Why Are Spiritual Teachers So Contradictory? – Teal Swan

Why Are Spiritual Teachers So Contradictory? – Teal Swan

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to get extra real with you. Let’s just be honest. Spiritual teachings are frustrating
because they are so contradictory. The teaching of ‘fill your own cup’
contradicts the teaching of ‘ask for help’ and the fact that this universe is interdependent. The teaching of ‘fear is illusion and ego’
contradicts the teaching that ‘fear is a valuable tool and allows me to have awareness
and jump out of the way of an oncoming truck’. The teaching of ‘focus positively’ contradicts
the teaching of ‘focus on your shadow work’. The teaching of ‘be allowing’ contradicts
the teaching ‘to take initiative and to create your reality’. The teaching of ‘you’re perfect just the way you are’ contradicts the teaching of ‘commit yourself
to your expansion and self-improvement’. The teaching of ‘love your enemy
and be unconditionally loving’ contradicts the teaching of ‘be self loving and
surround yourself only with supportive people’. The teaching of ‘set healthy boundaries’
contradicts the teaching of ‘Oneness’. The teaching of ‘ground yourself to gain spiritual awareness’ contradicts the teaching of
‘go out of body to gain spiritual awareness’. Everyone has a different opinion about what truth is. So how can we decipher what is truth? Who is right? Who is wrong? What if the answer is ‘they’re both right’? Spiritual teachings must take into account
the fact that this is a multi-dimensional universe. The laws that apply to one dimension
do not apply to other dimensions. So when we are dealing with the full truth of this universe we will be dealing with contradictory information. On one dimensional level, fear is illusion
created for the purpose of expansion. On another dimension fear is a valuable tool
which keeps you safe and keeps you alive. So it is very much real. All we can teach to is your current vibration and your dimensional understanding relative to
what dimension you’re currently a match to. This is especially true of the third dimension that the rules will not be the same on the third dimension
as they are on the rest of the universe because third dimension was created to be an illusion. It was created to be the environment
which gave rise to the most truth. And therefore it had to be the most
contrasting environment from source itself. That means it is the most illusionary, that means its truths will be
the most contradictory to universal truths. But does that mean that its truths are not true? No. Even the appearance of the third dimension
with its separation and individuality which is very much true for the third dimension is false for the higher dimensions of this universe
where no separation or individuality actually exists. So which is true? Both. It depends on the angle you’re looking at life from. Some of you may have seen
the Spirit Science’s video created recently which came out against the teaching of ‘fill your own cup’ which just so happens to be a teaching which I myself use. The idea behind the ‘fill your own cup’ philosophy is if you learn how to love yourself
and get happiness for yourself then that energy will flow over to other people and you will not wander the Earth
trying to get other people to fill up your cup, you won’t be in need, you won’t feel desperate,
you won’t feel powerless. Spirit Science suggested that it is a harmful teaching
because it causes people to feel alone and hyper responsible to do everything for themselves
in a universe that is actually interdependent. Their argument is that there is no cup i.e. separate identity because we are all made of the same energy and that indeed the very thing we need
is support and help from each other. Are they wrong? No, they’re right. But so are those of us that teach ‘fill up your own cup’. Here’s why. We are teaching to people
who are at a different vibrational level. The people who resonate with
my teaching a ‘fill your own cup’ are those people who are feeling
powerless to other people. Other people are failing to meet their needs. On top of that, they are
selfless people who are self sacrificers, people for whom it was never
okay to do anything for themselves. The only way they could get their cup to fill up was through gratitude from others
or through approval from others And so a step-up vibrationally speaking
is to believe that it’s okay to be selfish that it’s okay to do things that make you happy and that instead of this meaning that you’re a bad person, it means you’ll be overflowing with so much love
that it will spill out to other people. The people who will resonate with spirit science’s teaching
are those who feel overwhelmed by having to do it all alone, those who feel isolated and as if
the weight of the world is on their shoulders, those who feel guilty about getting help and love from others. And so a step-up vibrationally speaking,
is to believe that this is an interdependent universe and that getting help from others
is not only okay but essential and that nothing separates us from others. Though these two teachings
seem contradictory, they are not. They are directed at people who have two different
vibrational setpoints within this universe. You ready for the objective truth of the situation? The objective truth is that
this is an interdependent universe and so there really is no separation
between us and other people. We are made of the same energy. So there is no cup. And the truth is in the third dimension
we experience our individual perspectives and beings. We live our life through our eyes only. And so there is a cup. There is a cup And there isn’t a cup. This goes hand in hand with my teachings on emotion. Many of you have heard me speak about
the fact that you can’t expect yourself to jump all the way from powerlessness up into
feelings like freedom and love and forgiveness even though we expect ourselves to be there
because we think that’s the most “optimal” place to be. That’s the most objective truth. So you’ve heard me talk about the fact that
