When Everything Changed for Reece Yeboah of Saint London

My name’s Reece Yeboah,
I’m 25 years old, West London designer. My journey’s been a crazy one and I’ve used that to
motivate myself. I studied fashion for about 2, 3 years, I dropped out, I found some
funds from working, put that into my business and I’ve been going ever since. Early 2014 is when people
started to see the change in the brand. In 2018, I did my first
ever pop-up in Selfridges and they bought my whole collection. Online presence I feel like,
in the community, is hard because I started off my business people, if they wanted
designs bespoke they’d come, speak to me,
send me messages. Now it’s like getting all that traffic
back to the online platform but it’s working right now. The community aspect of Saint is just giving back. Whether it’s knowledge,
or business advice, or just telling my whole
story to the kids in the area. My first ever pop-up flagship is gunna be in the area that I grew up in,
which is Ladbroke Grove. I wanted to have that
implemented into the ethos that I’ll always give back to
the community no matter what.

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