Why I left the mormon church and how I did it – Exmormon story

Why I left the mormon church and how I did it – Exmormon story

Hey guys, it’s Christel here. So I have decided to make my first video here on Youtube about why I left and how I left the LDS church or the Mormon Church. So, if you are looking to do that. I’m hoping that this video will help you and hopefully give you some information or just kind of guide your decision whether or not you do want to leave. Um… so lets start with kind of my background with Mormonism. So, I was living in Provo Utah. Which is basically the poster-child of Mormonism. And it was part of the social life there. It was… I was also raised in a very LDS household. Um…and I was very much into the religion, so much that I wanted to be part of the Presidency of the Young Women over the entire church itself. So, that’s what we are talking about here. And I have obviously, I have left. I have left for about four years now and I have never been a happier person or a more understanding person, then when I left. So…. Why I left. I left for a lot of reasons, honestly. I really did. And if you want an in-depth story of my journey. Let me know. I will be glad to make another video about it. Um… And just let you guys know my… …. like what actually happened to me. Um, more in detail. But I don’t want this video to be to long. Um… So I would be studying a lot of history of the church. Which is where we usually start anyway, when we’re kind of trying to see if we want to be part of the religion. And it really is a good place to start. Um… I started studying about Joseph Smith and his polygamy. Which is, I think the most common place to start. Um… but what got me, is what I actually found was I found documents that weren’t from him. It was from other people around him or from the many wives he had. About how they felt. And the way they were treated. If you guys know what I’m talking about. If you’re watching this and you know what documents I’m talking about. And you have the link. Post it below so other people can see it. Cause that’s what really helped me. And…. It…. I don’t know. It really got to me because I know at the time I was engaged. And just hearing these women talking about how they were treated. Um… really, honestly really broke my heart. And…. During this time, So I was I think that was the main thing in the history that I was studying. Cause then I was studying more about present things. And I remember finding out that the apostles were actually paid for the work they do. And I remember growing up everybody is taught that ‘No, they’re not.’ And I felt really betrayed and lied to. And I think that it would have been different if we were kind of taught that, you know, that was going on. But, we weren’t. And so I really felt terrible. And there’s the whole thing on tithing and where the money goes. And… just the fact that they won’t release where the money goes. Because I feel like you have nothing to hide, you would release that information. So anyway, there’s a lot of things. I was studying a lot of things and finding out a lot of different things about the church that I didn’t like. And during this time I would actually be going to church. My fiance was going with me at the time. Cause we were deciding if we would like to be Mormon or not. Um…. And… as we were going to church, It…. it got really crazy and there was… there was things I started to notice about the church that I thought were kind of weird. And I never noticed them before. And… I, I never realized basically how judgmental of people they are. Um… and I’m not saying this about all Mormons. So if you are Mormon and you just so happen to be watching this. I’m sorry. This is just what happened to me. What I picked up. Um… Again, sorry about that. But I know It’s gonna be really hard for you to hear this if you are LDS. Anyway, Um… But yah, they were being very judgmental with things that they were saying. And they were talking about how you should never be around somebody even if they have a sip of wine. You shouldn’t be their friend, you shouldn’t talk to them. I just kept think, like why? That’s, that’s a choice they make that doesn’t mean that’s who they are. But they don’t teach you like that. And I thought that was super judgmental. They were very… racist… and sexist. I actually never realized how sexist they were until I left the LDS church. How… how men are…. raised so much higher then women. And… that that got me to cause thought we were kind of treated equal until I started like… stepping out of it. And boy was I wrong! But stuff like that. It’s just that I didn’t agree with it. Like, in my heart I just knew that that was not me. That was not some teaching I wanted to follow. Um… so like I said before my husband, or my fiance I guess at the time, and I would go to the LDS church, and um… to see if that’s kind of what we wanted to do. And… I didn’t know this ’til months after it happened. He didn’t tell me because he didn’t want me to change kind of my perspective on things. Just cause he was really respectful. And he didn’t necessarily want to force me out of my religion. He just wanted me to figure it out for myself. Which, I obviously did a very short time later. Um… But, again, It was like a month. It was at most a month. But… Whenever I would leave. So church is the 3 hours you know. And when we would separate to go to like the relief society and Priesthood. He later told me that as soon as I left there were people that would come up to him and him