Who Is Saint Patrick | Why Do We Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

Who Is Saint Patrick | Why Do We Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

I’m Nick welcome to All Our Questions
where I search the internet for questions that we all want answers to and I answer them.
Today’s question is, who is Saint Patrick? We’re going to find out, and we’re starting right
now! St. Patrick is not just a made up a guy and it’s
not just a made up holiday, he’s actually a real person and even though the exact
date of his birth is not known it is thought that he was born somewhere
around 385 AD. Saint Patrick is also a patron saint of Ireland, also known as the
Apostle of Ireland along with a big list of other names so if he was alive
today his business card would be pretty
impressive. Despite being one of the most recognizable names in Irish culture you
might be surprised to find out that St. Patrick was actually British. Real
quick, down in the comments below, let me know if you celebrate St.
Patrick’s Day and if you do what you like to do? St. Patrick was captured by Irish
raiders as a teenager and sent to Ireland to work as a slave. This photo is the
location of where he is believed to have worked as a shepherd at some point
during his six years of slavery. St. Patrick managed to escape and get back
to Britain where he spent many years in religious training and eventually he was
granted priesthood and made his way back to Ireland where he managed to convert the
entire country to catholicism over the next thirty years. He even converted members
of the Irish monarchy. Saint Patrick was eventually appointed the first bishop of
Ireland and it’s believed that he died on March 17 461. Within just a few years
of Saint Patrick’s death he began to be celebrated as a holy saint and even
though he’s never been canonized by the pope he’s still looked at as an official
saint in the eyes of the church. A myth that I have to mention surrounding St.
Patrick because there are no snakes in Ireland, I’m serious about that an Irish
friend mentioned this to me and I personally didn’t believe it and I Googled
around a little bit and it seems like it’s legit. Ireland doesn’t have any snakes,
so shout out to you Donal for bringing this to my attention that’s a pretty cool tidbit.
Anyway, a legend suggests that there used to be a lot of snakes in Ireland
until St. Patrick chased them all into the Irish Sea. However it’s actually
believed that this legend is actually just making a reference to St. Patrick
converting everyone to catholics which basically got rid of all of the pagans,
who apparently all had tattoos of snakes at the time. The celebration of St.
Patrick’s Day began as a feast day in Ireland. Families would gather to honor
St. Patrick on the day of death on March 17. As this day falls
within the fasting period of Lent, the church decreed that fasting may be
paused on this day in order to hold the feast… go church! The St. Patrick’s Day
that most of us celebrate today, you know with everybody wearing green and
drinking green beer and ,you know, having parades and stuff like that. That
originated in the United States in the 20th century. Hundreds of thousands of Irish
immigrants fled to the USA to escape the potato famine and they used St. Patrick’s Day
to remember their homeland. As the Irish community grew and the celebrations
expanded it eventually came to involve non Irish people. Eventually the day became a
secular celebration of Irish culture. Wearing green clothing originates from
the green shamrock and the tradition of heavy drinking can be traced back to the
break in lent to allow for drinking in celebration of the saint. As the economy
boomed after ww2 marketers saw an opportunity to profit from this holiday,
as they usually do, which is why St. Patrick’s Day is now celebrated pretty
much throughout the whole western world. If you are celebrating this year have a
happy St. Patrick’s Day and if you enjoyed this video remember to give it a thumbs
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32 Replies to “Who Is Saint Patrick | Why Do We Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?”

  1. Best way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is to be anywhere in the world apart from Dublin city centre, especially after the parade. People fly in from all over the world to have an "authentic" celebration, but it just results in all the streets being filled with drunken, loud and abusive people.

    Also, some people in North America pronounce the shortened version of St. Patrick's Day as St. Patty's Day. This is wrong, it is St. Paddy's Day, Paddy being an abbreviated form of Patrick.

    Love the vids, keep them coming! Rob, an Irish guy.

  2. Very interesting facts, I knew it had to do with some religious man but didn't know the story. I just thought ppl were using that as an excuse to drink and party lol great video!

  3. Hey!!
    This is the first video that i saw and i liked it a lot!
    Can you give me tips to grow my youtube channel and can we also do a collab video?

  4. I'm 100% Irish,from Cork Ireland. Loved this Vlog on St Patrick. You're accurate about everything. BTW we never refer to it as Patty's Day,never.
    We usually celebrate by attending the Parade,most people will head to the pub and drink way too much and phone in sick the next day but we're not all like that over here. We have cabbage & bacon(not your type bacon more like ham) or Irish beef stew or whatever we feel like really. I think it's amazing that other countries celebrate our National feast day too,pretty special really. I guess everyone's got a little Irish in them or at least their ancestors were anyway.✨🍀✨💚✨😀✨

  5. Great job, brilliant video, very interesting. I came across your channel from your interview with David Walsh and i enjoyed your tips on growing your YouTube channel, they were very helpful. Keep up the fantastic work.

  6. Great video!!!! Yes, I celebrate….I love to cook corn beef and cabbage. I am really like your videos. Take care

  7. I love Saint Patrick's Day. As a Celtic musician, I usually celebrate playing music. Nobody celebrates Saint Patrick's Day like New York. I had the privilege of performing with the Chieftains at Carnagie Hall on March 17 2007. I think it is a great day because it usually is pretty light and fun. People just want to have a good time. Thanks Nic. Enjoying your channels!

  8. Hi Nick. The thumbnail with your face got me.. Lol! I was like.. who is using Nick's face?.. Just subscribed

  9. I love your YouTube vids. This was my first All Your Questions one. Great job! Only issue: Padraig did not rid Ireland of the pagans. He embraced and converted them having known many as a slave in his youth. The clover (an Irish icon) is one of the many ways he used things that pagans could relate to in order to explain Christian principles. With it, he explained the concept of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit being of one. Happy St Paddy’s day (also why we say Paddy’s day and not Patty’s day is because of the Irish spelling of his name). Slainte! ☘️

  10. Hi Nick, as I am married to an Irish man (JaxyBeard) I love and appreciate this video. Thank you and Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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