Why Remain Catholic : Ep 2 Jean-Luc Marion

Why Remain Catholic : Ep 2 Jean-Luc Marion

Why not? I never had the slightest intention not to
remain Catholic. For many reasons. Because I think Christianity is complete true. Through out. Through out, and the more I’ve studied philosophy,
history of philosophy, literature, and all the rest, the more I am convinced of that. The difficulty is not to remain Catholic,
it’s to become a little catholic. Because no one is catholic; there is only
one catholic in the world, in history. It is Jesus Christ, the boss. All the others are partly christians. They are hardly so, even the greatest saints. I cannot remain catholic because I am not. To be a catholic is to be convince that you
are not yet a catholic, you are far far away from the basics. It is my experience, so the fact that I am
not a perfect catholic, I not very perfect catholic. I can make the list of the failures, is not
an argument to leave the Church. As it is not an argument to say that church
is imperfect, how can it be perfect it is made with sinners? It is intended to clean, and wash sinners
into saints. So indeed the Church is crowded with sinners,
so the church is just a machine to make sinners into saints. So the imperfection of the church and the
imperfection of the christian are into way arguments. That makes no sense, for me. So the problem is, why should we try to be
a bit more christian than we are? That’s the real question, the answer is very simple. Because it is much more fun to be a christian
than to be not a christian. Because the christian way of life is by in
far the best solution. You are much more happy, you are much more
smart, you are backed by huge cultural possibilities. In fact all the arts come from Christianity,
in a way or other. The small political improvement in history
come from Christianity. Sciences come from Christianity, what else? Everything. There is no eroticism if you are not a christian,
because if you are not a christian there is no eroticism, there’s pornography instead. That is very clear today. So, it is not very rational, and very wise not
to try to be a bit a Christian. You have to put a step on the boat, before
its too late. So I do my best not to miss the boat. So I would be very disappointed at the end
by a curse I would discover that I am not a christian, I have no intention to be christian. I would be very much disappointed, it would
be a catastrophe. I would have missed my whole life. No, I don’t try to be a bit of a christian,
because it is my duty, because I was educated for that, because I was told it is morally
better. No, it is just because I am very selfish and
I want to achieve my own goals and interests.

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  1. A brilliant and humble response by a man of faith and reason, recognizing that faith in divine revelation is not only a legitimate source of knowledge, but one of the most rational postures in light of the caducity of reason itself. As Edith Stein argues, "reason would turn into unreason if it would stubbornly content itself with what it is able to discover with its own light, barring out everything which is made visible to it by a brighter and more sublime light" (Finite and Eternal Being, 22). Perhaps it is fortunate that martyrs (witnesses) to truth, such as Prof. Marion, are surrounded at times by naysayers (as evinced in other comments below) who help to illuminate the truth all the more by virtue of their empty words that merely betray their yearning for the one authentic love that satisfies (see 2 Samuel 16:5-14).

  2. After reading some of the comments on this video it is clear that those attacking Marion are simply angry with him and fail to understand him. None of these individuals seem to have even the slightest clue as to what Marion's view is. As someone who almost exclusively specializes in studying his work, as well as phenomenology more generally, allow me to set the stage for where the failure to understand him begins. Marion, as another user touched on, believes that metaphysical thinking is unnecessary now.

    He established a phenomenology of Givenness which abolishes the primacy of metaphysics that has been afforded to human thinking for the last 2000 years. This is because Marion has expertly crafted a philosophy which allows one to view each and every phenomenon as arising from, by and for itself. In other words, the phenomena give themselves! This is significant, and far more complex than can be said here, because one is no longer confined to positing God nor any other kind of transcendent principle in order to establish a structure for reality. It's a path beyond onto-theology as Heidegger hoped would form after his death. The phenomenology of Givenness, at least for me and certainly for Marion himself, is a way out of the Nietzschean nihilism of eternal recurring will to power that plagues our world today. This is why, recently more than ever, Marion talks so much about valuation as being inherently nihilistic and how Nietzsche's philosophy is the 'intensive form' of such a view.

    Thus, when one asks questions, which are still subsumed under the reign of metaphysics, they are fundamentally missing the point. Talking about God or any thing else from the metaphysical perspective fundamentally fails to reach any kind of truth regarding the phenomenon at issue. In my view, I believe given (no pun intended) Marion's phenomenology of Givenness, it is possible to describe each and every phenomenon and that such a method is the way to truth. It distorts them and thus prevents them from giving themselves as such. It is therefore my personal aim to 'purify' phenomenology and philosophy generally by analyzing phenomena on the basis of Givenness. It is not about becoming angry with one another: rather we must unify in finding truth for the sake of ushering mankind into a new way of thinking that can allow us to prosper once again. Best wishes to all of you.

  3. Took a class with this guy – a quack – each lecture was incoherent and incomprehensible. It's also ludicrous that he says Christianity is “by far the best solution,” which "is completely true throughout," makes one “much happier, much smarter… backed up by a huge cajole of possibilities,” "in fact all the arts come from Christianity in a way… science comes from Christianity."

  4. It's almost theatrically laughable to hear him uttering these statements in today's political and philosophical climate. Aside from the sweeping things he said about Christianity from within the tradition of Christianity that are all question-begging if not just grossly naive, the outline he painted about Christianity in this video is done in outrageous negligence of other cultural and civilizational possibilities out there. He certainly would not consider non-Western art as art, non-Western form of eroticism as eroticism. I applaud his courage to say such things. And I'm buying his book. Hope his arrogance is warranted since they are so provocative to the point of hubristic and combative.

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