What Are The Vedas? | Book Of God | Eternal Knowledge Of God | Hinduism Questions Answered

What Are The Vedas? | Book Of God | Eternal Knowledge Of God | Hinduism Questions Answered

Radhey Radhey Swamiji! My question is all religions have one sacred book that they respect, like the Bible. What is the Bible
of Hinduism? Just like when you get a machine you have a manual that explains
how to use it, similarly God has sent us into this world and he has the manual
which is the sacred book right and then there are the teachers which are the
prophets who came down. So religious traditions around the world have had
their sacred book. Christianity has the Bible, Islam has the Quran, Judaism has
the Torah, Confucianism has their own Taoism has the Tao Te Ching, Sikhism has
the Guru Grantha Sahib, Buddhism has the Tipi Takas the three baskets of
knowledge and similarly the Parsees have their own the Zend Avesta etc so what
is the book of the Hindus? The book of the Hindus is the Vedas and this is
based on a very subtle concept according to the Hindu philosophy knowledge is
eternal divine knowledge just like God is eternal his knowledge is also eternal.
Ever since God has existed his knowledge has existed. So to say that there is a
holy book that exists since such in such period in time
seems a little illogical. What about the people who came before that? They had no
access to being saved. If there is a sacred book that is the basis
of being saved then what about the people who came before that? Right so
there must be some knowledge that has existed ever since God has existed. Our
scriptures say that eternal knowledge of God is the Vedas. These Vedas was not the
name of book, they referred to God’s knowledge. Rvery time God engages in
creation he manifests that knowledge and then that knowledge was coming down
through the ears. The Guru would speak it to his disciple, the disciple would hear
it and pass it on to his disciple that is how the Vedas were coming down and
since they were coming through the ears and the ear is called Shruti hence
another name for the Vedas is Shruti. However 5,000 years ago Veda Vyasa who
was an avatar of God himself he felt that the people of Kali Yug will not be
Shruti-dhari, they will not have the capacity to hear and remember so he put
that knowledge into a book he wrote it down and that became the physical Vedas
that is the Bible of Hinduism the physical Vedas. The world says that the
most ancient scripture in history is the Vedas. But we say no that’s an
inaccurate statement don’t say most ancient that means it had
a beginning. This is the eternal scripture which has ever existed and
that is why what the Vedas are explaining is not Hinduism as such. The
word Hinduism came up later in history it was a name that was given when the
invaders came to conquer India, all those who were
on this side of the Hindu Kush were called Hindus but the word Hinduism is
not there in the Vedas they talk about Sanatana-Dharma the eternal religion, the
eternal principles, the internal science of how to purify yourself, how to elevate
yourself, that is Sanatana-Dharma and that is now loosely being called
hinduism. So you have holy books in all the other traditions and we respect all
of them because the same truth is being explained by the great prophets so in
the Hindu mind we respect all the scriptures we respect knowledge we
respect spirituality and devotion wherever we see it but at the same time
we must understand the specialty of our own tradition. Now how did the Bible come
about after Christ many of his disciples they wrote Testaments and so there were
about 50 different Testaments about 50! So two hundred years after Christ by the
throw of dice four of them got selected these were the Bible by Matthew, Luke, John
and Mark and on the basis of that the New Testament got created. If you see in
the Buddhist tradition five hundred years after the Buddha his teachings
were compiled and put in the form of a book right but still we respect them as
books of knowledge and in the Vedas this is the eternal knowledge of God and
hence it is the authority on which principles or spiritual principles are
determined, “quoting scriptures” “quoting scriptures”. So every Acharya in Hinduism every writer has accepted the Vedas as
authority and then expounded that in their own writings.
So if Tulsidas writes the Ramayan he says I’m writing it in accordance with the Vedas. If Veda Vyasa writes the bhagwat he says I am writing on the authority
and testimony of the Vedas that creates a body of scriptures called Vedic
literature that is the basis of knowledge in our Hindu tradition.

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  1. Vedas – Knowledge is eternal just like God!
    Our responsibility to purify our mind through them and reach our ultimate goal..Selfless Love for God🙏

  2. Swamiji says that the Vedas are the ultimate authority in our sanatan dharma. These scriptures were initially revealed in the heart of the first born Brahma and transmitted from Guru to disciple through oral-auditory transmission (Shruti). However, Ved Vyas penned God’s knowledge knowing full well that in Kaliyug, humans would not have the capacity to remember such vast knowledge simply by hearing.

