Welcome Back! Babe Rescues Johnny Gat on Alien Spaceship (Saints Row 4 | Female)

Welcome Back! Babe Rescues Johnny Gat on Alien Spaceship (Saints Row 4 | Female)

Do you have a lock on Johnny yet? It’s not been easy. He’s being kept off the grid. It’s weird. Almost like he’s under extra security or something. Can you break in? Of course I can. Get back to the ship. Feels weird not being in a shitty sports bar. We could always name the ship the Broken Shillelagh. Not funny. Kinzie, relax. Doing my best… Look, if you’re worried about me going brain dead I figure it’s part of the de… You have to say something… What aren’t you telling me? Thanks Matt. Kinzie… It’s not you she’s worried about, it’s everyone else. Now this is gonna get real exciting… It doesn’t matter. I have a feeling we’re about to disagree. Saving Gat is a terrible idea. The fuck’s gotten into you! You’re out of line! Boss don’t answer to you, honey! Bitch, you’re lucky we’re standing in front of Keith David or I’ll… STOP IT! He’s right, ok? It’s a terrible idea. In order to save Johnny we have to tap directly from our ship into his mind, and that means Zinyak’s going to know exactly where we are. You’re asking Matt and I to paint a target on humanity’s last chance so that you can go rescue someone we’ve never even met. And what’s even stupider is that we’re going along with it! That guy you just beat the shit out of is risking everything to save your friend, and you wanna know why? Because we can’t save ours anymore! Oleg is dead. Viola is dead. Earth… is dead. So how about you stop being a fucking asshole and say, “Thank you for giving us the hope you’ll never have.” I’m sorry. Yeah, well… you coulda killed me back in Steelport but you let me go. I can forgive a few punches. Ok then. Get in the chair. Hey Boss, whatchu think Gat’s mind is like? No idea, but if I had to bet I’d say either a shooting gallery or a Freckle Bitches. Johnny Gat is the oldest friend I have and the baddest motherfucker I know. I mourned him once when I thought Philippe Loren had taken him out. Now that I know he’s alive, I’d walk through hell to bring him back. Aisha! Behind you! Johnny! Help! OOH! HA HA HA HA! OW! Johnny, help! You want her? Come get her! STAGE ONE FIGHT! This is getting weird… Warren Williams took Aisha! We have to get to Vice Kings HQ and get her back! Stillwater is a lot lower res than I remember it. Johnny! Listen to me! C’mon! Vice King HQ is this way! Kingdom Come Records! We’re here. Where do you think you’re going? Where’s Warren Williams? I’m here for Aisha. Get the fuck out of my way! I don’t think so. HA HA HA. OOH! AGH! You’re too late, Johnny. You’ll never defeat Warren Williams! Eat a dick! I’m bad! STAGE ONE COMPLETE! STAGE TWO FIGHT! We’re inside Kingdom Come Records! Warren Williams is straight ahead! Let’s go! Johnny, this is a dream! You have to wake… Shut the fuck up! I know she’s in here. We just have to get to the main office. C’mon! You’re gonna pay for taking my girl! You really think you can stop me? Warren Williams! Let Aisha Go! You never get her, Johnny! Ooh! You Got Me! Aisha isn’t here. We have to get to her house! Hot stuff! STAGE TWO COMPLETE! STAGE THREE FIGHT! We’re almost there! Dammit! Look at all these fucking Ronin! Let’s take them out. Johnny, we can’t help anyone stuck here like you… You’re really starting to piss me off. Now come on. We don’t have much time. Aisha’s house! We’re here! C’mon, man! Let’s just get… Eesh, you home? Johnny, it is a… Trap! Eesh! Noooooooooooooooo! No, no, no. It’s now going down like that. Kinzie, can you reset this thing? Theoretically. Each simulation is an isolated instance. I just want it done, Kinzie. I don’t care how it works. One second, and… here we go. Coming, Aisha! Eeash, you… Cover Aisha! (I do not think so.) Take that! Watch out! It’s Super Jyunichi! Ai-ai-ai-ai-NOOOOOO! Johnny! You made it! You with me? Yeah. Yeah, I’m with you. Hold on. We’re coming to get you. Woa… we? Who’s we? The Saints. His journey finally over. Johnny Gat was once again able to hold Aisha in his arms… but the reunion was soon over as the street tough remembered the tragedy that claimed his love so many years ago. Thanks for playing. Were you right? No, side scroller beat ’em up. Nice. I’m coming, Johnny. Kinzie, I need that robot up and running. It’s really more like power armor. Not now Keith. Kinzie, where’s Gat? First, do you remember how to use this suit? Do I remember?.. PFFF! That’s not really an answer. After we get Gat you can take shots at me all night. But let’s stay focused on why we’re here. Was it too much for you? Keep an eye out for more Zin. They’re on the offensive now. What do you call blowing up Earth? Zinyak’s not dumb. I doubt we’ve made a single move so far without him knowing about it. I don’t think we would’ve made it this far