What It Takes To Be A Saint

What It Takes To Be A Saint

Dear Loving Spoonful, to answer the
question posed in your 1965 smash hit: no, I don’t believe in magic. Thanks for
asking, though. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I don’t know if you
realize this but you didn’t leave your contact information in the song. But I do think it’s an interesting question. Because I’d argue that most of us believe in magic. Be it the star-crossed lover checking her horoscope or the star-bound cosmonaut pissing on the right rear tire. Billions of us believe in ghosts, prayers,
and superstitions of all types. Magic. And some of us, like the 1975 band whose name Google tells me is Hot Chocolate,
believed in miracles. Mother Teresa is a saint. It’s not my opinion, I should note,
but a fact confirmed by the Vatican. But her sainthood is a bit complicated.
Because saint has two meanings. One of them is a religious designation given
by the politics of the Catholic church. And the other, it’s sort of a concept that
implies superhuman perfection. And of those two,
I’d argue that Teresa is only the former. But there are many people
who would disagree with me on that. After all, she is famous for her devotions. But oddly enough, for someone known for her faith,
I don’t think that she really believed in magic. She tried to, certainly, but from what I’ve read
I’m not sure she ever succeeded. For the vast majority of her life, she privately
questioned the very existence of God. But her faith, or actions while on this planet,
aren’t the point of this episode. She was human, and just like the rest of us, an imperfect being doing what she felt was right. While I’m certain many of you would love me to do a Christopher Hitchins style expose on the failed policies of a relatively hypocritical idolizer of poverty and suffering, I don’t really want to focus on her life story. Even if you believe the Vatican at their word,
her life wasn’t considered magical, and this is a story about magic. No, Mother Teresa’s life is not the point. Her beliefs aren’t the point. After all, you don’t get to be a saint because of belief. You get to be a saint because of miracles. And hers didn’t come until well after she died. But before we talk about the miracles that canonized Teresa of Calcutta, I want to talk about a different Albanian saint. Saint Donatus of Evorea. In the now ruined town of Butrint in the far
South of Albania, there was a bishop named Donatus. He lived almost 1,800 years ago, during a
time when the Roman Empire was just about to split into East and West. Christianity was only just beginning to take hold, and given that he would have been risking his life to spread the gospel, chances are he would have been incredibly devout. Unquestionably, a believer in magic. But his devotion wasn’t what canonized him. Just like Mother Teresa,
he was said to have performed miracles. And because this was a time before mass education,
the scientific method, and the ability to disagree without losing
your head for the privilege, nobody seemed too concerned about making the miracles realistic. If you dig into them, even, like, a tiny bit,
it’s not looking good for our boy Donatus. For example, the main miracle that he’s claimed to have performed is the slaying of a dragon. Which raises some issues. Because there are no dragons.
There were no dragons. And there will almost certainly never be dragons.
But at the time, they didn’t know that. The idea he was a dragon slayer made him popular,
and so the church felt they’d stand behind him. Why disagree with the story if
it turned people towards Christianity? If all you’re really looking for are ends,
it’s fairly easy to justify the means. If the lie works, why ruin the lie. But sainthood comes after two miracles, not one.
Can’t just be letting in any run of the mill dragon slayer. But lucky for Donatus, though,
he had a second trick up his sleeve. He could raise the dead.
Which, again… brings up a couple issues. Because even if you believe that Jesus was raised from the dead, I suspect you’d find it hard to deal with the idea that a bishop in Roman Epirus was capable
of similar acts to the son of God. I mean, nobody’s raised the dead since we started checking things scientifically, so I suspect it’s unlikely that
it was commonplace before that point. I doubt God saw us invent the scientific method and thought, “phew – time to cap off those resurrections”. But while these miracles certainly solidified his name and the memories of people who worshipped him, as the foundation stone for his sainthood, it isn’t exactly holding up to the light of modern day. Yet in his time, Donatus was undeniably popular.
A celebrity before the concept even existed. And as is often the case with legendary figures,
death only seemed to further increase his legacy. Despite a few hundred year lull
in the public consciousness, as the situation changed for Christians
in Southern Europe, their ancient saint took on a new meaning. In the middle ages, as Greece and Albania were conquered by Muslim Ottoman rulers, and their religion was put under the conversion-minded thumb of extreme taxation, Saint Donatus was resurrected. Not really resurrected, he was still definitely dead. But the legend. And for a people desperate for a hero who could slay
