Why Does The Religious Right Worship A Sinner?

Why Does The Religious Right Worship A Sinner?

Because apparently the next best thing to a messiah is a Messiah Complex. But who are these Christians and why do they stick with him? While many wait on Trump’s staffers or ranking Republicans to break with the alt- president, there’s a group of loyal Trumpists you think would be more positioned to jump ship on his morally bankrupt leadership – the religious right. But believe it or not Trump got 81% of the white evangelical vote, and as of April, 78% of them still
supported the President. And that support is odd, considering Trump only ever
mentions the Bible when also trying to sell his own book, “The Art of The Deal,”
which according to him is, “My 2nd favorite book of all time. What’s my
first favorite book? The Bible!” Unfortunately the Bible isn’t 20% off at
amazon.com right now with a new foreword from Kellyanne Conway. Also new glossy
pictures. Oh there’s my gam-gam! That’s a building. [off-camera laughter] But the religious right has consistently given Trump a pass. During the 2016 election one top evangelical leader, James Dobson, swept candidate Trump’s mountain of immoral
behavior under a mountain-sized rug, when he said Trump wasn’t a bad Christian.
Simply, a “baby Christian.” “He’s a baby Christian … we all need to be praying for him.” Baby Christian? That sounds like born-again christian gone wrong. “The good news is he’s accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. The bad news is.. he still sh*t his pants.” And sure, there were many Christian leaders who didn’t endorse Trump during his candidacy, but when he won, some quickly got on board,
like famous evangelist Franklin Graham who told the Atlantic, But isn’t God supposed to
be loving?! Why would God condone someone who hatefully offends everyone unless… Vladimir Putin has God’s pee tape, doesn’t he. Maybe evangelicals accepted Trump as
their political lord and savior so that they
could eventually be part of his Evangelical Advisory Board, the group of
25 faith leaders that advise the president, chat with him weekly and pray. “So today we pray for Donald Trump. – YES. We also pray Lord for his family and associates.” “We also pray, Lord, that he stops making
the duck face every single prayer, Oh God, if you could find a way to his
disgusting little mouth and make it a little less disgusting we would be
forever humbled in thy name. Amen.” But this faith council does more than just
pray: it acts as the administration’s defense on pretty much every political
decision. After Trump’s first travel ban, Graham justified it by saying: Bible
didn’t say so. “Speaking in support of the president Franklin Graham says quote, ‘It’s not a biblical command for the country to let everyone in who wants to
come. That’s not a Bible issue.’ ” He’s right. It’s not a Bible issue. It’s a moral issue. But I get it, since when did the Bible deal with morals. You want a Bible
issue? Ask pastor Robert Jeffress, also on the faith council, about North Korea. “I believe the Bible especially Romans 13 does give president Trump
moral authority to use whatever force necessary, including assassination or
even war to topple an evil dictator like Kim Jong Un.” What? And as crazy as that sounds, Romans 13 does state very clearly that, “whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has
instituted.” Except of course if said authority is black. “I’m not saying President Obama is the Antichrist but I believe he is conditioning people to
accept governmental overreach.” Also on the council is Trump’s closest
spiritual adviser, Paula White, a twice-divorced Forida-based
televangelist who preaches that God rewards faithful Christians with
material wealth and encourages her followers to give her as much money as
they can, promising it will get God’s attention. Oh,
and her first church went bankrupt in 2014 after defaulting on 29 million
dollars in loans. Essentially, Paula White is the Donald Trump of Christianity. Aw.
They’re soulless mates. Fun fact – White’s third marriage is to a guy who
was the keyboard player of Journey and wrote the song “Don’t Stop Believin.” And
if you ever thought that song was at all inspirational, know that in Trump’s
America “Don’t stop believing” is an order. (music) White also recently said
that if you go against the president, you go against God. “God says that he raises
up and places all people in places of authority. It is God that raises up a
king, it is God that sets one down. And so when you fight against the plan
of God, you’re fighting against the hand of God.” “That itty-bitty hand of God, the
image in which he made his king.” And then there was arguably the administration’s
most indefensible controversy to date: Trump’s excuse of neo-nazi groups in
Charlottesville. While many religious leaders all over the country protested
the president’s comments, some of the evangelical advisory board members,
including Jerry Falwell Jr, defended him. In fact, only one representative stepped
down in protest. But meanwhile, Trump’s business councils disbanded over the
same remarks. That means the CEOs of corporate America have stronger morals
than this country’s Christian leaders! And that really speaks to the importance
of … having an HR department. Evangelicals might answer to God but CEOs answer to
Cheryl. And when it comes to Nazis, Cheryl does not f*ck around. The question that
still remains, though, is why? why do these purported Christians stick around and
keep defending a lusting, gluttonous, greedy, sloth-like, wrath-filled, envious,
prideful … is that all the seven deadly sins? Anyway that guy? It’s cuz they want
something in return. They want their fundamentalist president
to implement their fundamentalist agenda. Now that ultra conservative Gorsuch is
in the Supreme Court and Trump has nominated another 55
conservatives to federal judicial positions, they’ll want an overturn of Roe
v Wade, same-sex marriage, and hey! maybe rewrite the tax code to make swindling
the working class on TV prayer shows even more lucrative. And all they have to
do is keep pretending Trump is their second favorite savior. Thanks for
watching everybody please remember to subscribe right now and also let us know
in the comments what you think a true Christian would do in the face of a
Donald Trump presidency and/or what your favorite retrograde passage of the Bible
is you know if you’re into atheism and stuff anyway bye

