Will Religion Die Out… Or Grow Stronger?

Will Religion Die Out… Or Grow Stronger?

over the last couple weeks urban
complete come out had to do with religion so what i voted for the young
turk but a week ago fairbanks certain country village that
ireland for the country with that in western europe admired specter becoming
less religious you’re here the numbers are dropping in ireland point forty six
percent which lord it was that a pretty creepy demand of the world even in the day of the rifle and all
that the religious another thing coming out of four popular
thing that in certain countries like the fabric of natalie the government to
become increasingly religious what do you think the world cannot be like in
fifty or a hundred years i don’t think religion will ever fully disappear
unfortunately uh… small yeah right what i did get
travel agent people in that country that are great right they’re good people they believe
open and the catholic nun could have been in the news lately that wonderful
people that are living in poverty they’re leaving people that the poor one
hundred-percent but what i think that we can i’d think about what’s happening in
the middle east and all of the war and all the needless fighting honor killings
that happened in the middle east right at the polling at some cooler uganda for
every major yahoo anybody you know there was a
hoping about how the white thinkin uh… gay people to death i think that
they were caught the affectionate with one another i mean it’s just an if you
looked at all times for religion just the product of an afterlife in the in their issue wiped out there delonghi anything that one internet mean
where two thirds of that j pag replicated in africa looking at
the woman is coming to help me to go you mean you have so much freshwater you
sharing that you know hotline haha that a lot and i know i’ve
been world that happened that that uh… bunk that happen it could be like weak-kneed actor i
doubt it which is probably pretty fan it could be the way that it right competent hoping to remind
everyone that radiator our greatest fear that there’s not that
will be annihilation with the huge fear for mankind but if we’re able to
prove but there was an afterlife would be willing to do though orang to
interrogate overlap into all of them have to let them
unrelated to your actions in the like they’re like
dynamic deductible at you know who gave it to god willing it appears not
interested then we would not gerald religious scared no model articulate like although i
don’t think i i’d like to ask you know consequently my action and yet i could
go at that while he was very different religions are very married to that a lot
of uh… uh… uh… christian religions everybody’s life you
know if not do so they should not based on actions based on your belief and gave
it yes mister uses and we highly depend heavily
on nearly all the italic writing if you run for now by the way with that if you
want to live life to become the clintons but you can look at the end of the baldwin people blowing up stuff divall
vancouver or didn’t have to let in the rest of us here is a really bad things
to each one has its on particular set of religious it wouldn’t have a little bit
we’re living in people what information we need for a remain in
effect people in so i’d really believe in that that they departed from reality as we
know it being able to totally believe mechanism the back of your head there’s
that doubt that make you think rub out the back and i think then backpack people out of people in
check from ron wanted to talk about the non-existent even here it may not be painful do you
remember suffering before you were born yet nao that’s really had no experience
in a way that would make me i would be more accepting uh… up boldly go get help make this akbar bhai idea cutting the involving
worrying novelty of practical that that was a black man includes a
consciousness in long and you can if that’s all that you have a bracket like
i’d idea of living my life the way i want to know and deciding what morality
is invites camel again rhetoric aol but pink other you pop it without afterlife i couldn’t believe it enough to let you
know what fucking excellent matter i don’t have in our heller any of that
does not provide evidence incl you know indicating that that exit wetlands when
i felt now and do what i wanted it a great party cattle captain

100 Replies to “Will Religion Die Out… Or Grow Stronger?”

  1. I hate to say it, but TYT took the absolute worst that religios institutions have produced and presented it as a fair representation of its entire duration's values. The Muslims that were mentioned in the videos are a shame to the 99% remaining Muslims that have to put up with stereotyping because of the actions of a few.

    In fact, in TYT wants to compare death counts as a basis for valuing a standpoint on the universe, let's take atheism. Hitler and Joseph Stalin- both of whom actively supported atheism (Hitler never publicly came out, but nonetheless was) and used it as a basis for their governments. If somebody says that those societies are not representative of atheism's true nature, well- religious people feel just the same way about the violet, religious people that atheists speak of today.

  2. Are you considering agnostics though? Are the majority of people becoming atheist or agnostic? Those are two very different things so this study is odd. Being agnostic, I do not believe one way or another, I need proof before I accept anything. I remain open to the fact that I will probably never know either. But I do not think that makes religion the minority here, as I would be open to it with the scientific evidence to prove it. Whereas atheists are set in their opinion that there is absolutely no deity of any kind and there never has been/ never will be. It's important to distinguish the two, as it helps balance out this polarization effect we have in the religious sector. I believe most "non-religious" people remain agnostic. I have only ever met one hard-core atheist in my life, and they offended me just as much as any hard-core religious person. And let me be clear, I do not question often the existence of God, I am almost always on the side of there is no god until I see proof, however, I will not demean another person for believing in one. They clearly have evidence enough of their own to persuade them, just as an atheist believes they do. There is a middle ground. 

