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  1. I strongly suggest the average layman to not get involved with any voodoo hoodo as it is all too easy to be silently persuaded/ led astray into more dark practices such as black magic. But who am I to tell anyone what to do/ not do.

  2. The priest always sells a better tomorrow without ever actually working. Journalists have become preposterous new shamans.

  3. Why not another topic CNN? Some examples: election, the new president, Preval, jobless … the list goes on and on. What are some examples of sensationalism in journalism? Answer: CNN reports on Voodoo in Haiti .
    Sick of it. !!!!

  4. in the Philippines we have a voodoo island siquijor pronounced sickly who're and means fire fries on trees. CNN should go there. but all the employees will be killed because they are all on drugs and we kill them in Philippines

  5. LOL. What they say is true. But they paint it so weird. Listen these people(CNN) know what they are doing. Currently vodou has gotten corrupted. The last part is very important very true as well. All over the Caribbean but all over the world Satan has entered the culture.

  6. Voodoo is what Obama's mother-in-law has been doing in the White House basement for the past 8 years. Trump's people had to bring in a fire truck to wash out all the chicken feathers and blood. 🐓 😰

  7. This is spiritism, these people think they are communicating with deceased loved ones their actually coming under the influence of powerful wicked spirits. Be very careful here the Demons are not to be toyed with, they are vicious killers who care nothing for humans…

  8. this is better than telling parents to feed their children more peanutbutter when more kids are having allergic reactions… They would never conclude that there is something wrong with the product of course! It's the kids fault for not eating enough

  9. they need to try to get back their children that was trafficked by the clinton foundation. here's a news story CNN, "foreign aid" is a front for international child smuggling.

  10. yo maybe this is just human ignorance but ever wonder why Haiti and the DR share the island of Hispaniola but the Haitian side is all ugly and they barely have trees and it's the poorest country in the western world but yet the DR side is much nicer and there's tourism maybe voodoo is satanic and why it's always Haiti get struck with natural disasters and their population keep suffering. maybe that's why God is punishing them or it's European colonialism


  12. The person who commented they nuke Japan and there were many Asian successes. If you mean Asia was successful after the nuke, that's because Japan had Aid to rebuild. That's because they gave millions maybe billions to help Japan and also the USA government helped asian countries and asians in the USA while working to oppress blacks so you should look into that.

  13. shows how the news media fuse Haiti Herbert a devil worshiper that is wrong nobody really knows the history of the religion of voodoo and there's a lot of reasons why people in his comment section that oughta be ashamed of themselves

  14. 1. Its Vodou not "voodoo".

    2. It's an Afro-spiritualistic religion similar to Santeria or Candomble.

    3. European colonialism and Hollywood demonized and stigmatized vodou giving it the negative image it has.


  15. 1. Its Vodou not "voodoo".

    2. It's an Afro-spiritualistic religion similar to Santeria or Candomble.

    3. European colonialism and Hollywood demonized and stigmatized vodou giving it the negative image it has.


  16. The god of the NT did nothing to help the people of Haiti. One practitioner of Vodou said that when the Christians came they told the people to pray with their eyes closed & that when they did this their land was stolen from them. One Evangelical Johnny-come-lately, the pastor of Shalom Tabernacle, can say that Haiti's problems are do to a pact or to Vodou, but if the people of Haiti who rebelled against being enslaved in the late 18th century had said they were going to do this in Jesus name, no doubt they would have been told that Jesus said "No slave is above his master" (John 15:20) and that the Apostle Paul said "slaves, obey your masters" (Col. 3:22). Christians should have known better than to enslave people, even though there were "heathen" Africans also involved, as the Christians then said the heathens knew nothing and needed to be told what to do by Christians.

  17. i say fuck you all of the white people talk bad about vodoo im haitian im black your jesus it not mine keep your white jesus from you i keep my voodoo your jesus want black people slave god in vodoo give freedom im haitian voodoo is in me blood

  18. You should also have a trip and film in Africa, precisely in Benin Republic the world capital, the mother land of Vodou.

  19. Haitians have their origin in Benin Republic in West Africa. Toussaint L'ouverture come from Allada, a city in Benin Republic.

  20. before we talk shit about voodoo we have yo lean what us voodoo i love voodoo and all haitian pratic voodoo

  21. Voodoo is what we call it in islam THE FORBBIDEN MAGIC leave that bs about slavery stories
    Voodoo is nothing but a relationship with devils demonic rituals harming people by devils possession it's forbidden rituals you basically worshipping devils and demons if you do that "spirits" wouldn't serve you until you sacrifice animals boold in the name of the spirits
    They call them spirits we call them demons and devils

  22. Satan entered the island when Christopher Columbus landed on the island and commit a genocide beyond human imagination by whipping out an entire civilization, and God cleansed the island when the slave revolted, this is why Satan's children are keeping Haiti economically suffocated

  23. I noticed the note his video ended on Satan entered the island" The only Satan that entered the island was the white man. The end.

