Who Dat? Chrome New Orleans Saints Riddell SpeedFlex Concept Helmet! | HELMET BUILD

Who Dat? Chrome New Orleans Saints Riddell SpeedFlex Concept Helmet! | HELMET BUILD

[Jay] Today we’re blacking out this custom concept Riddell SpeedFlex New Orleans Saints helmet. This thing is hot! I’m Jay, we’ve got Steve behind the camera and this is The Heads Up Show [Jay] Who Dat? [Steve] Who dat, Jay? [Jay] Yeah. Well Steve, today we’re doing the Saints [Steve] OK, man. I like it. [Jay] Do you remember the Who Dat Year’s, Steve? [Steve] Sure [Jay] I do. I was actually kind of a Saints fan I was trying to become a Saints fan back then when, I don’t know, wins of two or so a season was pretty good. [Steve] I’m sorry [Jay] So, we’ve had a bunch of people asking us for a Saints build. We’ve had people asking us for another SpeedFlex build and this one is going to be pretty custom. [Steve] Shout out to Garrett J. He suggested that we use one of these new Zuti mask in a build. Well…here we go. [Jay] Anybody else out there, if you want to see something that you haven’t seen us do yet or combine something in a way we haven’t combined it, just leave a comment below and we might get to it. [Steve] True story [Jay] Yeah. So we’ve got a Zuti Crusader going on this guy. This is actually the Crusader EG 808. It’s going on this gold chrome SpeedFlex with a blackout package. [Steve] That’s nice. [Jay] All black with NFL straps This is with the ratchet straps. This is a Victory Hurricane Ratchet Strap chinstrap. [Steve] Right [Jay] And, Steve we’re gonna go with white snaps and little white stoppers on here, so we’re gonna convert the speedFlex away from the strap-locs to buckles. [Steve] Sure. What up? [Jay] It will be the first time we do this in a video as well. We’ve got a SHOC 2.0 this is a Clear Sunset Visor [Steve] Yeah. [Jay] And we’re going to be converting it as well to put in these Black unbranded Under Armour visor clips Chrome NFL shield decal Emboss Tech US Flag decal. These are hot right now, so if you were looking for something a little bit different in your helmet I’ll put a link below on where you can get that guy. And then we’re gonna have Saints decals as well. [Steve] Cool. [Jay] Steve, what would you like to see first? [Steve] Stripes. [Jay] Stripes. Let’s striper up then. We have here a one-inch white stripe. That’s gonna be going down the center Steve you’re gonna be speeding a lot of this up, right? [Steve] Oh yeah. I’m a fan of cutting the stripes over the flex part of those SpeedFlex Some teams leave them but I don’t know. [Jay] So you say you are a fan or not a fan? [Steve] I’m definitely a fan of it [Jay] Now technically if this was going to be a helmet that was worn on the field what we would do is we would cut holes in the stripe so you could then pump up the bladders on the inside But this isn’t going to be going on the field, so we’re not going to do that. [Steve] Correct. [Jay] But what we are gonna do is we’re gonna cut this guy, right here. [Steve] Don’t press too hard because you don’t want to cut the paint or chrome like you said. [Jay] Just a very, very light score. just enough so I can see where the line is. There you go and I’m just lining this guy up right here [Steve] One down [Jay] Number two coming up. I’m gonna constantly be buffing this guy because it’s like a mirror And again with this it’s getting this black stripe as close as possible To the white stripe to the point where it doesn’t even look like it’s a different decal All right Steve, so we got stripes [Steve] Looking good already man. [Jay] and we are gonna hit this with the heat gun later. Yeah, it’s gonna need it for sure so We’re just gonna kind of find the spot If anybody’s gonna be doing this you can apply a little pressure First cut complete there you go. How’s it looking? That’s looking all right? And if you look at the NFL helmets closely You know with cuts like this And then you know the new f7 has a lot of you know the tectonic plates that the teams cut their stripes around Stuff and they’re not all identical oh, yeah You know and we get we talk to a lot of pretty high-end collectors where they’re they have very high Levels of perfection you know it’s almost like these helmets for the some of them are more piece of art Than anything else that’s right that means it means something for it to be just right good job Look so we are going to convert this guy Away from the strap locks and we’re gonna put on snaps all right so when we do that next cool I’m just pop these guys out here There’s a couple reasons why someone may want to do it us. We just wanted to throw the white Buckles on there to add some white component, so why not yeah some guys use Dome screws you know and this one here. You’ve got two holes. You’ve got the upper. Hole where the Where the strap lot goes into you can actually put this? Here or up here when you put it up here. It’s a little harder because you got to go through the Facemask hardware, so we’re gonna kind of go at the bottom, so the chin strap will actually be a little bit lower than It would be with the stop block And we sell all these different things on our website if you want to go from strap block to the snaps you can if you want to go from snaps a strap lock you can if you Whatever we got it all yeah We have a video where we kind of talked