Where Is It Illegal To Insult Religion?

Where Is It Illegal To Insult Religion?

In January 2016, an Egyptian woman was sentenced
to three years in prison for blasphemy after criticizing an Islamic tradition on Facebook.
Despite Egypt’s secular government, the country has been cracking down on religious
insults. So what other countries are enforcing laws against blasphemy? Well, by definition, blasphemy is any act
that undermines God or the sacredness of religion. It could be anything from drawing offensive
cartoons or wearing improper clothes, to disrespecting religious scripture. This idea can be traced
back to all three Western religions, where the act is not only condemned, but represented
as a just cause for death. Consequently, these passages have been used to justify capital
punishment for Christians, Jews, and Muslims for centuries. One of the most famous blasphemy
cases was when the Supreme religious leader of Iran issued a “fatwa” or “order”
to kill British-Indian Novelist Salman Rushdie. Rushdie was accused of committing blasphemy
in his 1988 book The Satanic Verses. The title itself refers to the disputed legend that
several of the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings were mistakenly taken from the Devil. According to a 2012 Pew Report, nearly a quarter
of the world’s countries and territories have anti-blasphemy laws, with punishments
ranging from a fine to a death sentence. These laws are most common in the Middle East and
North Africa, where 70 percent of countries still criminalize the act. In general, those who commit blasphemy are
arrested, charged and face prison time. However in some countries, the offense is punishable
by death. One example is Pakistan, which inherited its anti-blasphemy laws from British rule,
before the country gained independence in 1947. The laws were strengthened in the 1980s,
in an attempt to ostracize the country’s non-Muslim community. Since then, over a thousand
Pakistanis have been accused or convicted of blasphemy, many of whom are Muslims themselves.
In the country today, just one blasphemy accusation, with little or no evidence, can lead to an
arrest. And, anti-blasphemy laws are not unique to
Islamic governments. Secular nations like Canada and New Zealand still outlaw blasphemous
libel, which in their case, is any published material that disrespects Christianity. And
while the United States doesn’t have a federal anti-blasphemy law, several states do. In
Michigan, wilfully blaspheming the holy name of God is actually a misdemeanor. However
these laws are nearly impossible to enforce, as the US constitution and the UN’s International
Covenant on Civil Rights protect free speech. In the end, many of the West’s outdated
anti-blasphemy laws are pretty much dormant. One such law in the Netherlands went unenforced
for half a century before it was eventually dissolved. But for many in the Middle East
and North Africa, blasphemy carries enormous weight, as offenders face life in prison,
exile or death. And despite public opposition in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan,
the abusive laws will likely live on. Saudi Arabia is one country where committing
blasphemy can get you executed — publicly. You can learn more about Saudi Arabia’s
controversial capital punishment in our video at the top. As the Muslim population rapidly
grows, so does the population of the religiously unaffiliated. Check out our video at the bottom
to find out how this will affect the future of religion. Thanks for watching Seeker Daily!
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100 Replies to “Where Is It Illegal To Insult Religion?”

  1. Fuck Jesus and cristans AND allah and islam you both religions commited many crimies aganist many people in past in name of religon. you and your gods are not good for even liking my feet

  2. Here in Pakistan blasphemy is the reason of peace !no shia can abuse sunni and no sunni can abuse shia 👍who ever do this crime wether he is a scholar,will be punish !and no one can abuse ones religion!

  3. wtf is that ringing in the background I assume you can it notice it if your using headphones. Jesus Christ that noise gave me a headache.

  4. Question: Why is legal to "insult" anyone or anything? What are the reasons of "insult" and is there any case when a person/institution/organization that "insults" can be right?

  5. My guess is so, so many nonbelievers will come here just to insult religion. Am I right? Scroll through the comments and find out for yourself! P.s. I know I am right.

