What Makes Christianity Different from Other Religions? | Illuminate Ep 3

What Makes Christianity Different from Other Religions? | Illuminate Ep 3

Isn’t Christianity at its core the same
as other religions? If you could put it in a pot and boil it down wouldn’t the remainder smell look and taste the same as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and the rest? What is religion? Just as we refer to our minds as being thoughts and ideas beyond the electrical impulses of our physical brain. The major religions propose that the human’s true essence is their soul instead of their physical
body, but just like our physical bodies the soul also has needs or it will
starve. Each religion proposes to be a guidebook of that spiritual plane that helps lead our starving souls to soul bread. Aren’t these guidebooks all the same? The historical Jesus of Nazareth told a
story about a father, two sons and a family business. It was custom that the
sons would split the business when their father died. but the younger son said to
his father, “I can’t wait for you to die!” “Give me my money now!” Seeing his sons true heart the father gave it up to him the son turned his back to his family
and hit the road far away he partied
like an animal eating and drinking
and paying prostitutes until suddenly his pockets were empty in desperation, he found a job feeding pigs. but the country’s economy crashed and he couldn’t even make enough to feed himself now broke and starving he found himself craving the pig’s slop. when it suddenly hit him that there was probably food back home. What do you think? Should this father let him back into the house? As long as the son works hard to pay his
father back then he should be able to get a place at the family table again. right? Let’s see how Jesus ended this
story. The son decided to return, admit
his wrong and ask his father for a
minimum-wage job but still a ways from home, his father spotted him and ran out to him and wrapped him in a bear hug Remorseful, the son began his plea, “Dad, you shouldn’t
even call me your son anymore.” But the father put a fine robe on him
and a ring with a family crest He told his workers “Get the best meat and
prepare a welcome home feast for this son of mine was dead and has come to
life again he was lost and has been found” Although Jesus told this as a story he was actually presenting his view of the truth. In the story, the father represents
God. So is Jesus seriously teaching that
God forgives selfish gluttons before they’ve repaid their wrongs against him and others? Judaism teaches that one can
atone for their wrongs by changing their
behavior praying and doing good deeds. Islam says we can move towards paradise
by performing the five pillars. Hinduism claims that if we store up enough good karma we will reunite with Brahman. Buddhism says we can enlighten and
discipline ourselves into Nirvana by practicing the Eightfold Path. But in this story the father embraced his son
and fed him before he did any work. Why? Because in Jesus’ view it’s impossible for a person to repay God for their bad deeds. God is a perfect judge who cannot be bought off with anything that we have to offer. Jesus said that when we die we will face God with all of our deeds laid out none of us is completely morally perfect and none of us will stand a chance of justifying ourselves. Then is
there hope for us? Jesus believed so and
staked his life on it. He claimed to be God in human form who came to pay our moral debt with his innocent life so that if anyone truly believed and
surrendered to him they would receive a full pardon from God and the power to change how they live. Other religions teach that our own self-sacrifice can pay our debt but Jesus taught that only
God’s own self-sacrifice can pay our debt. All other religious founders claim to be
guides to lead our starving souls to bread Jesus claimed to be the bread our
souls starve for.

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  1. Christ taught his Disciples and Christians how to pray in secret because of the Fallen angels who try to incept prayers and Christ told them in the closet with the doors closed and ask of Our Heavenly Father in secret of a people who wanted to serve Our Heavenly Father and his commandments under his Covenant.

  2. Our Heavenly Father said love thy neighbors and Christ is his son, do you see love in the Roman crucifix cross on anyone who oppose Roman laws of a Thorn Crown that bleeds and others were being crucifix killed next to Christ and Mary stayed and watched after visiting the archangel Gabriel.

  3. The Roman's said CHRIST died for sinners and worship Mary and are not under his Covenant. Our Heavenly Father said love thy God with all thy strength and do not worship false gods or idols.What part didn't Mary understand? FALSE GODS of fallen angels who wanted to be worship as gods of the archangel Gabriel who told her to rename the son of God Messiah to born Jesus Christ without authority from Our Heavenly Father

  4. Our Heavenly Father said he will Judge and he called it Judgement Day and Christ said even the ones who Pierce him will know his Vengeance

  5. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy of obligations and Christ prescribed Saturday to be the Sabbath day and in full filling that law and the Roman's change it to Sunday without authority from Our Heavenly Father and rubbed subliminal Santa Revelation Chapters 1 14 Old Testament on Christians who wanted to be worship a God on Christ Christmas.

