What do Mormons do on Sunday? | 3 Mormons

What do Mormons do on Sunday? | 3 Mormons

Shelley: I think the Sabbath Day should be different than the rest of the week. Ian: Wear orange pajamas. Shelley: No! You like wake up in the morning and pray and turn on Mo-Tab and you read your scriptures while sitting in a ray of sunlight. And it’s like the most spiritual day of your week. Ian: So if Music and the Spoken Word is on in the morning, it is the Sabbath? Shelley: It is the Sabbath, you know! Kwaku: So what you’re saying is, What should we and should we not do on the Sabbath? Theme song. Ian: The Sabbath is definitely the Lord’s day. And you know, in the 70’s and 80’s, the Apostles were like using the pulpit as a bully pulpit where they were kinda like pulpit pounders. They would say things and it was the truth. And this is what I’m going to do today. I’m gonna spit truth about the Sabbath. Shelley: Please don’t spit. Ian: Is Shelley in the 21st century? I don’t think she understood that. I will declare truth! Okay Shelley, is that a little bit better? Shelley: This is better. Thank you. Ian: Okay, on the Sabbath, like I said, it is the Lord’s day. We need to dedicate our time. What do you guys think about that? Shelley: So. Sunday is the Sabbath Day and that, in my opinion, is God’s day, which means that all of the things that you do on Sunday relate back to God and it’s what God wants you to do and all that stuff. And a lot of people will say, like, “Oh, but I like to spend time with my family and we watch football and we go out to dinner.” I think that’s wrong and there’s actually a time, set aside, on Monday nights for FHE. There’s no Bishopric meetings, there’s no church meetings– Ian: There’s no temple, actually. Shelley: There’s no temple, it’s not open. Yeah, so that is the time that you can do those things like watching sports, playing games that aren’t necessarily like spirit bringing or uplifting or going out to eat and doing whatever with your family. That is Monday night and not Sunday. Ian: I think that’s a great rule of thumb for your family. Shelley: For my family, it works really well. Kwaku: Well, you know… Shelley: It doesn’t for Kwaku. Ian: Kwaku’s like, he’s like boiling inside. Kwaku: No, I have no issue with it, you just put so many opinions in there. Ian: I want some foundational truth. Kwaku: You’ve gotta be — make sure that we’re not putting our opinion over what the Church says. Shelley: What does the Church say? Kwaku: *singing* What does the Church say? Shelley: I actually have something that the Church does say about that Kwaku. Elder James E Faust said, Kwaku: Oppa Gangnam Style Ian: It’s the pumpkin spice donuts. We can’t have pumpkin spice donuts before the shoot. Shelley: James E Faust said, “What is worthy or unworthy on the Sabbath day will have to be judged by each of us trying to be honest with the Lord. We should do what we have to do and what we ought to do in an attitude of worshipfulness and then limit our other activities.” That is what the Church kind of says. Ian: Alright. So “honest with the Lord” is something that I’m going to pull out from this quote right here. So, I’m going to bring in a little personal story. I gained a personal testimony that God is our Eternal Father and that he loves his children when I was actually on a Sunday drive with my family. And we were in the mountains and I was just admiring the creations of Heavenly Father. Some people may say, “That’s a recreational activity that we should not do.” But since I’ve had such a spiritual, you know, experience with that moment in my life, it feels like that’s me doing something separate on a Sunday that is loving the Lord. And if someone has that experience with football, which maybe seems a little bit far fetched, but if someone does, I can’t judge them cause I don’t want to say, “No, you’ve