Why I Don’t Talk About My Religion..

– Hey guys! It’s Sierra, welcome back to my channel! Today, I just wanted to sit down and chat and get a little
bit real with you guys. I have been really enjoying doing these casual videos every now and then. I feel like I get to have a more personal relationship with you and you get to hear more about who
I am and what I’m about. So today I posted on Instagram. Let me pull up the post. I said, “Ask what you’re afraid to ask me, but have
always wanted to know.” So I went through those responses and I picked ten questions or topics that you guys wanted me to talk about. And I’m gonna talk about it! So here’s ten things you probably didn’t know about me! “Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? You look like you have
everything so planned out.” That question kinda hits
the nail on the head, like I’m a total planner. Like, I have my whole life planned out like ten years in advance. Like, I’m that crazy girl. But, that being said, as much as I do plan, and I’m on birth control and Steven and I are really careful. Because, you know, I would love my life to turn out exactly the way that I have it planned in my head. But I have had a few
little pregnancy scares, nothing major, but I have had a few times where my period was late and I was like, “Oh my gosh I’m pregnant!” My mind goes like a
million miles a minute, and I’m like, “All right, I
need to move out my office, we’re gonna have to make that
a baby room, we’re gonna have to do this, this, this. (laughing) And then I take the
test and it’s negative. But, fun fact, I actually
film every single time that I’ve ever taken a pregnancy test, so that if it ever was positive, I would wanna have that reaction and that like genuine response on camera. For me to have, and for
me to share with Steven, and then also because I do film
my life and share it online. I think it’d be cool for you guys to see. So, I film myself every time
I take a pregnancy test, but so far they’ve all been negative. “Do you ever have days where you just wish you were skinny and want to go on a diet?” Oh, 100%, absolutely. I feel like because I
talk about body positivity and confidence, some people have this idea that I’m just like, confident
all the time, I wake up everyday and just love my body. But that’s definitely not the case. I wish it was, but it’s not. Um, I’d say at least a couple times a week I wake up and I’m just like, “Man, I hate the way I look,
this looks bad on me, I don’t have anything to wear.” And then my mind goes to that place of, “Oh I should go on a
diet, I wish I was skinny. I need to be thinner.” But I think for me it’s stopping that line of thinking before it gets dangerous. So, instead of being like, “Oh my gosh, I don’t like the the way I
look, I’m gonna starve myself,” which is what I used to say
like, back in like high-school. Instead, saying like, “Oh,
I don’t like the way I look, well, maybe I should try
on a different outfit.” Or, maybe I should go to the gym and try to work out and
make myself feel better. But trying to make those thoughts healthy instead of letting myself
spiral into, into misery. “Where are you going to work one day if Youtube suddenly stops being trendy?” I actually got like five
or 10 questions about this, I feel like it’s a really
interesting question because as much as I love
Youtube, and it is my dream job, and I’d love to do this forever, I understand that at some point it will probably come to an end. But if you guys don’t watch my vlogs, you probably don’t know I’m actually a college student, I’m
still taking classes. I’m working on my degree online right now. I’m just going to be getting
my AA, which takes two years. And I only have three classes left, so I’m doing one class a semester online. That way I can still like focus on Youtube and not be a full-time student but I’m still working towards that degree. So, if I couldn’t make
this my career anymore, one of three things would happen. First, I would go back to school again and get my Bachelor’s Degree, because after you have your Associates you can get your Bachelor’s,
with two more years of school. And then go into the workforce for whatever I got that degree in. Donno what it would be. Second, I would get a job as
a social media consultant. So, since I have all this experience and I really, really love marketing, and production, and social media, maybe I could get like
a job with a big company on working for their social media. And third, if this were to stop at a point when Steven and I were expanding
our family, having kids, I might just decide I want
to be a stay at home mom. Okay, so I feel like I have to talk about this even though I’m hesitant. Um, a lot of people asked
me about my religion. If I would be willing
to share my testimony, am I religious, do I believe in God. I’m really surprised that so many people were interested in that. Literally, I’m scrolling
through, like half the responses were about God, Christianity,
religion, faith. And I am so hesitant to
share about that stuff, but, I guess that’s what
this video is supposed to be. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna open up about it. So I guess you could
