Wild Lights At The St Louis Zoo – Family Friendly Christmas Holiday Event 2017 By U.S. Bank #STL

Wild Lights At The St Louis Zoo – Family Friendly Christmas Holiday Event 2017 By U.S. Bank #STL

Oh, look! They’re changing colors with the
music! Brrrrrr! It’s cold outside! Gma Gpa Adventures are at Wild Lights
at the St. Louis Zoo. It’s cold but we’re gonna go in and see the light displays, and get some hot chocolate probably. Yep! Ok – sure! Let’s go. Seven dollars admission for
Members; eight dollars for non-members on Monday through Thursday. Nine dollars for members on the weekends; ten dollars for non-members on the weekend. It goes from 5:30 to 8:30. There’s a big crowd here tonight. Even though it’s cold, there’s lots of
families and kids. It’s only 34 degrees. Music playing: Feliz Navidad The music is good! I like the music. One of my favorite Christmas songs! Wow look at the size of that giraffe,
Stan! There’s a reindeer up there on the mountainside. Hi! Are you guys one of the characters?
I am! So you collect the cards? Yes, we’re getting them for our grandson. Perfect! Thank you! There you go. Wonderful! That’s pretty. Reflecting off the water over there. Oh, that’s pretty! There’s one upside down. That’s cute. People are buying hot chocolate. Look at this pretty trail. Look at those sparkling lights. Ooooh, how pretty! Flamingos! It’s a giant tree. Starry Safari. That’s cool! That looks like a cheetah. Oh, look! They’re changing colors with the music. They’re really cool. There’s a giant butterfly made out of Christmas lights right there. We’re going to go in and see the butterflies and spiders. This is a good place to come in and get warm for a while. White witch moth. African Moon Moth. These ants are just going crazy. See this one’s like lifting this giant leaf. He’s got like one, two, three, four little buddies. And here’s one with a red petal off of a flower. Okay, what all’s going on here, Donna? It says you can enter the Woodland Workshop sponsored by 102.5 and make festive crafts, and write your own letter to Santa, You can gather round to hear
a Wintery Animal Tale by Fireside Storytelling by Prairie Farms Dairy. You
can visit costume characters and collect special animal trading cards. You can
roast your own s’mores and enjoy other seasonal food and drink offerings.And
you can find the perfect holiday gift at ten percent off. And you can see the
Insectarium, the Sea Lion Sound, and the Penguin and Puffin Coast. These trees look really cool. There’s a deer. There’s two little polar bears. A Grizzly bear. Oh, a big grizzly bear. There’s a rhino. That’s pretty cool. That’s a pretty tree – cheetah balls underneath it. Hi! Can we have one of your cards?
Of course!
Awesome. Yeah, thank you! Thank you! Oh, look at the owls and the kangaroo. The Frosty Family. See, that’s how I feel right there. It’s a shaking snowman! Another frosty. There’s Freezin’ Stan! Let me see you shakin! I can out do that snowman! This is me shakin’! Oh, are those penguins? No what are those big birds? Pelicans! I like the palm trees over there. That’s a big blue tree. That’s a lotta rainbow lights. Pretty gold lights. It’s pretty reflecting off of the water. Is this where you buy the s’mores kit?
Okay, awesome! How much is it to make s’mores? Three and a quarter. Okay. $3.25. Okay, so we’re gonna make s’mores. What do we get with our s’mores kit? $3.25 got you a half of a Hershey bar, two
graham crackers, and two marshmallows.
Perfect! Sticks are over there. Okay. You just
wait for an open spot. I’ll show Stan making his first. Ok, got them on there. Now do you like them: partially brown, a little brown, or like black? Just a little brown usually. I don’t mind a little black but I don’t like a solid black one. Oh good, they’re on fire! Like Dennis the Menace. You’re gonna have to blow it out! Just don’t flick them though! Oh, yeah! They’re pretty black! I’m just gonna slide it off the best I can. How’s it taste? Great! Like a s’mores – pretty s’morsey! Try to stay warm – keep your fingers loose! Mother and child in background speaking: Oh, that’s in our book… “J” is for Juggling”. Juggler: Whoa, whoa, wait…what was that? “J” is for Juggling. It’s in our book. But he’s never seen a Juggler! Juggler: That’s awesome! How do you like yours? It’s good! Did you really burn yours, or is it just brown?
I burnt it – but it’s good!
You’re hardcore. Look at that! He’s got four eyes! It’s my hat! No, there’s two more that are on your face! That’s my hat! They’re on your face! Charlie Brown music! Do the dance. There’s the outside of the Lakeside Cafe
where we did our s’mores. It was right over there. Aaaahh! That’s a cute inflatable. Even the
head moves. Goodbye, Rudolph. The 4-d Theater, that’s what we’re going for, honey! Okay, to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Yeah! There’s a doggie in the park. So this is the 4-d theater now showing the beloved classic story. Hey, did you like the show! Yeah, it was really cute! There was bubbles, and there
was like real snow, and there was like booming in the seats. Like when the
reindeer flew, there was wind. It was cool! Yeah, it was 15 minutes long.
It was a shortened version of the TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,
and I think they might have added a few clips or extra things to it, but it was
really good. It was good. It was worth four bucks. Yeah, worth the money. Here’s a storyteller. So the little robin with the broken wing went up to the birch tree and
said, “Oh birch tree, could I live in your branches for the winter and be nice and safe?” And the birch tree looked down at the
little Robin and said, “Well, little Robin, I’d like to help you out but my branches
are already full with nuthatches and chickadees and Cardinals cuz they don’t
migrate sounds like Robins do. I’m afraid if I took somebody else soon I’d have
too much weight on my branches and my branch might snap!” There’s a cool picture spot. And some gumdrops. If you’re collecting, here’s a trading card for our baby orangutan, Ginger. Thank you! There’s lights everywhere you look. It’s really pretty when they have
them around the water and it reflects in the water. Really cool. This is the Gingerbread Village. Playing: Jingle Bell Rock The lights are dancing to the music. The Carousel is going. That’s an extra cost tonight. But you can
ride that. This is Snowfall Alley. These lights are
really pretty! There’s the polar bear family. This is Polar Bear Point. And he is pointing! This gives you a good view of the decorations around the lake. Very pretty. Here’s the Penguins and the Penguin exhibit is open. The line to get in to see the Penguins is really long. But we don’t have to wait in line to see these. That looks like the one from “Happy Feet”. Yeah! They can make even bare bushes look
good. There’s the palm trees! Oh, that makes me
feel warmer already. Makes me feel like Florida. We had a good time at Wild
Lights. A lot of fun, a lot of lights. Very well done. Lots of people here, and a
great family Christmas event. Thanks for watching! Bye! Share, Comment. Like, Subscribe. All that stuff! And go see some lights! Go see Wild Lights! Bye!

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  1. And this is available to go to, if you are watching this, up until Dec. 30th, 530pm – 8pm and closed on christmas eve and christmas day., and I apologize for my horrible singing.

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