Why You’ll LOVE Saint Petersburg, Russia’s Imperial City!

Why You’ll LOVE Saint Petersburg, Russia’s Imperial City!

Are you ready to explore an entirely
different world today? We’re now in Saint Petersburg and today we’re gonna catapult you back in time, into the world of the tsars and their beautiful palaces and
explore some of the most beautiful subway stations on the planet. Hold on to your socks, because this is going to be good! This beauty right behind me, is the
church of the saviour on spilled blood. It’s one of the most elaborate churches
in all of St. Petersburg. It has five incredible domes. The big one
unfortunately is currently under restoration, but you can still see that
it’s very elaborately decorated with a lot of gold and a lot of different
decorations on each of the domes. Absolutely incredible! But it’s not just
the domes that are beautiful. It’s also the rest of the church. The arches and colums and beautiful paintings on the outside walls. Absolutely
beautiful! It looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. It’s crazy
how much detail is in this building. What’s supposed to be even better is the inside. Let’s go and check it out! Really beautiful! This must be the most beautiful church I’ve ever been to. Those colors! Gold, blue, the reds, the beautiful altar… Wow this is so impressive.
It’s so big can’t believe this. Really nice! One of my favorite things
here is actually the dome in the ceiling It looks just like Christmas lights.
This church is giving me neck pain. An added bonus is the beautiful lighting. These chandeliers are so majestic and so dramatic. It really suits the style of the church very well. The church was built on the site where tsar Alexander II was
assassinated in 1881. Two years later, they started building the church. It took them 26 years to complete it and now that we see the inside we know why! We’re now going to enter the beautiful Winter Palace. This palace was built in 1754 by
Empress Elisabeth. It’s a style of building that you see a lot here in St Petersburg. Very grand buildings, very long. All these vertical colums. A lot of small small windows, very bright colored. It’s very beautiful and it resembles European style of building and that should not come as a surprise, since Saint
Petersburg was built by Peter I He was the first Russian Tsar to ever
travel to Europe and he wanted to impress the European people. He wanted
to imitate a little bit the building style. If it wasn’t for the Russian flag you
wouldn’t know. Inside the winter palace, is the world class Hermitage Museum. It’s the second largest museum in the world. The only museum that’s even bigger is the Louvre in Paris. There are over 3 million pieces,
spread out across 416 rooms. That gives you an idea of this how
enormous this place is. You can easily spend a full day here. This used to be the Imperial residence.
Were the tsars and the Russian rulers lived for over 200 years. It’s absolutely incredible! Look at this room! your schooling under control channel
aired o’clock everything it’s superb easy we can take one of those
chandeliers home we’re stopping at Via Flaminia which is
about mini restaurant it stirs pastry dumplings filled with
anything you want can be meat vegetables or even sweet things we just ordered a
bunch of them to have a taste I ordered the traditional suit it’s
actually not Russian in origin it’s originally from Ukraine that’s very very
popular in Russia rather than almost every restaurant and there’s actually a
big food basis which is what gives it it’s red door and it’s served with a big
dollop of sour cream not going to give it a try I’ve going forward to trying
this for days now the soup little bit of sour cream sorry payment is actually pretty good as
well it’s not that sweeter that I thought that is really really good I
think it Burma dunno we are the two different types of Bell meaning one are
the superior ones which make sure of beef and pork which is the traditional
one and we also have the ones with duck I just love dark and we want to try
something else we have also some two sauces with it one is the sour cream
which is very difficult it’s a standard one that they eat with it and the other
one is IG which is a more red one based on Chile so it’s a spicy one because I
really love spicy food so the outsiders with fluffy a little
bit as a goodbye to it on the inside is the meat which is still tender and moist this it looks like a beer it tastes a
little bit like a beer that’s not fair it’s it’s the fact of drinks lightly
carbonated fermented to make from rye breads it’s a bread range it has a
little percentage of alcohol usually one or two percent but it’s not really
considered an alcoholic beverage it’s quite good it’s white it’s quite sweet
it’s not bitter at all I mean it doesn’t get you drunk standing on this escalator
bus get used to it for the first metro and st. Petersburg
depart in 1955 and is known to be one of the most
you can immediately see whining that’s very dramatic
edibles healing it’s more like walking into a palace that a metro station
marvellous ceilings in a match it’s a brussels metro you’ll be spending about one month and
treasurers regarded by some local syntax and then we have move all data whatsapp
easy to find your way around in the city it should have some right here
but if SCIM cars for 40 gigabytes for about seven eight euros iced cappuccinos only 60 rubles which is
90 cents or about one bar doesn’t wait here look at that perfect symmetry
middle of the arch please move your head straight down to the ballast awesome
this is just next to D palace square real beautiful place you found answer it
we’re going to end our first day here in st. Petersburg please we had a blast
exploring this beautiful churches palaces and even enjoying the fruits
yeah it was good was really good st. Petersburg has a very European feel
to it so far we’ve been liking it buds we’ve also been in Moscow before and
we’re going to Moscow after days and so far I like Moscow better I don’t know I
think maybe the architecture is a bit more beautiful but on the other end it’s
it feels very Europeans are maybe Moscow’s bit more interesting because
it’s so different it feels it’s really registered Russian vibe to it that’s
true but maybe we will change our minds after the activities we have planned for
tomorrow which is going to be entirely different side of st. Petersburg more
around and on the water yeah make sure to tune in for next month
like the subscribe button if you haven’t already so that the next video pops up
in your YouTube suggestions and yeah let us know if you’ve been to Moscow and st.
Petersburg which one you like best because there is still out here and
that’s fine now when we get to Moscow I’ll see you tomorrow you