  6. the verse in the quran is not meant in blasphemy
    it is meant for people who wages war against Allah by trying to destroy Islam or any other monotheist Religion
    either by killing muslims to destroy the religion
    either by burning all traces of freedom of religion

  7. I dont understand the reason why u highlight India with red? There is no such anti blasphemy law in India!

  8. I dont understand the reason why u highlight India with red? There is no such anti blasphemy law in India!

  9. Pretty fucking pissed these liberal idiots are trying to group Germany a country that has prosecuted a person for blasphemy in living memory with Saudi Arabia where execution or vigilante killing for apostates is commonplace.

    Liberal motherfuckers and I'am left wing!!!!!

  10. Islam is a very stupid religion. Please don't get mad. It's a just a truth. They kill you for anything. Breathing kills you. Smiling at another person will get you killed. Not praying enough, praying to much it just sounds like your gunna die at any moment. It's stupid. But that isn't my problem. And thank you universe for putting on this side of the earth where this side of the planet makes sense. Gosh those people have a long way to go…well good luck with that…

  11. the usa should be here theu should make a law about this im tried of people being racist to people about religion

  12. I cant trust some one who can clear his conscious of all immoral acts by asking for forgiveness from an imaginary friend

  13. Being a Christian I don't mind if someone doesn't agree with me about whether there is a God or not. What I do mind is when people get ad at me or not liking some criticisms/jokes about my religion. I can take a few jokes and criticisms, but this is my worldview, Its kinda important to me.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll laugh at jokes that make fun of Christianity, I don't mind that, but don't be surprised if I take some of t seriously.

  14. Why every people with religion doesn't attack atheist verbally & physically.

    Why there are many atheist spread lies & hate about religions in this world?

    You people talking about freedom & human right but why you people keep oppressing religious people and condemning them?

    They have their freedom & human right too. They are free to choose what they want to do & who to be.

    Atheist who spread hate & lies and like to provoke other people are the worse kind of human being.

  15. Why not leave your imaginary friend defend herself? Or himself if you're too offended by calling god a girl, don't they seem powerless when they tell you to execute individuals for such reason why don't they just do it themselves 🤔 hmm.. Sips coffee

  16. Russia doesn't have anti-blasphemy laws per se, but "offending the feelings of religious people" is a criminal offence. It is much more vague and not quite the same thing, yeah.

  17. "Where Is It Illegal To Insult Religion?"
    Keep this mind emigrating Britisher pals when selecting your host nation. Canada, Italy, Greece, and obviously wog Muslim nations, definitely don't make the short list. Sorry, knuckle-draggers.

  18. Go to country :me IM GOING TO DIE :random it's a zombie apocalypse :zombies I'm ganna do illiegle things :me u ganna kill me wow oh wait your dead but your not your a zombie so it's not illiegle but it is at the same time what are u going to do

  19. BLASPHEMY LAWS ONLY APPLY TO ISLAM! The UN – now Dominated by Islamic Countries – along with the Muslim Brotherhood seek to have ALL COUNTRIES enact blasphemy laws protecting ISLAM!

  20. You have made india red and added it to the countries with blasphemy laws.
    It's legitimately wrong because we dont have anything like this in our constitution.

  21. Most Christian majority countries do not implement these hideous laws onto it's secular citizens, only MUSLIM countries do. So please don't compare modern Christianity to the barbaric Islamic cult.

  22. Freedom of speech has a limit, when you insult someone because of his/her beliefs you have gone to far. No one should be insulted because of ones religion no matter what religion it is.

  23. At least the West still have some freedom of speech. Muslim countries are worst in human rights. Now why would any non-Muslim be interested in Islam in this age.

  24. This is why liberals should help us ex muslims and liberal muslims in reforming islam, it's the only abrahamic religion that hasn't been reformed

  25. The omnipotent and omniscient Allah needs weak humans to kill people because they hurt his feelings how all loving of him…

  26. I mean what’s so bad with making fun of the religious God and making it a law, In Canada it’s illegal to misgender someone because of someone “feels” (no it’s not a psychological problem to say I’m a girl when I’m a guy). People just want to attack religious laws as if it’s bad as the ridiculous laws that other countries do.

  27. In Indonesia, the easiest way to go to jail is criticising Islam (You don't need to insult, just criticise can lead you to trouble).

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