the symbolic monster on their doorstep, it makes sense that they’d look
to the past to find a hero who’d done it before. His following slowly developed
into a cult, and his worship spread on the back of local sailors and soldiers
as they warred their way around the Mediterranean. Almost a thousand years
after he died, the dragon slaying, life restoring, miracle inducing
Donatus was more popular than ever. But let’s be real. He didn’t do those things. There’s no possible way he could have done those things. And yet, he is a saint based on the premise that those were real actions he undertook. So what are saints? Why was he canonized? Why didn’t they correct their mistake when they realized that there’s no way those miracles could have been true? I think it’s pretty clear it’s because he was popular. Scientology may recruit their celebrities,
but Christianity grows its own. The cult of Donatus changed people’s view of their religion and enhanced church control over their lives. Sainthood is a popularity contest, and the miracles required are just a way of making
what are otherwise relatively
ordinary humans seem supernatural. The Vatican even has a five year
waiting period for saints, specifically meant to check if their popularity
will stand the test of time. They’re looking for long term celebrities, and the miracles that those celebrities
have to perform for the privilege
are quite obviously little more than formalities. So back to Saint Teresa.
Let’s take a quick look at her miracles. Oddly enough, none of them
happened when she was alive. Or, perhaps that isn’t oddly enough. Because these days, we know there aren’t dragons. Nobody’s being raised from the dead. It’s become so much harder to find miracles
that aren’t easily dismissed as fake. There’s mass education, a scientific method,
modern medicine and a firm understanding of the very natural causes of many things we used to call magical. But after you die, it’s a lot easier to attribute things
to you that you had nothing to do with. And that’s the case with Teresa. The first of her supposed miracles came in 2002,
five years after her death. An Indian woman was completely healed of her tuberculosis-related tumors. Her husband says it was the doctors,
her doctors say it was the year-long treatment, and the Health Minister said there was nothing in her records to indicate anything except the normal
pattern of TB treatment; but she was wearing a locket with Mother Theresa in it. So the Vatican called it a miracle. Six years later, a man in Brazil
would experience a similar miracle. His brain tumors subsided,
and the only explanation could be Mother Teresa. It couldn’t have been that she was an incredibly popular figure in a time when the Catholic church
really needed a win. It had to be magic. Now obviously, this episode is dripping in sarcasm, but I think it’s pretty clear why the Vatican chose
to rush through her miraculous deeds. Surely, by now they know that miracles are not
what cause sainthood. It’s celebrity worship. But that admission does nothing towards their ultimate goal, and the ends justify the means. Miracles and saints even to this day
convince people to support their cause. Of course, they’re going to find a way to canonize her. The miracles they attributed to her,
just like with Donatus, were a formality
meant to make her seem larger than life. To solidify her celebrity. And it’s working. Just look at how successful it’s been. In Albania, a once Christian
country that underwent hundreds of years of conversion and is now 70% Muslim, she’s regarded as a hero. There’s a public holiday dedicated to her in October.
The main airport in Tirana is even named after her. Her fame is undeniable in this country. Like Donatus, the church is happy to use
her memory to bring lambs back to the flock. In Macedonia, in Skopje, where she was born,
they held a week-long holiday to celebrate her sainthood, opening a museum to tell her life story. In India, where one in seven of the world’s people live, her legacy is seen as a key to opening
the door to conversion. She’s a world-class celebrity. Plain and simple. And no matter where you go in history,
we worship celebrities. That’s why she’s a saint. Belief in magic is everywhere. Personality worship is as strong as ever.
But there are no miracles. Celebrity status and the noble lie are
what drives sainthood. If you believe what the Vatican says about Teresa,
you’re also kind of saying that you think dragons existed. That ancient bishops resurrected people. That TB medicine works better if you keep
a photo in your locket. And eventually, in whatever future world
comes out of this one, chances are there’s going to be a smarmy videographer who takes the piss out of you for it. Because to quote the incredible Tim Minchin,
throughout history, every mystery ever solved
has turned out to be not magic. This is Rare Earth. – Dave, make the cicada stop! Shut up!
– Shut up!