100 Replies to “Why Does The Religious Right Worship A Sinner?”

  1. Except that it is an obvious bible issue! In both the old and the new testament, there are numerous verses that command the israelites(old t) and believers/saints(new t) to welcome strangers( old speak for immigrants) in your land and even your home, give them food and shelter and treat them as equals because the Israelites once were strangers in a strange land themselves, and because of many other reasons that are logical IF one were to take the bible seriously and even more so for fundamentalists who want to take it literally. Fundamentalists, just take the bible as written and welcome "illegal aliens" and treat them as brothers and sisters!

  2. Listening to these hypocrites is like listening to a graphic description of Uncle Ernie's hemorrhoid problem while eating lunch. Love Francesca, though.

  3. Hitler became Chancellor, only God could do that. Evangelicals will embrace anything if it suits their purpose. And they will twist scripture into a pretzel to rationalize their twisted beliefs. When Obama was President Satan put him there, with Trump, it was God. It all boils down to the separation of church and state.
    They can only keep their tax exempt status if they stay out of politics.
    The Republicans will let them support them to their congregation and still allow them to maintain their tax exemption. It’s all about money.

  4. Come on now! Do your research. I love your channel, but immigration and refugees is a Bible issue. Leviticus 19:33-34. Look it up. You missed a big opportunity to roast Frankie there!

  5. The so-called religious right would take the country to a version of the "Handmaid's Tale" if it could. This is about power and control as always. "Baby Christian"…now that's a new one. Looking at the Old Testament no one has to be surprised why that religious right pretty much will accept and apologize for anything this muppet Trump says and does. Of course it is not surprising that Trump, just like Boris Johnson, has risen to power. Nature abhors a vacuum after all. The opposition is utterly spineless.

    It would be very wise if people actually studied up on the history of all religions and faiths. I do not follow an organized religion but I do believe many faiths have certain teachings and principles that make sense. Principles that promote integrity, kindness, fierceness of spirit and continual learning. I also do not believe that the Bible or any other so-caleld holy book was written by some supernatural entity. They were written by men which also explains why for example the Old Testament is very different in its writing than the New Testament (an eye-for-an-eye vs. turn-the-other-cheek for example). Would it be nice if there were some supernatural being watching over us. Yea, possibly. The way we currently understand the universe now from a scientific perspective we can even imagine that there are multiple universes constantly splitting of each other. There's still so much to understand and we are just beginning to ask the right questions.

    I lost my parents when I was in my mid-20s. It tore me apart then and I still struggle with it some days even though it has been over 10 years since it happened. There were days where I would have loved to have someone/something to take away the pain. Eventually I did find someone, a counselor who is also a pastor, who helped me deal with the loss. He did not have to invoke God to help me. He did use his kindness and patience which in part I believe he did derive from his faith to help me. So, in that sense I would never belittle someone else's religion as long as that faith is based on tolerance and self-reflection and not hypocrisy.

  6. Because the “sinner” got these evangelical Christian fascists two anti abortion/ anti choice right wing conservative catholic judges onto the Supreme Court. That’s why.

  7. The sinner can stack the courts up with all these anti choice conservative Christian judges for decades to come. And many of these SC and federal court judgeships are lifetime appointments

  8. Muslims love Muhammad, even though he has been considered to be a loathsome fictional character. What's the difference between one stupid ideology and any other.

