Welcome to the New Order of the Mother of God!

Welcome to the New Order of the Mother of God!

May Jesus and Mary be loved by all hearts! Amen! That’s the salutation with which the Blessed
Mother wants the members of her new religious Order to greet one another. Actually, She only said “May Jesus be loved
by all hearts!” She was too humble to mention herself, but
we know how much it would please her Son to add his Mother’s name, so we decided to
include Mary in the salutation. Are you gathered here because I invited you,
or because a friend invited you, or because you heard about it and came of your own accord? I rather suspect that the real reason you
are here right now is because Mary called you. She wants you to know about her Order. Perhaps She wants you to pray for it, or She
wants you to be her instrument to tell others about it, or maybe She wants you to join the
core team, the little bedrock of the House of Mary. About three years ago several women, and a
few men, began gathering together on Tuesday nights to pray together, to reflect on Mary’s
messages, and on the state of the world. They were meeting in the home of one of the
members until they heard about the Order of the Mother of God and my calling to get it
started. They immediately wanted to learn more and
to become involved. From the day the House of Mary opened they’ve
been behind me and around me, as we’ve been meditating together on Mary’s ideals for
this new religious congregation. And now, nine months later, the idea is beginning
to emerge with a form, a structure. But it’s just a baby that needs to grow
taller before it can stand up and walk. It’s time to invite more people to be a
part of this adventure. Scripture says that when Mary heard about
something that needed to be done She “made haste.” Now that her Order is finally getting started,
I am certain that She will make haste to call many persons so that the apostolate can expand
rapidly. As we are in the octave of Pentecost you might
prefer that I trust in the Holy Spirit and speak to you from my heart, rather than from
a prepared paper. I assure you that my heart is very much in
this presentation, but this Order isn’t coming from my heart. It’s coming to you, to the Church, to the
world, from the Heart of Mary. I want to convey to you her desires for her
Order, in an orderly manner. That’s where I easily fail. I get excited about one aspect or another
and I’ll go off on this or that tangent. Ask anyone who knows me. Believe me, you’ll be glad that I’m using
a carefully prepared presentation. Besides, I am thinking of the people who would
like to be here, but are prohibited by other duties, so they are depending on our efforts
to record this talk. I’ve been doing audios for months with a
webcam microphone, but now we’re adding another microphone that will hopefully give
decent sound for a video recording. So this talk is meant to introduce you to
the Rule that Mary dictated to a young visionary in 1846 during an apparition at LaSalette
in France. This vision was officially approved. We just celebrated the feastday of the great
visionary, St. Joan of Arc who famously rescued the besieged city of Orleans in the Middle
Ages. At the end of a modern war, the 137th Kansas
infantry regiment helped deliver Orleans from the Nazi occupation in 1944. Subsequently, Orleans expressed their gratitude
by making Wichita their sister city and gifting this city with an impressive sculpture of
St. Joan, who now stands proudly in Wichita’s downtown area, in front of the library on
Main Street. Joan was a prayerful but ordinary French girl,
not much older than Melanie Calvat. What did they knew of politics and battles? It was through heavenly voices of St. Margaret
and St. Catherine and a great vision of the Blessed Virgin that they received directions
on how to get involved. Christians have been receiving help from heaven
from the day Jesus ascended there. The Apostles were still gazing into heaven
when two angels appeared to urge them to get going on their mission. Intervention from heaven is not the exception,
for Christians, but the norm. Although most of us don’t see visions or
hear voices, we all have guardian angels and patron saints who are watching out for us
and inspiring us. But note carefully, these kinds of inspiration
ordinarily concern some personal direction, or some local situation, or even a national
crisis, as in the case of Catholic France being wrongfully occupied by Catholic England
in the 1400s. The vision at LaSalette was “for the world.” You and I living in a new era of Church history
which began precisely in 1830, the date on your Miraculous Medal. From that year the Mother of God began appearing
in different countries all over the world with instructions for the world. As She told the little shepherds at LaSalette:
“You will make this know to all the people.” Most of us grew up with the story of St. Bernadette
seeing our Lady in the grotto at Lourdes or the children of Fatima seeing Mary above a
small tree in Portugal. These stories are as familiar as “Goldilocks
and the Three Bears.” When we hear of a new apparition of Mary,
it doesn’t strike us as unusual. By the way, did you hear that we can add Mary’s
apparitions at Medjugorje to the list of approved apparition sites? On May 25, 2017, the Vatican-based Ruini Commission,
named for Cardinal Camillo Ruini, released their report with the approval of St. Francis. They decided to split the apparitions into
two time periods. They just approved the first-time period,
namely the first seven apparitions at Medjugorje. The six visionaries are recognized as worthy
of trust and their apparitions are approved as truly supernatural. The second time-period is still in progress
since some of the visionaries, receive daily or monthly or annual messages for the world. The Church probably won’t make a decision
