100 Replies to “What Is Spiritual Hoovering from a Narcissist?”

  1. There is all power in the name of Jesus Christ. All spiritual authority is in the person of Jesus Christ. Nothing can stand against the blood of Jesus Christ. Trust in Him alone not other people because they are only human beings even if some of them don't intent to cause harm.

  2. Are you aware of any New Age or Spiritual book authors who might be narcissistic or psychopathic? Thnx

  3. Thank you. Right on. Yes i was guilted out and battered with the bible like I was supposed to enjoy being crapped on. Jesus Christ was all about helping and raising up the oppressed, the poor, the lame, the sick etc. As a matter of fact Jesus Christ was really angry and trashed the temple that the asshole pretender priests had infiltrated. Its about freedom, trust worthiness and raising the vibes. We are not supposed to hang out with swine. Read the book of Mathew.

  4. I have exoerienced this and I get attacked on my lower 3 charkas quite frequently. As I continue to practice my work daily. Makes things clear. Thank you

  5. Cords, attachments or soul ties not only form when you engage in sexual intercourse with another, but they also form when you give birth, spend any length of significant time with, make a verbal pact with another! Also a man does not have to ejaculate inside a woman to create soul tie. Remember, the soul encompasses the mind, will and emotions!!

  6. Yes, this is where I ran into the worst narcissist I ever met, in a church group program. They target these vulnerable types of people.

  7. This is extremely good information and I appreciate your taking the time to share it. For some reason, your explanations are particularly good. Or maybe it's just because I need to hear them right now. 🙂

  8. My covert stbx husband is demonic, plain and simple.
    Yes, I'll be feeling fine then I'll have this strange sensation behind by neck, his name comes into my mind and then the sadness comes. Then I feel enraged!

  9. This is so good. Wow!! Thank you!! I understand now. I wish I new this when I was young with the group I was in.

  10. What about a sensation on the top of your head. Like a presence? Like there around but there not around. I haven't had those sensations you have mentioned But i have felt on my head a tension snd presence?
    Anyo Anyone know?

  11. My husband told me that "I would gladly go to Hell with you" Then he sent me the thickest Bible I ever saw. I'm going to send that Bible to the veterns!!

  12. I can figure out why he got to me. What was the reason. My mother was a narc & she almost put me six feet under with a brain embolism. The loneliness & lack of love caused by her has caused me to much grief. I just discovered my husband not only hurt me physically, but also other people & that really did a number on me. I will have no trouble with going back to contacting him again, because I'm so terrified of him that I never want to see him again!!

  13. wow, you just described a narcisist who used to be my best friend. i still feel we where twin flames, I recognized his soul at a ceremony and that day I said to him: you are my chaman, i've know you for so many lives! I had the certainty we've been "dancing" through different lives, that same day I saw we where not to be together in this lifetime, i didnt know why, i felt kinda sad about that realization…`till now that I know how sick he is and how much pain he caused me. He kept insisting me that I could end my pain if I tried Ayahuasca with him. I'll never know. Im at C0… but I wonder, do you think he could possibly realize he is NTD with ayahuasca? or is it contraeffective for them?

  14. Please please please could you look into Jehovah's witnesses and do a video for those that have been cut off by family untill we return to cult. Its so spiritually, psychological and emotionally damaging and i and others could really do with some specific advice from someone like you. It is a form of narc abuse but on massive corporate scale. We have our family held, not againt their will, hostage. Its a helpless situation. We love our family just not the jw org but we have to loose it all the grief is so intense its so hard not to go bk to jw even 20 years on for sake of talking to loved ones. Some loose thier children omg!!! Literally with no blood transfusion as well as through being disfellowshiped. Please help us learn to deal with this and the brainwashing in itself esp those like me who grew up jw home schooled. Serious indoctrination

  15. I had joined a daoistic internet course across the Globe. It turned out that it was an energetic 'tempel' and that gave him/them 24 hr access to my soul. And everybody in the course/circle unconsciously had influence on eachothers lives…that got funky. It also somehow detached me from the outside world as they began to manipulate my inside world.
    The internet can be very deceptive because you cannot use all your senses, and you might access it alone, so It limits your perception and a buddys support.
    When I heal all this my immune system will be smackingly strong w all the crap Ive been through 🤣