never had that experience in your life.” So it depends on those experiences that you have with Heavenly Father that will basically reflect the covenant that you will make with Him and I think if people do that righteously, then I think they’re okay. Kwaku: Okay, truthfully, I think you’re both right. If it’s a family tradition that’s bringing them together, I’m going to judge them but if we’re being honest– Ian: If we’re taking our shirts off when a touchdown happens– Kwaku: If we’re being honest, it’s the Sabbath, you shouldn’t be watching football. Shelley: And you shouldn’t be taking your shirt off. Kwaku: But then again, there’s so much you shouldn’t do on the Sabbath that we do. Ian: It’s one of those things where someone’s pulling out their phones and checking Facebook during Sacrament meeting. Is that okay on the Sabbath? Because the same person that does that also says that football’s not okay on the Sabbath. Kwaku: Okay, being on your phone at church, none of us should do that. Ian: That is not okay. Kwaku: 100%. And we all, all three of us do that. Ian: I suck at it. I’m so bad. Kwaku: It’s the Lord’s day. My personal opinion is that you need to be reading the scriptures on Sunday and if you’re reading the scriptures on Sunday and doing godly things or things that help bring the spirit, then you’re probably not going to have too much of a want to do things that are completely void of the spirit. And watching men tackling each other over a pigskin is not really what Christ had in mind. Shelley: If you have to justify watching sports to us, you probably shouldn’t be watching sports on Sunday. Ian: Here’s the thing. Let me talk to those that watch football on Sundays and they’re a little sad right now because these two people are attacking you. Let me just say one thing really quick– don’t justify it. If you really feel strongly about it, just own up to it. That’s the thing. Kwaku: And let’s be clear. I don’t care. I mean, there’s things I do on the Sabbath that I shouldn’t do. So I’m right there with you. This is more of like us and a pot of like, we shouldn’t do this. Well, we do it anyway. How can we become better? Ian: I think people of the Mormon faith judge people very quickly when they work on Sundays. And I’m under the impression that you need to try your hardest to work five or six days of the week and separate Sunday like we said, to dedicate that time to the Lord and fulfill your callings and show up to church. Shelley: But sometimes, it’s hard. And sometimes you’re a heart surgeon and somebody gets a heart attack on a Sunday and you have to go fix them and save them. Kwaku: As in Russell M Nelson. And also, I don’t believe that we judge people too much. Ian: Maybe you don’t. Kwaku: I’ve just never seen it. Maybe you guys have had experiences like that. Ian: There have been moments where people have, you know, not given those others the benefit of the doubt. And of course there are people who are just thinking about getting gain on Sundays and they won’t go to Church and they’ll fall away. And sometimes you need to support your family and life happens. Kwaku: If you feel it’s your priesthood responsibility to do something on Sunday for the betterment of your family, do it. Shelley: Try hard not to but– Kwaku: No, no, if you feel it. If you have to work because let’s say your son has a disease or something and you need that money, I’m not going to tell you not to do it. It’s smart to do it. It’s also… maybe God’s saying don’t do it but find a different way. I don’t know, we don’t know what’s going on but do not project your ideas onto them cause you don’t know their story, cause we all have a different story. Shelley: I think that if your kid as a disease or whatever is happening, it’s more just like anything that is wrong that you need to work on Sunday that you feel you need to