  6. The archangel Gabriel appeared to Daniel between the Roman's lion dens and Zachariah after Christ told us that no noweth the hour of his return and Revelation Chapters told of 1/3 that fell from Heavenly Places mentioned in the Old Testament

  7. There is no hell or heaven in Hinduism
    There are either transfere of soul from 1 body to another
    Or there is what u mention as bramha
    Which translates into space
    And is a metaphor for God
    So it basically says that once u aquire moksha u will be a part of the Lord God Almighty himself

  8. Yea I don't think you are being fair with other religions, and trying to force feed the notion of Jesus inside people

  9. This is not logic, God sacrifice for God ?! To save humain from sacrificing to God?! If that is true so I can do whatever I want, God already forgived me ?!
    I that Christianity is not a religion or spiritual way but a political party established to sustain the "Holy Roman Empire", I mean look carefully, jesus is not Christian, he is not from roman root neither. And what for trinity? What if I told you that trinity was founded before jesus by the Catholic Church like a uniform religion for the roman empire!!! And after the jesus christ was born they just substitute the god of sun by jesus. Think about why the vatican is a "holy place" and what is relation between jesus ans vatican, guess what no relations! Jesus is not God he is a man, he is a prophet… Wake up people

  10. All religion has a similar base doctrine, things you already know, Christianity helps u understand why…
    Also most other religions teach u that u can be equal to God if u are a good boy, Christianity tells u from the jump that no matter how hard u try u will always falls short the example of Christ Jesus, because we are not capable of being equal to God
    It's about keeping your soul pure, not becoming corrupt in your own thoughts

  11. I'm not convinced there is a jesus or that the bible is the inspired word of god. I want to know as many true things as possible. How can jesus lead a person to truth ?

  12. How can a person tell the true religion out of these religions ?
    Is there evidence outside of the bible that can demonstrate that christianity is the true religion ?

  13. the diffrence of christianity is it's instead of working to pay your sins JESUS is the way to pay your sins for he is the way and the answer

  14. All the religions are the same.
    Except Judaism anyone who says that is a liar and I ask anyone to read the Talmud and associated rabinnical writings.

    They are not even a religion they are an ethnoreligious cult and belive they are gods chosen people. But hey don't take my word for look at the rats yourself.

  15. If Jesus is the Way Then What is the Way Of Jesus, The Way Of Christ Is Humanity,Faithfulness, Holiness, Kindness, Love, Tolerance, Long suffering, Peace, Patience And Hospitality

  16. Jesus claimed to be God in human form. Really?  The NT tells us that he was viewed as the Christ, he Son of God by his followers.  Also, I think you need to look up what the word for soul in Hebrew actually means and how it was used in the Bible.

  17. Jesus gives eternal life to all who accept him as their Lord and Saviour. They can enjoy royal life in the Kingdom of Jesus.

  18. Not only was the precision timeline when to expect the Jewish Messiah ( Daniel 9:25-26)
    Fulfilled with stunning accuracy.
    But on the day of it's fulfilment (Luke 19:38-44) Jesus gives a terrible prediction for Israel & Jerusalem because Israel as a whole failed to pay attention for it.
    And 40 years later his prediction came to pass just as he said….and it had never been as severe an outcome for Jerusalem in Israels entire history.

    Sounds just like all other Religions doesn't it ?

    ::: How many testimonies have you heard of dreams and visions from people calling them toward Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna etc…
    VS how many testimonies have actually attested to the opposite calling toward Jesus ?

  19. Let's respect everyone's faith showing this video may be you are one of those children. So let's not talk about "only my way is highway".

  20. Christianity is the only religion where you know you’re not good enough and no amount of good deeds can get u close to God. So he came down and sacrificed himself to save you.

  21. Jews and other religions: We shall wait for the messiah and salvation

    Christianity: Way ahead of ye, slow pokes.

  22. Jesus is God, so this is true in all other religions if Jesus (an Avatar of God) came down for heaven and sacrificed himself in the flesh for the sins of us. Jesus is not different that God himself, Christian's need to realise the perceived religious superiority that feeds the false ego and breeds hatred, not love.

  23. Jesus is one of the important messenger of Islam n he was not God inform of men indeed he was a human being like u n me but he was a Prophet of Allah.

  24. I am a Muslim person and everyone say that my religion is divine truth and it comes from only savior and being only one who created us. Or such religions as Indian religions and Chinese religions or the others
    And i say this. LET'S WAIT AND SEE, actually it is not true because of my religious tenet, but let's wait and see what it will happen when u die.

  25. Christianity is the fakest religion out there. I'd rather be an Atheist before I believe in Christianity. In reality,all religion are false but Chrisgtiany is the most unbelievable crap out there. Yes,it's that bad. Christianity is worse that Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and just about any religion I can think of. It's full of made up lies. Christianity was created when the first conman met the first dumbass and it grew from there.

  26. jesus not commit sin!!! he is not party,he is not doing bad things!! pleaseeee!! he is not like that! why should he take the blame/crucified for all this humanity, for your sin? and then niw you still make a sin..he was crucified for your sin..why you people still make a sin and still enjoy life.? don't you feel bad for him?

  27. Christian god was so pissed with the pinnacle of his perfect creation, that only a gory sacrifice of a semi-human semi-divine instance of himself would appease his righteous anger.

  28. 1 Samuel 15:3 New International Version (NIV)

    3 Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy[a] all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’”

    This is jesus in christianity.

