Women and Spirituality

Women and Spirituality

sheiva samaram Shankar Acharya madhyama asmadacharya paryantaam vande guru paramparaam I welcome you all with my love and respects I welcome all the devotees disciples samajis satsanghis from around the world who are sitting with us at this moment in 712 places through NTV 15 places in two-way connection having nayana deeksha in 206 cities in 27 countries today’s subject for satsang his woman and spirituality women and spirituality all the cities which are sitting in front of me now having Nayana Deeksha two-way connection Los Angeles San Jose Seattle Columbus Phoenix Pullman Calgary Toronto Canada Toronto Canada Vancouver and Nana Gerson turn the are among Ghulam Guadeloupe London New Zealand Paris Singapore totally 16 cities from around the world are sitting with me New Zealand and Redondo Beach these are the centres which are sitting with us having two-way connection live the way connection my blessings to all of you before entering into the subject I wanted to remind all of you to sit in but Masana and Samana mudra women and spirituality by the nature of the muscle-memory women are hard-wired for the major three qualities which can lead them to enlightenment quickly which is a basic necessity for enlightenment receptivity passivity and the ability for experiencing the feeling connection beyond logic please understand receptivity passivity ability to feel connected feeling connection beyond logic this three is part of the very bio-memory a female body women bio-memory of women receptivity the ability to receive the bio-memory of the woman’s body is not aggressive it is based on receptivity receiving it is not based on violence it is based on passivity that is so I sannyas are brahmacarya is lot more easy for the beings in women body then in masculine body even if you are in masculine body when you experience the enlightenment physiological mutation happens in your system you just go beyond the masculine feminine identification an identity please understand I wanted to make it very clear it is such a subtle subject please understand an enlightened being is neither male nor female or child or transgender he is beyond all this something unique happens in his system already I have done lot of medical researches and experiments on my body and I am continuing further more and more researches and experiments I will bring it to the world in right time in a proper context how an enlightened body is beyond masculine and feminine because during the Enlightenment experience the physiological mutation happens please understand during the Satori first experience psychologic mutation happens and during enlightenment physiological mutation happens because in masculine body feminine consciousness gets awakened it gets awakened so strongly the physiological mutation happens side-effects and after-effects of the physiological mutation only I have studied for last many years I have studied successfully now also I am continue to study I will present to the world and time comes I wanted to insist this one important thing by Nature feminine bio-memory women’s muscle memory is for receptivity passivity and feeling connection beyond logic for enlightenment to be transmitted to you you need to feel connected to something which is little beyond your logic but masculine bio-memory is in constant insecurity and fear it is justified men say no we go out and do business and we are cheated exploited so we need to develop a shield of protection security and we need to think logically okay it is justified I am NOT saying you’re insecure feeling is unjustified but what to do enlightenment happens only when you are able to feel connected maybe God has sent one gender to create infrastructure on planet Earth one gender to enjoy enlightenment only one problem is enlightenment is eternal infrastructure is ephemeral but I tell you God did not send anyone gender only for any one purpose women can create infrastructures men can radiate enlightenment women have proved they can create infrastructure equivalent to men but men have not proved they can be enlightened or experienced feeling-connection equivalent to one still men need to do their homework even in our Sangha I can see people are experiencing Kundalini awakening it is not that I bless only that side i bless both side by nature their system is built for receptivity passivity and feeling connection beyond logic men also carry the quality when they were kids but the interest and the interest they have to get conditioned by society automatically reduces them to an ordinary please understand ordinary insecure confined to logic women by nature have the extraordinary capability to feel connected beyond logic men should evolve in that direction should create those higher qualities to achieve an experience and express enlightenment receptivity passivity feeling connection beyond logic are the basic requirement for you to radiate enlightenment the complete fulfillment when you are receptive passive just simple nature can give you enlightenment River can talk to you hill can initiate you Oshin can fill you see ramana maharshi even ramana maharshi became intensely feminine that’s the reason Arunachala initiated him into enlightenment if you see his marital garland of letters in Madhubala he just radiates that feminine consciousness in the mood of being receptive to Mahadeva Arunachala almost all the great masters we experienced the highest consciousness radiated extraordinary feminine qualities ian crea is a powerful technique to awaken your Kundalini and make you experience receptivity passivity experience the feminine consciousness and reach enlightenment Jenny some says even women how to take birth as meant to achieve enlightenment I am saying even men I have to get into the feminine consciousness to achieve enlightenment men may not need to take women body but they have to get into feminine consciousness to achieve enlightenment Jainism says women need to take one more birth as a man man in masculine body to achieve enlightenment I tell you men need to take one more psychological rebirth into feminine consciousness to achieve enlightenment I bless you all let you all experience highest spiritual experiences and powers I bless you all to achieve experience live Express radiate and share the eternal bliss Nithyananda thank you you but now my dressing you see no one’s passing me to lead a bless blood alive no I’m strike I believe the things I do with you know you your my meditation

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  1. Thank you and bless you for all your words of wisdom, teachings, compassion, grace, mercy and unconditional love.

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