WHO takes BEST CELEBRITY Instagram PHOTO? **Celebrity Guest**

WHO takes BEST CELEBRITY Instagram PHOTO?  **Celebrity Guest**

– Who is the best Instagrammer? This is gonna be the
weirdest challenge ever. – What if I get Kendall Jenner? – This pirate is gonna make me a man. – (screams) Got in my eye. – Is that Shae? (screaming) (upbeat music) – All right, what’s up, Toa Squad? Thanks for joining The Ohana Adventure. We have a major discussion
going on right now. A major discussion. Klailea thinks that teens know
Instagram way better than us. So, for the record,
Instagram has been around since we were younger, way before even Klailea or
Rykel or even Shae had accounts. But they are like– – Look, see, look at how cute that is. – That’s, yeah, but somebody paid $1,000 for a photographer to come in. – Well, my Instagram is
obviously way bigger than yours. Which means I know it better because I’m getting all the followers. – Bigger doesn’t mean better. – Oh, yeah? How many likes do yours get? – It’s not about that. Does yours tell a story? Is yours just a facade of weird smiles taken from the same angle? – See, look? Your guys’ post, this random
one of you guys looking weird– – But look at the story! – is at 6,000. But if you look at mine, this post– – All right, all right,
we’re gonna cut it. Stop, I have an idea. I have an idea. I think today we need to do
who is the best Instagrammer? That’s right, we’re going to be recreating Instagram pictures, of other people, not ourselves. And we’re gonna have people
voting and liking them. Whoever gets the most likes and (gasps) I have an idea, guys. We are going to have celebrities judge it to see who is the best, what
do you think about that? – Klailea’s gonna win. – You’re still gonna pick
me, ’cause I’m so cute. – [Rachel] Are you guys ready? – [All] I’m ready. – Who are the celebrities
we’re gonna write down? – [Rachel] Let’s write celebrities down. – Let’s do Selena Gomez. – [Rachel] Who’d you write, Rykel? – I wrote Millie Bobby Brown. – Oh, dad’s writing Justin Timberlake. We are going to be big
announcement, right now. Big announcement! – What’s the big announcement? – We will be going to CVX! (cheering) – That is September 20th and the 21st. We will be doing a superfan experience. We will be doing meet and greets, that means we’ll be signing. We actually will be
releasing first glimpses of our new merch line. That’s right, Fall 2019 merch
line is coming out at CVX and you’ll be able to buy
it before anybody else does. So I’ll put the tickets
in the description below if you guys are gonna come to CVX and I think we have a code so you can get like 10 or 15% off. So we hope to see you guys there. All right, so our last number
four is Kendall Jenner, number five is Merrick Hanna. This doesn’t mean you’re gonna
get the person you wrote. – What if I get Kendall Jenner? – [Rachel] That would
be the best thing ever. – All right, we got the hat, and this hat will be available
on our site in two weeks. – [Rachel] Okay, Rykel’s first. Shae’s next. – [Jase] Oh my goodness, I am not excited. – I don’t want this one. – Why couldn’t I have chosen Bob Ross? Here, you choose. Oh, Mom chose the one I was choosing. Okay.
– [Rachel] Okay, ready? – I got Kendall Jenner. (laughing) – [Klailea] You would
actually do really good– – [Rachel] You would
totally get Kendall Jenner. – Then, Mom, who would you be? – [Rachel] Shae. – (whispering) Millie Bobby Brown. (laughing) – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait we can shake you head and
give you a little bloody nose and you can be like (groans). – [Rachel] Selena Gomez!
– Yay! – Wait wait wait. That means there’s only
Justin Timberlake left and Merrick Hanna. Dang, that means I’d be a boy. – Okay, ready? – [Klailea] Three, two, one. (laughing) – What is… I got Justin Timberlake. – I’m Merrick Hanna? (laughing) – Oh my gosh. This is gonna be the
weirdest challenge ever. Here we go, what you need to do is, we are each going to
pull up their Instagram and you only get the last
12 posts to choose from, so you can’t go far. So they’re going to choose
the post on the camera separately so nobody else sees it. Then we’re gonna go and
do a shopping challenge to see if we can find a full
outfit close to what they have in less than 20 minutes. Oh my gosh, okay. – So I get to be a teen in mine. So I’m on Merrick’s account
right now and it’s all video. So I can’t do the last
12 because it’s all video and this is a photo and I’m
not as good of a dancer. I’m gonna choose, oh my gosh. I’m gonna do this. (laughing) This is gonna be so weird. Okay, I’m on the lookout for
a brown leather hoodie jacket. – I’m a boy so this might be hard. I don’t think I could do that. I actually think I could do that one. I am going for a white
suit with an Ulta bag. I should probably get
a wig, but I guess not. And then put flowers all around and put that timestamp on it. – I think I’m gonna do this one because that seems like really fun, like. Okay, gotta get her earrings,
face mask, and a robe. That’s what I have to
do then put it in a bun. I think that’d be really funny. – I am choosing this picture
of Justin Timberlake. He is on a lake in a boat. So that’ll be interesting. And he has facial hair. So you guys know I love to dress up and I love to do fun things like this, so I think it’s gonna be really fun. All right, so it’s my turn. I have found my post. Look, we look the same, like, ready? We are gonna go to the store, I think I need like a pink robe? I got some pink lipstick, gonna have to bush up my
eyebrows a little more and hair. And then I’m gonna Sharpie
on a semicolon on my wrist. – We are at Target and we
are ready to go shopping. All right, what do you guys think? 20 minutes and $30 or 30 minutes and $20? – $100.