on these apparitions until they come to an end. The point I am making, is that Marian apparitions
“to the world” are so familiar to us today, that we tend to take it for granted as something
quite normal, as if Mary has always done this, and always will. Not so! France received guidance through a series
of heavenly messages given to St. Joan of Arc. Those messages came to an end months before
Joan died, because the purpose was to guide France safely through a crisis. France obeyed and France was saved. The same thing is happening now. Mary, as Mother of the Church—and also as
the New Eve, the Mother of the World—is trying to guide us safely through a world
crisis. Sometimes parents will cajole their children
with rewards and candy to get them to pay attention. But sometimes the parent will feel obliged
to turn a child over the knee and use a few spanks to effect a reform in behavior. The apparition of LaSalette was a spank. It was a painful reproof that called out the
sins of Catholics. Ouch! If you are not familiar with the apparition
of LaSalette, it’s because we like to remember the candy and forget the spanks. Mary reproved the Church and the world in
1846 through the testimony of two uneducated children living 8,000 feet in the clouds of
the French Alps. Although the apparitions to St. Catherine
Labouré in 1830 were actually quite political in content, the main thing that trickled down
to the public was the candy, the medal of the Immaculate Conception which caused so
many extraordinary healings and conversions that it was dubbed the Miraculous Medal. The candy had a good effect, leading to an
upswing in piety, and to deeper reflection on this privilege of Mary. Within two decades the faithful would urge
the bishops to petition the Pope to make it a dogma of the Church. But serious conversion was far from satisfactory. Enough candy. Mary returned within two decades. The harsh reproofs at LaSalette stunned Europe. The Mother of God threatened famine if people
kept profaning the Lord’s day and using God’s holy name in vain. Pilgrims responded by ascending the mountain
on mule and on foot, carrying heavy stones in penance to build a basilica. Priests received them as they confessed their
sins. The local bishop consulted the opinion of
Rome. Within five years LaSalette became an approved
apparition. Farmers bravely refrained from planting or
harvesting on Sundays, no matter how threatening the weather or how urgent it seemed. In the big cities it became a point of honor
not to shop or enter a restaurant on the Lord’s Day. St. Therese’s father, St. Louis Martin,
was very attentive to LaSalette. He and his wife named one of their daughters,
Melanie. In that household Sunday was so special that
it was the children’s favorite day of the week. After attending Mass together, Louis led the
family on long walks and, when weather was fine, their mother prepared a picnic lunch. In the evening they would read aloud from
lives of the saints. During their Sunday walks they could windowshop,
but Louis would not permit anyone to enter a store. If they saw something they wanted to purchase,
they would return on a weekday. Lax Catholics stopped finding excuses to skip
Mass on Sundays. The apparition at LaSalette was a very big
deal in 19th century Europe, and everyone waited for the revelation of the secrets,
because it was well-known that the Melanie and Maximin each received secrets that would
be released later on. Twelve years later, in the appointed year,
Melanie could not find a bishop in France who was brave enough to publish her secret. It was a wild text, full of apocalyptic imagery
and bitter condemnations of the sins of priests, religious and the leaders of the world. But two exceptionally holy bishops in Italy
bravely published the text, and they did so with the approval of Pope Leo XIII himself. The text caused a firestorm of protests throughout
Europe. People exclaimed that Mary would never speak
so harshly. “Melanie made it up. Melanie is a sick woman looking for attention.” Melanie was banished from every diocese in
France which was rife with bishops who were secret Masons. She couldn’t even receive Communion in France
when she went there to visit her family. She was only able to return to LaSalette,
almost incognito, a couple more times in her long life, to venerate the site of the apparitions. If you think fake news is a new phenomenon
in the media, then you should visit France in the 1800s. A torrent of invented lies and calumnies were
published about this heroic woman who had been prepared from early childhood with visions
of Jesus and Mary who groomed her, as it were, for a life of humiliation and reparation. Few people realized that she had received
the stigmata at the age of ten, four years before the public apparition of the Blessed
Virgin. Soon afterward Melanie was sent a cloistered
Carmelite convent in England. She lived as a nun until the bishop released
her so that she could make known the secret part of Mary’s message. Melanie was never concerned about her personal
reputation, but very concerned to relay Mary’s message accurately to the public. She spent decades writing letters and testifying
against the subsequent distortions of her original publication. The text wasn’t just being skewed by the
acrimony of priests and prelates who denied the authenticity of the message because they
personally didn’t want to reform their lives, it was also skewed by the indiscreet enthusiasm
of Catholics published their commentaries and explanations of the symbolic aspects of
the Secret. Some did not hesitate to take liberties with
the text to make it suit their political interpretations. The messages of Mary at LaSalette began to
drown in the deluge of sheer confusion. After all, who could be sure of what? To keep the conversation of conversion going,
Mary appeared at Lourdes in 1858, causing Bernadette to call out “Penance! penance!
