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Hello Welcome to Program Your Mind, Ved this side today I am gonna talk to you about Spiritual wealth i am gonna share a story with you to understand it through which You will get so much clarity about the real wealth that exist for which we need to do hard work really to achieve that is an ultimate wealth to achieve this is a story of Greece a king attacked on a particular city of Greece after the attack the war was continued for so long and he result was the king who attacked won finally and you know what happens when a king wins another king or city generally make the slave people over there he grabs their property and convert them into his servant to work for him but what happened? when this king who attacked with his army He said I am very happy to see the bravery of the warrior and the people of this city I have never seen brave people like them so I give you a liberty whatever you want to carry with you in bale or something you can go out of the city by carrying them I have invaded the city now I have possessed this land and I can’t let you live in this city you must have to go from here form this city but you can carry anything whatever you want but there is one law that whatever you want to carry you have to put it in a bale on your shoulder and carry and he announced it in that whole city people started gossiping with each other on this gossips started about what to carry and what to leave? but time was less everyone as much as they could packed their bale with gold,silver ornaments and precious things as much as they could they packed and hung the bale on their shoulders and started leaving the city when they were going outside the city so, everyone person was sad why was sad? because they were carrying some but left most of their belongings he is leaving his house and many more things which He can’t carry why? because only a limited quantity can be carry in the bale and the ability to carry lade is also limited there are so many things that they can not carry on their shoulder so everyone with sadness were leaving that city they carried something and left so many things people were leaving, crying and this was the same with everyone they had sorrow of what they had with them they were left more that that but what happened? there was a man who were going ahead of everyone who had nothing in his hand nothing at all and he was going happily with humming song and everyone was shocked by watching him “we have carried more than we can carry and we are burdened it is hard for us to walk what we are carrying this is not comfortable, we are tired,hungry and thirsty and we are sad because of what we left” and this has nothing in his hand he is walking ahead of us by humming a song so a woman reach to him and asks him are you mad? You didn’t carry anything with you You don’t have any bale in your hand even the beggars are carrying in bale whatever they earned and saved they are also carrying and by your appearance it doesn’t seem you are less than beggar don’t you have anything to carry with you? don’t you have any asset? you are leaving everything and humming in your mouth so this person laugh on him very loudly and He says don’t have pity on me because I am having sympathy on you my assets is with me and I am carrying that When she look at him and found nothing she said either you are become mad due to shock or you are completely mad this man’s name was Boethius and this bios was the philosopher of Greece and bios replies her “What I have become and my thoughts and knowledge I am carrying them with me and this is the actual wealth I am carrying with me” and you are carrying the wealth which is in control of a king and which can be grabbed by him anytime He made a decree and all your wealth is lie that king gave you an opportunity that you can carry those tings and you are carrying them but when you will die what will happen with your assets? it will be the belonging of someone else, now it is yours so you are carrying the weight of the things which are not yours which is not the actual property you have to carry your property and I carry my property with me. I myself is property of mine my wisdom is my actual property just think what an amazing thing it is if you understand it in this world whatever we earned, saved or did if there comes a small challenge everything will be left here and we will not be able to do anything I wish not happen so but suppose you are somewhere and a earthquake hit there, everything will be ended any minor accident or if we are about to die what are we gonna carry with us it doesn’t mean that because we are not gonna take with us anything so we stop create anything it will be a foolishness to which most of people are using that means they say what lies in money so they neglect the money we don’t want or don’t create this is foolishness wise thing is that we create real wealth these materialistic wealth are there or not it doesn’t make difference your actual wealth is your awareness and your wisdom which you are creating with that wealth like Boethius you will go happily wherever you move whether now or the journey of afterlife, you can go happily because what you are made you will take that with you but what you have created it will remain here pay attention to it carefully so start investing time and effort on yourself start observing the way you see,think and meditate, start observing your life and grow yourself from inward outer growth is reflection that will grow you have already became a master in making of that you are already creating so many things in external world and continue it I am not against that you just do it but along with that keep awareness within yourself through which while creating these all these you may become something from inside may the level of your awareness be different you may accumulate inner wealth the wealth through which nothing gonna effect when you leave the earth because you have completed your journey amazingly you accumulated the real wealth right so, by understanding these things start checking yourself what you made from within, external is different what if everything end in a second have you built yourself that you may stand again and to create new things again or you are gonna cry like those who were carrying the lade they left in past think about it let me tell you the people who become successful in their life not because what destiny gave them you may have seen so many examples, people who had so many things all collapsed in a second but in matter of time they build that agian why? because what they had that was passed but what they became that cannot be passed that was in them so just think what you have is different and what are you that is different and on this second thing how much you have focused and worked

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