  3. Religious people are the worst because they are so reliant on a after life and don't care about the world as much. Atheists and agnostics are the best people because they actually care about the future,scientific, and human development because they know that this life is their only chance of making a world a better place.

  4. We don't really know, but it's most likely that religion would die out, as long as there is progress. But if we have so much more of those idiots who does not want progress but want to go back in the time, it will probably grow stronger. I am an atheist and don't really like religions, but I don't give a fuck, as long as they won't try to stuff my mouth with their bullshit or try to bring religion into government and law, which indeed is happening; thus I care. 

  5. Ana Kasparian is right, religion isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.  Perhaps if religion focused more on helping folks in or out of their congregations in the here and now ,well, then it would hold much more water in the secular sector, at least to the reasonably fair minded. I do realize that there is religious organizations doing this already,maybe most are behaving like corporations on the rise. How ever one feels, religion is needed in societies, because they assist emotionally, and psychologically. Not everyone is strong minded, or intellectual concerning critical and sensitive issues that life assuredly hands out inevitably. And so, religion is helpful to those, and at the very least relevant in those terms. How's about a little bit of mercy,and understanding.

  6. Religion is actually supposed to grow stronger because while developed countries are become less religious, undeveloped countries are as religious as ever and they're population is growing

  7. I was not raised with religion, because thankfully my mother wanted me to figure it out on my own. When I was thirteen I started going to church and I got baptized that year, because I was naive and walked blindly into the faith. Then, as I researched more and more, I used the label "agnostic". As I am growing older, I have dropped "agnostic" in exchange for "atheism". I am not a rude or obnoxious atheist- I don't care what you believe so long as you don't feel the need to take it upon yourself to enforce that upon people who disagree (e.g. Members of the LQBTQIA Community, women who choose abortion for whatever reason they please, and common patriarchal views classically associated with Christianity.) I am fine with those who do what they want and are accepting of those who have different views and lifestyles. I will treat every person the same way. My typical rule as an atheist: stop trying to convert me. It is no longer the religion itself that is turning me off more, it is the people IN the religions. Yes, I understand that not all religious people are the same. I am open minded. Bring me evidence and I will admit when I am wrong.

  8. Hopefully it will become another anachronism that we outgrow. If an all loving and benevolent "god" did exist and read the "bible" he (or she, or it) he would be totally perplexed as to how anyone could worship such a monster as depicted in the old testament, or believe he had himself tortured and killed so he could "forgive us" of sins he thrust upon us because his first attempt at creating perfect slaves failed. What kind of psychopath would send a newborn infant to a place of eternal torture and agony simply because it wasn't "baptized" into the faith before death?

  9. I hope religion dies out. Better yet, i hope it happnew in my lifetime (as unrealistic as that is) just so i can feel the satisfaction of saying "i told u god doesnt exist." That'll be better than any heaven or afterlife religion claims to behold.

  10. To be fair, various people and groups have predicted the death of religion many times and their predictions have failed. But now we have a place where religions can go to die: the internet! Truly, when people can listen to atheists privately in their homes, they will. Then the evil atheist memes will infect them! Have a great day!

  11. Sam Harris makes a good point, 400 years ago, no one would've imagined that the belief in witchcraft could ever die out. Yet here we are. Unless you live in Africa, there witchcraft is going pretty strong. But the rest of the world has raised the bar.

  12. This doesn't really have anything to do with the video and im only simply stating what i think. Ok, so If you think about it, a long time ago when nobody knew what science was and couldn't explain things logically, they came up with gods to explain it easily, again this is when people were not able to come up with explanations for normal things like the moon. People now can explain things logically with science but continue to think gods are what made life and Earth and all that. No hate please!!! This is only my opinion. 🙂

  13. This was written by atheist Graham Lawton on the Science 2.0 website.

    atheism is physiologically impossible because of the way humans think, studies show that even people who claim to be committed atheist tacitly hold religious beliefs.

    So no religion is not going anywhere.

  14. A religious person does something really bad…"blame all religion as being disgusting and fucking up the world"…
    a atheist does something really bad "blame that one single person and no one else"…
    double standards alert….. can people stop being stupid as fuck lol religion is not bad…people are bad and no matter where you go what you believe in or what you do, people will be bad and do bad things.