work on Sunday, if you take that leap of faith, I think you’re gonna… Ian: Please pray about it. Shelley: Pray about it, but I really think that if you don’t work on Sunday, just like not doing homework or always paying your tithing, I think that you’ll be blessed with exact obedience to God’s laws. And of course Heavenly Father is going to tell you exactly. He commands His prophets maybe to do things that like… In the Book of Mormon, with Nephi, he has to kill Laban. That’s technically a commandment to not do but like… Ian: Everyone that’s not a Mormon is going to watch and be like… Shelley: What? Read the Book of Mormon! God will tell you what to do but in general, it’s keeping His commandments that will give you all the blessings that you need, in my belief. Kwaku: We are Latter-day Saints. And if you’re a Latter-day Saint, I think the one job that you can take on a Sunday that you can feel guilt-free about is service. If you’re helping other people, if you’re helping the homeless, if you’re helping rebuild a house, you’re cleaning, you’re helping feed animals, whatever. You go for it, you go for it, guilt-free. Ian: Yeah, and I think service is for everyone in the Church. Those in the priesthood, they need to understand that the priesthood has no schedule. If someone calls you to serve and if someone wants your help, be the servant of the Lord in that moment and fulfill your priesthood. I think that is the essence of the gospel– fulfilling what you’ve been ordained to do. Shelley: And for women, service is kinda a part of everything that we do all of the time. Relief Society was built on serving other people. That’s why relief society is a thing. And so any calling you hold in the Church- Priesthood, Relief Society, Primary, Nursery, Young Women, whatever it is, that is service. And you can find more ways to serve in those callings and visiting teaching and home teaching on the Sabbath Day. Kwaku: Honestly, I’m so focused on making sure I keep the Sabbath Day holy cause I just veer off all the time. Ian: And I think it’s okay to respect those with different opinions because we need to do that. Everyone’s family is different on the Sabbath. Kwaku: Except for those who are wrong. Ian: Yes, exactly, except for those who are wrong. But we need to respect those that are wrong as well, those people that are wrong think they’re right and if they’re right then maybe we’re wrong. Kwaku: No, they’re wrong. And they’re dumb. Ian: I’m wrong. Am I wrong? Shelley: I think he’s talking about me, actually. Ian: You’re talking about Shelley?! No, no, no! Kwaku: Shelley and I are actually friends, okay, I know you people think I hate her. I do not, I do not, I love Shelley and I love Ian. So we have a lot of opinions. Shelley: But you guys do too. Ian: And we want to hear what you guys do on the Sunday. Shelley: On the Sunday… Ian: One more time. Kwaku: So we have a lot of opinions. Shelley: But you guys do too. Ian: And we want to hear about… Shelley: Do you want me to do that part? Ian: I got this! Kwaku: So we have a lot of opinions. Shelley: But you guys do too. Ian: And we want to hear what you guys do on the Sunday. I said it again!!! I said it again! Shelley: So what do you guys do on Sunday
that’s okay? Ian: Please comment below and just write about what you do on the Sabbath that brings the spirit. Please. Cause I can’t differentiate the Sunday and the Sabbath. Shelley: Three, two, one. Ian: Please subscribe. Shelley: Subscribe! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… Kwaku: You don’t know where they are. Shelley: LinkedIn? I don’t know! Kwaku: Tinder, Tinder, swipe right. Ian: MySpace, Tumblr Shelley: We have a MySpace! Kwaku: Like that one Russian one. Shelley: What’s the Russian? Kwaku: I don’t know, it’s like Richakljoireahgdagas, you know that one? Ian: That’s legitimate social media.