classify me as religious, I attend a non-denominational
Christian church. I feel like Christianity is the religion that most closely aligns
with my personal beliefs. But more so than saying I’m
Christian, or I’m religious, I usually just say I’m
a follower of Jesus. Because that’s really how
I try to align my life and how I try to live through my actions. Is trying to be more Christ-like
through my everyday life. But, um, I don’t talk about that a lot online for a couple reasons. First, because my channel
is mostly about fashion, and I’m not gonna be like,
trying on a pair of jeans, and be like, “Also, praise Jesus!” Like, it just doesn’t
necessarily fit with my content. And second, um, I never want
anyone to feel excluded. I never want anyone to feel
like I appreciate them less if they are not religious
or not a Christian. There are also a lot of mainstream ideas about Christianity, and
about what Chritians believe that I don’t necessarily believe. So, for example, the next
question I was gonna talk about was, like, “What are your
thoughts on the LGBT community?” I’m a big LGBT ally, I
love people of all shapes, colors, sizes, sexualities,
orientations, gender identities. I don’t have any, I don’t have any issue. With how other people
choose to live their life. I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with that. There’s a Bible verse,
hold on, let me pull it up. Because I feel like this describes kind of my issue with
talking about religion. So this is 1 Peter 3:15, if any of you guys are interested. Um, so it says, “But in your hearts, Revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer To everyone who asks
you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But, do this with gentleness and respect.” If anyone ever asks me about religion, or about ‘the hope that I have,’ as that Bible verse says, I will always be happy to tell them the wonderful impact that being a follower of
Jesus has had on my life. But, I want to highlight
that gentleness and respect. If someone is Catholic,
or Muslim, or Atheist, or Agnostic, or Jewish, I
don’t want to be the one to sit here and tell them,
“I’m right and you’re wrong.” Because I don’t know! This is what has worked for me in my life. But, if something else makes you happy, that is totally okay and
I’m not going to, I’m not just going to preach to
everyone on my Youtube channel. That’s, that’s not what I’m about. I hope that was somewhat eloquent, I feel like that was kind of word-vomit-y. But, uh, TL;DR, I believe in God, I go to a Christian church. I don’t believe everything
that other Christians espouse, and I love all people regardless of what they believe and who they are. And personally, from my research and my, you know, studying of the Bible, I think that’s what Jesus
would’ve felt like as well. But, I’m sure a lot of
people are going to disagree. And I don’t wanna, don’t wanna upset or offend anyone, that’s just my opinion. The next question that I
had screenshotted to answer, my number five thing that you
probably didn’t know about me, was, “What are your thoughts
on the LGBT community?” But, I think I answered that
in the religion question. I’m a big ally to the LGBTQ+,
all the other letters. Community, I grew up in theater, which I think is a big part
of my openness to all of that. Because, if any of you guys
have ever been involved in community theater, there’s a lot of different sexual orientations
and gender identities. People in the creative arts tend to be a little bit more free flowing, so. “Have you ever gone to therapy, and if so, how did it go?” So if you guys didn’t know,
I have Bipolar Disorder. I’ve talked about it
briefly on my channel, but again, not something
I usually focus on. I was diagnosed as Bipolar when I was 16 and I did about two years
of therapy after that. Going to therapy was honestly probably the best thing I’ve ever
done for my mental health. I have improved so much in just the way that I interact
with my mental disorder and interact with the world. Which is the perfect introduction for this video’s sponsor,
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line in the description, take care of yourself. If you’ve been struggling,
just know you’re not alone. I go through it, a lot
of people go through it, and seeking help and
talking to a therapist about my mental health
issues really, really helped me in my day to day life. So whether you go through
BetterHelp or not, just seeking professional help is a really great step into getting your mental health to a
more manageable level. All right, here’s a little bit
more of a lighthearted one. “Who did you date before Steven?” When I started Youtube,
Steven and I had been dating for I think just
about a year, when I started. So you guys didn’t get to see any of the relationships that
took place before him. Which is, it’s interesting. You guys only got to see the happy ending. The love story. I would say I had three real relationships before Steven, and I met
Steven when I was 17. So even those real relationships weren’t like crazy serious or anything. First relationship, was, I don’t even know if I can call it a relationship. Let’s call it a flirtationship. We’re gonna call him Spongebob. So me and Spongebob were those like, friends who would hang out all the time and then like kiss each
