Will 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo Be Great in 2019?

Will 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo Be Great in 2019?

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Not doing a Top 3 video. Going to be posing a question to you guys. Will Jimmy Garoppolo have a great
2019 season because from all indications right now in the offseason 2019 and
preseason training camp, all that stuff, it’s looking like Garoppolo’s 2019
campaign might be a little gimpy I would say for the most part. I don’t know. I
mean when you look at training camp, he threw five consecutive interceptions.
Some of you guys are like it’s just practice, but I don’t know. It is what it is. Five
interceptions? That’s not good and it’s consecutive passes. Also during the
preseason against the Broncos; I know it’s just one preseason so far, but oh! It
did not look really good, although Denver’s defense, you got to give
them a lot of credit. They did really well, especially that Bradley Chubb guy. I
wonder who he is, but he’s pretty good. Garoppolo, he just did not look right. He
looked like a rookie quarterback to be honest with you. Maybe worse than a rookie
quarterback in that performance against the Broncos in the preseason game. One
interception, that was the only thing that Kyle Shanahan was concerned about. Other
than that, he feels like he will have a better preseason campaign come tomorrow
against the Kansas City Chiefs and hopefully to the regular season when it
happens in a couple weeks. Going to be talking about that. Talking about Jimmy Garoppolo
all the way. Answering this question myself and hopefully get an answer from
you guys in the comment section below. Before I get the video started, please
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just get this video started. Jimmy Garoppolo, will he have a great 2019
campaign? All right, time to try to answer the question will our man, our franchise
guy Jimmy Garoppolo have a great 2019 campaign? Hard to kind of answer that
right now. It’s only preseason. Only two games into this whole preseason session.
I know, I wish it was only two, but we get four preseason games total out of this
whole ordeal whatever you want to call it. He’s going to be playing a lot this game
tomorrow against the Chiefs. I probably should make this video next week, but I
kind of want to make it right now just to have a topic to talk about with you guys.
Garoppolo is a very important piece to our team. He can be the difference
between making the playoffs and not making the playoffs or having a great
season and having a very bad season, people be on a hot seat. So hopefully the
former is the true one. We have a great campaign. We make the playoffs at least
and make a deep run. I believe this team can definitely make the playoffs. A lot
of people are kind of high on the 49ers somewhat. Some people have a lot of
doubts on this team, but looking at the preseason performance. Looking at the
defense. Looking at Garoppolo’s talent, I mean come on really? No way that they
can mess this up hopefully, except injuries. Yes that’s a very terrible
thing to talk about, but it is what it is. It’s football. Dangerous sport.
So injuries are always a factor in NFL football. All right so Garoppolo, going to
be talking about him and his team just a little bit. We all know he’s a talented
quarterback. He can throw the ball. He takes a lot of risk, but 2019, I think
he’s going to be a little bit more cautious especially on his legs because he does
not want to tear his ACL. That would not be a pleasant time for him in 2019.
They’ll probably end up cutting him if he does get injured someway, shape or
form significantly in 2019. Miss a lot of time. That would not be great
I love Garoppolo. I’m a fan of his. I was a fan of his in New England. When we
traded for him, I was a little concerned with Belichick trading him, but at the same
time, Robert Kraft wanted Tom Brady to be the guy. So they had a ship number 10 out
to us. So far, he’s been kind to ok. 2017 was exceptional. 2018 was a little iffy.
Had some great performances somewhat especially against the Chiefs week 3
before he tore his ACL. So for 2019 it’s not looking really good, especially in
the preseason and practice, but you know, it’s only preseason practice offseason
programs. Regular season if he turns it on, then we’ll forget all about this.
Well except me because I make videos about this. Anyways his team around him.
He has Kyle Shanahan, one of the great offensive minds in the NFL. Everybody
respects him as an offensive coach. Talent around him running backs. You look
at the running back by committee with Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert, potentially Jerick McKinnon when he comes back healthy. I mean, that’s a
pretty good four back down system right there if I do say so myself,
running back by committee. Wide receiving corps. I mean you have a lot of talent as
well. I’m excited to see what Deebo Samuel, especially Jalen Hurd on what they can
do. What they can contribute definitely. Hurd, they’re probably using him in a
lot of formations. Wide receiver, tight end, running back. He used to play pretty
much every position. That’s what Shanahan really stresses
on all his players is to be as versatile as possible. Hurd fits that mold perfectly.
There hasn’t been any talk for him in being a tight end, but he could be a big
mismatch at the wide receiver position and we saw the game against the Cowboys
that he was a big mismatch for them and getting some red zone touchdowns. So
that’s amazing. Jordan Matthews, he’s looking like he’s making the
team. I didn’t have him early on in the offseason, but so far, he’s been doing
pretty good for the 49ers in terms of practice and what have you.
Richie James, I’m a big fan of his. Trent Taylor, he’s probably going to be out for a
little bit. So I don’t know what’s going on with him.
George Kittle, he hasn’t played yet in this preseason session, but I believe he
will go off like he did last year. He probably won’t break his own record for
the tight end yards, but he will definitely have a great campaign I think and Garoppolo’s going to be going to him as a security blanket. Offensive line, I don’t know yet.
It’s kind of iffy. I mean I saw the game because the Broncos. Joe Staley, look kind
of uncomfortable against Bradley Chubb. I don’t know. Is age catching up to him?
Hopefully not. Hopefully this is just preseason rust and what-have-you. Regular season, they can turn it on, which I think is going to happen for Staley himself.
I’m not too concerned about the offensive line, although the interior
could use a little bit more work. The running game is still pretty good. I’m
really excited for that. Really Garoppolo has a lot of people to go to, especially
this year. They drafted two wide receivers in the draft. They got other
players in free agency. A lot of people are coming back healthy. This is a recipe
for success in my opinion and also you have a great coach as I mentioned before.
Will Garoppolo have a great 2019 campaign, minus any injuries or anything
crazy like that? I believe he will have a great 2019 campaign. Prediction for
statistics? Maybe about 4,000 yards. I’m not going to go 4,500 yards like I did
earlier this offseason, but about 4,000 yards. I think that’s pretty legitimate
prediction right there. Probably about almost 30 touchdowns, maybe 10
interceptions. I think that’s a little reasonable right there. I mean the
interceptions, I’m a little bit concerned about him throwing the ball to the other
team, which we saw because the Broncos in the preseason game and he’s a big risk
taker. I see him throwing a little bit more turnovers. Hopefully he cuts it down
this year in 2019. We’ll never know until the games do actually happen. I’m excited.
Garoppolo, I believe he will have a great 2019
campaign and he will lead us to almost 10 wins I think barring any injuries. The
offense is good. Also defense, you got to look at the other side of
the ball. They looking fantastic as well. Stopping the run. Getting to the
quarterback even more. Nick Bosa and Dee Ford haven’t even played yet. Defensive line looks
already good. Linebacking core, secondary looks kind of okay for the most part. It
looks a lot better than it did 2018. Everything is looking together minus any
injuries. I know I keep saying that all the time, but it’s a big concern for this
team in particular. Minus that everything, I don’t know on paper looks good. It’s only
on paper, but I think on the field it will translate to success.
Garoppolo, will I believe he will have a great season? I believe so
minus any injuries. That’s it guys. Wanted to do this real quick. Hopefully you guys
did enjoy this video. Please let me know what you guys think about Jimmy. Will he
have a great 2019 campaign? Please, I’d like to hear what you got to say in the
comments below. If you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe to support my channel. That is going to help me out a lot. I’ll be catching you guys up tomorrow on a
Saturday, probably during the day and after the game against the Chiefs. I’ll
see y’all then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your
day. Go Niners all day!