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  1. FYI: the miracles don't cause sainthood. They're proof of it (at least according to the Catholic Church. Personally, I'm more likely to attribute miracles to Hanuman or Ganesha, but whatever.)

  2. I was in Skopje and on their neo-classical square with a tacky mix of ancient greek, renaissance and 20th century architecture and monuments, they have an arch with mother Teresa quotes and a few pictures. I can't find the english translations, and I am quoting from memory, but two I was surprised by were something like "abortion is the biggest evil in the world and biggest threat to peace" and "god doesn't want us to prosper, he want us to believe in him". I mean, technically these are very christian and fit the doctrine, but everywhere else christiam institutions bend the doctrine so they are more compatible with reality, and these seem outdated and out of place. FYROM, where this is located, allows abortions freely for the first few months, and under some conditions later, so its also hypocritical to erect such a monument in the center of a european capital.


    I have much to say in no short order, and let's not kid ourselves, you would have it no other way. We begin at the beginning, the Catholic distortion of the term saint. The English word saint comes from the Latin sanctus. We find a modern variation of this word in sanctify which means to separate, consecrate, or make holy. How does one become separated and from what is one separated? There are two forms of separation. Separation unto ceremonial or even moral uncleanness, or separation unto honor and for the purpose of being unpolluted.

    The separation of sin operates on this wise. Contact with or engagement of the forbidden makes one spiritually sullied.

    Isaiah 59:2
    But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

    and again…

    Hosea 9:10
    I found Israel like grapes in the wilderness; I saw your fathers as the firstripe in the fig tree at her first time: but they went to Baalpeor, and separated themselves unto that shame; and their abominations were according as they loved.

    However separation unto holiness has levels. You have the separation of a holy nation among heathen nations (unbelievers). Then you have the separation of those who vow the vows of priests within an already separated nation. The last separation I have yet to make mention.

    National separation!

    Ezra 6:21
    And the children of Israel, which were come again out of captivity, and all such as had separated themselves unto them from the filthiness of the heathen of the land, to seek the LORD God of Israel, did eat,

    Priestly Separation!

    Numbers 6:5-8
    All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in the which he separateth himself unto the LORD, he shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow.
    All the days that he separateth [himself] unto the LORD he shall come at no dead body.
    He shall not make himself unclean for his father, or for his mother, for his brother, or for his sister, when they die: because the consecration of his God is upon his head. All the days of his separation he is holy unto the LORD.

    However the last separation is what GOD DOES FOR THE BELIEVER! This is where the truth of sainthood discovered. In all the aforementioned forms of separation man is either separating himself to honor or dishonor. However the last separation consists of faith and blood, it is accomplished by placing trust in God's sacrificial lamb Jesus Christ. Anyone who believes on the Son of God is a saint. This is not accomplished with a miracle of man, nor is it established by man's council. This is accomplished by the miracle of Christ's sinless life and resurrection from the dead. To believe in the messiah's divinity, atoning death, and subsequent resurrection is sainthood. Believe this and God separates you from a ruinous world of unbelief in addition to regenerating your dead spirit with the promised regeneration of your corrupted body to come. Saying the Vatican's official declaration of a person's supposed sainthood makes it a fact is a fallacious as saying congress declaring economic health in the face of depression makes it so.

    Good deeds do not procure salvation. Salvation is a free gift from God. Being a saint is simply being a recipient of a gift. The bible spoke of saints as ordinary people.

    Philippians 4:22
    ALL THE SAINTS salute you, chiefly they that are of Caesar's household.

    1 Corinthians 14:33
    For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in ALL THE CHURCHES OF THE SAINTS.

    Colossians 1:2
    To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ which are AT COLOSSE: Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

    These were living breathing common people who trusted Christ. They were even admonished to not fornicate among other sins.

    Ephesians 5:3
    But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints;

    That does not sound like advice you administer for near perfect creatures. The warning is coming down not to do those things because saints CAN DO THOSE THINGS! There is no such thing as sinner OR saint. All saints by definition MUST BE SINNERS. A saint is someone saved from his sin.

  4. MAGIC

    No true Christian is a practitioner of magic. Sure I speak of it in terms of color as in, "The magic of friendship," but this is only a device of speech. Magic is access to supernatural power by circumventing the triune God. There are only two spiritual sources which grant power. The Almighty and the Adversary. The Adversary has many names, alters, philosophies, religions, and vissages. Yet they all funnel into back into the seething palm of the Dragon. YES THE DRAGON! Does the komodo dragon breath fire? Do bearded dragons fly? Do Frilled dragons attack castles? Okay, so science is granted a poetic ease within it's language but religion must stick to middle age lore to the letter? Okay, convenient rules.

