What Caused Yves Saint Laurent’s Breakdown

What Caused Yves Saint Laurent’s Breakdown

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  1. Your attempts at fench are god aweful and the gratuitous maledictions identify you as frivilous. Not surprising

  2. Pierre said: "I just wanna say that Luke's French pronunciation is excellent so stop nitpicking, what he does is awesome and i love him, so y'all need to calm down" ☺

  3. This was incredible to watch like holy shit. I'm not even a fashion follower (i'm more of a makeup addict) but I found this and part 1 so fascinating!

  4. The ending to this video is beyond painful to watch. Yves Saint Laurent is a man that I relate to dearly. Thanks Haute! and please continue the video with a part 2.

  5. Oui t'es genial et je t'adore mais faut bosser sur la prononciation :') just saying
    Edit : j'adore l'histoire de mon pays l'Algérie sera liée avec l'histoire de la mode et de YSL pour de bon

  6. Great video but 1910 is not Victorian, it’s Edwardian. It is also used mainly to refer to the British and I believe hobble skits originated with Poiret

  7. 🔥 🔥 🔥 There's a time for everyone, you just have to be prepared for it. Just here to spread love and peace with my music. Good to connect with you 🙏🏾

  8. Please do more videos like this!!! I'll love to know more about the history of the big couture houses of fashion.

  9. Changing hemlines = coats and accessories don’t match up. It breaks the system. If I buy an ankle length dress, all my coats match that. If you come out with longer or shorter hemline, suddenly my coat isn’t as practical or looks mismatched.

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