anger is an increase in vibration from powerlessness. So the person who feels powerless does not need to
go around thinking wonderful thoughts about the world. That’s not a vibration they can reach yet. The vibration which is going to help them is anger. And so they need to think thoughts that make them
feel angry, listen to music that makes them feel angry. So we might say in the spiritual community
that listening to angry music is bad for you. But angry music as we’ve just seen
helps people who are powerless come up the vibrational scale into a better feeling, emotion. And so angry music is good for them. People who feel optimistic and hopeful would feel
bad, worse if they listened to angry music. So is angry music bad for them? Yes. So is angry music bad for you or good for you? Both. We need to let go of truth. Because truth is subjective and if you want the most
objective truth on Earth, it’s that truth is subjective. So stop thinking so much about truth
and especially swallowing truth that doesn’t feel good and begin to care more most of all
about the way that you feel. Because your emotions will tell you what is right for you, your emotions will tell you
what is a vibrational increase for you. Listen to the spiritual teachers and the specific
spiritual teachings that make you feel good. That is your internal guidance system telling you that the vibration they are offering you
is an improvement on your current vibration. This is why it is so incredibly important for you to
create your own religion for you personally to not adhere to beliefs that are offered for you
from outside sources and to swallow them all at once. You are meant to make a cocktail of your spiritual life. You’re meant to listen to
as many spiritual teachers as you can and to make a collection of the things
which work for you the very best as an individual. Chuck out the things that don’t work for you. Build your life on the things that work for you. We spend so much time trying to conform
ourselves to an outside idea of what’s right. But this is not the way to live happy life. The way to live a happy life is to conform your life
to what works for you as an individual. And no one on Earth is right about what’s right for you. They don’t live in your skin and they don’t have
access to your internal guidance system. You are the only person who can know what is right for you. It doesn’t matter how enlightened someone else might be. Is it true that if we are in alignment, we will be
unconditionally loving towards others? Yes. But the teaching of being unconditionally
loving can get us into a lot of trouble if we haven’t learned how to love ourselves yet. If we don’t love ourselves, we may still be
a vibrational match to people who don’t treat us well. If we try to be unconditionally loving towards
these people and prescribe to the teachings of oneness then we may keep ourselves
in detrimental situations to our well-being. So it is true that to be self loving sometimes means to separate yourself from other people
and stand up for yourself against them. We need to take into account that all beings
on this earth have different vibrations. We have different vibrations relative to every subject. That means you cannot design
something that is right for everyone. It’s a vibrational impossibility. Some of the highest objective truths of this universe
that apply to the higher dimensional levels are literally harmful to someone
who is in a particularly low vibration. It is impossible to find a spiritual teacher who will offer you one truth that is solid, unwavering and
will help every single being on this planet. But that’s what you keep looking for, isn’t it? But nobody’s going to give that to you. The best spiritual guides on this earth,
the people who are truly enlightened would never do that to you. Why am I making it sound like a cruelty
to give you an objective truth? Because it will mean you will have to replace
your own internal guidance system for theirs. You will have to take their truth above your own truth. And no one who truly wants
the best for you will ever let you do that. They will only ever trust you to find
your own way through life. They will only ever teach you how to tune
into your own internal guidance system. They are not going to become
your navigation system for you. Anyone who tells you that they know what is right for you
more so than you know what is right for you, pardon my French, is up shit creek without a paddle. No good spiritual teacher is going to
harm you by asking you to replace your own internal knowing of
what’s right for you with their particular truth. You cannot know what is ultimate truth. Because the ultimate truth of this universe
is that all things including opposites are true. That means that all spiritual teachers can do
is to cast out a bunch of tools and hope that people from different
vibrational setpoints will find the specific tool that works for them wherever they currently are. Think about this like tools that are dropped
out of an airplane onto a deserted island. You are the castaway. It is sort of a sad and inappropriate analogy,
but it’s a good analogy for this particular circumstance. Because you are wandering around on the beach. And there’s a bunch of tools that are scattered
from this plane that has thrown it down onto the beach. And it’s your job based on what project you have in mind
to decide which tool is right for you right now. Because that’s all you can ultimately know and if you think something is going to be right for you forever then you’ve clamped your teeth around truth and you have limited yourself to illusion by doing so. I am sorry that spiritual teachings are so contradictory. But it does benefit you to have
all these tools in your experience. Because what serves you today
may not serve you tomorrow. And I can promise you that you can trust yourself
based on listening to your emotions to know which tool is right for you based on knowing
which spiritual teaching feels good to you right now. Have a good week. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

