WOW! Discrimination Scandal Exposes Weird Double Standard, Digital Crushing TV, Russia Fires, & More

WOW! Discrimination Scandal Exposes Weird Double Standard, Digital Crushing TV, Russia Fires, & More

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  1. oh COOL. looks like video isn't showing up anywhere AGAIN. agh. make sure to share this video and tune in tomorrow, ya Beautiful Bastards. thanks for all the support.
    Saints Cheerleader: (00:06), YouTuber Livestream Record: (2:51), Uber Crash Update: (5:21), Facebook Scandal Updates: (6:17), Kemerovo Mall Fire: (10:11)

  2. I do not use Facebook as much as I used to. I don't post very often when I do. I will respond to other's posts. Most often I like posts.

    My favorite guitar store deleted its account. It's very hard to delete accounts especially as a business because Facebook drives so much traffic to your site.

  3. Those rules are not only gender discrimination, but also are saying that cheerleaders are somehow second-class citizens just because they have this job. That's illegal on so many levels.

  4. Thank you for covering the Kemerovo story, that to put all the differences between our countries aside and just voicing the tragedy. Showing the truth. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  5. The cheerleader situation is unfair but it makes sense. They don't want a scandal and they don't want to restrict the players to the point that they want to go to another team. The players make the organization WAYY more money than the cheerleaders so they are more valuable and get more perks. I'm pretty sure the guy who sells tickets doesn't get to use they players locker room. Not because of discrimination, but because the players are the only reason the organization exists so they get more perks and special treatment. If the cheerleaders don't like it, either find a way to be as valuable as a player or go to the next combine/join another organization

  6. "Must avoid making eye contact and move to the side". Damn, where have I heard that one before? Sounds a bit "Jim Crow", to me. Just change race to gender and I think you have discrimination.

  7. As a Russian I can say right now, there will be no one that will go to jail and no change of power nor systemic – shall we say – "irregularities". The supposed number of dead is 300 people as many of those at the theaters and archaic areas were orphans, there to celebrate the beginning of the holidays. There is footage online from the cemeteries in the surrounding areas, in one of them the man filming clearly states "there are more than 60 of them" showing the new graves and the area behind him, where they were clearing out the ground for more.
    At the very least that is the information I had found my self, how accurate it is is difficult to say due to the nature of any information from the bought press and the increasingly more and more distrusting public.

  8. holy crap those rules are terrible. what if you were at a family party, could be your sisters wedding, and then your sisters friend, an NLF player from the saints show sup. you would get fired for staying at your own sisters wedding. that is absolutely disgusting. as for the posting pictures wearing NFL or saints gear, that kind of makes sense, controlling the brand etc, but the "semi nude" stuff is just some overly PC Christian bullshit.

    however are the rules gender discrimination? hard to tell. i guess its just that its one set of rules for players, which happen to be men, and one set of rules for cheer leaders, that happen to be women. it still makes the rules utter bullshit though. 100% if an NFL player turns up to a party that a cheer leader is at, THEY should be the ones that get kicked out. THEY should be the ones punished for liking / following cheerleaders on social media. what stupid rules says that "oh you will get fired if you don't block players that follow you on social media"

  9. oh screw you Arizona. so you ban self driving car tests because of 1 accident, yet hundreds of people die every day on the roads with normal driving and you don't even consider banning cars or non-professional drivers?!

  10. If those rules are for real… well man that's crazy. I mean… the last one? If i am minding my own business and a player enter the same place i am in I HAVE TO LEAVE? What kind of fucking sick joke is that?

  11. Target rather than victim? Me thinks you have some biases about who might pursues who. Furthermore, at least some of those rules (pics/dress) would be due to the different jobs i.e. cheerleaders are paid to look sexy, the players are not, etc.

  12. Everything that could go wrong in a fire goes wrong?!! How the Hell could people be THIS negligent? Where are the checks?!

  13. Must avoid eye contact? I hear stuff like that from the rules for sex workers and pimps ie. must walk on sidewalk. If that is true she is right to sue

  14. I find this entire Facebook thing to be kind of funny. I don't know how many people's profiles I've looked at, who didn't bother to check any of the security features of Facebook, and who were not my friend but almost all of their information was available to me just from searching or looking at friends of friends. It boggled my mind how easy it was to see a ton of information about a perfect strange. Some people have no one but themselves to blame. However, I also think Facebook should have started all accounts off as "more secure" and forced people to make changes at their first signup if they wanted to be searchable, let friends of friends see content, and etc.

  15. The cheerleader rules are so messed up. It's understandable a company not wanting it's employees hooking up, but deciding to control the cheerleaders life like that is beyond fucked up. It sounds like the Saints is making them into second class citizens.