  16. Please talk more about the psychic connection it seemed to us like our relationship was aligned in the stars i swear ….it was definitely getting creepy sometimes on both sides ….we would just know stuff the synchronicity between us just seemed to be on another realm sometimes we didnt even have to speak ….we finished each other sentences like daily that was the norm we came up with the same ideas at the same time….he would just know stuff and ask about it and it would drive me insane ….samehere as well …

  17. karma can be a bitch. building yourself a victim identity following meredith's advise will only cause you more harm in the long run. you are responsible for your emotions and actions, nobody else but you. take responsibility of your actions and feelings and stop whining about spiritual bullshit.

  18. Oh wow, spot on! My narc was the first guy i met that was into spirituality. I thought it was awkward, since he’s appears quite the macho guy, but endearing at the same time. He called me twin flame and that whatnot too. The sex was best ever, i will never have that again. His belief is all spiritual, but his behaviour definately isn’t. I will never trust spiritual people again due to him.

  19. Some fabulous insight here into demons which you put very articulately, and your conversation can also be translated into working with non human-entity attack such as bad habits and addictions etc…funny how psychopaths and bad habits affect you the same way and take over your mind.
    I've only just discovered your videos on youtube despite having my head in the narcissism/psychopath stuff for a while now.
    You are an amazing lady with a full power beautiful energy and a real pleasure to listen to.
    Thank you for your wise insight sister.
    Keep up the great work xxx

  20. 9:25 – Oh without a doubt religious groups are magnets for Narcissists. Authority, trust, avid followers who hang on their every word…OF COURSE Narcissists and sociopaths are drawn to New Age spiritual organizations and cults. It's perfect for them.

  21. I dreamt with my narc ex-wife during the love bombing phase. I opened myself completely because I thought she really loved me for me. She claimed we're soul mates, finished my sentences, we even had the same knife collection arranged in the same pattern, although I had put mine in boxes in the closet with a picture of how it was arranged (note I hadn't gotten rid of it yet).. Now I feel I've sullied my soul. She keeps a lock box full of crosses, including mine on top, as an offering to Satan whom she worships, while pretending to be a Christian. She's cast a spell over all the souls who's crosses are in there. I feel her sometimes and look out my window and sure enough, there she is driving by my house again.

  22. Thank you for all that you do. I now know I can recognize a narcissist. A spiritual narc promptly tried to be in my life. I called him out on his behavior and he hoovered and I knew exactly what was going on! Everyone, pay attention to what Meredith is teaching us. Her teachings have been a blessing for me.

  23. My mother was a narc or psychopath. At 5 years old, she caused a brain injury, with her bare hands.I almost died. Right now, my neck is aching, but in the middle of each side of the back of the neck. I'm dropping things for no reason, things for by themselves & nothing will stay on my lap. I feel watched & there are noises with no reason. I started with mindfulness & it's helping. But I still have moments where I can't stop thinking of him. I do not feel safe!! Is all of this part of spiritual hoovering or do I need a ghost buster? LOL I turned off the radio, because the strong my narc dedicated to me, when things were really bad was not ever played by the radio station, when all of a sudden, hit & miss they started playing that song. The station doesn't play any song once in a while, it's every day, several times a day

  24. Again, thank you for spelling this out and I love the way that you can put a word to some of the, at least to me, abstract ideas, I remember a few people, mostly girls and women who were always going on to me about other guys that were "so humble" and I never had a real answer, it can be frustrating, they're always trying to shut me down, but you really help put me on a better path.