    Isaiah 27:1
    In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.

    Hmmmmm, dragons can be in the sea? Sounds like the bible is not talking about Game of Thrones sci-fi. However atheist love to downplay the literary integrity of scripture to make believers look as dumb as possible.

    Leviticus 19:31
    Regard not them that HAVE FAMILIAR SPIRITS, neither seek after WIZARDS, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.

    These are all powers gifted by emissaries of the devil. Also be careful with the power of manifestation. Faith is as good as what you put it in. Remember faith is not power, it is clever petition behind trust. You are always petitioning when you exercise faith. It is either the Almighty or the Adversary. If you are not expressly calling on the name of the LORD, there is only one more show in town. The Secret is magic. It is no different than low level candle magic.

    Christians are very polluted and wink at this covert magic ignoring God's deadly command within scripture.

    Exodus 22:18
    Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

    Christians shy away from this because of Salem and yet anyone will gladly kill for other considerations. Thou shalt not suffer a murderer to live. How about a rapist? How about a traitor who aids an enemy state? Any of these can be misapplied too. It is not the subject but the administration that went awry. For those who tremble remember my specialty is not in friendship nor adoration, it is in divine truth.

  5. Not to be argumentative or anything but since modern history there a reports of people being brought back from the dead…. by doctors

  6. Tut tut. Of course dragons exist! Why else would us Welsh have one on our flag? We call him Dai (pronounced dye). It's short for Dafydd (David), our patron saint. See? Proof positive! 😉

  7. Every time something bad happens, I didn't prepare for it in a practical and logical manner. Every time something good happens to me; "Mandate of heaven, it was meant to be."

  8. I really enjoyed this show, and was kind of surprised by some of the comments. I just never understand how and why Bible verses are used for justifying a point or opinion, especially when the subject of the debate/argument is not Bible versus. Its like an atheist always quoting certain classic fiction novels (or even autobiographies) and/or certain popular textbooks for every point they're trying to make in any discussion or debate. The Bible only allows subjective interpretation because there hasn't been any consensus on any meanings or definitions of the quotes and books in the Bible amongst religion that's based from it. Also, there's no way to test or be shown the understanding behind any definition of it even if there was consensus in religion. …So back to sainthood, how do you become one again? No matter how many Bible verses are used, they still won't show or solidify in any way that Mother Theresa removed TB from those patients to represent her miracles. I mean I'm not saying those aren't her miracles, because they totally could be ….or not! But quoting the Bible doesn't get any closer to either answer because the verses lack objectivity and that makes them such poor tools when using them to verify or refute -Anything. ….But wait, we are talking about 'miracles' right? Maybe Bible verses are the only way to define and show how miracles are achieved, welp nevermind then. Carry on my Bible verse quoters.

  9. Good journalism. I like your videos. I would like to point out that you need to read ancient stories through a historical lense. Quotes and claims from people hundreds or thousands of years ago should not always be taken literally. You need context and you need to be open to the possibility that the meaning was lost in translation. In medieval times, dragons were not what we think of today. They were not considered to be magical fire breathing creatures. Dragons were anything resembling a dinosaur, and yes, in those times they somehow knew what dinosaurs looked like. So when someone said “I slayed a dragon” they probably meant a rhinoceros or elephant or giant lizard or some other creature.

  10. "There are no dragons, there were no dragons, and there will almost certainly never be dragons."
    That's exactly why that dragon-slaying was so miraculous!

  11. excellent episode. Often on my commute through Munich or travels in surrounding towns I ponder at all the dragon references like old statues or freshly painted frescos and how a leap of logic bolsters a leap of faith.
    Also, 10 minutes of cicadas was a great touch

  12. Yeah. Mother Teresa was a piece of shit who let people die over and over again because she thought pain purified the soul. There are numerous witnesses who have said that she wouldn't allow her nurses administer medication to relieve discomfort. She basically was hooked on watching people die. Crazy catholic fucking perverts.

