What the Teddy Bridgewater trade means for the Saints

What the Teddy Bridgewater trade means for the Saints

hello everyone Jeff Duncan weighing in today on the big trade between the New Orleans Saints in the New York Jets for backup quarterback or potentially starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater what does this trade mean for the Saints and why did they make it today let me try and answer those questions for you as best I can without having talked to some of the parties involved with the New Orleans Saints I can tell you this the Saints remain very high on Taysom Hill he is a guy that they are enamored with his athletic ability and his long-term potential so this does not reflect in any way I think on their opinion of Taysom Hill I think he’s still very much a part of their picture long term to potentially be the starting quarterback I think this trade more than likely is about 2018 they didn’t feel comfortable with either Tom Savage or Taysom Hill as the backup quarterback right now and so they made a deal for a guy that by all accounts has had an incredible training camp and preseason with the New York Jets was very wanted around the NFL is a proven starter in case something goes down with Drew Brees as far as injury is concerned they now have an insurance policy a guy that can come in and is proven can win games at the NFL level I don’t think they felt that way about Taysom Hill or Tom Savage right now so I think this deal is really about 2018 and beyond that is all lagniappe can they get Teddy Bridgewater re-signed do they want to re-sign Teddy Bridgewater long term those questions will be answered as the season plays on does Teddy Bridgewater even want to sign here if he’s gonna be a backup again and no guarantee of being a starter especially if some other teams come and offer him starter money all those questions remain unanswered I think this deal is about 2018 he’s got a five million dollar cap figure that’s a pretty steep investment for a backup quarterback and they also made a third round draft pick available to the Jets that’s a steep investment so clearly the Saints all in this year to try and win it all they’re going for it this year and by having insurance for Drew Brees in Teddy Bridgewater a proven commodity it certainly gives them a better shot of making a deep playoff run in case something were to happen Drew Brees and I think there is something to be said for that the fact that Drew Brees is only missed one game in his 12-year career because of injury with the Saints I think this deal for Bridgewater indicates the Saints aren’t as confident at age 39 that Drew Brees can hold up over a 16-game season and certainly they now have insurance in case that does happen for this team long term and I think now they’ve got probably the best quarterback room they’ve had in the entire Sean Payton Drew Brees era when you have Drew Brees an elite quarterback starting Teddy Bridgewater a proven winning experienced quarterback behind him and in Taysom Hill a long term developmental prospect with unlimited athletic potential that’s three really good quarterbacks to have certainly better than anything we’ve seen here with the Saints for a long time and then you also of course still have JT Barrett who could be a practice squad candidate as well all right that’s my thoughts on this big trade we’ll know more as the day’s progress here and we’ll get a chance to talk to Sean Payton and the rest of the Saints decision makers about this big deal today for Teddy Bridgewater

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  1. expensive deal. I thought Hill or Savage was good enough for back up. Hill getting better every game. His confidence is good. He eats his humble pie. Well grounded and talented.

  2. Per points value when you add the 6th rd pick in return ⚜️ get an experienced young projected 1st rd talent for the point value of a 4th rd pick that’s like stealing.
    Another 🔥💪🏽👍🏾off season for⚜️front office

  3. If Teddy was worth a 3rd round pick (as valuable as those picks have proven in the past for the saints) clearly this is a long term investment. Hill is and may always be a back up qb. Has a long way to go imo

  4. I watched Teddy light up the FLA Gators in the Domb box suite Sugar Bowl 2013 when he was @ Louisville he a Beast #WHODAT

  5. People that actually think that Taysom Hill can be an eventual starter are either deluding themselves, or know nothing about football.

  6. Dunc you do know Taysom Hill is 27 and Teddy Bridgewater is 25 right😂😂😂….Taysom Hill will never start a regular season game for the Saints, he's really good on special teams tho…

  7. If what Duncan says is true, this was a terrible deal. Why trade a valuable third rounder for a short term clip board and field goal holder? I would like to believe the Saints FO did their due diligence and believe they can work out a long term deal with Bridgewater this year.

  8. hill I like him but y'all got him overrated but teddy ok he's a rock to build off hill more like brick get it

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