penance!” and letting the people see the young girl in ecstasy walk back and forth
on her knees in the mud and chew on nasty-tasting weeds. But who really thinks of the message of Lourdes
as a call to acts of reparation for the sins of the world? Most people think of the candy, the healing
waters. Very quickly, the basilica of LaSalette in
the hard-to-reach Alps, was forgotten because Catholics built a nice new Marian sanctuary
over the dump heap of Massabielle. The new railroad brought pilgrims and sick
people from all over Europe. It’s so beautiful now that few people think
about the fact that Mary was trying to tell us that heaven sees the world as a stinking
garbage heap of burning trash. Do we remember that Jesus’ metaphor for
hell and its “the unquenchable fire” was Gehenna, the garbage dump in the valley of
Hinna outside Jerusalem where a perpetual fire burned the city’s trash? This rather lengthy introduction was to help
you understand why you probably only have a vague knowledge of the apparition of LaSalette
compared to other more popular sites. But I’m only going to speak right now of
one segment of Mary’s message “to the world.” We have booklets on the table with a good
English translation of the story and the Secrets. I’ve uploaded these texts to the website
so they can either be read free online or downloaded as a PDF. Almost everything on the apparition in English
is out of print, so please let your friends know these new resources. So let’s begin. The Rule of Mary for the Order of the Mother
of God originates in LaSalette, but it is not the Order of LaSalette. There are already congregations of LaSalette
that have been promoting the initial part of the message for over a century. But please be aware, that, until recently,
these priests and Sisters rejected the Secrets of the children, saying that both Melanie
and Maximin invented or altered the text because they succumbed to the temptation of sensationalizing
the Secrets so as to remain in the limelight. It was one very long apparition on that long
ago Saturday afternoon in September, as the bells were ringing for First Vespers of the
Feast of the Sorrows of Mary. Mary spoke awhile in their native dialect
about keeping the Lord’s Day holy and keeping holy the Name of the Lord. Then she began to speak in French, which neither
child understood. Ten year old Maximin began to play, while
“the Lady” dictated to fourteen-year Melanie a new Rule “for the latter times.” While “the Lady” spoke, Melanie saw in
vision many groups of men and women, of all races, wearing the same habit and engaging
in a variety of ministries. She understood that this was for a future
era, not hers. The documents of the Secret were sent to Rome
right away, during the tumultuous pontificate of Blessed Pope Pius IX. He told the local bishop that it would be
fine for him to officially approve the apparition. When Melanie released the Secret she did not
release the text of the Rule, but merely wrote that Mary had dictated a new Rule for the
“Apostles of the Last Times.” When the reigning Pope, Leo XIII, read the
newly released Secret, he went to archives to look for the original text. He enthusiastically called Melanie to Rome
to ask her to draft Constitutions for this new Rule so as to begin a congregation for
the new Order. Melanie did her best to obey, but she kept
telling her confessors that it would never get off the ground in her lifetime. It was prophetic. Several groups tried to start it, but something
always caused it to fall apart. Melanie died in 1904 and the Rule was forgotten
by most of the world, except for sporadic curiosity among conservative French Catholics. Pope St. John Paul II urged the organization
of the Vatican archives to make the documents more accessible to scholars. About the year 2000 two French priests searched
through the documents of the pontificates of Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII. After ten days they opened an envelope dated
1851 which contained the original documents of LaSalette. Their publication in 2002 caused a momentary,
albeit minor, sensation in France. The non-French speaking world didn’t even
notice I heard nothing about it in Carmel, until
the locution I experienced during Holy Week in 2010. I obtained the text from an anonymous website,
which offered a Google-generated English translation. It required a nearly miraculous trip to France
in 2016 to obtain an accurate translation. I met a devout elderly couple who had spent
their careers teaching English and they generously and meticulously refined every sentence. There was one phrase from the 1800s that younger
French Catholics would not have understood, but this couple remembered the phrase which
was employed in prayers when they were children. I now own the copyright to the world’s best
English translation of the Rule of the Mother of God. It’s not a long Rule, but it’s a Major
Rule. A Major Rule is always a major event for the
Church. History shows us that each Rule with a new
religious Order was the response of the Holy Spirit to a new situation or a new crisis
and it brought solutions in the form of new graces, fresh insights and a deluge of vocations
to form new congregations. Who of us can doubt that the Church is undergoing