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  1. I LOVE the point Shelley makes. After hearing what she said about Sunday activities that can be done on Mondays, it gave me the thought that if more people would honor (and do) Family Home Evening, it would naturally lead to better Sabbath Day observance as well. #ShelleyRocks #ShelleysGotSpirit

  2. I agree with everything that you said. But I feel that you focused too much on the things we shouldn't do on the Sabbath. I personally have a problem, I go to church, read my scriptures, do my home teaching, and once those things are done it's 2pm. That leaves me with 9 hours that I don't know how to use well. I would have loved to have heard some unconventional ideas for good activities. Love the show!!!

  3. Well my Sundays are quite different from the normal I suppose. In the morning I start with prayer and study, which I do privately as my family are against me converting to Mormonism. Then getting church can be a hassle as I have to wait till no one is about to leave. Then when I get back I help with the Sunday dinner, and sometimes, completely against my wishes will have to go to the shop to get something my partners mother has forgotten. And then I am free the rest of the day to help those who need it and do intermittent studying!
    But I totally agree with the no football. And I absolutely love the show guys!

  4. Thanks for the open conversation. Here's a question. I would like to drink warm drinks in the cooler weather. But I don't want a sugary drink (hot chocolate). Tea is a no no. What warm drink can I have & still be obedient to the word of wisdom 🙋🏻

  5. When my friends ask questions about the church that y'all have talked about I literally just pull you guys up and show your video to them. Reading straight from the For Strength Of Youth tends to get kinda old and when they see real people explaining the stuff they think is weird about Mormonism it's like they are much more willing to listen and respect my beliefs and morals. Thanks for explaining the Modesty thing cause I live near the beach. Please keep posting! You were an amazing EFY councilor Shelley and I grew so much because I new you!<3

  6. Don't you think that if any these things you guys talk about not doing on the sabbath is actually breaking the sabbath, the brethren would talk openly and often about them? In fact, more recently, the push has been to avoid talking about specific activities that should be avoided on Sundays. I feel that it is inappropriate and a misrepresentation of our faith to go beyond the current revelation from our prophet and apostles.

  7. My mom always taught me if your Sunday activity is enabling someone working on the sabbath then you shouldn't do it. Ex. Eating out. This obviously excludes medical professions

  8. AY IAN. I feel like I agree with him and Kwaku the most on these talk shows. Shelley seems like a nice girl, but living a life worrying if you are following every exact word on our scriptures doesn't seem exactly right. It just doesn't seem like there is any space to learn on our own.
    Furthermore, I can say we are both privileged, but other people aren't. My family wasn't. My dad had to work extra shifts on Sundays to support us. Those shifts weren't mandatory, but he chose to because well… they were necessary. While a football game might not directly gives us sacred revelation… the action of sitting down, together, as a family might. Like have you ever been to a concert and realized wow these famous people exist? Well, when I spend time with my family, it hits me how blessed I am to have them here and how much I adore them, and it makes me realize that I want to work towards never breaking that relationship.
    Yes, I understand that can be done any other day, but sometimes when there is a chance to experience that, I simply can't turn away from it.

    (I don't watch football lol, but yeah)

    Anyways, love the show!

  9. Heey! Brazil! Yeah! Did he serve here? 💚 Well.. Ever since I found out about this show, I loved it. I love what they do. Thank you for sharing it with us, with the world! Share the light. 💖

  10. Is this specifically for mormons? because I hope so, I hope this isn't intended for Christians because this can confuse some.

  11. As a protestant Christian I feel your struggle. I believe in setting aside a day for God. But Jesus taught that our personal relationship with God is what matters most. My relationship with my wife is never turned off. My relationship with God should also never be relegated to one day. I know this is not what you are saying, but what I mean is that if we were in constant relationship with our Creator how could you set aside a day when it was all the time?

  12. On Sundays I go to church I come home read scripture and have family time. Unfortunately when it's show season I would have rehearsals on Sundays and it was difficult for me because Sundays are the Lords day.

  13. I think you touched on a more serious issue during this episode than Sabbath observance. You touched on the issue of being judgmental which seems to be a far to prevalent issue among Utah Mormons along with being cliquish. The other issue that you reference in another video is that if you are not observant the rest of the week Sabbath observance is pointless.

  14. Omg! Rio de janeiro tshirt!! Amazing 💖 Love u guys! U r helping people with so much love ❤ hugs from brasil

  15. Jesus and the Apostles observed the Sabbath on Saturday. The Catholics changed it to Sunday. Again we see the Mormons copying everything the Catholics created. Mormons even fill their publications with the Catholic image of Jesus with long hair and beard. That image was created by the Catholics around 400A.D.

    Funny how God told Joseph Smith to not have anything to do with these false churches but copy everything they do.

  16. My Dad is a feedlot owner, everyday he has to feed and take care of the cattle. Before he was called as a bishop he went through a period struggling to fit it all in one day. Through lots of prayer, the Lord guided him to establish a Sabbath day routine that works. The takeaway through this is that we are all individuals, God created us that way. If we pray to Him asking and pondering on how we should be honoring Him, we will be guided by the spirit to our own answer. We don't want to be Pharisees now haha! Obviously, we have our own minds to discern for ourselves but if there is ever a struggle, bring it up with our Lord. As for me, my ideal (because life happens) Sabbath day would be to cook a wholesome breakfast for my family or roomies, attend church, do the typical nap, call up family members, journal, watch/read LDS content, I wish I was better at limiting my social media time and not leaving homework for Sunday because you really get out what you put in.