  9. Would you please declare your own religious background?You sound atheistic.Within 10 years, you will become a Christian – just like your Catholic ancestors.When that happens, you will be more humble and regret your arrogance and your faux intelligence.God bless you!Although l admire your passion, it is misdirected – for now!PS One day, within the next decade, you will become a more passionate Christian than your most pious ancestor.I can tell by just listening to you while l am writing my response.May God bless you Francesca!

  10. Christians have always been oppressors… alt-right, christianity and capitalism is still the same play, just different costumes

  11. The authority Romans 13 is talking about is the energized ministers of the body of Christ, not the US government, or any countries secular government. In our country, we have a separation of church and state. I think it's because they don't know the Bible or Trump's policies.

  12. Unfortunately God will give a nation that is walking backwards on God's terms the kind of leader it deserve. Just read the first and second books of Samuel in the Bible and you will see what I mean. Christianity is a false religion or in simple words the works men and these evangelicas are under a strong delusion and is their man to prove it.

  13. Trump is exactly like the people that supports him, same mindsets and they’re not Christians. They’re religious yes, but not Christians

  14. 6,500 different Gods created by humans and all without a minuscule of evidence to support their existence. True and Facts are the way forward.

  15. Evangelicalism has the most power in the United States. It’s about land, resources and power. The Mormons are like this too. Evangelicals can’t explain why European Christians have a better quality of life. All they know is that whatever attenuated the power of their church and the member’s individual prosperity is the enemy.

  16. Y'all should check out The Family on Netflix. They frame Trump's rise to the presidency as planned scheme by a religious group called The Family and apparently they are behind a lot of stuff in US history

  17. Truth is not a religion .religion is made up by people who say what they wrote was inspired by god. Like the the books they write

  18. I hope she smart enough to know Muslims are same way and even more crazy than practising Christians, they want there Muslim countries Islamic and with no foreign influence but come into non Muslim countries to reproduce to get 30% population in America and enjoy thefreadom to follow there religions and proud of there Islamic nations remaining Islamic!!!! How can a Muslim loving Muslim from a Islamic country come to America as a Muslim refugees?????😳😒that's crazy!!!!!

  19. I have been hearing a lot of “God often turns to an imperfect vessel”. I guess Satan is an imperfect vessel too.

    But they never seem to mention what Jesus thought of the rich. Funny dat.

  20. It’s hilarious because the Bible most definitely talks about immigration. It’s not about how you interpret the Bible, it’s about actually reading it🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  21. When asked about the bible the liar in chief displayed no knowledge of the bible at all. I do not bother calling the evangelicals Christians, I simply call them bible cultist. evangelicals raise their children with full on propaganda and brain washing. jeffress leads the hate charge against Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons.. He has preached hate and bigotry and his cultist love him too. White is another con artist with double standards and double speak. According to her knigs are anointed by god so that makes the American revolution an attack on god…by her idiotic standards!! The so called christian s are all false followers of Jesus.

  22. I am atheist and I support Trump and his supporters, my fellow Americans.
    I am a good person (just a regular Joe) and I do not break the law and I serve both country and community.
    Trump is not a racist, but the makers of this video series have issues with their own hatred toward Trump and those who support him.
    Oh, well…..
    Trump 2020

  23. Did God ordain that Trump to be elected? Maybe… they do say ‘the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men’, but not necessarily for the reasons she might like. Putting the Alt President in there (for one term) appears to be just what Progressives needed to get their sh*t together and take on the corporate establishment. If Hillary has won, we would still be asleep!

  24. A True Christian would confront Trump any way he or she can on facebook Twitter or this. Shame on any Christian Worshiping Trump he is not our Savior. The Prosperity Doctrine is FALSE.

  25. Being paid by muslim Qatar (and perhaps Saudi Arabia?) – of course you ridicule christians that hold traditional values.

  26. Muhammad, who is considered the role model for men in Islam, married a six year old and fucked her when she was nine. In Islam it's also normal to kill animals for meat in painful drawn out ways, to throw gays off buildings and to treat women like second class citizens. Slavery is also still a thing today, in 2019, in muslim countries. If you want to convince people you're doing anything more than just pearl-clutching and blaming whitey you should show some consistency in your supposed beliefs and call out the evils of other religions too.

  27. No human is perfect. But Christians have the capacity to forgive. But, there is a time for pulling the Ox out of the ditch on Sunday.

  28. If Donald Trump is a Christian, – " Baby Christian " or otherwise, – then I am Abraham Lincoln … and I am NOT Abraham Lincoln. Actually, I'm a lot shorter and I can grow a dynamite mustache.

