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Welcome to Catholic NC TV. I’m Benjamin
Albanese, and today we’ll be talking about St. Joseph, the second greatest
saint. So we all know that Mary is considered the greatest of God’s
creations in the Catholic Church, but St. Joseph probably ranks second on
that because of his great devotion to Jesus on earth. Mary loved Jesus the most
because she was biologically related to him, and while Saint Joseph is only the
foster father, not the biological father of Jesus, he did have to take care of
Jesus, and so there is no one on earth other than Mary that loved Jesus more
than Saint Joseph. St. Joseph raised him, and while Saint Joseph is the most
important saint — the most important saint next to Mary, that is — we
don’t actually have any recorded words of his in Scripture. But we do have an
angel coming to him in a dream to tell him about what was going on. Since Mary
conceived a virginal conception by the power of the Holy Spirit, St. Joseph was
getting a little bit anxious about the obvious signs of her pregnancy; so he
intended to divorce her quietly so she wouldn’t be attacked by the law. But an
angel came to him in a dream, in Matthew 1: 22-25. The angel says “Joseph, son of
David, do not fear to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of
the Holy Spirit. She will bear a son and you shall call his name Jesus, for he
will save his people from their sins.” All this took place to fulfill what the
Lord had spoken by the prophet: “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and
his name shall be called Emmanuel, which means ‘God with us.’ When Joseph woke from
sleep he did this, as the angel of the Lord had commanded him. He took his wife,
but knew her not until she had borne a son, and he called his name Jesus. So what
this means is that St. Joseph was chosen to be the representative of God the
Father on earth to Jesus. Our parents are representatives of God in a certain
sense, because all authority comes from God, and we’re to obey our parents.
Obviously we know that St. Joseph wasn’t God, but this is just how people are
represented through authority. We know that kids often do look at God in the
way they look at their own parents, so St. Joseph had a really big
responsibility to take care of Jesus in this way. So it’s for this reason that
some doctors and saints and theologians of the Church have said that St. Joseph
was not conceived without original sin as the Blessed Virgin Mary was, but was
sanctified by the Holy Spirit in the womb so that he would be a good father
to Jesus. Again, this is not dogma, but this is believed by many good Saints. St.
Bernard teaches: “Power is given to some of the Saints to help in particular
necessities, but to St. Joseph, power is given to help in all necessities.” So
again, this isn’t Dogma but it’s believed by many great Saints of the church. We
also know that it’s most likely true that unless Joseph had a prior marriage,
he was a perpetual virgin. Now it’s probably true that he didn’t have a
prior marriage. This is the reason that many pictures depict
him as an old man — they would try to say that Joseph had a prior marriage, and
that’s where the children came from, but as we cover in another video, the
children are not children of a previous marriage of Joseph, but are probably
cousins of Jesus, and so st. Joseph was probably very a young man, because he had
to do a lot of heart construction work as a carpenter, and it would not be
becoming of an old man to be doing that in order to support a family. So St.
Joseph was a perpetual virgin, just as Mary was. So that’s another reason we
call him the guardian of virgins, because he himself was a virgin, and he guarded
the Virgin Mary. St. Francis de Sales, a great spiritual author and a great saint
of the church, wrote that it was likely that St. Joseph was taken, body and soul,
into heaven. While this wouldn’t have been in
the same way Mary was, he theorizes that after Saint Joseph had died and went
into the grave, called Shaol in Judaism, Jesus eventually, after his death, went
down in the harrowing of hell, which we talk about the Apostles’ Creed when we
say he ‘descended into hell’, and he freed the souls of the Old Testament
patriarchs. But Saint Francis says it’s probably true that St. Joseph asked
Jesus if he could bring his body into heaven as well. The reason some other
Saints theorize about this is because Joseph has several similarities to the
Joseph of the Old Testament, who was the son of Jacob. Number one: both of their names
were Joseph. Number two: They were born of a man named Jacob — Joseph’s father in the
New Testament was also named Jacob, just as the Joseph of the Old Testament, his father was named Jacob, and later changed Israel. Both [Josephs] received
dreams which were of divine origin. Joseph had his dream, which told him he
would be a great ruler, and Joseph of the New Testament was told to take Mary as
his wife from the angel. Both had unexpected travels to Egypt. The
Joseph of the Old Testament was captured by his brothers, attacked, and then sold
into slavery, where he went off to Egypt and later became the second-in-command
of all of Egypt. The Joseph of the New Testament fled from Herod in order
to protect his family. And both Josephs avoided impurity. The Joseph of the
Old Testament was enticed by Potiphar’s wife to have relations with him, but he
rejected, because that would be adultery, and he said no to that, so he remained
chaste as he was supposed to be. The same thing for St. Joseph, he remained chaste
his whole life as well. And the Joseph of the Old Testament, his bones were taken into
the promised land after he died in Egypt. That is
why some Saints theorize that St. Joseph’s body was taken into Heaven,
because just as the Joseph of the Old Testament’s bones were taken to the old
promised land, the new Joseph’s body was thought to be taken into the new
promised land. But again this is not Dogma, this is just a belief which is
allowed to be believed, but is not at all binding on anyone. St. Joseph is
important to Catholics because he is the patron of the Catholic Church. Since he
guarded Jesus on earth, it only makes sense that in heaven, he guards the body
of Christ in the Catholic Church. He’s the patron of the chaste because he
kept the Virgin Mary safe, and also Jesus safe, and he himself was chaste. He’s the
patron of workers, because because he did all his hard work in order to provide
for his family and to do the role of a father and guard and serve his family. He
did all his work without complaint, and he did it very well, as we know, since he
was a holy man. He’s the terror of demons because he
gave the name above all names to Jesus in the temple. He presented Jesus, as was
the custom for the father to do, with the name Jesus, so the demons are in terror
at this man because he gave the name which defeated them. And lastly, he is the
patron of a happy death, because he died in the hands of Jesus and Mary. No one
could’ve had a better death than to die in the hands of Jesus and Mary. So we
call upon Saint Joseph in our last hour to pray for us, that we can be carried
into the arms of Jesus and Mary in heaven. I hope you guys will continued
your devotion to Saint Joseph, since he has so many reasons to be venerated, even
though he often isn’t put in the spotlight. I hope you will follow the
advice of Pharaoh when he was talking to the old Joseph: “Go to Joseph.” Go to the
new Joseph, as the Catholic Church tells you to do, and he will protect you and
pray for you. Thank you for watching Catholic NC TV,
God Bless. ♫ [Music] ♫

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