being of a darker skin tone. They came up told him he couldn’t go to church there because the brown people church was somewhere else. And if I had heard that and if he had told me that earlier I would have left right then and probably would have gone and yelled at everybody to be honest. Um… But…. that was definitely a line for me. I I fell like everybody deserves respect and it shouldn’t matter your religion or if you have like a beer now and then or a wine or you say like ‘Oh my God’ you know? And keep in mind also, those people that told him that I never moved growing up. So I absolutely knew every single person in my ward. I knew where they lived. I knew their kids a lot of them I knew what their pets names were. And it just took me It just… I just didn’t…. I didn’t get it. Like those people that I grew up with saying something like that to him… really hurt. Um… So I decided to leave Um.. Sorry, gonna adjust that real quick. So I decided to leave. So how did I leave? Um… You… if you are leaving you do need to under- -stand that… It’s not necessarily an easy process. In fact, for me and for a lot of people that I know, It’s actually very hard. And it takes, It takes time. It’s a process. So I’m gonna tell you just a short version of what I did. And if you do want to hear about it more in depth. Basically about this whole process Um… or me actually leaving. Let me know cause there’s actually a huge story behind this. But I At the time I didn’t know how to get my name off the record. And if you are leaving just know that that’s… being inactive and getting your name taken off of the record are two different things for them.They act completely different. Because if you’re inactive you know, they can still try and get you back to church. Whereas if you take your name off… it’s…. it kind of scares them because they feel like you’re the only person that can lead them astray. And that is angry at the church. You just have this automatic thing; that you hate the church. And…. you know, you’re going to do everything you can to make sure that nobody else goes back to church. Anyway… So I decided to… go to my bishop because that was the only thing I knew. And…. Don’t go to your bishop to take your name off. If you want it of their records. Don’t do that. Basically what happened to me was I confided in him and he ended up telling everybody. And they knew that I was like inactive but they didn’t know I was taking my name of the record. And…. Long story short I had lots of people coming to me… I had people yelling at me, telling me how I’m going to hell. How I’m a disappointment to everybody. And… especially a disappointment to my parents. Which I kind of already knew. But I didn’t necessarily want to hear it from other people. So I think that’s the hardest part as you start. Is there will be people who come up to you and they seriously say the craziest things to try and get you to stay. If you’re watching this and you have any examples, put them below. They really do say some really crazy things. And some very rude and hurtful things as well. So you gotta get over that bump. As you doing this you gotta make sure that you know that you want to leave. And that’s the right choice for you. They can’t make that decision for you. They can’t force that decision on you. It’s your choice. So that was going on….And… So I… I remember…I even called my bishop back and told him like how terrible he had been and things. And again if you want to hear about that let me know. Cause again it’s a huge story. And it’s insane what happened. Cause I wasn’t expecting any of that. But he still was like ‘Oh well I can help you.’ and like you know ‘like you can still trust me.’ you know, whatever. And I was like no, I don’t want to go back to you. And I think it was like a month or so that I just still had my name on the record even though I didn’t want it there. So I actually met someone and she told me about this website, that i’m gonna tell you if you want to get your name off the record. It is the best place to do it. I think it might be the fastest. If you have a faster way, also let me know, so that other people can… use that if they’re trying to leave. So I used quitmormon.com. I can put a link for it below as well. So I used that and it was… it’s really easy. You just fill out the information. It’s done through a lawyer and he sends these letters in and he actually threatens to take legal action. Cause a lot of times they don’t want to take your name off the records. However, if it is threatened through legal action, the church doesn’t want to deal with that. so they take your name off. But again, go to quitmormon.com It’s free. They do it through donations and it’s great. And they’ll send you updates on how your case is doing. You can go ask them questions. It’s really… It’s really a good place. So that’s kind of how I left. If you guys want follow up videos, If you want to hear more about what happened between me and my bishop or more about like the details of me leaving… If you have any questions I actually want to do a Question and Answer. Just with kind of my opinions on Mormonism. And I… again I’d love to do that so give me your input. If you do like this video please, please, please give it a thumbs up. If Its helped you, go and share it, let other people know about it so we can kind of spread the word and help people that are trying to leave. Thanks so much guys I really appreciate you for watching. Sorry it’s so long. But thank you! I will see you guys in the next video, Bye!