– What, 100? I don’t have $500. 20 minutes and $30 to $40. If you can keep it in
the 30, bonus points. Three, two, one, push. It’s time to go. Time to go to the men’s section. – Oh that’s close, but it’s
weird, it’s not leather. Maybe, how much is it? It’s 50 bucks, I’m out. – Hmm, this is gonna be weird, but found this, let’s look
at the photo, actually. – Got these earrings
because they go like this and they match, they go close to it. Now I gotta get like a face mask. – Okay, I had to ask for help
and she found this MTV shirt. Now it’s not like superheroes, but it’s white and it’s got
like some kind of logo on it, so I think this is gonna work. – There’s nothing here,
so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to raid Mom’s closet and I bet she has a light pink jacket, so let’s just go get wigs for both of us. – And I got this bathrobe,
it’s glittery like hers but it does have some print so I’m gonna have to cover that print. – This might be a little
hard, you know what? It doesn’t matter, I’m buying it. That’s super weird. Oh wait, how much does it cost? $32, so I’ve got that and I am all set. I’m ready to go. – [Jase] I found my hair piece. 10 bucks down. – This pirate is gonna make me a man. It’s gonna make me look like man. – [Jase] Just get the short one and then let’s give it highlights. – Okay, I got this pool noodle
to make into a steering wheel ’cause they didn’t have any hula hoops, so now I’m just wasting time
until the timer goes off. – $25. – [Jase] We’ll just
take all the flowers off and put ’em on the wall,
it’ll be hilarious. – What about these, what if
these are less expensive? – [Jase] Um, yeah, but they’re
like weird stringy things. – Yeah. – [Jase] You’ll get more out of that. – All right, guys, we’re home. I have the stuff, it
is night of the trying. Time to put it on and get ready. – We got this amazing large neon jacket. – This is how we make a boat wheel. (upbeat music) – Okay, guys, I am in
my mom’s and dad’s room and like my dad said, I’m
going to raid my mom’s closet. – Finishing up, it’s not super smooth, but I think it’s gonna work. (upbeat music) Okay, it is my time for transformation and this is really difficult. I got like a few items, I
do not have khaki pants. But I have a khaki skirt. – I hope it looks really good
’cause it’s gonna be great. And she also has earrings. I just found my mom’s clips and probably gonna spray paint ’em gold and let’s just hope that works. (upbeat music) (yelling) Got in my eye. – All right, I’m making the scruff. I got me a black hat and I had to shove my hair up in it so it’s kinda high up so hopefully it looks like it. And I got me some glasses. Am I starting to look
like Justin Timberlake? – I don’t like brown makeup (yells). – I need to shave because little teen boys don’t grow this kind of
hair in a day like I do. – Guys, I got the best
makeup artist in the house. – Okay, what do we have
to do to your face? – Just put mascara on. (upbeat music) – (singing) This kid is here to stay, he is in your video photobombing today. Is that what you do? I need those inner ones. – You need to put more on it. – Why am I opening my mouth? – Okay, I think I am almost ready. This is so funny and weird. Okay, you guys have to wait to see what our celebrity judges are
gonna see for our picture. (upbeat music) – All right, you guys, we just sent all of the photos over to our judges. They’re judging it in just a second. – All right, we have gotten our
celebrity judge answers back we’re gonna see how they
reacted to our pictures. – Klailea’s gonna win. – Here we go! We gonna thank That YouTube
Fam for doing this for us. – And Audrey. – As our celebrities
and All Around Audrey. – Okay, we are looking at
all the Instagram posts. – This is so amazing, so right now– – This is so funny. – We’re looking at Merrick
Hanna, his Instagram post. He’s in the hoodie, his
blonde hair poking out. – And then Jase (laughing). – And then Jase with the Ohana Adventure. – Honestly like not bad with the jacket but the hair is a little bit too Trump. – I gotta find that hair. – [Audrey] And not Merrick. – The hair is Trump. He has a little bit more
freckles, but that is pretty good. – Pretty good. – Thinking of their pose and the backgrounds are sort of similar. – Okay, the next one is Justin Timberlake. – Okay, Justin Timberlake. – [David] He’s on a boat, he’s chillin’. – That’s Rachel! (laughing) – Rachel? – That is incredible because
that does not look like Rachel. – I thought that was Jase at first. – I thought that was Jase too. – Rachel is posing as Justin Timberlake, is that Rachel for sure? – I think it’s Rachel. – Yeah, wait, zoom in on the picture. – [Katie] That’s gotta be Rachel because– – It’s Rachel! – Honestly you can kinda
tell that there’s chesticles. (laughing) That’s crazy because if
you saw someone just like, you know, driving down
the street like that, you would never know that that was a girl. – I say that one’s like a nine out of 10. – I give that one a nine out of 10 too. – [Katie] I would say
probably 10 out of 10. – [David] I think you went out
of your way to get that one. – I don’t know if there’s better. – I don’t know what you’re holding on to, doesn’t look like a
steering wheel of a boat, but I don’t care. – She’s amazing. Oh, Selena Gomez.
