to teach people the gospel and serve them wherever their called.
    You can go to and ask more questions. They'll help you out. 🙂

  13. This video has more significance to me now that the ages were lowered from 19 to 18, and from 21 to 19. My brother only has to wait six years now, and I only have to wait five! I'm preparing for my mission early!

  14. amazing! thank you for sharing this! i will always look up to your example 🙂 i am also preparing for mission, as i watched this, i can't help but cry, my heart was filled with love and comfort. serving a mission is not a burden rather it is a blessing 🙂

  15. I play for rugby for highland here in salt lake and seeing this video has helped me relate to Sid, his example to me of putting the Lord first before anything else of this earth. I cant wait to get out in the mission field in august to serve and spread the gospel!!

  16. Alot of churches have missionaries, so they all probably work differently. But with the LDS church missionaries go for 18 months-2 years, usually guys go at 18 and girls 19. Actually the age was changed a few months ago, it used to be 19 for guys and 21 for girls. But pretty much you go and share the gospel with people in whatever country or state you go to. The main purpose is bringing others to Christ. 🙂

  17. I don't know if someone has answered this yet or not… But here you go.
    This is talking specifically about an LDS mission btw.
    Anyway, its where we dedicate 2 years for boys, or 18 months for girls, to spreading the gospel of God. We teach others what we believe in, if they want to hear it.
    Hope that answered your question!!
    If you'd like to know/understand more, you can go to, or
    They can help you more than I can, in this little space.
    Thanks!!! 😀

  18. i think it's kind of ironic that it's Neil Andersen giving this talk when he was my mom's mission president 🙂

  19. Sorry, daydreambeliever, about the late reply! Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are blessed so much by following Jesus Christ. Those who follow Him and His teachings receive peace in this life and the hope for Eternal happiness in the life to come. We want all to be able to experience that peace. So missionaries leave their homes, family, school, and jobs for 2 years to teach others how to follow Jesus Christ and have a relationship with their Heavenly Father.

  20. A mission is something that LDS youth do (boys at the minimum age of 18 and girls at the age of 19). We believe that for young men, serving a mission is a calling from God. Young women have the option and are welcomed to serve but not required. On a mission, companionships of two missionaries study, learn, teach, and proselyte about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A mission lasts two years for men and 18 months for women.

  21. I love the phrase that says God will make more of you than you can, if you give your life to God. I think this applies to serving a mission!

  22. We do not have to where those black name tags to be a missionary.We can all surf the Lord Jesus Christ.every member of the Mormons church is a missionary

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