Why Jainism Is The World’s Most Peaceful Religion

Why Jainism Is The World’s Most Peaceful Religion

In October 2016, a thirteen year old girl
in India died after completing a 68-day religious fast. The girl and her family were devout followers
of Jainism, which celebrates a lifestyle of radical self control and restriction. This time it went too far, but it made us
want to know, what exactly is Jainism? Well, Jainism is an ancient religion largely
concentrated in India. Its followers do not worship one omnipotent
creator god, like Christianity or Islam. Rather, Jains believe that the universe is
made up of jiva, which is souls or consciousness, and ajiva, which is time, space, physical
matter and everything else that doesn’t have a soul. Both jiva and ajiva are thought to have existed
forever and can never be destroyed. Jains believe that souls live in a cycle of
reincarnation, and that karma, which are impurities that result from conscious actions, attach
to the soul throughout life. The ultimate goal of jainism is to eliminate
all karma. Those without any karma are thought to be
liberated from the cycle of life and death, and instead become a perfect, god-like being,
or ‘moksha’. Achieving this divine existence is the purpose
of life for Jains. Unlike other religions that emphasize a ‘final
judgement day”, there is no supreme being to cleanse your karma or forgive your sins. As a result, followers must reach liberation
on their own, though a life of strict self-discipline and righteousness. Specifically, Jains must make five vows to
achieve moksha – They must not steal or lie, must not be swayed by their sexual desires,
must not be emotionally attached to their possessions or anything in the physical world,
and they must not intentionally harm another soul. The word “Jain” actually derives from
the sanskrit word for “conqueror”. Thus the goal of the jain is to conquer all
things that would prevent salvation. The vow of nonviolence is one of the most
defining features of Jainism because of the great lengths followers take to adhere to
it. Jain monks are known to sweep away insects
from the street so that they’re not stepped on. And, although all Jains are vegetarians and
many are vegans, some will go as far as not eating root vegetables, such as potatoes or
onions, because of the tiny organisms that are injured during harvest. One of the most striking symbols of Jainism
is the swastika. Before it was used by the Nazis, the swastika
was sanskrit for ‘well being’, adopted by Jains to symbolize the cycle of reincarnation. They could be reborn as a human, a hellish
being, a subhuman, which is like a plant, or a heavenly being. These four existences are symbolized by the
four points on the swastika. Jainism developed alongside Buddhism and Hinduism
around 6th century BC, and as a result, the religions have a number of similarities. For instance both Hindus and Jains believe
in karma and reincarnation, however Jains reject the idea of a creator god and a hierarchical
‘caste’ system.   It is thought that there are millions of followers
of Jainism, although an exact figure is hard to determine. A vast majority live in India, however the
religion can also be found in immigrant communities in Kenya, the US, Canada and the UK. Jainism is revered around the world for its
radical austerity and commitment to nonviolence. Around the same time Jainism was developing
in India, Zoroastrianism was taking hold in what is today Iran. Today, it’s regarded as
one of the oldest monotheistic religions. But what exactly is Zoroastrianism? Find out in this video. Thanks for watching Seeker Daily! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for new
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100 Replies to “Why Jainism Is The World’s Most Peaceful Religion”

  1. yeah if a muslim died from fasting people will think that islam is a religon of terror since someone died from fasting

  2. Why do people hate Islam? Because they are insecure about their own believe – they see Islam being the fastest growing religion with the most converters; to convince themselves that their believe is OK, they have constantly say something about Islam – Well, Islam grows with your hate because people take the time to read if what they hear is true -and before you know they become a Muslim – keep your hate comments coming; it is Ironic that something meant to hurt Islam is the biggest factor why it is fastest growing religion.

  3. I wonder if you looked up the defination of relion! … Religion is “ the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.” Jainism is more like a life style than reliogion.

  4. no offense, but this religion fit to me! i dont like killings, even plants and insects, i am not greed on materials, and i dont lie. but i believe in Almighty God that when i die my soul will keep him.

  5. Christianity,Islam,judaism, are very peaceful religions! it's the person's moves that make him bad ! this video is very racist i am offended 🙁

  6. Nothing different than atheism but at least they are peaceful so we have no problem with that. They don't go around and blow themselves and kill others

  7. Idolatory also crept in hindus from Jain. A non believer and idolator, most fitting target of Islamic ideology as per Quran.
    I'm too a vegetarian as jains but I love every being. But jains love and care only about animals and bacterias, and not people.
    Jainism is known as most criticizing religion of all world religion.

  8. They will be so disappointed once born again 😂😂 they forget that karma (in theory) is a process during which one tries to find a balance between right and wrong, make up for the wrongs, live a productive life and make some positive difference in the world and in people's lives. In isolation one is unable to participate in such process. Religious hermits are cowards.