about all these some Throw that up here sure you have to check it out if you like Yeah, so it’s gonna go with the fleur-de-lys mm-hmm we use the brow line as our horizon line and do this guy right like that We have an eagle’s pretty custom Eagles one coming so Relax its oh man that looks great. It’s on its way. I promise we have one coming Who else we working on we had a really cool Panthers? Kind of a concept Panthers totally different We got a pretty special Cowboys one Yeah, a lot of people asking for Cowboys. Don’t you fret it’s got boys fans when you see what we’ve got Cookin yeah, that’s coming you are gonna Let’s just say Steve Cowboys fans are gonna be the they’re gonna see something that they have never seen before You know we’ve decided Steve This is a blacked out helmet right the NFL. They don’t wear black out anything Unfortunately all white bumpers white chin straps and all that so we went with black bumpers black chin straps, or we’re putting on white Decals on top of black. Well this way. It’s still black white gold. Yeah. I mean we’re white is one of their colors We’re just tying it all together. Thanks. I just want to see kind of hey, what’s this gonna look like if we went with? Black and then just put white on top there the Saints one of the few teams. It’s not rocking 3d bumpers will come around I Would imagine and here now Okay – chin strap next We did a video a while ago on how to convert from the Redell to the sports star chin strap Because it does not come with the ratcheting mechanism So you just got to be aware of that if you switch the sports star correctly I’ll show you real quick how to put these guys in This little screw back in here Hmm screws right into this thumb screw, and then we take our Redell tool. You just lock it down Yep, do we don’t you know I go too too tight but you definitely wanted to go a little bit past you know finger tight exactly Alright take the visor a park and we do adviser conversion here – we are your get a lot of bang for the buck in This video yeah, this is legit build right here So we’ve got some screws back here. We’re just gonna pop these off Yep, and for anybody that wants to do this conversion You need to be aware of the fact once you take this thing apart that it’s kind of on you so there are lots of little parts in there that move around and Springs and so be careful watch your eyes and Don’t try to return it. Yeah, once. This is done. This is ah that’s pretty much it let Steve as you would You didn’t know the underarmor thumb screws also fit in the real tool clever Love it. Oh, yeah, anybody yet for Dell is thinking. Yeah for sure Just fantastic wheel of thinkers the folks over at Judy Absolutely now that when it comes to design for them the received visors because seemed like any visor we put on it Was like a perfect fit yeah, they all fit really good. Hell. Yeah, I mean really really well done so Really smart on their part clearly the one we got right here correct Now if you wanted to you could lock this down with the quick release tool will give it one crank You’re not gonna work it works. I like it So we still got to put our American flag and okay Little NFL shield and The Saints we’re numbers on their helmets right, but we’re not gonna put numbers And they were wearing the numbers actually on the stripes Which I don’t like No, no Not a fan of that so what about like the Steelers I can’t stand the stealing when when they have their it’s two numbers They were on the other side of the stripe and when it’s a single number. They wear it almost right It’s awful and they cut the numbers when it’s on the speed flex it. I just not a fan sorry Anything else is dis dealers. I’m good with that looks really really it gets a nice buff job Here is how we use this guy the heat gun I think it’s so nice Stefon Diggs might even come running in here and grabbing anything so You’ve got a zutti crusader EG 808 facemask you’ve got the shock 2.0 clear sunset iridium Visor We have a sports star victory hurricane ratchet-strap just for the speed flex all black with NFL TV straps white snaps assuming white buckles that we have converted from the Strap lock and then way down the back. We’ve got the emboss tech flag and the chrome NFL field decal I think any Saints fan would be happy to put this on their shelf. She’s gonna look. Good back there. Oh, yeah oh, yeah, yeah, so like subscribe Smash that bell if you want to see more videos like that We really appreciate it check us out on Facebook Instagram Twitter all that good stuff and If you want to see something next let’s know we’ve got a bunch of helmets already You know a bunch of teams already in a list, but we have plenty of room for more always yeah So until next time we really appreciate it cheers Cheers

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  2. You guys should try to customize an Oakland Raiders helmet ! With the SpeedFlex or the Schutt F7. I’d think that be cool

  3. This definitely doesn't apply to many people, but personally, i think you guys could be able to create a pretty awesome Iowa Hawkeyes helmet. Although they typically are a pretty simple team with the same designs year after year, if you took your more modern style and created a helmet I think it could be pretty awesome.

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