a crisis today? Mary saw it coming. She’s been appearing for nearly two hundred
years because Satan began bitterly attacking the Faith, the Church and the family with
a long-ranged plan and the help of dedicated Freemasons. I don’t need to give you an overview. You understand very well that we’re all
caught up in a cosmic conflict. Society is divided on the most basic definitions
of right and wrong, truth and falsehood. Some people insist that everything is relative,
that it’s all a matter of opinion and expediency. But others insist that some laws are written
in nature itself and must be respected. This is a global struggle, present in every
nation in the world. In the LaSalette Secret, Mary said that patriotism
would die, countries would split against themselves. She predicted the rise of churches of Satan,
and natural disasters throughout the earth because it would be stained with so many crimes. Then She called upon a particular group of
people: I call the Apostles of the Last Times, the
faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, who have lived in contempt for the world and of themselves,
in poverty and humility, in contempt and in silence, in prayer and in mortification, in
chastity and in union with God, in suffering and unknown to the world. It is time that they come forth and illumine
the earth. Go, and show yourselves as my beloved children. I am with you and in you, provided that the
Faith be the light which illuminates you in these days of woe. Let your zeal make you as if starved for the
glory and honor of Jesus Christ . . . Fight, children of the light! This group of people are not new to a life
of virtue. They have been praying for the conversion
of the world, of their families and offering sacrifices of reparation. They consider themselves nobody special, but
they stand out in Mary’s eyes because care so much. They burn with interior zeal, and Mary has
had her eye on them for a long time. Thousands, indeed millions, of Catholics have
consecrated themselves to her Immaculate Heart to contribute their prayers and sacrifices
to Mary’s battle with Satan. Surely She has been preparing many members
for her new Order. I’m already fifty-seven, with thirty-five
years of religious life under my belt. If I’ve truly heard a call to get this Order
off and running, forming a religious community and guiding the lay associates, it’s not
going to happen forty years from now when I’m ninety-seven. It’s going to develop quickly. Circumstances brought me to Wichita after
an absence of more than three decades. New friends have introduced me to their friends
and now many of you are my friends. Who has drawn us together? Repeatedly in the Rule Mary designates members
of the new Order of the Mother of God as “Apostles of the Last Times.” She use the plural because it is not the end
of time, but rather the transition of one time (or era) to a new era. She’s referring to the end of a time when
the ideals of Satan are dominating the world and the transition to a new time (a long and
beautiful era) when the ideals of Jesus and Mary will dominate the world. This idea is found in many approved private
revelations, in expressions like “the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” or the
“return of Jesus in glory” or “the Eucharistic reign of Jesus Christ.” More particularly the Apostles refers especially
to priests in the Order. During the vision, Melanie saw “disciples”
of the Apostles who assist the priests. She also saw laywomen who helped the Sisters
of the Order and these women wore a distinctive, but smaller crucifix designating them as members
even though they remain in the lay vocation that God called them to. I can’t tell you how astonished I was when
I read this Rule for the first time. This is the seventh Major Rule. There are thousands of religious congregations
and most of them are under the umbrella charism of the Rule of St. Albert, or that St. Basil,
or St. Augustine, or St. Benedict, or St. Francis or St. Ignatius. Not one of these saints mentions lay people
in their Rule. In fact, not one of them mentions nuns! The Carmelite hermits had a really hard time
when women said they felt called to be Carmelites. It took the guidance of a very holy prior,
Bl. John Soreth, to help the Order transition
in the 1400s to include a branch of nuns. The preaching of St. Francis inspired such
an appreciation of poverty that so many lay people said they wanted to live a more radical
lifestyle that it basically invented the idea of a Third Order. But in the Rule of Mary, Sisters, Brothers
and laity are mentioned as integral and essential to the apostolate. This text was given in 1846, but I felt like
I was reading a document from Vatican II because the Council strongly proclaims that the baptized
have a duty to help evangelize the world and to strive for perfection I keep using the technical expression “Major
Rule” because in common language we use “rule” in a very broad sense. Religious take vows to live a regular life,
unlike secular priests and laity who pronounce different kinds of vows. The Latin word regula means “rule.” You can’t even think of a Brother or a Sister
unless they have promised to live according to a rule, but in point of fact nobody makes