  9. Sorry india this and hinduism are of the devil. Seek Jesus Christ and know him completely and you will discover true love

  10. Is the comments all about how islam is not a peaceful religion. I mean the video is about Jainism not islam. And islam is a religion of peace, you can argue all day with your brainwashed head but you wont know the truth because your delusional(thats for the haters) and talking about islam because in the title theres the word"religion" and "peace" everyone is talking about islam which means its peaceful. No matter how we give them the point that we are peaceful and we want peace they still hate use. Whos the peaceful now. Also muslims comment on this video with respect but those haters are just hating about islam i mean just wow

  11. Dont compare religion, everyone has good and bad views….
    So plz dont say in video "Jainism is Peaceful Religion"..

  12. Its man made religion not from Allah. Islam is the only peacefull religion if you talk about peace. Why alot people are against islam ??? cuz its the truth people dont like the truth and they warship devil. Peace

  13. These 5 rules Asteya,Datya?Brahmacarya,Aparigraha,Ahimsa are the same rules which you can find in Judaism,Christianity and Islam. Every religion teaches peace. It's the believer who does the bad things because we humans are imperfect.

  14. I would like to have a constructive and meaningful conversation on this subject. I find it Jain religion is very very similar to Buddhism but Buddhists don’t follow vegan or vegetarian diet..

  15. I am a Christian and I appreciate everything we can learn from jains.
    If there is a religion of peace, it can only be Jainism, taoism and Buddhism. Even my own religion can never come near the purity and power of jainism

  16. Another branch of sanatan dharma, the only dharma in the world, who has let so many other religions like jainism, buddhism, sikkhism and buddhism and sects develop on its land..the most progressive, liberal and compassionate dharma…i am proud to be a sanatan dharmi, a hindu… afterall the founders of all these religions were hindus…

  17. And by the way sanatan dharma is the father and the oldest amongsts all these religions..it seems the narrator hasn't done his research on hindustan and its oldest religion… a father and son cant be of same age…he should do some research on all the vedas, our ancient scriptures, our enlightened souls, sages like swami vivekanand, adi shankaracharya etc.

  18. Everybody finds a way to believe why people dont search about all religions and then decide the right one why everybody explains like their way is the best let the world free and let them believe anything they want by the way these religions can be some broken religions after their profit such as Christianity and perform as many different religion in the area such as again Christianity like orthadox and catolic and many.

  19. I m jain and i want tell this: jainism has all typed of heaven we can destroy our bad works in jainism
    Plz reply me on this sir

  20. Islam in nutshell is worshipping your maker ALONE without associating partners or needing any reference whatsoever to call upon the glorified exalted maker ..maker alone you ask for help and guidance and blessings whoever made this magnificent universe , the sun the moon , galaxies , pairs of everything Male and female genders , in animals, in humans and things that we don't know of .. that you do good with humans or even animals will be rewarded and do bad without repentance will be punished just like a loving father or mother would reward and punish their children for example .. but our maker is one and is not a man or a woman but higher than our little minds can comprehend.. pure , glorified , exalted is our maker way way higher than the creation..

  21. Thank you for the video. 😊
    Only the pictures of jain monks are wrong.
    Digambar monks (sadhu) do not wear clothes while other sect monks wears white clothes.
    Monks do not wear colored clothes.
    Yes no casteism in jainism.

  22. Ramadan appeal? I thought in Islam everyone is fed and clothed?
    Why would I give what tiny amount of money I have left after paying my bills to people who would just as soon see me dead/killed?

  23. "Like Christianity and islam"????
    Wasn't Judaism before both these, and yet you deliberately leave this out?


  24. nowthisworld, you showed wrong India map, please correct it or your channel will be marked or report as in-appropriate. remember we are 600 million on youtube.

  25. For those who are comparing different religions in the comments, please read about ANEKANTVADA. It is one of the basic principles of Jainism. It will help you get some clarity about what 'religion' means.

  26. Iam a proud Hindu!

  27. good moral behaviour is key. but perhaps i should get a list together to explain how to do this.not eating and killing yourself is not good. not killing anything is good.eating a kill switch from a motorcycle is daft. killing time raises questions.

  28. Jains just make 0.4% of India's population but holds nearly 20% of all the wealth in the country
    They are also the most educated people in India

  29. JAINISM was on the brink of collapse during 14th to 17th century when islamic invaders of west attacked India

    Our Jain community still wonder,how are we still alive even after mass genocide done by Islamic invaders

  30. There are currently 40 million Jains in the world
    That is less than 0.1% of entire planets population

  31. Jainism has the best ideologies and Practices in the World. Too bad it only has 6 million members World Wide.

  32. Jainism does allow for the use of violence in specific situations, such as for self defence, in order to save an innocent from harm, and serve in the military if one's country is invaded – in such cases, even killing people is allowed. So they are not actually the most non-violent religion.

  33. Jainism is almost like Buddhism. I have been listening to monks (on YouTube) of both the religion and I find these two very similar. Correct me if I am wrong.

  34. Jains make sure they don't harm any creatures. They even avoid root vegetables to avoid hurting them accidentally. 🤗

    Microorganisms (omnipresent) : *exist🤫

  35. There is no Hindu religion, but Sanatan dharam. It means eternal religion. Jainish, Buddhism are also a part of Sanatan dharam.

  36. U know its a great religion when people of other religions also acknowledgs it…..
    Ps: most peaceful comment section I have seen under a religion type of video

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