other when we were bored. Like that was, that was that relationship. It never really went anywhere, we ended up ending that relationship for the short time it was
an official relationship because it made our friendship seem weird. We just went back to being friends. But, I did care a lot about that person, which is why I do count it as
my first ever relationship. Because there were definitely
real feelings there. Second person was my
Sophomore year of high-school. I, that was like my first like
real, real, like boyfriend. We dated for eight months, he
was kind of a terrible person. Can I say that on the internet? I’m just gonna be honest. Maybe, maybe he’s a different person. I mean, when you’re 16,
kind of everyone’s terrible. But it was not a great relationship. My family didn’t think it
was a great relationship. My friends didn’t think it
was a great relationship. Looking back, I don’t think
it was a great relationship. And then, I also dated someone for, how long did we even date? Let’s call this person Tim. So, me and Tim dated, he was like, I would say my high-school sweetheart. So we dated for about two years I think. In my Sophomore and Junior
year of high-school. And that was probably the only boyfriend I was ever like, serious
with before Steven. Like we had at least talked about like, our future and that kind of thing. So that breakup was
really difficult for me, but I don’t have any ill
feelings towards that person. I think Tim is an awesome guy, and um, we chat every now and then. I saw him at a party a couple months ago and it was fun getting
to, to catch up with him. So yeah, that’s the Sierra dating history. That you didn’t get to see. But, obviously all those failed relationships led me to Steven, and I am so, so grateful that they did because my husband is the best. Ooh, another Steven-y question. “Do you ever worry about
getting married so young?” I got married at 21. And Steven was 24, when we got married. To a lot of people that might seem young, but, young is so subjective. You know, just 50 or 100 years ago, getting married at 21
might be a little bit old. I think choosing to get
married is a really important adult decision that
shouldn’t be taken lightly. And I, Steven and I were in
a really mature relationship. We were both, you know,
getting our adult lives figured out, he had his degree, I’m doing whatever this is. If it counts as a job. We lived together, we had dogs together, we were so stable and so ready. And I really didn’t have any fears about getting married young. I think sometimes when
people on the outside say little things, then it
makes me a little bit worried. Like, one thing I’ve heard
a lot of people say to me, like in comments, when they
see that I got married at 21, is like, “Oh, your brain doesn’t
even fully develop at 25!” But to me, that’s like, “Great! Steven and I made a commitment, my brain’s gonna continue to change, and we can grow and adapt in
our relationship together. “Give us some of the
behind-the-scenes tea on Youtube.” I get really discouraged
when I meet big Youtubers who I admire, and they’re
just flat out rude. It sucks. I’d say I only maybe met two or three big Youtubers who I was let down by. And I probably met 15 or 20
who I was like, “Oh my Gosh! They’re so nice, and so sweet!” So, the vast majority
of people are awesome, and inspiring, and willing to chat if I come up to them when I meet them. But, there have been a couple
really big name Youtubers who I was really disappointed in meeting. “Was it difficult posting about your body knowing that so many
people are going to see?” Um, I actually used to
be a lot more insecure about my body and about
posting about my body when I had a hundred followers
and didn’t do Youtube. I used to overthink everything. Every picture that I was tagged in, anything that I was posting. I’ve talked about it before, I used to Photoshop my body like no other. And there was something
actually really freeing about putting that all out there online. And then of course I did get
a lot of awesome responses and a lot of support, which made me feel even better about it. And it’s funny looking
back at how insecure I was back then, and now
that I’m totally cool with posting a bikini video
for three hundred and… How many? Three hundred and seventy
five thousand subscribers? To see? Honestly, it made me
so much more confident and comfortable with my body just putting it out there and saying, “This is me. This is what I’m working with. Either like it, or,
you know, unfollow me.” A big thank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video, there
is a link in the description if you want to fill out that questionnaire and get started with online therapy. It really does help my channel, so I do appreciate it. And a big thank you to everyone who submitted questions on Instagram. I really enjoyed doing this and I would love to do more casual sit-down, open, honest videos more often. So, thanks for watching and I will see you guys on Friday
with another new video. Bye! (cheerful music)

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