  15. Imagine no religion, no honor killings, no suicide bombers, no incest, no justification for murder or rape. No justification for having so much as your brothers and sisters starve. I could live in that world.

  16. Religion is dangerous because it's the belief that fictional, mythological things are real.

    It's the belief in the irrational. That is what makes it so damaging. If you believe in sky Gods, virgin births, a guy eaten by a fish, an arc with all the animals on it, then why would you care about real things like pollution, hunger, disease, etc? I actually saw on the news one women saying she doesn't need to recycle because of the rapture.

    Ignorant, religious idiots are destroying the world.

  17. Why are you people surprised in the comments about the hate towards religion? It's not a personal attack towards you anyways. It's a personal attack towards God. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it if you actually care about the world you're living in.

  18. Religion is great for individuals and small communities. It is poisonous for larger organizations like corporations and countries.

  19. If we find extraterrestrial life, intelligent or not, then religion is dead. It doesn't matter if people try to keep practicing it – everything religion says goes against the existence of alien life. It will become 100% obsolete and hopefully the human race will realize that day what it's been doing wrong all these millennia.

  20. It seems like many people blame religion for a lot of things, and act like "if religion did not exist anymore things would be much better".. I can only say this; religion is not the fault, mankind is. Bombings, slaughter, war, and terror, comes from age-old traditions and ideas that sort of brainwash people because A; they don't know better, or B; they want to exploit the naive people around them. Ignorance, lust for power, and lack of enlightenment is what causes all this pain – not religion. Religion is merely a tool these people utilize to communicate their means. If religion did not exist, those radical people would simply go elsewhere in search of means to help them reach their goals. People would still blow themselves up, shoot schools, kill each other over completely radical ideas, that would be just as effective as subjectively interpreted religion.

    Remember, the beauty in religion lies in the eyes of the beholder, and so does the ugly and evil. It is up to our individual moral guidelines to chose the path we want to follow, and for that Religion can not be blamed. Only ourselves and our surroundings.

    I shall note that I do not believe in any religion. I still respect most those who do, but that is because they are good people, it has nothing to do with their belief.

  21. I think Ana is cloying with an issue that she does not have sufficient knowledge of. I come not to combat or to try to argue or debate, I frankly have no time for that. But rather, I come to just state a logical antinomy in her reasoning as detailed in this video

    Ana begins this video decrying the malicious actions perpetrated by radical religious believers in the Middle East and Uganda against gay people, with these people fomenting wars and slaying innocent people of their rights and of their lives. She further argues that these actions aforementioned, as we see in the world today, principally arise from religion and it is another indication the danger that religion poses to the world. I hope I understood her logic, but that is what I gleaned from her video.

    Ana errs in this video badly. Ana says that she wishes to live according to her morality and live life as she wants to live it. If that is the case, why decry the actions of the religious radicals in the Middle East living according to their morality and living according to how they wish to live? Say that their indiscriminate killings are wrong and it follows that you have produced a contradiction to your own logic.

    Moreover, with the matrix of her thought concerning morality, I would find that her opinion on morality would mean absolutely nothing when it comes down to universality. Her morality is just another opinion, a thesis statement, able to be critiqued and judged but nevertheless not teemed with any objectivity. Morality in her logic is thus only relative. The only manner of going about considering her morality as valid is only by some consensual, or a social contract as it were, where the majority of people deem her morality as valid, not by proof of its objectivity, but by its mere acceptance as such.

    Ana may object to this reasoning and say that it is too philosophical, too abstract to be taken with any serious consideration. She may say that what matters is action, and morality, as we know, is not purely theoretical but it is practical first and foremost. When we see the violence and killings done in the world, it is an outrage against the good graces of humanity. We see that helping our fellow man is good, not because of metaphysics, but simply because we can recognize it. Therefore, we should depart from measly metaphysics that render morality as effete in practicality and too abstract to be heeded and see how the practical world operates.

    I hope I understood her logic because her points are very similar to those who make such arguments. But if this is indeed what she would say, I venture to retort in this manner. Her claim is inherently philosophical and metaphysical. She may not like to think it that way but it is. When you say that morality is relative, as she very clearly opined, then it opens up a metaphysical argument of what exactly morality is, speaking of ontology. Considered this way, I find that her logic defeats itself in this video. She, at first, decried the brutality of religious radicals in the Middle East and in Uganda, but then, she stated morality as being relative. Her point of criticism would thus be arbitrary, for who would be inclined to deem it with any esteem if they do not agree with her? With her argument, such a requirement is nil.