  16. Obama's administration pulled more information from Facebook through their contractors than did Cambridge Analytics

  17. Cheerleaders subjected to different rules than players? Well to be fair, no one asks a cheerleader to keep up with and then tackle and take down a 6'4" 200+lb man running with a ball.
    Seems like these rules are a push back against unwanted sexual advances claims which can destroy a players career and life but would be laughed at if a player claimed it against a cheerleader. So one double standard to combat another.

  18. I considered downloading my data file from Facebook but to be honest it would probably just depress the hell out of me and remind me that I’ve got no friends. No-one wants to see their Mum’s number as the only one on their call-list 😂😂

  19. The cheerleaders are low value employees to saints: they earn a lot less money than the players. Thusly, they are subjected to rules the players do not have to obey. This is a business decision not gender discrimination, and though the policies are messed up, it makes sense from a financial standpoint.

  20. That NFL thing is just another example of sex negativity ruining everything. It's almost as creepy as eugenics, really. Just designating that "these people aren't allowed to have sex because [arbitrary situation that has nothing to do with sex]" is creepy to me, and I don't understand why people do it.

  21. She signed a contract knowing what it entailed. But also, for a person who makes almost nothing from a job to be held to such high standards is crazy. "Must leave a restaurant if an NFL player from their team shows up." Really? So, if she's hanging out at a restaurant with her family or friends and a random third-string-barely-sees-any-field-time player walks in, she has to leave? That's like telling an employee they can't be seen at a restaurant if a veteran employee shows up. Come on, NFL.

  22. The only solution for the saints is to get rid of all cheerleaders, because that is what this blonde idiot is going to cause.

  23. 64 people died!? What is wrong with you!? There are testimonies of morgue workers who send WhatsApp messages about ~400 dead, of whitch ~75% are children!

  24. They tell you all that before you become a cheerleader though.
    If it’s a problem to you.
    It’s simple. Don’t be one that’s their set policy for their set job.
    They didn’t make you take the job.
    You chose to take the job if you got offered to have it.
    So you follow the rules of the job or at least that’s what you agreed to do when you signed your contract.

  25. Its obvi discrimination. You said it yourself. They’re sexist and until someone(probably a player or coach) says something nothing will change. And what are the odds of that happening?

  26. I just got into his videos and does anyone else feel like there's these moments were it seems like he's ending the video but theirs still a whole lot of the video left?

  27. Let me be clear, I fucking hate hipsters. However it has been brought to my attention by my friends that I may infact be a hipster and that is why I actually deleted my facbook account literally 3 months before it was cool to do so. That being said when this news broke i didnt care.

  28. I think the decision to apologize in the news paper was actually a clever one. All of those newspapers are credible and don’t fall into the “fake news” categories. It was a way to apologize in a way that was seemingly authentic. That’s my best guess at least.

  29. I am assuming there was a contract this girl signed before working for the Saints? I also assume everything regarding conduct was in said contract? If so, discriminating or not, she got exactly what she signed up for.

  30. cheerleader job isnt the same as a coach job or a player job. it's not sexism. what an idiot.

    sounds like she doesn't like the terms of her job. she should have just quit.

  31. I don’t trust Facebook at all. Zuckerburg has proved multiple times that he is a completely immoral person, first at Harvard, stealing passwords and emails and stalking people. Then again with his house in Hawaii. It’s not surprising anymore. It never really was.

  32. i don't use facebook. i just make money by owning their stock. i mean i used to hahaha.

    anyone on facebook is a tool.

  33. Cheerleaders are more replaceable than players. When you make it so that a mere accusation from someone can ruin the career of a player that you are paying millions of dollars for. You have to make extreme decisions like this. There is nothing wrong here. It's just the club looking out for their investments.

  34. Um… I know this isn't the shows fault, but I just got this video as an advertisement before your show. It's pretty racist, I'm a member of Canada's first nations but it doesn't offend me, just weird its an Ad before your video.

  35. I have a friend with whom I communicate on Facebook on a daily basis. Also, if I'm being honest, the site is my only source of major news and newest trends. (Pathetic, considering how many sources are out there, but true.)That said, despite all of this, I'm not leaving Facebook anytime soon. Also, I've never personally had any problems with the site or with Mark Zuckerberg. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt; I believe he and the company are handling everything as best as they can, and they keep being given a shit hand. Not that I'm saying they're perfect, either.

  36. The rules are bullshit. They should be changed, and the saints should be held accountable. BUT you can’t say the cheerleaders should be treated the same as the players. The players are multi-million dollar athletes.

  37. I can understand why the organization has those rules, however strange and one sided they appear. I would assume that: 1. the players are what bring in all the money not the cheerleaders 2. they want to keep the players happy 3. it's easier to control the cheerleaders 4. they want to protect the cheerleaders from sexual harassment while also not making big restrictions on the players 5. they have the cheerleaders sign this contract before hiring them. So yes these rules are very lopsided and some seem a little ridiculous but it isn't as if the women didn't know all of this going in so I don't think you can really call it gender discrimination. It is holding people to different standards but it isn't based on gender it's based on job type and job "value". Skewed yes, fair not exactly, discriminatory not gender based. I would liken this to any situation where one group is held in higher value and gets priority over another group, like if a varsity and junior varsity team were out practicing at the same time but the varsity team got the showers first because they had seniority. In this situation it just happens to be that one of these groups is female and the other is male.