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  1. Here is the link for part 1 of my in depth story go check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbDQylMBp6s&t=1s

  2. God bless you young lady. I've never been a Mormon, but I live in the small town of Enterprise, Utah and I guess it's like 99% Mormon. I pray for them every day and ask God to help me just plant seeds so that He can work in their lives.

  3. I'm a non active Mormon from California. You left because you wanted to drink coffee don't lie😎😁😁😁😂😂😂

  4. Thank you very much Chrissy! This is probably the best video I have ever seen on leaving the Mormon church! Not too long and packed with value! Thanks again.

  5. I’m an active, temple recommend-holding member, and I am disappointed to hear how difficult it was for you to get your name removed from the records. This seems to be a common problem for people leaving. I don’t want anyone in this church that doesn’t want to be a part of it, and I see it as a big part of honoring each person’s agency.

    Best of luck with everything, and take care. 🙂

  6. I left the church but you say they told him the brown people church is at another location sounds preposterous. Their rules are ridiculous but I don't believe that about the brown people remark. That church is SO mixed with different ethnicities and they WANT members so I don't see them running others off due to race.

  7. We respect what you've decide and If you want to know more about your questions watch some videos about being a member of latter-day saints

  8. I wish I would have known about this website when my husband and I left the church. We did what you did and went to our bishop (we were inactive at the time) and told him we wanted to leave. He sent over missionaries to talk to us. Then he would send over sister missionaries to just talk to me. Then we talked to him again and said we wanted to still leave. Then we had to meet with the stake president (who we had never met) and talk with him about leaving. He had our whole story from our bishop about why we wanted to leave, which surprise me that it was so detailed. We were then told that they would send a detailed letter to EVERY member of our family to include: our parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and ever single cousin; telling them that we were leaving. I think the worst part of what I was told the letter would say, is that I no longer wanted to be part of their eternal family. Basically saying I no longer loved my family. That almost got me to just stay inactive. The stake president left us alone to talk about our decision. When he came back we told him we still wanted to leave and he then became very mean to us and said we would get our letters of leaving the church in a few weeks. We are now officially off the records of the church and no letters were ever sent out to our family members. It was such a stressful situation.

  9. May Allah accept your heart sister I am 16yr old and I pray from the core of my Heart that you come to the one and only true religion ISLAM . Just be enough self conscious to learn about this world and next world and you will surely find ISLAM.

  10. It's a false religion built on lies, it is a total scam. I left the church years ago and I noticed the same things you mentioned. Don't be sorry about being honest girl 🙂

  11. When you have friends outside of the group, the exit will be easy/easier. When you don’t have friends outside the community, you haven’t a chance.