  17. The Biblical Sabbath day is Saturday, the 7th day of the week. For the Jews the Sabbath began Friday evening and ended Saturday evening. The Sabbath was a special sign to the Israelites that they had been set apart as followers of the true God. The Lord's day is Sunday and nowhere in the Bible is the Lord's day referred to as the Sabbath. God used the example of His resting on the 7th day of creation to establish the principle of the Sabbath day rest for His people. The various elements of the Sabbath symbolized the coming of the Messiah, who would provide a permanent rest for His people. Being a Jew, Jesus kept the Sabbath in order to fulfill the Law. The Sabbath was observed by all Jews because until the crucifixion of Christ, the disciples, as well as Jesus, were still under the Law.

    The Sabbath was a sign for the Jews, beginning with Moses and ending with the crucifixion of Christ. The Sabbath was given as a sign to Israel (Ex. 31:12-1). The Law is finished, according to Gal. 3:19, in Christ. Jesus said that HE is Lord even of the Sabbath day. As God incarnate, He decides the true meaning of the Sabbath. Jesus emphasizes entering into HIS Sabbath rest (Heb. 4:9-11).

    There is no such thing as a Christian Sabbath, and no one has the right to call the Lord's day the Sabbath. In fact, in the Bible there is no commandment given to Christians to set aside a certain day. Rather, every day of the week belongs to God. Christians should worship God just as much on Monday as they do on Saturday or Sunday.

  18. Granted I'm speaking as a non LDS Christian, but I try to make sure to do the following 1. Prayer My church reccomends that we pray At Least 7 times Daily, I don't always get in all 7, but on Sunday I really put in the extra effort to do that. 2 Fasting You guys do once a month, we do every week, from Sundown on Saturday until recieving the sacrement the next day. 3 Actually get to Church, on time. 4 Service I always try to find some way to serve, every day but especially on Sundays. 5 Scripture I will often right down the reference for that day's section of scripture and then go back when I get home and read the whole chapter or even the whole book.

  19. I used to watch sports on Sunday, play video games, and play sports. Now for the last 10 years, I watch spiritual movies, my favorite is, I once was a Beehive. When I came to understand that the Sabbath day was a day of memorial for Jesus Christ, I truly connected to the real purpose of the day. When someone dies who is very close to us, we spend a whole day with a religious service, and during this
    Service we have a moment of silence, and then we reminisce with others about our relationship with the deceased. There is more but if we make our Father the center of the family and the head, then we will ask Him what He wants to do, and consider His feelings first.

  20. Constantine was an Roman Emperor and wrote a Decree that Christian worship was moved to Sunday from Saturday. So, the Sabbath was on a Saturday before it changed to Sunday.

  21. I think sundays should be a realxing, not to much before a new week starts on Monday though Friday and don't much on Saturdays and sundays what's wrong with football and going to dinner and do something fun like enjoy the outdoors and read a good book and coloring, walk and do meditation and enjoy the life of fullest.

  22. We all connect to the spirit and the Lord in different, unique ways. Immersing myself in nature to feel the beauty of creation connects me so deeply to Heavenly Father, motab makes my ears bleed. Haha

  23. I believe that what it comes down to is doing what YOU as an individual believe to be appropriate on Sunday. Nobody can tell you what is appropriate for YOU besides God. Trust the feelings you feel with any given activity. If you feel the spirit while watching a football game, or even playing football with family because you’re strengthening those relationship, or you can draw parallels between football and life, or whatever it might be…go for it. If you feel the spirit as you serve your family by working on Sunday, because it’s something you feel you need to do, then go for it. I think building stronger relationships with God AND your family is the key on Sunday. How you choose to do that is between you and the Lord.

  24. Being that I am the only member of the household that is in the church my morning is spent reading scriptures. After church if I'm alone I will watch BYUtv until evening and then after that some Christian TV or perhaps for the reading in the scriptures I also will have my own Bible study going on why listen to a conference talk read the Bible and listen to another podcast. That is the best way that I as a single member of the church can spend my Sabbath

  25. Today is a Sunday and I could not go to church cause both my mom and dad work at the hospital today and so I started watching Mormon friendly YouTube channels and read the book of Mormon.