  25. Whoa! I am 3 weeks post escape. The hoovering began one week in. When I left I took every single thing except for the dog. I left one message, only one, to tell him I would be returning for the dog. I drove 4 hours dropped my truck load of things off, turned right around and went back. I had this timed so I knew when he would be gone. By the time I got back the locks had already been changed and the dog was no longer there. He was using the dog as a tie. I ignored it and waited it out, I knew after no action on my part he would return her and he did. He dropped her off in the night in her kennel with a bag of food. The next Hoover was a piece of mail telling me he had made an eye appointment for me and how he would pay for my next set of glasses. Next, the dentist. I kept none of these appointments (although I needed to badly) because it's bait on a hook and I have made the mistake in the past of biting on his fake hook of benevolence. It was nothing more than a pitfall. Next hoover, his friend I don't even know personally, but only know of starts blowing up my phone. I don't answer calls like that…ever, but when the same number started blowing up my phone my friends were like, "you better answer that," so I did and it was his friend saying he had money from Narc to give me. I am literally starving but refused to take the bait and told him to donate the money to a shelter for abused women and that I have no desire for contact from Narc or his flying monkeys. But, this is where it gets interesting. I was down for nearly four days with a migraine right to the back of my head, feeling like I had been hit there with a bat. And…I have had a headache, and HORRIFYING NECK PAIN everyday since I left. It's so bad I can barely turn my head. Guess where it is? Right where the occipit and the axle atlas join. No, I am not kidding
    Also, vertigo and ringing in my ears.

  26. This is an amazing video! You are one of the few who mentions the significance of sexual attraction – talk about trauma bonding..it can be so difficult to extricate oneself from a “romantic” relationship with a narcissistic. I went through years of hell believing in nothing but a myth.

  27. Then you werent learning at church is discernment. Don't blame the church because not all churchs are teaching anything spiritually. Every group of people has good and bad people in it. What the quality you are wanting to development is called discernment.

  28. Its kind of offensive that you are telling people tobe wary of people with BPD. Ive just figured out i have this and its been enlightening since it has screwed up everything i ever attempted to do, because i did not know what was going on. Ive had several relationships with NARC people who truely can leave someone in a place of trauma and hurt and confusion. Still, i have managed to get myself away, although i will still end up with the same kind of people trying to be friends with me. I understand that people with mental emotional conditions are difficult to be in a relationship with. I know this about myself. I think most of them arent in therapy of any kind may be undiagnosed or some other medication or substance is affecting thier behavior. I would never set out to prey on anyone in the way that it seems like you are warning people about "the BPD ones" etc. Remember that NARC's have developed that trait since childhood environment and are maybe unaware that thier entitlement isnt real. BPD have been traumatized as children and are likely stuck at that same age emotionally. I always knew something was not right about how i responded to situations and still only in the past year have i stumbled onto what it actually is that has been going on and i just turned 50yrs old. Its affected my life's outcome and all my relationships by not knowing about it. Its disapointing. So people defending themselves against something i would not set out to DO to someone else seems harsh. How about people need to be MORE AWARE of traits like NARC and disorders that are developed like BPD so that there isnt an attitude of deffectiveness about them?

  29. im hoping u will see my question in universal law sence.. i was the narc/codependand that love bombed her and hooked and baited her several times over 3 years… but we were twinflam labeld as we covered each others wounds perfectly….. but i fell in love and power dynamcs changed and any how… i obtained spiritual enlightenment or basically i had to chase my shadow down and beat him for undsrstanding wtf happened.. and my findings were it starts with " YOU " what u say .do or invest any form of your energy in anything.. thoughts etc… U WILL BE HELD ACOUNTABLE FOR IT AND ONLY YOU… and from this i started my inner journey.. my question is… my covert Narc GF well ex again ..currently with new supply or her savior lol and we in triangleasion as we speak… and o the discard with mallace to hurt intentionally and smear you is what kills every one i think… but this time around i plaid my game so perfectly with bounderies and acounyability for all my actions.. that smear camp is non operationall.. just new supply that is being love bombed and to blind so no point even trying to speak sence to him.. MY QUESTION IS… I HAVE NO ill or hatred thoughts towrds her and onky emphathy and unddrstanding why she is doing this and i feal her emotional distress in my hart now that im still trying to understand how i can deal with that and heal it.. the physical part of sexuall betrayal i healed with in myself aswell and i came to the conclusion that if we take away the sex and minipulation and everythig else then i am actually in love with that part of the soul she hides behind her mask.. the real self… and its in the spiritual plain therefore the 3d dont bother me abymore and i laugh at the games….. i set her free and told her that we wil onky be friends untill the one she hides comes to the front for healing and then only ill be with her again… i dint want any other relationship as all previous ones were only basicaly physical togetherness with out a real connection or some one that i can love wiyh out expecting anything bak when i give…. is this normal or is this devinely orgenised? or is this a new label of some sort of trauma sickness thing lol…. i know we are here for purpouse … do u have guidance for me pls?