  12. Woman, you did the right thing. Because the Church Of Jesus Christ Of The Latter Day Saints is not the true church in the Bible. Their doctrines are not in the Bible. Like The Father is once a man before becoming God, Polygamous Marriage, Adam is archangel Michael, Christ went to the Americas after he leave the apostles & Christians in Israel. Their doctrines is a complete lie. Bishop should have a one wife. It means, every man should have his own one wife only. Not two or many. Adam is not the archangel Michael. Adam is a human being. Archangel Michael is a Prince of angels in heaven forever. He never manifested in the flesh. In short, he never became man. Angels do not marry & do not practice Pro creation. Eternal Marriage is a lie of Mormons. Christ said in the resurrection, we will become like angels in heaven. No marrying neither given to marriage anymore. God never once a man. He is always a Divine Spirit. He is always God from everlasting to everlasting. He is God. Christ never went to Americas after the resurrection. Christ went to heaven. Preaching & Testimony of Joseph Smith is a complete lie. He is a false prophet of the Devil. He said, that he saw the Father & the Son. It is a complete lie. He really saw is the angels of the Devil or Devil himself. People, all around the world…. Investigate the doctrines of many churches in this world. Do not join yet. Investigate it first if it is in the Bible. Christ said, for many false apostles, false prophets, false Christ's, & false teachers will come & preach the false doctrines to people. False Preachers love money. It is always the wealth or the money of the people they like. They are using God, the church, & the people for money. It becomes business. Be aware of the false shepherds. Hades in the Bible is all the false churches that will come & fight the true church of God. The Death in the Bible is the evil spirits of the Devil. I saw in the video. Mormon woman member committed suicide, because of Mormon. Mormon said that the black people are curse by God, which is a complete lie. They are very judgemental to black people. Black people are not curse by God. God created them to become black. God loves all kind of people who are good & doing His will. Woman, you are really smart for leaving Mormon church. You did what is right. Mormon are very arrogant. They say that the book of Mormons is far more greater than the Bible. It is a blaspheme & a complete lie. People, you should throw the books of Mormon in the trash can. The Bible is the true, greatest book of all. Every member of Mormon in the whole world. Leave the Mormon Church. It is a false church with false prophets. Investigate the churches before you join. Look if their doctrines are base on the Bible. A true shepherd of God will say the word of God only. He will not add & he will not minus the word in the Bible. Investigate the paraphrase & the verse that was added on the Bible that was not written in the original manuscripts. Buy Bibles, so that no one deceive you. Beware of the false prophets & false churches of the Devil.

  13. I hope you are reading the Bible and have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Mormonism is so off base and is not founded in the truth of Christ. The Bible says in the book of Timothy. Drink a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and often infirmities. Jesus first miracle was when He turned water into wine at a wedding. If we have a problem with alcohol you shouldn’t drink. God does not want us to be drunkards. It does not say we cannot drink. People need to have a personal relationship with God. Having asked God to forgive them of their sins,by the shed blood of Jesus Christ . And very important to be filled with the Holy Spirit

  14. I left too simply because I was not happy, too many rules or laws, Now i'm free i enjoyed a lot of things, I feel good when my first time I break the word of wisdom like drinking alcohol, My personal relationship to God doesn't change.

  15. It's easier to dial 1-888-537-6600 talk to a missionary over the phone and request to get your name off the LDS records. Since the call is being recorded they have to oblige with your request respectfully. That's how I got my name off their records back in July of 2014.

  16. Cool !
    I was just watching Ex-Muslims of North America (Its another channel I enjoy watching once in a while. Happy to see people are freeing themselves from manipulative systems.)

  17. I have never seen less judgemental people the church is anyone watching please do not believe the lies she is telling you investigate the church and choose for yourself whether the church is true and I promise you will see that she is lying and you will find comfort the church is NOT judgmental or racist we love and care for everyone

  18. 13 minutes for you to tell us that you went to a website and that’s how you left the LDS church…??? I was really expecting more substance about how/why you left. Why can’t someone just change their phone number and refrain from giving it to people who are affiliated with the church? Or update your contact information but give them fake contact information. If you stop going and you change your contact information it seems like that would work.

  19. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.2. I note that some have started their videos with the words,”Why Do we hate the Mormons”.This is not at all a. Christian approach.Although I am a member myself,there are things that.
    Concern me. But I do not believe that Jesus would ok that behaviour,so please,listen to what you say.