vows to live according to a Major Rule. In a few cases the very first community of
followers tried to do so, but very quickly, even in the Lawgiver’s own lifetime, a more
practical document was required to express the ideals of the Rule. This type of document, called constitutions,
is subject to adjustment and updating as time marches through the centuries because it deals
with a practical expression of the broad, great Rule. In the 1900s the Carmelite Order went through
four sets of Constitutions. The seven Rules are stable, timeless documents,
but so vast in scope, that it requires many different congregations to gradually unpack
the graces for the Church. Melanie saw that there would be many congregations
springing forth from the Order of the Mother of God. I’ve made some charts which I uploaded to
our website, that offer a quick comparison of the seven Major Rules. It’s not really the apostolate that distinguishes
Franciscans from Augustinians, or Carmelites from Benedictines. All the Rules have congregations that specialize
in ministries to the poor or the sick or to teaching and preaching the Faith. But these congregations bring to their work
the special gift peculiar to their Rule. Charism is from the Greek word meaning gift. The Franciscans steep themselves in meditation
on Christ’s passion and they give to us their over-the-top example of detachment from
the goods of this world. The Augustinians steep themselves in meditation
on the divine wisdom, and they are able to articulate for us with special precision the
teachings of Christ. St. Dominic was an Augustinian monk when he
felt called to start a new congregation to deal especially with heresies that were corrupting
the Faith. Certainly all religious take vows of poverty
and meditate on the Passion and meditate on Scripture, but the Holy Spirit endows the
congregations of one Major Rule to focus on it more precisely so that they will be a great
light of example, even to the other religious Orders. When the early Lawgivers felt inspired to
write a Rule and their comrades joined them, they weren’t thinking in terms of a writing
a Major Rule or imagining that eventually women and lay members would be part of a great
Order. The Church needed eight centuries before it
could look back and notice a pattern. For awhile the Church thought it had this
figured out, when St. Francis shows up in the 1200s with a totally new charism. He didn’t fit under the other four umbrellas
so he was sent to the Pope who vets his inspiration as a new Major Rule. Three centuries later, the Church is torn
apart by Protestantism in Europe, but suddenly discovers new lands in America and Africa
and Asia that haven’t heard the Gospel. The Holy Spirit filled the heart of St. Ignatius
with a new way to meet these new times. He traveled from monastery to monastery humbly
trying to submit his ideal into an established mold, but his special charism also gets vetted
by the reigning Pope. So by the 16th century the Church had six
Rules and hundreds, or is it thousands, of congregations. For example, St. Faustina’s community and
Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity are new congregations that felt inspired by
Ignatius new sixth Rule. So when I read the Rule of Mary, I was overwhelmed
with the obvious fact that this is a historic gift for the Church. We now have two millennia of history as our
guide. The Rule of Mary offers a new charism for
a new era. The initial congregation is destined to be
like a “stem cell” containing the full DNA of the Rule’s charism. In due time it will acquire members who will
develop it into distinct branches which specialize in particular ministries. The first obvious fresh charism of this Rule
is that it’s all Mary’s. Although the Rule of St. Albert received the
Brown Scapular, the Rule doesn’t mention Mary. Carmelites like to meditate on Mary of Nazareth
(not Mary the Disciple), but the three great mystical doctors (Saints Teresa, John and
Therese) scarcely mention her. The Order of the Mother of God will be the
Marian Rule par excellence. It’s like the mystical body of Mary. It will carry her presence into the world. It will be the custodian and promulgator of
Mary’s messages. And, as the only Rule to emerge from an apparition,
it will have the gift and the duty to offer special guidance on how to discern between
true and false revelations, of which there is a plethora in our day. After all, Jesus predicted that in the latter
times there would be many false prophets. This is Rule is for the “latter times.” I want to be clear. We are now in the time dominated by Satan,
but this will give way to a long and beautiful time in which the whole earth will be dominated
by Jesus and Mary, and it will last until the end of the world. All winter I have been digitally collating
and organizing Mary’s messages. I have been presenting these as talks. My Tuesday team has helped me refine the style. They taught me how to set up a website. I’ve been recording them and uploading to
the internet as audios and YouTube. Sometimes I have to scan in old books that
are long out of print. But many of her messages are only available