  26. The Sabbath is the 7th day of the week…Saturday. Jews still worship on the seventh day or Sabbath. Seventh Day Adventist also worship on the 7th day Sabbath. Mormons and most Christian worship on the 1st day. You definitely do not keep the Sabbath the heavenly Father instituted in Eden and spoken about in scripture. The Catholic church actually takes credit for changing the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. They believe it is a sign of their authority. They claim they are God's true church and all who worship on Sunday acknowledge this fact. You can look it up. The guy from the you tube channel Bible Flock Box has a video about it! God bless! Jesus is Coming soon!

  27. I feel that is important to point out that Sabbath keeping was an obligation upon the Jewish people alone, and part of the Old testament covenant between them and God alone.
    There is no commandment or instruction in the New Testament for the followers of Christ/gentiles to observe the Jewish Old testament law ie, keep the Sabbath, titheing, etc.
    There are multiple Sabbaths in Old testament , the Jewish people had to scrupulously observe each and every one in obedience to the law.
    The Mormons don't observe those at all, just one, yet the Bible is crystal clear that ALL the law had to be obeyed, and ALL the Sabbaths
    One of Mormonism's many errors is that they try to mix Old testament law with New Testament grace.
    The Mormons build Temples, yet what happens in them has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Temple at Jerusalem.
    The Apostle Paul in Galatians ch 5:1-4, describes the Old testament law as a 'yoke of bondage,' and those under it are a debtor to do the whole law.
    Verse 5 says,' Christ has become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law'.
    Joseph Smith taught his followers that they would be saved by grace AFTER all they could do.
    The Holy Bible in effect teaches us that we are saved by grace IN SPITE of all that we do do,!amazing grace indeed.

    Kind regards to all.

  28. I think that there are more professions than you may think that are mission critical and need staffing no matter the day. I believe that working on the sabbath can sometimes be a way to serve both God and our community.

  29. There is NO, repeat NO commandment or teaching compelling New Testament Christians to keep the Sabbath, neither Christ or his Apostles taught it, rather The opposite. The freedom of believers in Christ Jesus is freedom FROM the law and Sabbath keeping etc, (and there were multiple sabbaths incorporated in the Old testament, as well as over 600 points of law that were part of the Jews covenant with God, none of which the Mormon church basically makes any attempt to observe.
    The Bible says that Christ was born under the law, to redeem them that were under the law, the Apostle Peter called the law 'a yoke of bondage that our father's could not bear', the Apostle Paul said told fellow believers, that they were no longer under the law but now under grace.
    New Testament believers in Christ have a wonderful freedom in him, yet men, then and now have a strange hankering to put themselves under some form of law, the Apostles of Christ warned about this tendency, pointing out how seriously it opposed and frustrated the grace of God in Christ Jesus.
    Also note that absolutely NOTHING done in Mormon Temples bears any similarities with the activities in the Temple at Jerusalem, that were all done in strict accordance with the Old testament law.
    Followers of Joseph Smith and the LDS church leaders are Mormons, the followers of Jesus Christ are Christians, the two are fundamentally different.
    Kind regards to all, especially Mormons.

    The obligations to strictly observe the seventh day Sabbath fell on the Jewish people alone under their unique covenant with God, the Mormons don't observe the Biblical Sabbath, they get the day, timing, and methods of observing it wrong.
    Join the LDS church and you will soon find yourself being obliged to not only keep it's version of the Old testament Sabbath, but also observe all the laws, ordinances and practices set down by one man, Joseph Smith.

  30. okay, so if your family member is in the hospital and the doc is LDS, then who should take care of your family member? do health problems take off on the Sabbath? Work can be your prayer and yes, the work of a doc is a calling. sorry y'all but it sounds like more life experience is going to change your perspective. having family, children, the crosses that we bear over time will change how you see things. God Bless.

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