  20. There is a lot of abuse and incest within the families of the church. I mean a lot. Two of my friends in Miami are Mormons and all their sisters either got raped or touched inappropriately. They also had friends with the same story. The Mormons have been totally corrupted just like many other religions.

  21. As an LDS person, I will do everything within my power to avoid living in Utah and Idaho. It is sad how culture can taint doctrine or hide it all together. This blows my freaking mind. Chrissy, I am so sorry you had this experience. Your husband, too. It breaks my heart. I guarantee you would have had a different experience if you were living in a different place. Not that you would have stayed, but you wouldn't have been treated so terribly!! As much as all of the church shares the same doctrine, it can be like going to different churches depending on where you live. I'm so sorry you had that experience!! Wishing you all the best!! <3

  22. “Thus Alma addressed himself to his ‘brethren of the Church,’ and pointedly asked them if they had ‘spiritually been born of God,’ received the Lord’s image in their countenances, and had the ‘mighty change’ in their hearts which always attends the birth of the Spirit.” (Alma 5:14-31)


  23. Could you please share how you found out that the prophet and his apostles get payed for what they do? I'm honestly curious and I have a lot of questions. Please answer

  24. If you feel like these people are judging you, they are not living the gospel, think about that. The people ARE NOT perfect but the church is.

  25. Hello, is it possible to see if your name has been removed? I was told I was removed, but have never done it myself

  26. I'm a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints myself and whatever you choose, I want you to know that I respect your opinions and I'm glad that you are happy with how you are.
    I have friends who left the church and I still remain good friends with them.

  27. God Bless you and your husband. I know it is not easy I left in 2001. I did not have all of the struggle you had probably because I was divorced, 65 years old and was adamant that I was going with my family to the catholic church. However, I did feel the pressure from some members to keep going to church and to activities and it's just sad how the friendship and love you develop over the years sucks you in to where you really at times question your mind. I knew Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost long before I ever converted to Mormonism when I was 40 and "friendship" and the wonderful way families were blinded me and I converted. Long story short I am grateful that the beliefs I had grown up with and that "still small voice" I counted on from the Holy Ghost all of my life led me out of the church. HE is always with me and I thank Him every day for loving me and showing me the way.

  28. Why did you leave the lds church chrissys corner I been in the church for 33 years since I was young boy at the age of 10 your just so stupid leaving the church you are

  29. Use lawyer after u mention that the decision is your.. Free agency guys.. Dont call for a lawyer… Call for God..

  30. Why I left the church: because it was just more bullshit that a thinking person doesn't need
    How I did it: I just didn't go any more
    That seems to about cover it.

  31. We dont really need website to leave the church u can walk out just like you do when u are in a store.. This young lady is trying to manipulate you all people out there.. Do u need to call lawyer if u are leaving other churches for good? If not, then why not just walk away and don't bother.

  32. I didnt watch a second of this. Just a thought… Do you think people truly care why YOU of all people left your church?

  33. Joseph Smith deceived himself and many people with him. Joseph show us the proof that God gave you for men to believe it is from God

  34. We will continue to love those who persecute the church 💗 I will continue to pray for you 💗 our church is nothing but a joy filling congregation. Everyone has their own opinions.

  35. jesus loves you for the broken person we are. our laughter, the personality he created for us, he never wanted you to go through things like this, and he wants a relationship w you!!! im a christian, and i can say this right now, there are so many things in mormanism that is demonic so you need to ask god for discernment. humans are sinful, jesus isnt.

  36. please dont think that every church is like a morman chruch, cause they arent:(( god wants community, its so sad that something like this could happen but hey, that religion aint jesus. christians(or followers of christ) should show people who god is, not make people look away

  37. Glad you left but are you aware that mormonism is NOT EVEN CHRISTIAN? do you know that you practice things CONTRARY TO WHAT CHRIST TAUGHT AND OR THE BIBLE? leaving was the right decision but leaving for the right reasons is even better. do you practice anything right now?