– Selena Gomez. – Okay, we like Selena Gomez. – [David And Katie] And Klailea. – Okay, she has like the
same face expression. – They’re both annoyed at something. – She does have the same face expression. – They got the little
tattoo on their wrist. – It’s amazing how much she
looks like Selena Gomez. – She kinda does. – Yes, yes, I tried! – Her hair doesn’t flip up, though, so it’s more of a straight. – Only thing is is that
the part is slightly off, like it’s more centered and it could be like sloppy right here. Like sloppy on the side. – Yeah, Selena’s a little sloppier. – But she nailed it. – Klailea kinda went a
little too put together. – She even got the little like details. – And her shirt’s pink. – Oh, but hers is pink and white. I give hers a seven. – I’m gonna go with an
eight, because I don’t know. – Um, seven point five. – Kendall Jenner. – And, oh, Rykel. Hey, honestly, like, not bad. – How did she do that? – What did she put on her face? – What is that, is that
mayonnaise or face cream? (laughing) Just like, rubbing my mayonnaise
so I can get the Insta. – The robes are the same. – Her hair’s up in a bun. – [David] I mean, her hair’s up in a bun. – I really like the
bathroom that they’re in, like that’s really pretty. – Her hand’s aren’t quite
turned as much though. – She’s even got the details
too, like the earring. – [Audrey] Wow, they like really. – [Katie] The earring
matches, wait go back. – Wait, what about the counter? Wait, do they put the little,
what is that blue tube? – That’s a bracelet, the
blue bracelet is missing. No, that’s a tray. – [Audrey] They do, they have a tray. – [Katie] What? – They got it all in this one. – I say the hand placements
are off a little bit, so I give it a seven. – I give a seven point five. – Eight.
– I don’t know– – I just think these are amazing. (laughing) An eight. – Okay, Millie Bobby Brown
– Millie Bobby Brown, wow. – And, is that Rachel again? Wait, wait. – That’s Shae. (screaming and laughing) – Okay, without even, I’m giving it a 10, because I thought that was
a girl until I zoomed in. – Sorry, Shae. – I thought Shae was his mom. (laughing) – That is a boy. – They both have Ulta bags. – Look at the background. – [Katie] Look at the
flowers, though, how? – [David] The background
with flowers, the mirror. – Okay, this is a 10 out of 10. 10 out of 10.
– I give it a 10. – [Katie] I give a 10 as well. – [David] Shae, brother, you won. – You won! (yelling and cheering) – Yes! – That is awesome. – Look at the pose, though. – That was pretty good. – How can you do that pose and then to be a guy doing that pose, like that’s kind of difficult. – Shae, that’s almost too natural, buddy. – That’s amazing. – All did fantastic,
though, that was awesome. – Wow, totally fooled us. You guys have your Halloween
costumes already picked out. – Jase, you gotta send me
that wig though, brother. – Very awesome.
– The Trump wig? – Good job, you guys.
– Very good. – Shae did win the challenge
from our celebrities. – He was sweating, he was
sweating in his pose like, I’m like, Shae, chin right here, he’s like (screams). I’m like, no, no, down (screams) I’m like back up, he’s like, “Dad, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. “Okay, I’m good, I’m good,
I’m good, okay (groaning).” – For Shae being the winner, we are going to share his
post on all of our Instagrams, so make sure you guys go
and give Shae some love because he deserves all
the love in the world. That’s right, it’s going
on the Klailea Instagram. It’s going on the Rykel Instagram. @rachbennett,
@theohanaadventure, @jasebennett, and of course to Shae, so
go and give Shae some love. He definitely deserves
it, ’cause that’s amazing. – Let’s make his not the
smallest Instagram anymore. (cheering) – All right, thanks for
hanging out with us, everybody. If you really really
really enjoyed this one, because I loved it, did you guys love it? – It was so fun. – I loved it.
– This was really so much fun. – This was so fun. We wanna know what other fun challenges you guys want us to do as family. Comment on the Instagram post
that we’re gonna be sharing. – And I will get a better wig soon. – All right, and we wanna
thank That YouTube Fam and All Around Audrey for being our celebrities guests today. – That was really funny. – And they had amazing laughs. – They were hilarious. – They were so good. – They were so good. Thank you guys so much,
we love hanging out, we love sharing more adventures with you, so go out and have a fun adventure. One, two, three, mahalo. (upbeat music)

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