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  1. Have you visited Saint Petersburg? If you visited Moscow too, which did you like best? Thank you for watching our videos, it means a lot to us! We'll be spending a full month exploring Russia and travelling on the Trans-Siberian railway so please subscribe if you want to follow the rest of our journey. And we will see you very, very soon for part 2 of Saint Petersburg!

  2. That's so beautiful and great shots!! I would love to see this in real life! WOW!! So many wow moments in this video!! Looking forward to more!! First day…..nicely done ♡

  3. Wow, definitely one of your most outstandingly beautiful episodes guys 🙂
    And as foodie fans, we appreciate you sharing some of the local dishes. Really interesting fermented drink.
    Crazy beautiful metro station!
    Nice smart editing too. Though you forgot the end tags 🙂
    Loved this.
    Best, James and Kim

  4. Very good camera work and excellent video editing and installation! Bravo! 👏
    You are the best!

  5. What a city! So many beautiful buildings and great sights, it's really unbelievable. Especially the winter palace is very impressive. The Hermitage museum hosts the biggest collection of Russian art in the world. But my favourite building is still the Cathedral of the Saviour. Looks like something out of a fairy tale.

  6. Amazing!!! I would love to visit Rusia and it’s been on my bucket list. I think that will be my next trip, thanks for sharing!! <3

  7. Ah this brings back so many memories of when we visited St. Petersburg. Great video you guys! Did you see the ballet while you were there?

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  9. Foreigners will be disappointed to find out that Moscow is in fact more beautiful than St. Petersburg, especially now that a lot has been done to further enhance the city.

  10. Naick & Kim
    Explanation to travelers in Russia: 01:45 a girl or a woman in a Church without a headdress is a manifestation of disrespect for the Russian Orthodox Churchhttps. if you have no headdress, you can use a normal light summer scarf, or hood https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1RK3WXvjsK1Rjy1Xaq6zispXas.jpg See how Russian girls go to the Church, show respect to the culture of neighbouring countries.
    2) Peter the Great was the first of the Romanov dynasty to travel to Europe, but Peter was not the first Russian monarch to travel to Europe 02:40… Because in time history before the Romanovs was the Rurik dynasty, which ruled Russia for 7 centuries. Learn the history of the Russian Bible, on which all the French kings laid their hands during the coronation ceremony, starting from the 11th century (That the Bible of the coronation of French kings was Russian – it became clear when Peter came to Paris and he was shown this Bible, which could not read the French for several centuries…. Peter was the first to read this Bible because the Bible was written in Russian (Church Slavonic). This Bible arrived in France with the daughter of a Russian monarch Of the Rurik dynasty, who became the wife of the king of France in the 11th century. Alas, the kings of England, Denmark, Sweden and so on, also had a kinship with Rurik dynasty of Russia.

  11. borsh – is not from Ukrain. There is no such country Ukrian, at that moment. It was Russian Empire. Borsh eating in Russia, Ukrain, Belarus. No body exactly knows, who and where made this dish first, because it was one nation and country.