  38. Those who have not truly been converted to the restored church of Jesus Christ are as a house built on sand that will sway and eventualy fall when the storms and tempest come. The church contains a lot of weak and imperfect people that make it easy for those with weak foundations fall. One day everyone will know this church is true. Even though it is true, it isn't the path for everyone. The most important thing however in or outside the church is having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. If we just live and follow the principals Jesus taught with all of our hearts we will be happy in this life and will be rewarded eternally hereafter.

  39. lady it not a church of jesus christ to leave! YOU NEED to LEAVE FAKE ASS MORMON CULT! CHURCH HAVE NOTHING TO DO WIT FAKE ASS MORMON!

  40. The prophets are paid as far as their families being taken care of, God says don’t worry about what’s for dinner, worry about doing his work. So that was a bad argument. Also you are speaking calm but out of anger. Your problem is people. This isn’t “the church” it’s the people. If you think Mormons are judge mental? The whole world is Judgmental. Jesus Christ came for the sinners, not the righteous. You are very ignorant if you think LDS people don’t sin or treat others bad. It’s not about the people, its about the Gospel. As far as sexist? God doesn’t mention his wife in the scriptures once, therefore women are very sacred. There’s a reason why God has it this way. Sure here on earth it may feel that men hold the highest position.. All in all, your faith is weak. And I think that you have fought it rather then educate yourself more.

  41. I left the church 6 years ago and I just stopped going last time I spoke to someone from the church was before i moved out and two missionaries wanted me to go to young single adult ward I told them no I was wearing a tank top my fresh tattoo showing and all they were nice guys but I stood up for myself and told them I didn’t believe in the church and I didn’t like the people they would send cards a lot inviting me back but since I’ve moved out they don’t know where I live so I haven’t gotten anything or had any knocks on the door but it worries me that I’m still in their records

  42. im lds and none of this stuff is true, except where I live and there’s a reason why men hold the priesthood and women don’t.

  43. I am a proud member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I always enjoy watching your videos of you trying to "Save" members of the Lords church. It bothers me how you take text of scripture OUT of CONTEXT. Then you say it in a way and expound upon it so it supports what your saying. I respect your effort but to be honest it has ZERO effect on the members of the church of Jesus Christ. I wish you would focus all that wasted energy on your MAN MADE Church and just keep teaching your members who pay your salary to keep having Faith in Jesus Christ and hopefully they will all live a happy life.. I hope this comment reaches you because I have been wanting to connect to just tell you this…

    “The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; … the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done.” Joseph Smith 

    This, unfortunately for you, includes yours 

    NOTHING you do or say will impact this Church of Jesus Christ. 16.3 Million members and growing. 209 Temples present fill the earth and will continue preaching the gospel to every corner of the Earth. This Prophesy, we are seeing it be fulfilled.

  44. I just can say that the gospel and church is perfect but the people not…we can make our desicion if we are following the people or jesuscrist 👌

  45. I was raised in the church as well. My family are devout mormons and I just did quitmormon about 2 months ago. Glad I did it. The LDS church is full of lies and corruption.

  46. I’m so sorry for your bad experience. All
    I can say is that I hope your followers will seek to know for themselves and not just believe what anyone says about the church, or ANY church. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love my Savior and I know it’s through him we are saved. God bless you on your journey.

  47. i left lds church i had to write head presidency, president monson was at my baptism under hinkley was main president at time i was baptist-ed i was in provo ut in 2004 -2005 around BYU the bishops sons were in byu & my friend lady too but i got stood up in utah dave and the other B sons did help me it was odd this other lady showed up in brother Johnson's car i was there on work trip she went nuts over me being there! i do computer work! back then, my letter from Utah head office LDS your off the record were sorry you left!! please come back!!