  30. It’s also quite possible that the spiritual pull is real and it’s not just a ploy. It’s just that the person has personality disorder in this life.

  31. When you’re obsessing and thinking about them all the time bc of need for cord cutting does the narcissist think about you too consciously? Bc As we all know the narcissist seems to feel nothing while we are in pain . I do really believe in this psychic connection. Bc I myself am experiencing the psychic attack. But I’m going to energetically free myself and protect myself .

  32. My neck hurts like that a lot. I have a lot of pain in my neck. I do have a narcissist. We don’t talk as much as we need since, we dont live together now. I’ve been going through a lot of weird things.
    So… question, any time I get that feeling in my neck and I am meeting someone new, that means that person I need to stay away from? Because it seems like it.
    I feel I’ve been getting attacked physically. I’ll say a prayer, and I’ll feel better.
    Sometimes as soon as i am around my narcissist my neck hurts.

  33. I would like to know if you can get hoovered just using thoghts – I often fill this pain in my upperstomack and can´t realy find out why it is there??

  34. I discovered these videos at just the moment I needed them. I’ve learned so many mental tools from your videos that have kept me from being duped by an ex. Thank you!

  35. I did a chakras cleanse a few weeks ago, cause I was feeling hurt on my solar plexus. While doing it, I started feeling a huge pain on the back of my neck, then my solar plexus got very hot. A few weeks later I was told my aura was red and shiny except for a dark light, that was there due to my narc. This has been one of my most traumatic experiences. Everything, absolutely everything you mention is exactly what has happened to me. From the admiration to the critics, from telling me I was her leader to telling me I was a coward, from telling me that she didn’t know how to live without me and owed me her life, to telling me that I was too needy and didn’t know how to be with myself and everything was always about me. This confusion, these guilt trips after going no contact, the depression from the withdrawal, the crying, and STILL wanting to know if she is alright, still feeling like I care for her, having to identify the ugly things hidden behind the most beautiful compliments I have received in my life. The wondering of which part was true, if there was any, the doubting if I am a narc myself, the hurt, the pain, the memories and not being able to erase them, cause you can’t, but at least wish they can stop hurting. This, my fellow victims, this is the lesson we have to take with us. Never again fall for someone who compliments you without knowing you enough and without knowing them enough. Love yourself to the point that you don’t need to hear from anyone else how much you’re worth. Don’t fall for the tears, the victimization, the praising, the needing. Never let them break your spirit. Get out before it is too late. When you are down on the floor crying and thinking about how stupid you were, they will be long gone, and all the promises of “I’ll always be here for you” will be just words. Another advise, compliments are like gum. Chew them, but never swallow.

  36. Only Jesus can cut the spiritual cord, it's called an ungodly soul tie, and you can only get this relief if you are repented, and that Christ is your Saviour, he can then cut away things in the spirit realm, such as ungodly soul ties. Make sure you throw out any items that you have from this person, photos, cards etc… Block their number, emails, repent, give your life over to Christ, forgive, and ask him to help you cut these ungodly soul ties between your lovers and yourself & vise versa. However, following Christ means you would need to also follow his commands, so he will help you one step at a time, plus you would have to be willing to put away fornication. Because these are the strongest soul ties that are the hardest to break, or they never break (Unless you give it to Jesus), and you will find the same type of persons (Narcs) seem to come into your life, it's because it's spiritual, but God can break these curses This is why God has spiritual laws that we follow, for example to make our lives simpler and so we do not fall into bondage, soul ties are only good for when you become one when married, it's the spiritual glue that keeps a couple together, but when it's a bad soul tie, it's excruciating to let go, because your souls are still tied even if their out of the picture, even decades down the line, it will affect you. Hope this makes sense on a spiritual level. Jesus bless you all in your healing and may he continue to lead you down the path of more truths in him. Ps: I forgot to mention you can also get ungodly soul ties to anyone you have opened your heart too, such as friendships ending badly, romantic dates turning horrible or unhealthy family members, can all play a role to ungodly soul ties too, but the worst kind is the sexual soul ties, as the spiritual cord is much deeper, hope that makes sense 🙂

  37. Dont be decieve. nor be fooled be watcgful at all times! Look out for sheep in wolves clothing and wolfes in sheep clothing.(Behavioral and how they act and talk) hope thids helps! Thats what helped me!!!