100 Replies to “Why Are Spiritual Teachers So Contradictory? – Teal Swan”

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  2. Life is full of paradoxes. In the physical realm of science it's taken for granted. Magnets both positive and negative. No one blinks an eye. Say that everyone is eternal and must die to gain oneness with the creator and everyone goes bat shit.

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  4. This is one of your best yet. Too many teachers are stuck in dogma, even if they pretend not to be. Yes, there are different dimensions of reality and that seem to contradict. The Tao To Ching explains this on almost every page. Thank you for this.

  5. I get that one thing that might work for person will not work for another. What I would like to know is why do some spiritual teachers say stuff like there's no reincarnation and others say there is. Some say that they we only reincarnate into human lives while others say that we have been animals in previous lives. Some say there is no hell while other say that there is. You know stuff like that.

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  12. PERFECT!!! Through my teen years I listen to heavy metal. My mother always told me that’s why I was always so angry. But I was absolutely powerless in that house, I never was allow to hang out with anyone outside of school- I was lonely and my feelings were never heard (they still to this day aren’t by her)
    However, once I graduated from HS, moved out and became my own person and had my first child.
    Anytime I would turn on any type of metal music I would begin to shake and basically have a mental break down. I never knew why!!
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  15. I heard :
    "Don't follow one religion, but create your own."

    I don't know if I understood well, or just heard what I wanted to. My english is bad, sometimes it's hard to follow.

    Thx Teal.

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  19. Yes, we are trained to think of the ONE, the ultimate ONE. And we have reasons, based on our own personal experience as being the only ONE, as I am the only one of ME. 😀 That being said, life has shown me its dynamic nature in every situation, every shape & form. Things are constantly moving, changing, shifting, forms.. Nothing is solid, nothing is unchanging.. because we are all in motion, every nano section. It is a shame that we are still thinking of life according to Newtonian theories, that everything is solid, etc. The latest discoveries in quantum reality would help people gain the clarity they need to free themselves. Perhaps this is why quantum physics is not taught on a world wide level. Anyway, let’s put it simple. If it rains, you put up your umbrella. When it stops raining, you close the umbrella. If it rained yesterday, do you carry your umbrella for the rest of your life ? No, you put it away. ~ If you are thirsty, you drink. When you feel quenched, you stop. When you are tired, you sleep. When you feel refreshed, you wake up. You yourself are always in motion, moving, changing. And so are we all. ~ If you ask me for a favor, I might say yes. If you asked me 5 minutes ago, I may say, no, Why ? Things are always changing. ~ There is no ultimate rule book for anything or anyone. THAT IS THE REASON WHY WE WERE GIVEN THE ABILITY TO THINK & CHOOSE 🌷💚🙏🏽🌷💚🌷😍😄🤣🌹

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  22. Ok, this video is a divine answer to what I've been going through this month. Seriously, thank you Teal. Thank you.