  48. Here's the thing..there are many religions but we all worship one God one God of love the alpha omega the beginning in the end the creator of all things so we are all brothers and sisters through God no matter what religion someone is everyone thinks they have it right who knows who really has it right okay but at the end of the day these are our brothers and sisters we are to lift each other up God says if there's something wrong go to your brother and sister and talk about it. But I can say what you're doing is very wrong very disrespectful no one is perfect and everyone deserves forgiveness and you can't judge a whole entire world of churches off of one group of people that was your experience don't speak for everyone else.

  49. The church thing is that they are not allowed to release the tithing roll because if a family is not paying they are not allowed to be openly discriminated. Also I love that you said is you are mormon i'm sorry because i feel like you are very real and genuine. I wish you had a better experience in the church

  50. All religions are imperfect for they are all administered by men, human beings are always prone to sin and this is an irrefutable fact..depending on one's philosophy in life i can safely say its a matter of prospective..this so called criticisms, loop holes, faults in the system..are case to case scenarios that should be addressed by their respective leaders..in life its a matter of prospective..but why go there..???…commandments are laid out in every religion to be obeyed not to be questioned..or be given scrutiny..reason, logic make things worst..for who are we to go against our creator???

  51. Maybe my way as Mormon is too short and I didn't see a lot and maybe I don't understand a lot… Or maybe I'm just more lucky but I have never met more supportive and NOT judging people than my LDS friends. I am really sorry for all peaople who had such a bad experience and I hope that all of you will find your ways in your lives and will be happy

  52. Just do good to all men whenever you get that chance with good intentions and by doing it don't expect in return. True religion is yourself to God by doing good to your fellowmen.

  53. Me just watching other people who left the LDS church makes me feel so much better that I wasn't alone. Because I had left the LDS for so many reasons I would love to share my story with you 🙂

  54. PlEaSe LiKe this comment this is a big deal…
    Hey guys Jesus Christ is Lord God and Savior and He died in vain if righteousness is achieved through the Law or works, Isaiah prophesied of Him and He fulfilled every single prophecy. He is our God, the only God, manifest in the flesh, to be a perfect and blemishless sacrifice for all of our sins, us all having fallen short of the glory of God, believing on the name of Jesus and confessing Him as your Lord and Savior is the only way we can be saved, we are saved by the grace of God, thru faith in His Son Jesus Christ, no other name and no other gospel than the one preached in His Word.
    The Bible says if one prophecy fails to come to pass then that man is a false prophet and not of God. Joseph Smith is clearly a false prophet and that's easily discovered after researched. There are many many other terrible redflags with mormon doctrine that conflict with the doctrine of the Word of the true God, whom mormon doctrine blasphemes and creates an entirely different picture of an entirely entirely different God…, in person and being and character and nature and everything else. Our God, the God of the Bible, is an aweeeesommmeee God, with amazing personality and character and sense of humor even and perfect in righteousness and justice, and holy.
    Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life, and He is the only way to the Father. He is everything. Our Paradise is in personal loving intimate relationship with God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit the lover of our souls and everything and beyond! Which starts the moment you decide to give your life to Him and receive Him as your Lord and Savior and accept His free gift of grace.
    Love you all so much brothers and sisters whoever you are!!! God bless!!!

  55. It’s sad how many lies she tells… wondering if she ever even was a member or is just an anti-mormon making this up.

  56. What in the world….most of the members if they leave the church they dont need to have a lawyer…hahaha they just stop going to church bwala your done! Your out its that easy you dont need to have a lawyer to do that for you gosh

  57. Great series starting with the history of Mormanism










  58. The money that we give 10% of goes to people who can’t afford to go on missions but want to go and for churches to be built and for the poor LDS members who can’t afford the daily things other LDS members can afford but yeah jus a thumbs up 👍

  59. The reason why they say to not hang around people who drink and stuff is because in the church our standards is not to drink or smoke and hanging around nice people who drink and all could lead you to drinking and smoking

  60. Fuck. I honestly had no idea they would keep my name in the records, even though I’ve been inactive since I was 12 years old. I’m going to get right on that.

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