  24. Europeans enslaved millions, commit ethnic cleansing, mutilate other races, and commit genocide
    People on Europeans: they are such amazing Christians!
    Haitians practice a positive folk religion to usher good luck, good wealth, etc.
    People on them: they’re evil!

  25. Not prejudice….. But soon white people get involed in it they start demonizing it…. Look what white Jewish people did to Hebrewisam

  26. Si Ayisyen pa dakò vodou se pou yo renonse freedom ou an se paske nou mènm se yon pakèt rèstavek nou ye ki fè nou ta jete vodou………..

  27. I have no respect for this guy after watching him freak out when attempting to participate in Aghori ritual. He fucking ran away….like a little bitch.

  28. The African religion Vodun (called Voodoo in Haiti) is 8,000 years OLDER than Christianity. Stop judging them because they choose NOT to follow the new Christian religion that was violently FORCED upon our Ancestors by foreign invaders who lied to, raped, abused, murdered & enslaved our Ancestors. Vodun is old & ancient. Christianity is just 1 of the many new religions on Earth.

  29. Satan entered the island via white folks and got mad that they were defeated and started a rebellion with hati.
    Chicago love

  30. I used to be a practioner of vodou, practiced for 10 years but my friend invited me to his church so I went and at the church I had a vision of a big cross and heard Jesus call me, so I gave up vodou and converted to Christianity!! When Spirit calls you, you can't resist but must obey!!

  31. where the life always in trouble, death and violence, at the sametime, poverty and ignorance put brain of positive thinking, there such cultures (VooDoo) developed . In India in Arunachal, still killing of other races is a quality before marriage. that means how much protection you could be given.
    Indian Lord Krishna married five sisters of a family for this.
    The Lord RamaKrishna, Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore arrived to stop this than present unnecessary killing. at that time they were under then British protection. other was the killing episode could not be opposed.
    About Voodoo YouTube 27 05 2019


  33. What is Voodoo; Man you Christian, or Religious People, are all alike, when it comes to Culture and Tradition, or Tribal affiliated, You all call it "Religion ,Believer" That's Leper Supremacy Leviticus 26-29 That's for You all, that's what they do.

  34. These entities are hidden in the Catholic practice in fact the Catholic practice is copying the voo Doo or voodun practice. In ancient Kemet Ogun is Herukhuti. The spiritual masters of ancient Days was force to create entities for European Invaders.

  35. Yeah the Santan entered the island by way of Europeans their laws and exploitation of natural resources and REPARATIONS, That the former enslaved had to pay france for freeing themselves. Are you serious…

  36. Vodou helped Haitians win that great battle for liberation and after the ancestors helped them secure that victory they foolishly were convinced to go back worshiping white gods! Now the curse remains on their heads for that insult to the ancestors!

  37. White man 👨 are the real devil.haha
    If you have got the heart to hang a human being for racism you are the real Devil 👿

  38. Christians need to read books other than the Bible. The moment Haiti became a free island, they were ostracized, attacked and suppressed by white and Spanish ruled countries all around the world to make sure they didn’t succeed as a free black nation.

  39. The country’s problems came from the French government forcing them to pay billions for their freedom

  40. You need to be quiet 🤐 you have no idea about veaudou,
    Voodoo is our religion. We do not need your white Jesus , voodoo gave us that land,

  41. The Africans knew the true creator,this isn’t a bad thing okay!
    We were deceived by the Europeans to do away with the greatest spirituality of the African.
    They gave us the bible with the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST who never existed as our saviour.
    What a dangerous voodoo on earth,Christianity and Islam ☪️ are all voodoos.
    We are coming back to our ancestors roots,that’s not voodoo.

  42. Vodou voodoo is the power all mighty God the only way black people is getting back with them self is trough vodou connect with yourself in the universe not from the former evil slave master religion who ravishly raped totured kiled robbed us

  43. correction sir. ENSLAVED or kidnapped Africans but not slaves.They did not fill out a job app to be a slave.It was forced upon those kidnapped. therefore the word slave is incorrect.

  44. The Catholics….the originators of Christianity..they got thier beliefs from many pagan religions including this one.

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  46. Satan is evil but why is it evil is what we need to ask ourselves? In my opinion Satan cannot reveal its secret because that will ruin its purpose but with time it will reveal itself ⏰

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