What Mont-Saint-Michel looks like through HoloLens | Today in Technology | Ep. 3

What Mont-Saint-Michel looks like through HoloLens | Today in Technology | Ep. 3

[Music] Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s always a bit intimidating to stand beneath Louis XIV and have to speak. Brad, I wanted first to speak for you. I had a dream and thanks to you, now, it’s a reality. Just months after our first visit to the Plans-Reliefs Museum in Paris, we’re back. This time to launch a HoloLens exhibit that adds new life into one of the museum’s prized treasures. In part one of this “Today in Technology” series, we introduced you to the island in the form of a 3D relief map, a technological marvel of its time. Part two brought you to the UNESCO heritage site as we worked to help revolutionize the museum experience and bring this cultural jewel to people around the world. And now, we see Mont-Saint-Michel as never before. [MUSIC] Oh, wow! You all did a magnificent job because it’s all about what a museum can be in terms of educating people and you learn so much. [Translation from French] For us, the point of digital technology and HoloLens is to tell the story of the model, as well as the history of the site depicted

and how our model is an important testimony to understand the history and the evolution of the site being portrayed. This is done very well thanks to HoloLens because we have narration and images that explain the model and, at the same time, tell the history of the Mont-Saint-Michel site

and show the evolution between the model and the Mont-Saint-Michel site today. You can compare the model to the Mont-Saint-Michel site today, without leaving the museum. [Translation from French] During the experience, there’s a magic moment when one observes the visitors. They change their perspective and at that moment, one see’s them exclaim, “Wow.” And among the people spotted at the launch? The charismatic administrator of the real Mont-Saint-Michel, who thought he had seen it all. [Translation from French] We often talk about experiencing something, and I just had a real experience, at once virtual, digital, but at the same time, I would say, aesthetic and historical because a dialogue starts almost immediately between the model as we see it today in this Musee des Plans-Reliefs, but also, the universe it is linked to, that is to say, Mont-Saint-Michel. [Translation from French] We have made an absolutely fascinating experience, and that it can be developed both in terms of a site, in terms of other models, and also in terms of other works of art. [Translation from French] At a given point within the experience, you find yourself inside Mont-Saint-Michel, ultimately inside the cathedral, and you can observe, moreover, its Gothic design and its Romanesque design, and people love that, but also because they are at ease wearing a helmet that does not cut them off from the world and suddenly, in the space of an instant, they are inside the cathedral but have neither lost their bearings nor their balance. It’s that, in fact, the user is very free in their movement. [Translation from French] It is extraordinary to see the result finally. An adventure that started on the ground and to see that it is visible and operational in the museum, right now.

What is particularly striking for me through this experience, it is that for the first time, we manage to make the two worlds meet; the digital world and the real world. We’ve taken this extraordinary piece of French technology, of history and culture, and using new technology, I think we are helping people learn about it in completely new ways. In ways that are entertaining, that will be fun for children, and that will enable people to see their world in a manner that wasn’t possible before. So, I just want to say thank you again to Emmanuel, to everyone at the museum, to the Ministry of Culture. Thank you for letting us be a small part of a long and rich chapter of French history. Thank you. [END]

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