White Nights: Saint Petersburg Scarlet Sails

White Nights: Saint Petersburg Scarlet Sails

Hi from Saint Petersburg! So welcome to the magical city of Saint Petersburg this is Russia’s capital
cultural capital at least of course the political and economic capital is in
Moscow which is not too far from here but did you know that Saint Petersburg
used to be the capital of Russia and in fact it was built to be a window onto
the West that’s why when you see these buildings behind me it may remind you of
other cities further to the west in Europe like maybe Stockholm it’s also
got a lot of canals which will remind you if you’ve ever visited the
Netherlands it has an absolutely fantastic mix of architectural styles
that have been preserved it’s a wonderful city and I’m not just here for
the culture and the architecture I’m gonna show you what you can do at this
time of year because we’re here for the white nights in fact we’re here for a
particular party called the scarlet sails which is spectacular takes place
in the harbor here in st. Petersburg so what I’ve said [Russian] It’s Piter baby! [English] Let’s
go and enjoy the sights and the sounds and the atmosphere here in st.
Petersburg Russia! [Russian] Let’s go! You’re found your soulmate yes I
think yeah I found my soulmate how do you say soulmate in Russian? So it is my first evening here in St.
Petersburg and it is about I don’t know it is obviously early after the club. It’s 5am.
I’m here with Irina So this behind me is Rubinstein Street
in the center of Saint Petersburg just off Nevsky Prospekt which is the main avenue
that runs right through the center dissects the city and here is actually a
great place for restaurants and cafes and bars it’s one of the centers for the
nightlife is probably the main central point if you are looking to eat well
hang out beautiful people you know have a drink before maybe on clubbing there’s
a lot of great places on this street and we’ve been taking full advantage of them
and one of the crazy things of course with the white nights is the fact that
the nights are white in the sense of there’s very little darkness we’re
probably about 9 p.m. and it’s not it’s gonna get a little bit dark around about
11:00 11:30 for a couple of hours and then become bright again by about 3
o’clock in the morning so basically it feels like just the entire you know
evening is open to explore have some fun and definitely you get a lot of energy
from that the city basically doesn’t sleep during this time Got Matt here looking cool and trendy as always map
the only man who can make the buildings of Saint Petersburg look tiny
– you know I should know the name of the square because I’ve lived here for three
months but it’s called Palace Square I think I will default to the – that’s embarrassing – tourist here … all light up at night here looks absolutely spectacular One of the coolest and quirkiest things
that i discovered during my stay in Saint Petersburg for the white nights was
this open-air salsa and bachata dance extravaganza that takes place every
single evening by the waterfront how cool is this obviously if you love
dancing bachata itself so this is the place to be at but also it’s a
pretty pretty easy place to start flirting with the locals and maybe even
the beginning of a beautiful romance at sunset by the water in St. Petersburg So where are we at the moment? – Bar 53 – And why is Bar 53 well-known in the city? -It’s the best bar in the city How much? We should be asking it for money … yeah we’ve had shisha here and we’ve
eaten and it was pretty good right – Actually we had no problems now we became friends with some of the
staff including the guy at the door I guess it’s up to each person how you approach things … I’m drinking my first shot at a little bit
of Irish shot here Bailey’s in St. Petersburg I’ve met the staff here at
this bar everybody is hanging out … got Philip my man at the bottom so this is
when we shown some very good hospitality in St. Petersburg so far so – So Philip what can you say about the
drawing of the bridges whether I get to – I think it was really boring
yeah a disappointment like hype on steroids everybody talking about those
bridges going up nothing happened, I’m disappointed – So what has impressed you about Saint Petersburg so far? – No it’s very beautiful the
lights and the architecture the city in general people very relaxed that’s
really nice It’s like a mix of Russian European Western
European and say it’s all really beautiful – We are at the end of another video I’m
here in Minsk and you know I’ve been in St. Petersburg for the last few days
with my clients who were there [Russian] Hi! Good evening! [English] and it could be
you what are you doing next weekend like we’ve been in St. Petersburg together
Odessa Kiev Lviv back in Minsk here it could be any of these cities but you
know the tsar experience is not for everybody it’s not for people who
probably frankly are not wanting to push their own boundaries and develop also
enough for people who want to kind of follow the crowd go so it’s very
touristic and have a tourist experience and definitely not for people who want to date
kind of average-looking girls because you don’t need that my help in order to
do that if you come to this region and listen I can relate to you I used to work as
a lawyer I used to work really long hours and I basically was living in
order to live the tsar experience for just kind of like a weekend or a week I
used to constantly even in meetings be kind of looking on my phone about dates
where I could go get out of there and experience that kind of escapism that
freedom for just at least a few days of not a week ten days so I relate to your
situation but you gotta take the first step of action and that is to write me
either send me an email [email protected] or
DMV slide into my DMS my handle there is TsarExperience and what’s gonna happen
is I’m gonna send you a series of questions and if I think that we’re good
fit potentially to work together we’re gonna jump on a ten-minute strategy call
we’re gonna see how I can best help you and if it works out could be you living
the tsar experience in a city like Minsk the capital of Belarus or in St.
Petersburg Russia I really encourage you to think about going to the scarlet
sails next year in 2020 it was an amazing amazing time that we all had
there and it’s definitely a special event the White Nights everything not
really getting dark is something I hadn’t experienced before myself so I
really appreciate that and the locals in St. Petersburg were very friendly and we
had fun so goodbye from Minsk Belarus
and kind of from Saint Petersburg as well and I will see you in the very next
video Ciao!

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  1. Great video Conor. St. Pete is such a beautiful city. The women are, as is typical of the Slavs, also beautiful. I will say, however, that I would still give the edge to Ukraine. Even when I am there, without editing or any other selection process, the beauty of the women in general can bring tears to my eyes. Heading back in October, Kiev, Lviv, can't wait. My best.

  2. Was there about a week ago, loved it, stunning city…. the only thing that sucks is visa, want to go there again and again 🙂

  3. Just to let everyone know, starting October 2019 people can apply for e-visa to St. Petersburg and surrounding area, it should be a faster and easier process than now.

    Great camera and drone work Conor! 😉

  4. Even in the spring, before the beginning of the tourist season, there are nice weather days and on week-ends bands are performing along Newski prospekt. People there are friendly and very helpful if you are polite and take the time to learn how to say Hello, please and thank you in Russian.

  5. Conor, Is Saint Petersburg better than Kiev and Odessa? What rating would you give them? Please be onest

  6. the women are young yes but look kinda weird they don't have beautiful to die faces they look weird bug eyed

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