  38. I do agree with the intensity in the sex with BPD however I must say I found the intensity alot higher with a somatic female narcissist, this is my opinion based on personal experience.

  39. My ex narcissist was incredibly psychic about what I was thinking and we would actually each night have sessions where he would tell me exactly what I had been thinking about. Or he would mention dreams he had where "someone" was with him in a way that I had been thinking about. He was completely in touch with my thoughts, and even told me about past things in my life I had never told him about, mostly the bad things I had done no one knew about! I just thought he was incredibly psychic but now I think it was demonic.
    Yes the back of my scalp itches since I met him.

  40. Yeeeees! Whew! Thank you! I got away!! Broke off my engagement this week ! And was doubting myself for setting a boundary and just saying NO to his 'biglove'-ish' death pit scheme. Right after sending my breakup text: I felt the covers and my shirt moving by themselves, repeatedly, 4,000 miles away from this ex-fiance right there at the spot at the back of my neck! He Daddied me, soulmated me, and gave me full attention (my core trauma wound, aged 2…resolved now!! :-)) for 40 days. 5 days pulling away! Whew! Thank you, Meredith!

  41. Very enlightening. I have been having serious pain in those areas for years. Your videos have been so helpful for what has been going on in my life. Thank you for the invaluable information and support!

  42. I was with a covert narcissist and didn’t even realize it till after the discard and his attempt to destroy me… but really, he set me freeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I can focus on myself, heal and then continue my mission for #worldpeace ❤️❤️❤️

  43. Borderline are gentel they dont hurt others at least not intentionaly like narcissist and psycopaths borderline hurt themselves often they suffer and they are empathic they Just dont know how to contrôl their emotions Yes they are quiet manipulative Sometimes cause they fear abondonment but they arent likely to hurt ppl like narcissist that's my opinion cause I have BPD.

  44. The Christians narcissists are the worst. They use the Bible to manipulate you and make you crazy. So glad I'm out of that crazy world.

  45. Yes. I felt her presence long distance, and so did my next gf, until I did some binding work. The hovering happened during no contact but felt weird, showed up in dreams, the spiritual connection happened because I invited it. We once agreed our energies aligned and when we were apart we were only functioning at half capacity. Speaking it manifests it, I'm an occultist, she's an atheist but her research phase included deep searching into metaphysics and these tools are dangerous to a predator and her dark energy is residual. The binding worked. The presence went away, I felt weak as I had learned to lean on our mutual energy but am getting my strength back. And the cord is definitely severed now. Re: neck, I hurt my neck in bed with her the first time and the pain haunted me til the end (6 months}. Now I'm fine, even went to PT and didn't need to go after 2 visits. Before the binding I broke out in 2 large bumps beneath my hair line. Bumps also gone. (And the sex was actually terrible.)

  46. Thank you for this, Meredith. This is important, but not well understood by everyone teaching "narcfreecisim" (! Ghee, I just made a wonderful, new word! Haha). Coverts definitely use whatever psychic "abilities" they have, to harm others. What is needed, is to empty out all the feelings and reactions that arise, when getting triggered by other people. Then they will have nothing to latch on to. I am abit against the consept of "lessons to be learned"…I rather see it as there being a need to remember certain supressed memories that are hindering us from protecting ourselves. During a psychic attack, it is necessary to sever the intrusion as soon as possible, unless it is at the stage where you need to gather information about their plans to harm you (which usually is the attempt). When you have gathered what you need to know, in order to make plans and strategies against their next move, you need to disconnect as soon as possible. This can be done through watching movies, listening to music at high volume, moving you body (cleaning your home, dancing, anything that will get the auric energies shifting, so you cut the connection). You can also take a shower, eat something very tasty to you, light some scented candles, etc. Just make sure that you are activating ALL of your senses, so you strengthen the connection to YOURSELF, and your body. You do all this until they stop attacking you. When left alone again, you can then start to empty out the suppressed feelings or memories that were triggered, and seal your aura after. NEVER make plans about your future, or even think about any aspect of your life, while under a psychic attack. This is VERY important, because you don`t know what level of mind- reading/ energy- reading they may be capable of. Love your videos. Take care. Kind regards.