on websites that promote some particular apparition. No one is in charge of all this. The Vatican doesn’t have a dicastery for
private revelations. It’s a new phenomenon, and it’s a passing
phenomenon. Mary will not go on appearing til the end
of time with messages for the world. No, She is only helping us through a crisis. There is an obvious parallel with the Old
Testament prophets. Almost of them were active during one brief
era of Israel’s long history. They were commissioned by Yahweh to warn Israel
to reform their lives lest God destroy his profaned Temple. The threats also contained a joyful promise,
namely, that if there was insufficient conversion by the majority, then–after the chastisement
purged his people of evildoers–God would bless a faithful remnant who would rebuild
the Temple to receive the Messiah. How do you think the good Jews endured that
horrible chastisement when it looked like their entire religion was decimated, the golden
temple destroyed, the capital city almost burned to the ground, their leaders executed,
most of their educated class deliberately liquidated by the conquering government, and
the rest of the people marched off to be forced residents in a country that worshiped pagan
deities and teachers their children a foreign language? It looked like the end of everything. Mary tells us in her messages that if there
isn’t a dramatic conversion, the punishment will be so severe that it’s going to look
like the Church is conquered and Satan is the winner. She says that it’s going to so bad that
we can even imagine it. But her messages are also full of hope. We must do what the Jews did in Babylon. We must hold on to the hope during the dark
times. We need to study her prophecies. The Jews could validate the prophets because
the chastisements came true. Therefore they could put their trust in the
good things that these same prophets promised about a restoration and a Messiah. As soon as the opportunity comes, they would
be ready to go back to their demolished land and build it back it from scratch to be ready
to welcome the Messiah who would save the world. How can we give people these words of hope
when things get tough, unless we’ve got her words at our fingertips and on the tips
of our tongues? We need to teach our friends and families
so that they can teach others. Mary has said a lot over the years. But we have digital search engines. We can look up a theme, or a word and find
the passage if someone says to us “you are telling me that, but did She really say that? When? Where? In what context?” Many of these Marian apparitions were published
and popular for a time, but the books are out of print. They are in the public domain. We don’t have to raise money to print and
distribute books. We just need to share the digital collection. But the truth is that Satan has been undermining
our school system for decades. Many adults were not properly taught phonics. Reading is very challenging for them. That’s why I’ve been recording talks on
Mary’s apparitions. The Order needs laypeople who know about these
tools and resources and can pass them on. And Mary needs as many Catholics as possible
to be knowledgeable about false prophets. Many Catholics spend money on books and waste
time reading John Leary or the blogger Charlie 373 or the visionary Barnabas of Nigeria. We have to be alert to these traps of Satan
which these seers have fallen into, lest others fall into the trap of false hopes and a dangerous
passivity as they recite prayers dictated by fallen angels who promise to rescue them
and take them to caves Furthermore Mary asks us to become very knowledgeable
about the Book of Revelation and take the trouble to study her explanation of many symbols. She tells us point blank that the Apocalypse
was written for this era. You and are called to live during a Biblical
era. How many of our bishops or pastors were trained
in the seminary to expound the Apocalypse? Virtually zero. The Church has been waiting for someone to
enlighten us at the right moment. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich was told that
God would send a man to enlighten the Church about this great book of the Bible. Did we ever imagine that it would be the Blessed
Virgin herself who would speak to a very, simple Italian priest in the last two decades
of the twentieth century? All winter I’ve been recording and uploading
a seminar called: Mary Unveils the Apocalypse. In Carmel, I had years to meditate on Fr. Gobbi’s locutions, and I received insights
on the structure of the Book of Revelation as seven sets of seven. It carries the theme of a new creation week,
and the seven weeks and seven years that precede the great Jubilee and the Feast of Tabernacles. This will be one of the gifts of the Order
of the Mother of God, to expound for people the words of the Mother of God that will guide
us through a crisis and chastisement into an unimaginably glorious era. And this Order will obey Mary who has asked
in her approved apparitions, for the fifth and final Dogma. Why do we need this dogma to overcome Satan? What is it about? Are you informed? Are you working to get this theology developed
and better understood? After the apparitions to St. Catherine Labouré
