Welcome to Saint-Vincent Hospital

Welcome to Saint-Vincent Hospital

Welcome to Bruyère’s Saint-Vincent Hospital. With over 330 beds, we are one of Ontario’s largest complex continuing care providers. Our bilingual services are specialized to meet unique patients’ needs. Patients receive adapted and ongoing services like physicians visits and personalized care management by a diverse team of highly skilled health professionals. Our private rooms, semi-private rooms and wards all have free wireless internet. Phones and televisions that can be activated for a fee are installed in each room. Washers and dryers are conveniently located on each unit for patients and their families to use. We have a hair salon on-site that offers services to both men and women at a reasonable cost. The atrium is filled with natural light and you can regularly hear someone playing lovely tunes on the piano. Patients and visitors can relax in the charming and serene Toyota Canada Garden or enjoy the beautiful view from the terrace. The spacious cafeteria serves meals, snacks and beverages. We also have the Path to Home lounge with resources to help patients plan their discharge when they no longer need our care. Find Saint-Vincent hospital tucked away on a quiet street by the river in Ottawa’s Centretown neighbourhood. Paid parking is available on-site, as well as free parking on neighbouring streets. Improving our patients’ quality of life is essential to us. Saint-Vincent Hospital’s highly qualified and compassionate staff work together to meet each patient’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. We look forward to welcoming you at Bruyère’s Saint-Vincent Hospital.

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  1. Thank you. this is a very good overview of St. Vincents' for a visitor and possible, patient, to learn of their new environment. Very nicely done.

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