    I see the only justification of the logic of her morality comes from enforcing her morality onto others if it is the case that they do not agree with it. I am not saying that she in particular would do this, but I am saying that she would not tolerant the indiscriminate killings that these Islamic radical commit against innocent people and she would crusade against them in order to stop them. She may object and say that she would respect the morality of someone else, for who is she to say that they shouldn't do as they wish when morality is relative? This would be commendable in that it abides by the logic of her argument, but I venture to say that she would not go to the full conclusion of her logic, for if she did, grave consequences sprout. There would be no way Ana could live near a person randomly rape a woman or kill a person because, according to their morality, killing is good and salvaging life is evil. No one can tolerate a morality like that.

    I think Ana needs to see that she herself could sustain the full force of her own logic concerning morality. She should see thus that morality cannot be purely relative, that reason loudly objects to this, that every fiber of our being, every sensible human quality that we possess riots against this point. I think she would agree that humanity in and of itself is good and that we should respect our fellow man. I think we all would see this as perfectly and commendably moral. However, her logic is such that it does not prove that this fact is true, it is a mere opinion that she knows. I propound the position that it is true; it isn't something arbitrary because something that is a truth fact about the nature of reality independent of our minds. There is an objective morality, but it is hard to ascertain just what it is. It is a mystery to demonstrate its justification, but its existence, as we see, is unquestionable present in all our lives.

  22. Ana should just stfu. She has no idea of what she is talking about. Supporting the nuns, trying to help poor people. A problem primarily created by the church they work for. The church or basically all religions teaches poor and common people to give what little they have, call it an investment in an afterlife that doesn't exist. And forgive those who take/steal from them. A win/win situation for the religious leaders.

  23. If religion was a fade back in the middle ages, we would be able to go to the ends of every galaxy in less than a few hours before the 1800s.

  24. If any religion is to die, it will be Christianity. Atheism and Islam will replace Christianity in a 100 years.

  25. I think it was Marx that stated that religion is the opium of the masses ,
    well , in a opposite but similar manner , atheism is the cocaine.

  26. For those who have questions about religions. A little background about myself. I was brought up in a baptist household. We went to church several times a week, on all the holidays. I remember having to go to church before we could open up Christmas presents. I remember vacation bible school, where I learned that Jesus loves the little children, but that those same little children, had hearts as black coal. Little four your olds, five year olds, six year olds and seven year olds, had hearts blacker than the dark of night. And the only way they could be saved from eternal damnation. Is if they excepted jesus into their hearts. I remember before going to sleep at night. saying my prayers, I remember saying,please forgive me for my sins, and if I die tonight please take me to heaven. I've spent 52 years trying to believe in what I was brought up to believe. Even though I had not always followed what I was taught, I never gave it a second thought, that it wasn't true. After my mother died, I tried to give the religious teachings another try. And then I decided to do what bible told me. Jesus said," you shall seek me and you shall find me when you search for me with all your heart". And I decided to read dissenting opinions. Surly the bible could withstand any negative opinions. So I started to look, and research those who had negative opinions of the bible, and Christianity. And soon found out, that the bible could not stand up against scrutiny. Why am I an agnostic and not an atheist? Bob Dylan wrote "I got to go, to find out what only dead men know". I don't know if there is a god or some supreme being, but I can definitely say that none of the gods of this worlds religions fit the bill. Man has always feared death. The possibility of not existing, and religions promise untold pleasures after death, if their dogma is followed. Give me 10 mins and a bible and you will question your religion

  27. This is like watching children debate lol 2:40 I dont think these guys understand anything about Christianity and dont compare it with Islam for them its ok to kill people as long as they are not muslim or are being unislamic. And the whole suicide bombing stems from the belief that if they die in a holy war(this term is subject to interpretation) they will have a free pass to heaven. People commit sin because there is an afterlife? you really need to examine that logic or illogic lol thats kinda the opposite of what religions believe. I think most atheists fail to distinguish between religion and the individual actions of religious people. Just because a religious person does something evil doesnt mean that the religion is evil. I'd say for the most part religions are neither good or evil. Now you might point to a bible and say "Hey theres this thing here about so and so that is evil". Realize that the bible was written about 3,000 years ago and their concept of Morality is different than what we have now. Ofcourse now we can say "Thats barbaric" but I would think that 3,000 years from now people would say the same thing about our present society. Im a bit ambivalent when it comes to Islam though I think Islam has not evolved with the times.

  28. It won't completely die out unfortunately but it will get so small that it will become a underground cult. Atheistism will rule!