  23. Once you reach a new level or "station," the thing that helped you get there may not resonate anymore. The thing that resonates now may not resonate later on down the line. All we can known is: what resonates now?

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  25. The teaching of “ learn to let go” Contradicts “Be in touch with your feelings”. The teaching of “you have no right to expect anything “contradicts Learning to expect your blessings Re-in using the law of attraction

  26. My base belief has distilled itself into one sentence: "Never trust any philosophy that simultaneously blames you for your circumstances and denies that you have any power to change them."

  27. I've heard the phrase: "Take what resonates with you and leave the rest." Sometimes I've had problems with "leave the rest". But it is just as important as "Take what resonates with you".

  28. I love this!.I personally think it's excellent advice to go with a teaching that resonates with you at a given moment, whilst understanding that this too may change. My beliefs have been in flux for the past two years. Just when I think, yep, I've got it, I'm settled, I learn something new and off I go again ! To be honest, beliefs are just opinions, so you may as well pick the ones that work for you or experiment with the ones that appeal. Learn from your own experience what works best…and remember this too is only an opinion!

  29. Stonehenge witch. Lol.
    -There is no truth. My truth as good as yours.
    -So, the truth is that there is no truth…
    Lady, you are a moron.

  30. This video has brought my respect for her even higher. It's crazy but a lot of people, including myself a few years ago, found Teal on a bad day when a random video of hers was in the recommended section. This has actually happened to me more than once with her, the video topic was on exactly what I needed and what I was going through. Several months ago I found Sadhguru the same way. I still value Teals' videos and teachings, I believe I get more out of them since I've been following Sadhguru, though on the surface they are quite different. 💗 May our truths continue to evolve with our understanding.

  31. Cleopatra Snow here loves to tell you all of her lies and faults and frame them as other people's problems. She is EVIL!!! Run away, run away as fast as you can.

  32. Very good advice. We are all different. We are all unique. We are all at different vibrational levels. We all have to find the path in life that seems right for us. For instance, I'm fiercely independent. This is just part of my nature. Perhaps because I'm mostly of Scots-Irish descent, and this is a trait of my ancestors. After all, I do have the genes of my ancestors in my DNA. Nothing annoys me more than someone trying to force their beliefs on me. They might say: You need to do this. My response will be: No, you need to go away and stop bothering me. This is my life, and I'll live my life as I choose. Go away.

    I did have one event in my life that had a very profound effect on me. Over 40 years ago, I had a NDE. The most beautiful experience I have ever had. The unconditional love I experienced was so far off the scale, it's difficult to describe in words. I don't consider myself to be religious, but rather spiritual. All I can say is that there is something there. This kind of felt like there is the Universal Consciousness, the Source, the Divine, God, or whatever someone chooses to call this. Something like a higher consciousness. When we die a physical death, our spirits are released and we are set free. Our spirit, or what I call the Inner Person, is who we really are. Our bodies are just a shell that houses our spirit. We will have the opportunity to move into a higher dimension, and a higher consciousness. No one is ever forced to do anything they might not be comfortable with. Because we will truly be free.

  33. I have expanded. No more needed, trying to land in 3rd Dimension. Finally feel at home with you. Stop testing me. I love you.

  34. At 11:58, if one gives an idea or bring about a religion that is their subjective truth, hence no objective truth. I don't think anyone can make a religion, or any other reform for everyone else to follow. There is no objective truth.

  35. Everyone has contradiction and dissonance. It’s possible to love and hate yourself. Be Right and wrong. Be selfish and selfless. Resentful and forgiving. Good and bad. Love animals and eat meat.
    Be a guru and fuck your students. Yes it’s all bullshit. Every human is basically full of shit. Except me 😀

  36. Please, make a video about how to distinguish a good spiritual teacher vs. a bad one. There are so many teachers in new age and it's difficult to know. Also, when one venture into another culture, one bumps in concepts that are very foreign – yet one tries to experiment, open up. In this case it's even more difficult to know what will eventually be liberating/healing/enlightening. Can you talk about spiritual teachers, how to know who is worth working with. Thank you!

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