  13. This Catholic church is Babylon the Great Mother of prostitutes. Just like Babylon which had so many different gods for different reasons and different days and seasons. So this church has different priests to pray to for different reasons

  14. All hail the Lord of memes!
    May his truffle shuffle smit all who oppose him.
    And in his nae naes, whip it and rejoice.

  15. I believe in the magic of white dudes going to other countries and projecting their narrative….oh wait…..thats not magic it's history…unrare history…common earth.

  16. I keep a photo of a dragon in my locket and slayed a milf named Theresa. Sainthood here I come.
    Better step on a few geckos while I am it for good measure. Geckos are itty bitty dragons afterall. Smoosh enough of them and the XP points add up.

  17. "Rare Earth channel makes a lot of sense in most of their videos. I want Rare Earth channel to do some deep research on how can we understand what we are, inwards. To get a head start on this research, Please consider this Great Yogi and Mystic named Sadhguru. I am sharing a link at the end of this comment from one of his videos, please consider this comment."

    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7irEcQHChw

  18. You guys are nothing more than PURE BLASPHEMY! No miracles!? No dragon slayers!? Well, there is a miracle in this very video right before your eyes! @9:00 Ocean waves moving in reverse! How about using your fancy "science" now!? Case closed. Hallelujah! (Oh and btw the earth is flat)

  19. Very good points. A bit disappointed it didn't go into actual sainthood, requirements, theology, etc. but still, always appreciate hearing your perspective on widely held notions

  20. 1:42 Well, she was a horrible human being that denied sick people relief and medicine. If God is good then Mother Teresa is burning in Hell.

  21. I love these videos, the only issue I have is that you don't seem to understand that to a believer, if the Vatican says the saint slayed a dragon, that means he slayed a gosh darned dragon. I'm not saying that means you have to accept dragons are real, but I am saying that understanding the mind of someone who absolutely believes is necessary for this discussion

  22. This specific Saint was a Necromancer who just so happen managed to kill a Dragon. Seems legit, dragon bones though resiliant arent known to last very long if exposed to the Elements untreated. Mediorcre Wood at Miracle best.

  23. Dinosaurs were dragons. The word "dinosaur" first appeared in dictionaries in the 19th century. They used to be called dragons. There is no proof they died 65 million years ago.

  24. Mother Theresa was no saint. She was an agent of the Catholic Church who let children die in her clinics with nothing but prayers to heal their illnesses when they really needed medical attention. She was a twisted old woman who damned those who aborted children but also condemned those who used contraception. She was a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  25. "Every mystery that has ever been solved has turned out to be not magic." Duh, what do you think magic is?
    Magic is defined as the inexplainable, that which cannot be touched with logic or the scientific process.
    If magic were ever discovered and defined by science it would cease to be magic necessarily.

  26. Catholics don't worships saints and Catholics don't believe in Dragons. Catholics believe that saints go to heaven and we all want to go to heaven so we admire them for the deeds they did on earth to do that. The Vatican is run by man and no man is perfect but it sure is the closest religion to perfection because it was founded by God himself.

  27. If I don't exist, you don't exist. Atheism needs to come to grips with it's own internal haters, before telling people things don't exist. Instant big-puff-of-energy, it-was-here- now-its-gone spellwork, may no longer have the proper climate to work, but ritual spellwork has worked for me. Tarot cards work for me. Written spells, knot magic, healing, pendulums all work for me. I found a family members grave by talking to the other spirits in a grave yard for my aunt, people who died before I was born and only were known to be their by my aunt. I channeled them for her and got their personalities correct according to my aunt. My aunt knew her Aunty La in life. She'd have told me if I were wrong. Do you also disbelieve in String Theory? Most Atheists hate that branch of science. So technically they are no better than the Crazy Christian Right. They only believe in a twisted bible. Atheists only believe in a twisted science.

  28. A lot of these phenomenons can be explained by the power of suggestion. If you would like to learn more about it and you are interested in the topic, watch the series Mindfield – Power of Suggestion.

    Although I believe most of the time power of suggestion (your mind) heals your body, I also do believe that it is possible for someone else to use their power of suggestion to heal others…but that hasn't been scientifically proved YET, but that is how I feel. The only scientific experiment I can think of is when a Japanese scientist put labels with words on water bottles and then studied the water after some time. In my opinion it is not the word that is affecting the water, in fact is our mind and the perception of our mind about that word that truly influences the water.