  38. Regardless of whether people think this is discrimination, the rules (as described in this video) are incredibly proscriptive. The thing that struck me the most was that if a cheerleader was at a public place and a player entered, the cheerleader had to leave. I can just imagine a situation in which a cheerleader is being stalked by a player and no matter where she goes, he follows her. So she spends her night moving from one location to another, not able to eat dinner or enjoy herself. Which is something women experience anyway, but now it has the terrible added stress of possibly costing her her job because this player won't take no for an answer?

    Or imagine she's celebrating an event with her family, say it's HER birthday, and suddenly she has to drop everything and leave because an NFL player happened to enter the same restaurant with his family. How would she even manage that? Hand the rosters of ALL the teams to the wait staff and ask them to alert her if any of the players walk in? All the while, checking her various social media followers constantly to ensure no players are following or DM'ing her, even incognito?

  39. now we see Russian corruption hitting a critical mass. hopefully Vladimir will see that there needs to be a change

  40. I expected Facebook to take information about what I posted on there, directly submitted through my profile and could be found through the cookies on my computer and use that information however they pleased from the second I signed up and honestly I don't care even a little. I have nothing to hide and nothing to lose from them sharing that information. I'm not a private person. I wear my entire life on my sleeve and I can't think of any real reason why that would be a problem. Sure, somebody could use that information to find my location and try to kidnap/kill me but if they wanted that information that badly all they would have to do is learn to be half decent at coding and they could access that information very easily anyways so I see it as a waste of time to try and prevent it. They want me they can come get me. Can't promise that I won't fight back though

  41. Well, it's the NFL, the institution where brain damage is treated lightly and no reason at all to protect the athletes, so…

  42. facebook thing is not a big deal any info you give them is there property so why all the shock i don't get it?

  43. The Saints didn't deny those rules so that's insane. Have to leave a place just because someone from the team is there/shows up? Getting in trouble because they follow or message you? What era is this and why do we keep blaming the innocent instead of telling people hey leave them alone.

  44. Damn, those cheerleader rules are fucking weird! They're not even allowed to slightly interact with the players they are supposed to be cheering for? So ridiculous it sounds like bullshit, but it's true.

  45. Facebook released the apology in print because they are targeting investors, not users. Their user base isn't going anywhere, just the money.

  46. Oh come on. One fatal crash with a self-driving car, and everyone freaks out. This is after like… what, months of them being on the road? Everyone realizes there's more crashes with humans behind the wheel in a timeframe like that, right?

  47. I've come to think of my internet usage as a calculated risk, now it's facebook, then it's twitter then google etc. All of these companies have info on you and to think they won't/don't use it against you is ludicrous. I try to limit my posting on any as much as possible and use most social media as an entertainment source.

  48. Was that the rule for the cheerleaders when she signed on? I mean of course it is discrimination, she got the job through discrimination. She gets a job to be a symbol, specifically her body, so it isn't unreasonable to protect the symbol. Remember, this is a football game and she is ancillary to all this. So the actor is treated different than the supporting actor or extra. What is the deal here?

  49. First Story: Ridiculous? Yes. Unfair? Yes. Discriminatory? Doesn't sound like it. The rules are based on the job title. If there were a male cheerleader and they had any variation in rules, then you'd have something to complain about

  50. It’s bullshit what the Saints are doing with their cheerleaders. Just another classic case of sexism, unduly punishing the women for man’s inability to keep it in his pants.

  51. To the cherrlrader story i say this… yes the rules suck but noone forced her to try out and get the job. Like any other job there are rules break them and you get fired.

  52. Fired for posting a pic of wearing a one-piece bathing suit? Meanwhile, the players are man-whoring their way through an endless stream of sluts…

    Yes, this is OBVIOUSLY discrimination.

  53. Okay okay… I’ve lived in LOUSYana for about 4 years, the standards for women interacting with men is very strange. I grew up in Memphis(also the south) so for another area of the south to be as strict as Louisiana is, to be frank, it’s quite odd. You’re essentially a whore if you wear too much makeup, and if you show too much skin(like the average crop top with high waisted jeans that shows 2 inches of skin) you get a comment like “you must be from Texas” or “oh are you a yankee?”(which is essentially saying that you’re a whore) and this is JUST southeast Louisiana that I moved to. The “newer” part of LA. The more “Progressive” part of Louisiana if you will.

  54. The cheerleader policy sounds like they trying to avoid workplace fraternity & rape/sexual assault/harassment to protect their players from blame.

  55. So basically it’s like the players have restraining orders on the cheerleaders, can’t talk to them, look at them, have any contact with them, if there somewhere the cheerleaders cannot be there

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