  29. What would Jesus do? … probably vote for Bernie, but then Jesus WAS NOT AN AMERICAN so he couldn't vote in a US Election … Lucky him.

  30. Under tRump administration, Jesus couldn't get into the U.S. when asking for asylum and Mary and Joseph would have been turned down when Jesus was about to be.born…anchor baby!!! That's tRump for you evangelicals..

  31. A true Christian would be vomiting uncontrollably . Thankfully I don't believe in mumbo jumbo. So I will not be vomiting. I will provide buckets though!

  32. These so called greedy rich fake Christian leaders just use God to fool their ignorant stupid followers to support their corrupt messiah Trump so they can get millions of tax cuts! Churches don't even pay taxes so they don't have the right to endorse any politics! Smh

  33. I'd like to crowd fund for raising strategily placed billboards which proclaim this constitutional lawful mandatory amendment:
    'Separation of church
    and state'.
    with the addendum that should any public servant whose salary is paid by the American people, cross or even blur this line, shall be considered unfit for the office or job they hold and so be removed. Of course the perfectly wonderful 'Freedom of Religion' amendment. Needs promoting as well. This administration needs giant reminder billboards wherever they work and live. I'd donate to crowd fund these peaceful precepts, wisely and duly invoked in our constitution. Anyone else?
    P.S. as far as atheists, religious and/or spiritual choosers go, I believe the golden rule wraps up how we all can best behave. Even to begin right now telling the kids. They'll get it. ✌😊✌

  34. It's amazing to me that in 2019 conservatives don't realize how crucial renouncing religious despotism was to the very founding of our country. They still subscribe to the ancient, "God called our leader to be the leader and can do no wrong" ideology. They really are insane.

  35. I can forgive Francesca for not knowing what the Bible says, but I cannot forgive these ignorant Evangelical leaders for either not knowing (Most likely) or ignoring what the bible says because it shows their own sin in these matters (Highly likely).

    The Bible tells us very much about why God would use a guy like Trump, and it has nothing to do with Trump being secretly a good guy. Either he is placed over us to punish us for our own sins (See Lev 26 and Deut 28) and he is there as a vessel of destruction (Rom 9) to tear us down and bring us to repentance, or he is there as a vessel of destruction against those God placed over us to bring us to that repentance. Since the Christians have yet to repent and are fully supporting Trumps immorality we can know without a doubt why he is sent to them. Since a significant portion of the rest of society has repented and is begging for relief, we can assume that Trump is sent to us to tear down the system that has been in place for the last 100+ years, if not much, much longer, and will eventually bring us relief. However, someone so immoral cannot set up the replacement system after this one is destroyed.

    Regarding immigration, God does not say to let everyone in, but he does over and over command us to welcome the oppressed who seek refuge among us and to treat them as if they are part of us, and not as second-class citizens or worse. Yes, there are a few texts which they can misuse to "justify" keeping the foreigners out, and by Jesus day the Jews were very adept at applying those text while ignoring all the others.

    Jesus calls attention to this by referring to the Sidonian woman as a dog, just as the Jews did, but then shaming his disciples by telling them that her faith in God and him was much greater than their own. That's where we are. The evangelicals are disciple of little to no faith and understanding.

  36. Um…have you READ the book? God makes Hitler look like a damn Buddhist Boy Scout. And that's still true in the New Testament.

    According to the tales of the apostles, Jesus explicitly states that he and God must be first and best loved, or you're going to Hell. You MUST love them, more than your own children…or eternal torture and suffering beyond human understanding. Also, all of the Old Testament laws from Exodus, Leviticus, and others, are in full-effect according to Jesus, and their punishments too, which are mostly the death penalty.

    And on top of that, God still condemned his own son to torture and murder to "correct" a mistake God himself made millennia before, and bizarrely blames all of Adam and Eve's descendants for.

    They worship a sinner because religious people are evil motherfuckers by definition. Doesn't matter what religion…they always lead to evil. Only logic in spite of belief has ever led to good.

  37. He couldn't even say wether he liked the old or the new testament the most. Old testament – Jews only, new testament – everybody. There where no Christians before Christ.

  38. This is so stupid. This chic is not even funny at all.
    Hahaha….Christians don’t worship trip cuz they voted for him. So would Democrat’s worship Hilary if she won?
    This is lame

  39. Anybody that still believes in a book that old and written by over 40 men as all the other religious books out there no they were all designed for control and they still work pretty good on fortunately we are all connected we come from the universe we will go back to the universe Mother Earth is the only thing you need to be praising and praying for no more fairy tales

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