  29. Eh… 'never be any dragons'? Really? Naaaah… we'll wait for genetic engineering to 'get there', then just say something is a dragon. 🙂

  30. Because you have criticized the cicadas, I am now curious whether or not you can find a story about the cicadas in your area. throws down the gauntlet

  31. CMOOON the dragon-killing was a symbol check your facts, its a legend asociated with him without true basis. And if you really think that nowadays there are no miracles then what about Padre Pio, non-believers even confess that they have no idea what was going on with him and all the miracles. People who tried to photograph him without premission ended up with rolls of blank photos. What about Our Lady of Las Layas ? Nobody knows how the image is possibly "painted". For those who don't believe, proof is possible, for those who believe it is not necessary.

  32. FYI according to biblical teachings miracles ended with the new covenant, the final "miracle" was salvation. But that's one sect of Christianity ad it's not the Catholics teachings. That's a Baptist thing. Also there were and will always be dragons if I have any say, they just aren't nearly as impressive as we'd prefer. I mean no wings, no breath weapons and an average lizards intelligence. Maybe he met a trader from china? Probably not.

    Finally people have gone into deep sleeps and been mistaken for being dead, he might have taken advantage of that situation.

  33. Before I watch the video, I hope there's a mention of St. Olga: the woman who spread Orthodox Christianity to the Rus people, and had 20 people buried alive

  34. My boyfriends great grandmother was sainted and people who’s families were affected by her miracles show up at his house chapel on the first Sunday of the month

  35. I don't think it's accurate to say Christians would have an issue with someone other than Christ raising the dead. Both scriptural and theological tradition have a long tradition of healing people and raising the dead. In the Bible Elisha, Elijah, Peter, and Paul are depicted as raising the dead. The idea isn't that the people are the ones performing miracles, but that they're a conduit of sorts.

    Additionally the canonization process isn't about miracles performed while a potential saint lived, just after they died. Sainthood is considered a way of recognizing that they are in heaven, and can be asked to pray on a living person's behalf.

  36. Cicadads are cool. (They remind me of our yearly holidays in Croatia.)
    It is even a pretty funny english word for a hungarian. Cica means kitten. Ask Kata, she would understand! 😉

  37. You know, some of your videos I find myself fully agreeing with. Others, like this one, I almost entirely disagree with but still find some interesting points to consider in. I want to say "Rare Earth is being yet another asshat atheist youtuber who hasn't figured out that stomping on religion won't convince anyone to renounce it", but saying that feels like an incomplete statement. I want to say this video made me angry, because you accused my beloved Church of knowingly lying and being a cynical power-grabber, but I'm not really angry because you raised a good point about how popularity is what leads to people being remembered and hero-worshiped. There are a lot of people who would qualify as saints in the sense of being abnormally compassionate and good, but who aren't canonized because they lived away from the spotlight.

  38. Early paintings of St. George and the Dragon make it look like a serpent or lizard, often without wings. Some look remarkably like komodo dragons, which we still call dragons. It's a coincidence of course, but you could make an argument that there is a real animal similar enough to one version of the mythical dragon to be a dragon.

  39. 50 plus years she spent nursing hundreds of dying children back to health with little more than thin gruel and a wet rag. But you are right ,a lifetime of devotion to the desperately poor and horifickly sick children is pretty good PR . And even if she had to pimp out herself and all the little sisters to get cash to do it I would consider it a worthy undertaking . In fact more so without belief in some heavenly reward because that is truly Rare on this earth.

  40. As my long past mother once put it to me, we should all believe in magic. Because without it, then there is no sense of wonder. Everything is reduced down to a just another scientific explanation in a long series of scientific explanations, devoid of wonder. Even the unknown becomes nothing more than the next mundane scientific explanation in an endless series of mundane explanations. Without magic, there's nothing left to wonder about. Everything is either explained, or soon will be. And the only reason to be surprised by anything is your own ignorance.
    It's better to believe you live in a world where you might just discover something special, something that defies your sense of rationality; something magic. Even if you never find any such thing, it's better to believe that such things exist, just so you can wonder at them, and continue to wonder at the world around you.

  41. As a devout Roman Catholic, I am sure you can imagine how much I disagree with you? Yet, you present very thought-provoking points and I believe I am the better for it. Love your series.

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