and the Miraculous Medal of Mary conceived without sin, the laity urged the bishops and
the bishops urged the pope to declare the third Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. The Church had believed in the Assumption
for centuries, but it suddenly seemed important to settle this as a dogma that Catholics should
believe. In 1950 Pope Pius XII declared the fourth
Marian dogma. That seemed final. What else was there to day? Immediately Mary appeared in Amsterdam and
began calling for a fifth dogma. The first four form a strong pedestal to uphold
the massively important and theologically rich threefold Fifth Dogma. The Church has been understandably slow to
declare Mary as Mediatrix of All Graces, because the theology of grace is itself so entangled. And it’s been slow to call Mary a unique
Co-Redemptrix when St. Paul refers to all the baptized as “co-workers.” But the greatest hurdle for theologians is
the title of Advocate-Paraclete, which has always been the prerogative of the Third Person
of the Trinity. We cannot defeat Satan and bring in the new
era without this dogma. This new Order will make it a priority to
make this dogma understood. In the longterm the Order will use it to enrich
the spiritual maturity of the People of God. But in the short term, we need to understand
that this dogma will authorize Mary as the New Eve. Only then can She join her voice to the New
Adam and do what the first couple failed to do in the Garden. At last, we will have a New Adam and a New
Eve who will definitively cast Satan and all the evil spirits out of the earth. They will have to return to hell and not be
allowed to tempt or disturb mankind. The earth will know a peace it’s never,
ever known. And the cloud of obscurity that covers the
truth will be lifted. Millions will want to become Christian. Mary calls this new Order a missionary Order
because its members will help instruct millions of people. How much work there is to do! How many hands are needed! Society has to be permeated by holiness in
all strata, in the priesthood, in the religious life and in the lay state. Mary needs her workers everywhere. Ultimately this Order will challenge every
baptized person to live to perfection his vocation, reaching the highest level of union
with God so that the earth will be filled with saints who emulate the holiness of Mary
and her dear spouse St. Joseph. Are you starting to feel excited? Do you understand that when thousands of lay
people followed St. Francis, the lazy and materialistic and corrupt Christianity that
was dominating the Middle Ages, was permeated with a new spirit of holiness that made it
embarrassing not to be holy? Do you know the history of the fall of the
Roman empire when the Italian peninsula was reverting to chaos and unrest and confusion,
and God raised up the quiet and measured Rule of Benedict to infuse all of Europe, much
of which was still pagan, with a model of Gospel living that transformed the continent
into Christendom, and from Christendom the light spread through the world? Do you understand that this Rule of Mary is
destined to be a new leaven in the world to raise it up when Satan is beating it down
to horrible degradation? If you feel enkindled, then it is Mary who
is inflaming you, She who is the Spouse of the fiery Holy Spirit. Let yourself be heated up and lighted up so
that She can use you to bring Jesus’ desire finally to fruition. Every one to whom much is given, of him will
much be required; and of him to whom men commit much they will demand the more. I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would
that it were already kindled! [Lk 12:48-9] We have received much. We are rich in Faith. We have an obligation to share the joy of
the Gospel. God bless you!

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  1. What, there is only 1 comment? Ok this is big Sr. Ann. Our Lady of LaSallette! I am going to your website.

  2. I listen while I work.  Thank you!  I would never have time to look all this up on my own, let alone discuss the Apocalypse.  I love learning about Mary and Jesus. So much to learn, it's endless, mystifying and beautiful.

  3. Peace of Christ and blessings & well wishes.
    This is both a preterist fulfillment and latter days fulfillment of Revelation.
    I've been deeply in The Word, Church history, and a student of the signs of our times for almost 30 years.
    Since I use the witness of Popes, Bishops, and devout learned Priests, their writings and teachings in recent centuries up until our time; with an edification by approved Marian Apparitions; we may or may not be on the same page. Highly recommended, the 1993 printing of "_A Trojan Horse in The City of God: The Catholic Crisis Explained_" by Dietrich von Hildebrand with a forward by John Cardinal O'Connor. Also, a historical documentary called 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing,' airing from time to time on EWTN since 2016. Also Bishop Fulton J. Sheen's radio addresses dating back to before 1950; and "Life is Worth Living" episodes available on youtube. And we can't forget Encyclicals going back to Leo xiii; Pious x, and more. Plus respected teachings, writings, and devout exclamations of respected Church Leaders during this time.
