Worst Plays | Week 17 NFL Highlights

Worst Plays | Week 17 NFL Highlights

Unfortunately for the raiders, it’ll be back alone as their quarterback That one bounces going to bills goes to get it. Dennis lee tracks it down in the end Zone Thats a touchdown. [what] are the bills doing? Doug middletion falls on it for the Jets probably the easiest touchdown he’ll ever have That’s just a kind of a traditional onside kick right there right? That’s a way. That’s way drawn up. There’s absolute no excuse There’s absolutely no excuse for it if they tried to get to salvage something by letting the ball bounce into the endzone. Oh oh and a safety special teams nightmare down the stretch for Seattle Robert Griffin the third has thrown two touchdown passes [only] wasn’t expecting that in by the first time starting center It’s loose and a fumble and it’s recovered by Pittsburgh it’s recovered by Sean Davis Stafford fires over the middle and Matthews head. easy interception he’s holding his helmet right there? We have seen some blown? opportunities already in this game, hey one thing the people on the sideline protect are Christina pink and And uh…We’re gonna show you why right [here]? good agility you okay Christina Oh [exuse me] [me] um… in the second quarter dion Lewis is deep standing in his own 9 yard line Frank puts this one on a bounce Brought in by Devlin over the up now Devlin is hit along a Slippery field there’s the plant in the slide. That’s why [this] ball came out on about six bounces – Devlin Waddles here from the gun on 32 throw incomplete. It doesn’t have to do anything Mortals this is a [Mr.] Look it hitting right the hand he hit the wrong guy [two] guys [over] there for to say I gotta throw it at one of them Parabolic mic guy over there We’re gonna pop right up okay. That’s good. That’s impressive. That’s right. Huh, that’s right Grab your parabolic mic [and] throw back on your head says oh, don’t be another play [nine] [yard] run here biology through here’s what happened watch this so leap reaches in grab to go change. Yeah And ripped it apart Grant Tree isn’t disbelief. He’s actually showing his teammate what he did why he did side [Myomas] playing He was thinking about that before the game [on] curtsies third and 11 Intercepted it’s picked up on the play [away], and you can see the entourage to the pylon his head Touchdown after review the ruling on the field has been changed the Cleveland Runner fumbled the ball [fired] to get it Next Beyond the fiat is blood Bobby covered it The second time football comes loose. Who’s got it? Indianapolis four Palms Both are free agents this after this game this season comes to an end as curley goes [duck] Gary Kubiak’s had ever played for a better person as a coach the balls on the [ground] and the Broncos have the recovery they tried the trick play with Johnny Holton [from] this point on River Under pressure that is man Gates across the field gates to the 25 Antonio gates laughs in there because he thought for a second he [was] going to try and hurdle Marcus peters over on the sidelines and just the drag route underneath the Zone cover Lost it and get back on it. Nearly a disaster I’ll tell you what calls for Concern breaking a record set by Tony [Bracken’s] ages ago You’re a talented player, and you have a bright future 48-yard attempts it is no good forty-niners oppression back off again since punxsutawney to the Tony come to deliver False [dark] [moon], that’s number eight Bradford flay action Winston Steps up the Skates trouble for Mario Addison And then his caught from the hide in the ball is stripped away Well shorten [at] one of those two weeks ago in the win over, Washington fumbles the stick who’s got it here Jacksonville says it’s their ball and it is a month to the three for a first down complete Sorrows play was wide [open] that was a touchdown and a big time missed Opportunity for Ej manuel who is getting promoted today only slept three hours on Wednesday night? Throws it to nobody to side of the board They’re down in three and Movement [Hawk] will be kicking the [Braylon] [Atta] Addison Addison coming up and Lemon is picked up by the vikings but does the opposition? pressure on third down the Browns to Sob fix him up with a nice block that he tripped over the leg of his blocking right tackle Marcus gilbert And he goes down they deserve a lot of credit. Oh, no football comes loose through the play. He’s actually a third He’s short, so the first sound was not picked up some burning short play there griffin pronoun To the three did he fumble the ball. He looks like he did The Steelers Have Gotten the ball

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  1. That game against the Steelers sums up the Browns season as a whole. Got hope Got the lead? Collapse and lose in the most embarassing ways possible.

  2. How was the missed field goal by Adam V. on this list? That was his first miss after breaking the nfl record?😂

  3. RG3 is literally hunting up random people standing on the sidelines every game after rolling out and running dudes straight garbage and doesn't deserve to play another snap in the league

  4. WTF. Clevend going in over time with PITTSBURGH??? They are doing some good. I dont like steelers either but they are doing better than Cleveland. This is crazy i thought cleveland would win in his condition in the game

  5. 60% of comments talking about why Mark Sanchez wasn't on the list
    38% of comments talking about how Talib was such a jerk
    2% of comments talking about other things

  6. At 5:18 what i though was a blooper is when the 49er player had a easy chance to recover the fumble and he dropped it twice

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