Why do people fight over religion? Enlightening talk by Swami Mukundananda

Why do people fight over religion? Enlightening talk by Swami Mukundananda

Bhakti is a vast
ocean it is in finite like God is infinite. No one Saint, realizes all the
different aspects of bhakti to their completion. It is like God, each devotee realizes bhakti differently engages in bhakti differently. This does
not mean that one person’s realization is correct and the others is wrong. Like
you have heard that story of the ten blind men who went to see an elephant.
One person caught the elephant’s tail, He said, “this elephant is just like a rope”.
That is his realization. The other put his hand on the elephant’s stomach, he said, “the elephant is flat like a wall”. The third caught his ear, he said, “The
elephant is like a fan.” The fourth cost got its tusks, he said,
“the elephant is as pointed as a spear.” Now if these people start fighting, “My understanding is right your understanding is wrong”, then somebody
with eyes will come and he will say, “Don’t fight, you are all right you are all describing the elephant the only thing is you are describing a tiny part of this elephant and all this together makes the entire elephant. So there have been so many fights in history in the name of religion. It is how amazing that religions
teach love for God and the maximum wars in history have been fought in the name
of religion or should we say lack of understanding of what religion is that
is what makes people fight in the name of religion. My religion is right your
religion is wrong. So Narad ji is saying that this bhakti is of different kinds and different varieties you cannot just classify that this is
bhakti. Each Acharya has described bhakti in his or her own way. Kripalu ji Maharaj
describes that you know as a youth as a sixteen year old he left the world for
some time and he disappeared in the forest. So he went to Chitrakuta which
was a dense forest at that time. Lions and all would roam around now of
course there are ashrams roads have been built. So he lived there in the jungles.
So he describes that in a cave once he saw this old Mahatma sitting. The Mahatmaji was thin, he had long matted hair and he had a small piece of broken glass and a comb with many teeth fallen. So Mahatamaji would comb his hair see that he’s dressed alright, or whatever, make his looks to the best possible then he would look out of the cave as if he was waiting for
someone and after quite a few minutes of waiting he would say, “Ha Shyamsundar”,
then he would look down disappointed. Then again he would start doing his
decoration. Now seeing this Kripaluji Maharaji was astonished that on the one
hand this old thin withered Mahatma and then he’s got this mirror in his hand
and comb in his hand and he’s combing himself. So with great curiosity,
Maharajji went and offered his respects and said, “Mahatma ji, what are you doing?” First, he was very reticent, not willing to reveal. When Maharajji insisted, he said,
“Beta, my son, Preeytam aate honge”. My beloved may come any time. Shyam sundar my divine beloved, he may come anytime, if he comes and sees that I am not dressed up properly he may not like it that is why I comb my hair but he doesn’t come. Kripaluji Maharaj thought that what an amazing type of devotion he has got at every moment he’s waiting for the arrival of God. When will he come, when will he come, when will he come? That love has reached such an intensity. But is this devotion described anywhere? Have the Shastras said that you sit in a cave with a broken piece of glass and tooth and keep waiting. So nobody can describe the infinite kinds of devotion that are possible. Similarly, the great acharyas have also described devotion in different ways.

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  1. So true…religion teaches us to Love God!
    Thank you for sharing such a hearttouching story of a pure saint, longing for God every single minitue…such devotion, one automatically bows in reverence~

  2. Swamiji, u are truly a treasure house. As swamijicsaid, Bhakti is vast ocean nvit is infite. This Bhakti is of different kinds n different varieties. so, nobody can describe the infinite kinds of devotionthat can possible.

  3. There are so many ways to do bhakti… But the aim of bhakti and the destination of all the ways is the same.
    Thank you swami ji for this beautiful description

  4. Very true indeed. Bhakti is a very rich and wide path to God, there are so many varieties of ways that we can practice Bhakti and reach God.

  5. There are 11 religions (Mainly) in this world now.We are so lucky that we can get the wisdom of the very important concepts of spirituality.At the present time of Kaliyug ,we got the supreme almighty God as our spiritual master ,Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj as the fifth original Jagadguru(The master of whole Universe). He is the only Saint till today who reconciled all the Religious concepts that are being accepted by different people of different places of this world.
    All lectures of Swamiji are based on that reconciliation concepts.This is very much essential for all persons of any religion whatever may be the personal believe system.They should understand and accept the universal truth.

  6. Because religoun grants passages to other great passages like the highest religion that will go unsaid but remember time is the greatest story ever told and that is what stands today in the world from all races culture and religion

  7. No one saint realizes all the aspects of God to their completion. So many aspects of God. Each saint describes devotion in different ways.

  8. Such an educating devotional lecture on why people fighting over their religion..now a days people are concentrating on to be religious than to be devotional and to luv God unconditionally..

  9. Nobody can discribe the infinite kinds of Bhakti. There are so many aspects of God. Each Saint describes them differently. Religion teaches us to Love God. Thanks Swami Ji for the enlightening lecture.

  10. This is the best part of jkyog and philosophy of Maharaj ji, it supports all religious beliefs as leading to same source. Quotes are quoted from all religions like islam, Christianity, Buddhism, zoroastrianism, and more! A true path to God can't be one of intolerance or superiority attitudes. This peaceful United approach of Sanatan dharma is so wonderful and all inclusive. Swamiji is going beyond religious barriers saying, within bhakti the vidhi/ regulative principles are the beginning Crutches, later we can develop our unique way of connecting to lord! Like the example given of the devotee sadhu maharaj ji blessed in forest cave!

  11. Great spiritual traditions have been inspired by the experiences of different Saints. There is no cause for strife if we don't understand the path of other religions. Maybe we are not supposed to understand it all. We should follow what appeals to us and respect others point of view.

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