  29. Meh. When religion dies out, conflict will just find it's next best divider. Politics.

    Instead of muslims vs christians, we'll have left vs right devolve into violence. But hey, at least it's not over some imaginary being, but it will be ironic, to fight over politics that are meant to improve society, by destroying society with war.

    So yeah…

  30. Christianity will never die we will be here forever. Their is not a force that can stop the lord JESUS CHRIST.

  31. Spirituality needs more attention than religion and should be the driving force in awakening every human being and not religion. Yoga and meditation can help us realize those things. It can make life so much more better than just what we experience in every day life.

  32. To answer this question we must look into the history of religion. Which is the oldest religion? How it has survived ? My answer is yes, religion will survive but with different names and modifications in their belief. Some will die of_course. The weak&false for sure will fall.

  33. Evolution will reduce religion to the level of tonsils or appendix. Harmless religion will be around , the infected religious believers will die and infect others. Wait, that's right now isn't it, hmmm

  34. Their argument is shit, sence no one there is religious, of course their answer is that without a doubt religion will disappear, which is wrong.

  35. "i want to live my as i want to. I want to define my own moral" like most teenagers would think… what you perceive of the reality might not be true, so don't based on subjective experience, but seek moral/truth with a open mind, with logic, with respect to history, and take different perspectives… The world/universe is more complicated than atheists think. Please respect people who have different beliefs..

  36. The Religion of today will be the mythology of tomorrow. Actually just looks at Japan they literally view Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as mythology. I personally hope that all the religions of today will soon be mythological and no longer seen as literal. Let reason have its day.

  37. Religion is already dying out. Education is religion's most deadly enemy. The day religion ends will be the best day in human history.

  38. that woman on the show is a fool cos in the book of psalms it says a fool say in their heart there is no God

  39. I believe religion is bullshit and the Vatican is not going to loose there 10% without a fight. They didn't kill almost a entire continent and forced Jesus up every body throat for fun it's 💰 and lot's of it at risk.

  40. No offense, but this was not a very intelligent conversation. It scratched the surface of the most basic concepts around religion, with references to memes, and a cursory understanding of world politics and faith-based conflicts. Not trying to be a hater, just trying to push you to dig a bit deeper. You can do so much better than this.

  41. God is coming back. religion? the word will lose all meaning. it'll be impossible not to belive. it's not all about the afterlife people. heaven and hell and comming. are you ready?

  42. I always thought Mother Teresa was a "angel", a realy good religious person. Oh how wrong i was. If somebody believes for him/her self: Prefect. BUT RELION is because somebody else tel you to believe. And even Teresa did that.

  43. Think about this, without relegion, we would really go crazy. If God never revealed himself to Abraham, and never interacted with humans, then us humans would have no hope of anything like heaven or seeing our family members again. We would honestly go crazy trying to find awnswers. By the way, relegion does not need scientific evidence, why? Because science is a bunch of lies. Has relegion caused chaos? Yes. Has it caused war? Yes. But relegion is one thing, having a relationship with the Lord is completely different than relegion. Anyone could call themselves a christian, but it they don't live like it, they are still "christian" because of their beliefs, but that doesn't mean anything. Only Jesus could save, not Christianity or any other relegion.

  44. Our basic laws come from God, if you take out God wrong will become right and right will be wrong, you can see this happening today,

  45. It will die gradually. It will never totally die. When even 50% of the religion believers are left, we will have more peace in the world. Religious countries are more violent than non religious countries. Cold fact.

  46. they talking like religion is some bullshit that can dissapaer, maybe your the ones who stupid and the right path will be showed over 50 years??? you never know. the war in the middle east is not a religious war but a political war, the muslims who blow themself they dont understand islam just like the church back when they asked money they will promise people to go to heaven, but you dont care because if a man say that islam supports racism than you still believe because "hey its islam".

  47. islam grows, in 2070 islam is the dominant religion (im not trying to say that other religion are stupid i respect every religion) so know your facts dumbassess

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  50. How about the Catholic nuns who enslaved unwed mother's and sold the kids? The Catholic church is a cult and must be removed from society

  51. Yeah, religion is a plague, it caused wars, discrimination, and racism, these concepts shouldn't continue to reside they must be dispose of along with the cause

  52. Unless all religion is expunged from society, except for the purposes of historical research, humanity is doomed to extinction!

  53. If Religion never existed there would still be conflict over other things. Like race or languages. Religion is healthy for people, because it can bring out the best in people and unite them under a symbol that everyone believe's in.

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