  3. We do respect but not Islam and bible .we are pagans .So atheism must Rise . Otherwise we will be wipedout by asteroids in 2029 or 2036 if it hits earth and thus the end of human civilization .

  4. So kind is God to provide a manual –the Vedas. Such fortune to have this knowledge available, though we are far from the original place and time where Ved Vyas descended, noted down /divided the Vedas. Truly …the Bhagavad Gita study class given in teleclass format is true gift. The teacher and learning brings such joy (and it is by phone!)

  5. Swamiji. Namaste'. Your Divine Wisdom from God has blessed me. Thank You so much. One day I am coming to India to be one of your students.

  6. Here is a question for you Muktanada ji. Can you tell me what knowledge is there in Rig Veda…plz do not include vedanta/upanishads in it..I know Vedanta/Upanishads have knowledge in it. But I am asking just about Rig Veda. I have listened the whole Rig Veda in Hindi, below is the link. Can please let me know point by point hymn by hymn what is the knowledge present in Rig Veda ?

  7. He's too good… He is a ery good speaker, has a lot of knowledgeable and wisdom ….. I love listening to him… 🙏

  8. A concise explanation of the Vedas as eternal truth, while still respectful of the scriptures of other religions as precious to their traditions.

  9. Very good explanation by Guruji. I have never agreed that Bhagavad Geetha as the holy book of Hindus (may be for just vaishnavites). The VEDAS are our holy books for the entire people of Sanathan Dharma and they are eternal.

  10. Beautiful explanation Swamiji! Vedas are the most sacred scriptures of Hindus and it is eternal just like God.

  11. Rig-Veda mention about cow
    And not to eat cow meat
    We need more english speaking guru so maximum mases know about hinduisn

  12. Sin is pre-existing in all. Sin pre-dates The Bible. The Bible explains origins of sin. The Bible provides remedy for sin through Jesus Christ. The Bible is best selling book in the world for this reason.

    In The Bible we know Who made the world, who marred it, who ransacked it, and Who restored it.

    Media, Police, Defense, Judiciary, penitentiary, Security systems, Contracts confirm sin exists.

    Sinners cannot save themselves from sin. Holy God intervened to remove sin.

    Sin is the opium.

    If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.

    All have sinned, and fall short of glory of God. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    God loves sinners, but hates the sin in us, and God offers salvation from hell for free to those who believe in Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ came from heaven (first Christmas), died on The Cross (first Good Friday) and resurrected (on The Third Day – also linked to Easter) to save from "pre-existing sin" for all who believe. For free.

    Unable to find any motive for Jesus Christ to die on The Cross, and resurrect – except His love to save all from "pre-existing sin".

    Salvation from "pre-existing sin" and hell is free, but not cheap, as Jesus Christ paid the penalty of sins of all on The Cross by shedding His precious blood.

    Salvation is not 'earned' by following law or jurisprudence or rituals or customs or traditions or ceremonies or public displays or making sacrifices.

    Religion says "Do". Jesus Christ says "Done".

    Nothing disqualifies anyone from love of God.

    It is a lie to say that we are not loved. God loves us unconditionally. He died willingly on The Cross.

    The God who died for us, is for us, not against us.

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    There is more to life.

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    Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

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    As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. Rainbow appeared to Noah; rainbows appearing now. Prophesies fulfilment.

    Have choice to choose to avoid hell. Other side of choice is freedom.

    God does not enforce, and gave free choice to chose.

    One can live without Jesus Christ with talents He gave. But one should not leave the earth without Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ provides comfort even on death-bed.

    Death is scary thing, but eternal damnation is scarier.

    Death is not extinction, but accountability.

    Believe, repent of sins and accept Jesus Christ, and be saved. Simple. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

    Jesus Christ coming again to judge all. The doors will be closed. Jesus Christ answers every mystery as He is The Alpha and The Omega.

    One day every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. He is the Lamb (first coming of Jesus Christ), and the Lion (second coming of Jesus Christ).

    My journal after testing all 'isms' and egos, finding them deficit. Until finding Jesus Christ.

  13. All that is true is Veda. "By the Vedas, no books are meant. They mean the accumulated treasury of spiritual laws discovered by different persons in different times." – Swami Vivekananda

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