Why You Need To Read Patron Saints Of Nothing By Randy Ribay | Spoiler Free Review!

Why You Need To Read Patron Saints Of Nothing By Randy Ribay | Spoiler Free Review!

Hey guys, I’m Lou and in today’s video, I
will be reviewing Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay. An advanced reader copy was provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley and the
book comes out on the 27th of June in the UK. I would really recommend everyone watching this video to go and read that book, because honestly it’s great. Spoiler
for the rest of this review. This review will be spoiler free. Let me read you
guys the synopsis that I read when I came across this book, ‘A powerful
coming-of-age story about grief guilt and the risks a Filipino-American
teenager takes to uncover the truth about his cousin’s murder. When Jay
Reguero hears of his cousins Jun’s death everything changes. Although years
have passed since they were last in contact, the stories about Jun just
don’t fit with the boy Jay knew. Hoping to uncover the truth, Jay travels to Jun’s home in the Philippines, but shocking realities of life there, leads
to even more questions. Can Jay find me answers he seeks?’ When I was searching through NetGalley, the cover really drew me in. The cover is so
beautifully done, and I think it will draw in a lot of
people. Which I really hope that it does because so many people need to read this book. It’s so great. And then after I moved on from the cover and read
actually what the story was about, I don’t think I’ve ever hit the request
button faster. And I was so happy to find out that I’ve been approved. I literally started reading that book instantly. The fact that the story is
based on a Filipino-American, trying to find out the truth about his cousin’s
death, really intrigued me. And I love books with Asian representation, and this
book had so much of it. I’m not just Asian representation as well. I just I
love it so much. The writing of the book was beautifully done. I like the use of
the letters in the book. What happens is that, in the beginning of the story,
Jay is rereading some of the letters that Jun sent to him, and from that we
can see what Jun was like when he was a child, and I really like the use of
that narrative, and I also like the fact that that wasn’t used constantly
throughout. It only happened until Jay reached the Philippines, and
then it switched to a different tactic of finding out what Jun was like up until
his death, through using the clues that he left behind. It made me see June as
like a almost wholesome character, like we knew him as a child, and then we knew him up until his death. It was a really well done way, because it made me as a
reader really connect with Jun, even though we’re never actually introduced
to him. What I really loved about the story is that we are essentially Jay. In
the beginning, we know nothing of what’s happening in the Philippines. We learn
the truth as he learns it. Unless you are knowledgeable on world politics like his
friend Seth. We grow as Jay grows. Also in addition to the Asian representation,
there’s also two female/female couples. One couple is two of Jay’s aunties, and
they are far more prominent than the other couple, but I just loved how they
were shown to be normal in this story. There was no focus on it. It just was. It
was normal and I loved it. We need more representation like that in books. In regards to the plot, it did start off slow. It isn’t until Jay learns of Jun’s death that the
plot quickens and the story grips you. But that happens quite quickly because
that is the main storyline. For me, what really gripped me was when Jay landed in
the Philippines. That was when the story really kicked off, and that’s where it
started to feel like an investigation into the mystery surrounding Jun’s death,
and I knew that I was going to finish this book no matter what. Because it just
was so good. It was so interesting. I actually ended up finishing the story a
lot faster than I initially anticipated. I ended up reading like 80% of the book
in 2 reading sessions. It was just so good and the pages flew by and before I
knew it I was at the end. The mystery surrounding Jun’s death was also
incredibly well done. There’s a conflict between Jay wanting to find out the
truth, Jun’s family hiding the truth, and the government killing all people
associated with drugs. It works really well together to keep me enticed and wanting
to find out more. However whilst in the Philippines… I
wouldn’t necessarily say have a romance, but he does have a crush on the girl
there, and I thought that plot line wasn’t necessary. Although it didn’t take away
from the overall story, because not a lot of time was spent on it. I just felt like
it wasn’t needed. The story is being compared to The Hate U Give by Angie
Thomas, and I think it deserves that comparison. It is such a good book about
social injustices, and it’s not really a social injustice which you would know
about. This book let me think so much because I didn’t know about the
situation that the Philippines had. This story made me go through the same
thoughts and feelings as Jay, when he goes through his journey. It’s such a
thought-provoking book, with lots of memorable quotes like, ‘Silence will not
save you.’ Overall I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars.
I would highly recommend this book. Once I come back from Korea, this is
definitely want the books that I’m buying first. And I’m definitely going to
buy some copies for my Filipino family members for Christmas. I hope that you
guys enjoyed this video. Comment down below if you think you’ll
pick this book up. Like and subscribe if you want to see more of me, and I hope to
see you guys again soon. Bye!

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    We love an eloquent review from the queen of booktube (das you!)❤️
    That cover is astounding. I think I'd just stare at it for ages looking at all the details on it and obsessing over the color and line weight contrasts. Stunning!
    Learning with the MC? Normalized queer couples? Mysteries that keep you hooked to the book the whole time? SIGN ME UP!
    Ugh I love your reviews so much, added to my tbr instantly!!!!!

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