Welcome Home | Pacific Saints embrace President Nelson’s visit

Welcome Home | Pacific Saints embrace President Nelson’s visit

There’s something about the islands, the
people, their warmth, their love, their love of the Lord. So they welcome you in ways that you’ve
never been welcomed before. They’re saying, “President Nelson, we
welcome you home.” Families lined up on both sides of the street,
waving and with posters and ribbons and banners. President Nelson would reach out and Sister
Nelson would reach out of the window and wave to them. You could see the squeals of delight. It was such a tender, human tie that the Lord’s
prophet was waving to them and reaching to them and pointing to them. “Hi, President! Hi President! Hi, Hi, Nelson!” It was really quite a thrill. Those dignified Tongan Saints, they were there
in the rain for two hours waiting to see the prophet and hear what he had to say to them. And that was just lovely. I’ve been going in and out of these islands
now since 1976. I know some of them and I know their parents
and I know their grandparents. They feel like I’m part of the family. And I do, I mean I love these people. It’s very interesting to see that, as you
would expect, President Nelson is the center of attention. But he doesn’t call attention to himself. He’s always sending the love and the concern
back to the people. And I think that’s what they feel. We wanted to say to the people that we love
them. We’re glad you’re members of the Church. We’re glad you love the Lord, and we just
want to be with you.

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  1. This is a lovely channel. Thanks for the new video. Is that not really amazing that they lined the streets in Samoa?

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