  29. Cristanity is a fraud religion as all other abrahamic religion.In cristanity If you didn't worship on Jesus you are going to hell. Instead of cristanity if you are looking at Buddhism and Hinduism gives you more sense of experience as a humen as feel free. Those are only religions gives you are with in your self. True💯

  30. Nothing.  Jesus Christ did NOT preach a religion.  From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the KINGDOM of heaven is at hand. MATTHEW 4:17.

  31. Allah the Almighty has said: ‘O Son of Adam, as long as you invoke Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O Son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and you then asked forgiveness from Me, I would forgive you. O Son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the Earth, and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as it [too].’ ” 

    [ Tirmidhi]

    Indeed God is great..make claims when you have facts..
    Allah is the lord which jesus promoted!

  32. Christianity and buddhism are the only religions i respect. Because hell as it is described by some people actually don’t exist in those religions. Because if hell existed god would be a psychopath. Who want’s to worship an psychopath…only a selfish and arrogant idiot.

  33. We are people of the third commander (sanctify the parties), sixth commander (you won’t consent impure facts or thoughts) & ninth commander (you won’t wish the wife of your proximity , or his possessions, or his status)

  34. This is purely trying to plead to one's emotions. All religions are equal in that none of them rely on impirical evidence. None of them encourage us to question whatever deity they are trying to sell. My dog doesn't supposedly have a soul, but she lives a happy existance. I don't believe in God at all, and I don't feel like I'm 'spiritually starving' either. I think religion fills a need, but there isn't any need to begin with. Therefore, they artificially create one, then try to sell you on the idea that you need what they are selling. It's all very dishonest.

  35. You don't need a religion to be a kind and just person.
    The soul has never been proven to exist. It's a claim based on a book that has never been proven to be true. So if the soul does not exist then this story in the video is based on nothing. Because it was based on the soul existing.

  36. 3years ago I hated god and through bible and I tared bible becoz god was not answering fr my prayers but now god given me a great promise which I can't even imagine waiting to happen that this all happen becoz only gods mercy fr me I'm nothing …all glory to god praise the lord 😇😇

  37. Logically if Jesus is the son of God, then God should save the son from being harmed and crucified at the cross.
    If Jesus himself is God, then he himself can destroy those who try to harm him at that very instance.
    Is God weak or strong and mighty ?
    A sound mind cannot accept that God is weak, looking at creation, God is strong, creating the earth, stars, galaxies and the seven heavens.

  38. Women whom are Christians and other Churches sometimes choose to do sexual actions to have "evidence against" men and women as being "Bad" andor "Evil" relatively compared with themselves, aka the "but I am aware about…" andor the "but I know/no about…" like they are asking one to stop doing unrelated actions merely because they are "burdened", and, they chose andor blamed someone else for their sexual actions anyway.

  39. Jesus Christ and his followers, and the first-century movement God used to end religion, once-and-for-all, was genuine, and that history and its ideology, as recorded in scripture, will ever stand on record and witness to that fact.  The post-AD 70 post-biblical religion, which calls itself Christianity, on the other hand, is not genuine. I don’t care how earnestly you strive to validate it, justify it, refashion it, and reform it with appeals to greater spirituality to make it more meaningful, etc. etc. it will always be pure farce. Christianity is a collection of cults, none of which have ever had any right of existence when compared and contrasted with what Jesus Christ and his followers represented and accomplished and fully revealed. Christianity is a total fraud and its history and its

  40. Then the father told the other son to kill himself at cross in order to the father forgive his other son guilty.

    Adam do wrong and Jesus must dye for Adams sin that pass trou all human. If accept Jesus as God and savior then Go to haven else go to hell. How im sin did i ask Adam to eat that fruit?
    then how about Abraham moses other prophet of God never know God got Two other partner that equally God but so shy to revel to other prophet.

  41. ok first of all, sorry for bad English
    in the Quraan in sora al Roam, it starts by "roam has defeated in the low of the earth" (sorry for bad English). the Roam war was close by the dead sea, and its the lowest point on earth! isn't that enough reason to prove that Islam is right? ok I'm gonna prove more!!
    in sora al Rahman 19-20 it says: "he made the two seas meet, and they didn't mix". in Egypt, the Nile river and the white middle sea, they r touching each other but they didn't mix! isn't this an enough prove? ok..!
    Allah talked about how Fetus be like in his mum's Belly, he mentioned everything!
    and there still so many proves!!
    believe me, its the truth, by the way, u may find some proves in the bible too, well
    he is the same god, he gave Jesus the bible, and he gave Mohammed the Quraan, but bible got twisted.
    I'm saying the truth.

  42. So basically do whatever the heck you want but make sure to worship the big man in the sky and you’ll be fine. Be a pedophile or whatever. “God” doesn’t care.

  43. The difference is that Jesus Christ is the only one who got nailed for you. He licked my butthole clean of sin. Allah is a fake god who will only suck your balls.

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