  47. A couple months ago I was sitting on my porch at night And out of no where I heard "[my name] CONTACT ME!!!" There was also a time out of no where I felt my hands literally moving to make some sort of contact like something was trying to pull me in I REFUSED! It was so strong though. Never going back never looking back!

  48. I've also spend some years in a spiritual Cloud. Went for vipassana retreats, listenend to the teachings from Buddhismus to Advaita. In retrospective some of the teachers do have narcopath traits. Urgh, there is a lot 'do not have bounderies' teaching. I became really allergic to teachers (not spirituality), but sadly it goes hand in hand sort of.

  49. It's sad. The vulnerability makes the sexual experience
    The lust on their free will of their conscience they are not dealing with and they look nice even your own families who do not deal with their addiction from abuse and is coming out of the lack of conscience of the phycopath who taught it to the family
    We are not to be allowed to be taught subordinate evil. You need to know if your parents are teaching evil or good. And react properly
    It's sad when the parents would rather teach evil. Than good.🤦‍♀️🤲🙏💟

  50. Spiritual abuse. Yes. Just those two words, the idea that this is possible is so very clarifying. Thank you. We need something that speaks directly to this. It’s not the literature that is a problem here. Ideas like “soul mate” or special knowledge that THIS particular person pretends to be privy to have only been used to control people for thousands of years.

    Click your heels together three times and beat the crap out of the wizard.

  51. Thank you so much for talking about this! Very good stuff here, especially for those of us who are sensitive to the psychic energies! Thanks for reminding me about cord cutting! 🙏💝 many blessings upon you, Meredith!

  52. Hoovering AKA gang-stalking proof right here = https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipOFISWszkbDQ_hhPez-gvt-oV0yN6ZDe4kcz_0f/photo/AF1QipMXgTFUB4FC26CprFvECnmiDQrcRfdi_6yzjHZy

  53. I should preface this by saying I've always been somewhat skeptical about religion. That said, I'm convinced that my BPD/NPD spiritual narcissist was demonically possessed. My icon was inspired by this demon. Despite knowing her scriptures backwards and forwards, she was the high priestess of hypocrisy. The bible teachings at church only applied to me, not her. Of course, in the beginning called me her twin flame and the sex was incredible, but in time, she became nasty and evil. Incredibly manipulative and abusive… It was a wild roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. I finally got fed up with her verbal abuse, ghosting and beating me in my sleep and I calmly told her I was leaving her. No emotion. Just matter of fact. She could tell i didn't love her anymore. Big mistake! The night of her grand finale, her eyes turned BLACK and her voice got really deep, like a deep, male, animalistic growl. This was not the woman I fell in love with… This was not even human. This was a predator. She attacked me over and over as I tried to leave repeatedly, but she stuck to me like velcro… Afterwards, I looked up her past boyfriends and ex-husbands and when I told them what happened, they believed me right away because they saw it, too and no one believed them, either. Big surprise. People call me crazy when I tell them what really happened, but I know what I saw… Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction. Thank God she's gone, but I feel for the poor, unsuspecting bastard that this demon sinks her claws into next.

  54. i swear i pull these people out of whatever sewer they are hiding in. i was a snack for a guy online, neighbours, people literally would accost me on the bus, it's grooming from the pedophile who got me young. we have tremendous light and they know it. i have aggressively cut off ties with people and set boundaries and feel sorry for nobody now. i value me way more than them. i was groomed to not only take care of sick people but to be the "good girl" , the religious one, who had to pray for others in order to be forgiven for the sin of being abused. not my sin but the sin they forced on me. abuse is a very evil thing. when you wake up and realise this entire evil world is one giant gaslighting manipulative narc fest – it is satan's world after all – you can find your peace. we are in a spiritual battle in this world. we are called to be the light by Christ for a reason.

  55. Wow! So spot on about AA groups. My stepfather was a full-blown narcissist. Wielded his victimhood like a finally tuned weapon with 12 step program. Total nightmare to live with. Was sponsoring people in AA all the time. Unbelievable.

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