25 Replies to “Will 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo Be Great in 2019?”

  1. Do you think Jimmy will lead the 49ers to success this year? Lead this team to the playoffs for the first time since 2013? See you all Saturday!

  2. They say he's a talented quarterback he played for a good team in New England then he came to San Francisco and play 5 games in 1 but he played against teams that weren't starting their starters then he started off last season he did not look at it all and then he got hurt

  3. Yes he will be great this year I'm banking on it too hope he doesn't disappoint me this year nd has another bad year, I'm counting on him to have a breakout year this year in 2019 4,500 yards nd at least 38 to 45 TD passes he can do it it's his year now or never let's go ninerss!! #quest4six#

  4. The four series against Denver meant nothing as did the bad moments in practice as did the great moments, except to show he (and they) have great potential and potential to do poorly. If he's well protected by the sometimes leaky OL, avoids injury and if the receivers do their jobs, he'll click. When intact, their healthy front line has already shown they can spring the running backs and the Niners are deep in the backfield at the moment. I predict a good offensive effort in the game tomorrow. I'm very curious to see the D will function against the high powered Chief's offense btw.. Too bad we won't know the D's potential until the D players show up healthy and all play in a game.

  5. After this game with the chiefs will know ,it sure would be a shame if he didnt have a good year ,the team is the best it's been in years

  6. I hope Jimmy pull this shit together… He has to learn from his mistakes not repeat them.. I'm not giving up on him Now let's goooo!

  7. 3300+ Passing yards and 20+ TDS and 11-15 INTS. As much as I love the 49ers and how Jimmy Garoppolo plays, there are a couple things holding him back. 1) Offensive Line – Inconsistency with our tackles like Joe Staley and dare I say regressing. Our interior line as we know is a hole in our team that we need to address as soon as next offseason. 2) Mostly Unproven WR corps. Other than Kittle, there are a lot of grey spots to who will be Garoppolo’s favorite and consistent receiver. Someone has to step up. 3) Coming off the ACL injury. Being gone for so long will definitely affect his play. Even Tom Brady wasn’t his best when he came off his ACL injury. He’s seen to be weary when Defensive linemen get near his legs(understandably so). My Prediction: (Worst case)7-9 (IMO) 9-7.(Possibly sneak into the Wildcard) 49ers will need to look to bolster the offensive line next offseason if they want Garoppolo to succeed. Not to mention our bye week is on week 4 which is awful.

  8. When he was thrust into action with no playbook in 2017 & just slung the ball he was great, & he was great in NE.
    Since he started running Kyle's system he looks hesitant & confused, he's hanging onto the ball to long & he's turnover prone. This could be a situation where he's a good QB but it's a bad system fit. Like Rich Gannon on the Vikings or Kurt Warner on the Giants.

  9. He is good guys. If youve played football and are an athlete, you have moments of doubt in yourself after injury. He will look inside and find his answer. Just be fans and yell!! GO MFN NINERS!!!

  10. JimmyG is a young QB never played a season ever….there are more problems though…1.execution of plays, blocking assignments and Wr.s running routes…. 2. Oline is a shambles and plays poorly…..this is not going to help him….JimmyG needs help from the line and receivers…can't do it alone

  11. NO Jimmy G is not going to have a good year he is not making past 5 games I know I'm going to get the hate but I will be back here by game 6 and say told you so.

  12. Jimmy didn’t look bad in practices. It was only one day. Our offensive line has not looked good at least the interior and depth is concerning

  13. I question the guy talking about Jimmy G. Does not sound like he knows what he talks about. Talking about the way he looks @ PRACTICE not a real game but PRACTICE! Smh! GTFOH!

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