Why Do Orthodox Christians Call Mary the Theotokos?

Why Do Orthodox Christians Call Mary the Theotokos?

Hymn: “O Taste and see that the Lord is
good, that the Lord is good.” You’ll find that Orthodox, very often they
don’t say “Mary” or “Virgin Mary,” they say “Theotokos,” which is a Greek
word, and it means “God bearer.” This was a very important title for her back in
the early centuries, because the debate at that time was about “Who is Christ?” Was
Jesus Christ really the son of God? Or was he just a human being, that God blessed and
turned into his son—maybe at the baptism, he says, “This is my beloved son.” Was
he really one hundred percent God, or just partly God? Or was he one hundred percent
God and not human at all? A lot of debates about that. So in those early
centuries, in the middle of all that confusion, as the Church sorted out what it meant to
say “He is fully God, he is fully man at the same time,” one of the ways they expressed
that was by saying the Virgin Mary, when she was pregnant, the child in her womb was already
God. So to say she is the Theotokos, she is the God-bearer, is really to make the theological
point about Christ, and about him being God and the Son of God throughout all eternity,
and in his earthly life from the moment of conception onwards.

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  1. Just finished reading The First-Adam-Second Adam Typology in John Chrysostom and Cyril of Alexandria and it answered the question on the "why" of Jesus baptism. Plus understanding the role of Mary in Scripture. Blessings.

  2. Thats what differs Ortodhox church from us the oriental Ortodhox church. We don't accept the thought of God being born from a woman. With other words someone else giving life to God, and therefore the word teotokos is not acceptable.

  3. Even the WORD OF GOD says; there is a soul live with all human. Those who debate with it are those who believe in Flesh more than their SOUL. IN Jesus Christ NAME THROUGHOUT TO OUR PRECIOUS HEAVENLY FATHER'S AMEN ×√ו

  4. I’m not Orthodox Christian but I too have a special connection with The Blessed Virgin Mary or Theotokos. I often ask the Blessed Theotokos to hear my prayer intentions. I ask her to pray and intercede for my girlfriend who is medically fragile. She undergoes kidney dialysis and hasn’t received a kidney transplant. I hope and pray that she does. If anyone wants to know my girlfriend’s name and pray for her. Her name is Heidi Wormstedt.

  5. People really need to read about the Council of Ephesus (year 431) to understand the term "Bearer of God" or "Theotokos".

  6. "Whoever does not accept Holy Mary as the Mother of God has no relation with the Godhead." – St. Gregory the Theologian, Letter 101

  7. Yeah!!! Mary IS BLESSED THEOTOKOS!!! She's not only "Virgin" any other woman could be proud to be "virgin", however… There is not any other person or woman called " THEOTOKOS" Mother of God or "Who birth God"!!! La PARIDORA DE DIOS en español!!! Ninguna MUJER ha recibido tal titulo!!! EL ÚNICO TÍTULO QUE LE HA DADO LA SANTA IGLESIA!!!!!!!! **SOY ORTODOXO Y MEXICANO!!!!!!!**

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