  12. смотреть это с русскими субтитрами невозможно, бред полный- лучше смотреть просто, на языке оригинала. Когда уже технологии ютуб позволят делать нормальные субтитры на разных языках )

  13. Много питерцев в блокаду переехали в Новосибирск …была большая эвакуация предприятий и населения… По этой причине ментальность населения академгородка Новосибирска и Питера очень похожи… Один из самых чистых вариантов произношения русского языка. Больше всего меня лично пугает то что Питер при таянии ледников неизбежно будет затоплен… Это будет огромная потеря для всего человечества… По моему мнению Питер самый красивый и романтичный город в Евразии… Даже Прага немного отстаёт по размаху… Ребята… Вам удачи и … Ждём новые видео!😉😎😁😁😁

  14. Я вот одного понять не могу..
    Всю жизнь учил немецкий … Но эту парочку понимаю полностью без перевода (правда вкл англ субтитры) …😉😂😂😂 … Ребята… Спасибо вам огромное за труд и обзоры наших городов… 👍👍👍

  15. Uraina , Russia and Belarus – it was one country Rus and one Russian people. Ukraine: USSR Republic – 1917, separate country – 1991.

  16. Borsch is not Ukrainian, not Russian, but Slavic soup. It is traditionally eaten by ao in many Slavic countries.
    And Moscow can argue about the most beautiful metro 🙂

  17. Молодцы ребята. Однозначно лайк👍👍👍. Приезжайте к нам зимой. Это сказка.
    Well done guys definitely like it, come to us in the winter this is a fairy tale.🎅🎅🎅

  18. I m from Saint Petersburg, and you just expressed my personal feelings about SPb and Moscow. Moscow is the “Russian heart” of Russia, SPb is “European heart” of Russia )
    Thank you guys for your video, I m very glad that so many people from foreign countries explore Russia and mostly like it

  19. Посетите Пискарёвское кладбище ,поклонитесь и скажите спасибо всем кто там лежит!

  20. Borch _ russian and Ukrainian soup, because Russia and Ukraine was one country more then 400 years, and russian/Ukrainian/belarus historically one nation and have one food))

  21. Borsch is a traditional dish in the cuisine of various Slavic nations. Ukrainians did not invent it. Other nations did not borrow it from the Ukrainians. Russian, Belarusians, Ukrainians and other nations have been preparing borsch for many centuries. There is even a Lithuanian version of borsch, and Lithuanians are not a Slavic nation. Ukrainians on every corner shout that they are the inventors of borsch, because they as a nation have nothing more to be proud of. These are their stupid fabrications. They also like to tell tales that Ukrainians in the past dug up the Black Sea with shovels. And that Ukraine is the cradle of world civilization. These people are crazy! Do not listen to them and do not spread their nonsense!

  22. It's actually a myth that borsch is Ukrainian in origin. There is no scientific basis for this claim. It's just Ukrainians prefer it over other types of East Slavic soups so everyone assumed like it must be a Ukrainian invention then.

  23. I have been to St Petersburg in 2017.
    it's strange when these absolutely beautiful works of art and architecture are right in front of you; you are just in awe but yet feel numb. As if yo have been there before
    But now watching your videos; i have tears in my eyes and get goosebumps all over because i cannot believe i have been here!you guys did a good job in capturing the sights you saw.

  24. That is a difficult question. Moscow or St. Petersburg
    I would have to say Moscow by 1 point only because of St. Basils Cathedral and more beautiful Metro Stops.
    But St. Petersburg is more romantic for couples and relaxing to tour.

  25. 2:52 "If it wasn't for the Russian flag, you wouldn't know……" What's that supposed to mean!? Russia is a European nation. The history of Russia began under the European sky. Ethnic Russian people are genetically related to other European peoples. The Russian language is an Indo-European one Russia is very much so European.

    — EDIT — Borscht, at the time, originated out of the Russian Empire. The ukraine did not exist at that time, thus making it Russian. It is also popular is other Eastern/ Central European countries.

  26. Какие города самые красивые в мире? Петербург, Петроград, Ленинград! Был много где – ничто не сравнится с Питером. Ближе всего по красоте Будапешт. Имхо.

  27. Hi there, am from Montréal and visited both Moscow and Saint-Petersbourg last June, and here's my "verdict": I was surprised how cool is Moscow, it has a very diverse architecture, people are very easy to socialize with, and the city definitely has some heights, with the Ostankino tower and the Moscow City area, though it's true the city doesn't feel very European, I would even say it feels North American in many parts of it, I totally recommend for sure! BUT, Saint-Petersbourg wins: it's a really really pretty city, the canals, the buildings, the palaces, the architecture, the history, in my opinion, the only big city in the world that's prettier than Saint-Petersbourg is Paris…and it's not that far behind!!

  28. Москва интереснее но Питер уютнее и красивее

  29. – мдя, уж… ещё некий еврей в СССР пел: – мечтаю снять леса – со Спаса на Крови… похоже, что эта тема на века, как дураки и дороги…

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