    There is something very wrong about certain theological questionable comments are coming from Church Leadership being constantly 'cleaned up,' with a marked increase recently. There is something very wrong that their in a decline in some very necessary justice concerns like the Sacredness of life, conscience/religious liberty, the Sacredness of bearing a fruit effecting children being force fed by seduction into anathema morality with parents not allowed to opt out; Catholic orphanages having to close for the very same reason; and the most immense atrocity that has murdered over 1.5 billion children since 1980, alone; —-
    while other justice concerns which need a balanced prudent addressing & concern that are emphasized more and more disproportionately being used to play at heartstrings with 'Saul Alinsky _Rules For Radicals_' type community organizing by anthropomorphic Utopian ideologies and agendas. When a Church leader fawns over a Christian group under the thumb of the government because of some justice concerns; but the government & societal agendas there not only seduce couples to murder their children – they force the children's murder/// makes a deal with that group; where now the government there is more emboldened to persecute the underground Christians.
    'There is something rotten in the state of Denmark' so to speak. Our steadfast hope and confidence is in that the Light Shines in the darkness; and cannot be extinguished; no matter what the great and small are doing. It is all of our vocations to save souls.
    I'm interested, however, after learning many things; some very deep regarding Church Teachings; & salvation through Israel is mimicked by Church history; I follow a personal Rule, to help the Charism of Life, given to John Cardinal O'Connor to spread. Evangelium Vitae; The Gospel of Life is the trumpet call of our day.
    The Holy Spiritual Passion in Agony of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is the most intense pain in history for the Salvation of souls – for whatever is done to the least is done to Him. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen spoke on Matthew 25:31-46 – and devoutly taught that at the Consecration of The Host – when The Bread and Wine are separate; the unearned suffering of the helpless is joined with Christ at every Mass in the world, every single day.
    .. We need to realize; everyone is brought to 'Forgive them, they know not what they do' and must decide not to become a reprobate forever at some time during their lifetime – because Jesus Christ increases Grace the closer someone gets to the point of no return; offering up His Redemptive Complete Excruciating Agony to The Father; to reach them at the very precipice — The Father's All Powerful Might- sends the most intense Grace possible, of course, not to loose someone, for God takes no pleasure in someone choosing the second death. But if they choose to blaspheme The Holy Spirit – the 'It is finished,' from The Cross leaves them judged to loose their Guardian Angel, and they will never be in Covenant Chesed with God & neighbor. Very tragic. But trust in Jesus Christ means growing in Grace guided cheerfully obedient to the gifts The Holy Spirit of Wisdom Understanding Counsel Fortitude Knowledge Piety and{Awe, Respect, Desire of Covenant Chesed with Godly trust and affection to be pleasing to and not disappoint} Fear of The Lord; growing in Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance; to be more selflessly bearing the fruits of Covenant Unconditional Love, Joy, Shalom, Long-suffering & patience, goodness, gentleness, generosity, faithfulness, and self-control{temperance, modesty, & chastity}.
    The ability to live this journey on earth, no matter what prudently needs to be done through any hardship; by infused Grace; with established citizenship in Heaven. More Christlike.
    Very few realize it. On Feb. 14, 2000 John Paul ii, in an Address, inspired by The Holy Spirit; thanked for the work of the dedicated faithful so far; adding that it remains fragmented. He directed that a sustained vast 'sign' by making it an integral part of all the pastoral, educational, and charitable works of The Church form in every highway and hedgerow of The Church.
    What if your rule became Coworkers of Life; with the Sisters of Life something they have; it would be wonderful.
    "Every child conceive is a reason for hope." – John Paul ii "How can there be too many children, it would be like saying there are too many flowers." – Mother Teresa
    We know the greatest destroy of love and peace in the world is the mass murder of helpless children by the tens of thousands every single day. Why more do not help the fathers & mothers whose consciences get deep rooted anguish; by raising awareness to them, and to everyone for more people who could be family & friends – who can spare this most immense suffering of The Holy Spirit; is because they do not understand that God creates a transcendent soul & body & spirit; a person that naturally in the image and likeness of God emphatically-earnestly-ardently desires to live on the earth in God's Providence. Because of the lukewarmness, apathy, & complacency past and present – tens of thousands of person's every single day exclaim to God, 'my soul in anguished unto death!' with Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.
    "As the Lord continues to bless our community, we eagerly await how He will continue to reveal this charism of Life 'even to the ends of the earth.'” – Sisters of Life

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