if Zinyak didn’t think he could handle us. Great! Johnny is not here. He must be on the move. Do you think he’ll be okay? We are talking about Johnny fucking Gat! Not Matt Miller! Hey! I’ll have you know… OW! Kinzie, why did you…? Just grab Johnny and bring him back, okay? Always happy to show off! All soldiers on high alert! Special Prisoner 31 has escaped and is moving through the base. This is a kill order. Repeat: KILL ORDER. On the move? Okay, let me try to find a way to… I see a trail of dead aliens, Kinzie. I think I know which way Johnny went. Couldn’t fight worse shit! Looks like you’re headed pretty deep into the base. Where you at? Another pod room. Jesus, there must be thousands on this ship! Can you imagine how many people are being tortured by Zinyak right now? I know what you mean. I’ve seen countless tunnels full of those things. It’s a lot of fucking people, Kinzie. And if we take down Zinyak and the rest of the Zin Empire, they’ll all be saved. Right on! Not that they’ll have a home to go back to or anything. You have to work on your pep talk, Kinzie. [Hmm… WTF is this shit?] [Oh, I killed it…] [Somehow…] [Relax. That’s my comments, not subs.] [Just entertaining myself while we have some robot stuff going…] [Sorry, ‘power armor’ stuff going…] [Oh, one more weird round shit…] It’s no way to fight a lady! [How to kill it??] [Maybe from behind?] [Hmmm… didn’t work either… o_0 ] [And again…] [Didn’t work!] [Die!] [You know what…] [Fuck you!] [Ah! Beam yourself, round motherfucker!] Immediate backup to Processing Tunnel 16! I’m very disappointed in you all. Surely, the might of the Zin Empire can stop one man, hmm? Johnny is keeping him busy… Irritating overlords is definitely something we Saints are good at. [I watched several walkthroughs: in all of them the voice of Zinyak overlaps with Boss and Kinzie] [How people are supposed to understand anything from that?] [Ok, CJake out.] Still think I’m just a pretty face? I though a giant robot running through the halls would have got a bigger reaction. Maybe there’s a giant lizard destroying buildings in another hallway. Ahh… girl can dream… Special Prisoner #2 has been isolated! All soldiers to Processing Chamber 9 now! Good job, everyone! Shit! Where’s Processing Chamber 9? Just because I can see the layout of the ship doesn’t mean I know what the rooms are called. I think I’m getting cloooo…oh, fuck me… Let me see… Oh… looks like they activated a force field. How do they know I’m here? It’s probably to contain Johnny. Give me a minute to figure something out. Fuck you! We should just shoot up the room! Oh… Yeah. Do that! Draw their attention! Wait, seriously? Let’s have a little fun! That has to be embarassing. [Again those fucking round warbots!] [Already hate ’em!] [Ok, let’s deal with minor bastards first…] Take out everything! Get them to come to you! [So?!.. Now you ARE fucking explode when hit from behind?!] [I shot at that damn green thing on their backs before and nothing happened!] [Ok, now it’s easy…] I always win my arguments. There are more coming. Keep at it! No problem! That did it! The shield is down, now go get Johnny. [pods… pods… pods…] [I wonder in which one they’re hiding Neo…] [Die, stupid box!] Fuck. Yes! Johnny… what the hell happened? So I’m in the plane doing my thing… Johnny we’re about to jump! Right on, I’ll see you in Stilwa… Bravo. It would seem your reputation doesn’t do you justice. Earth’s most puissant warrior? That’s what he called me. You’re tellin’ me he abducted you years before his invasion because he thought you single handedly could stop him? Yeah. That’s so fucking awesome. You realize that means Zinyak’s more afraid of him than you, right? Shit. Johnny, go back to the part about the meat shield. Guys, don’t take this the wrong way… but I’ve spent years living in the past. I’m ready for the future. Good. Because if we’re going to pull off King’s plan, we’re going to need all the help we can get. *Thanks for watching* *Watch more on YouTube/CJake3*

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  1. Johnny Gat looks big and buff in his outfits… but… he is pretty skinny while naked😐😑 which means he isn't buff at all

  2. This part was fucking hilarious, and fun as fuck. The only thing that sucked about it…. was that there wasn't enough. Seriously, that's grade A minigame material.

  3. "Saving Gat is a terrible idea." You do not just say that about someone's best friend. That face punch was well earned.

  4. Kinze we saving someone we never even met me sorry kinz but peace has met him shundi met him p.s sorry if i made spelling mistake

  5. You can also make gat but you have to get the gat V dlc it includes his hair and outfit and watch a video how to make gat it actually looks like him

  6. Johnny Gat needs to finally get past Aisha leaving him because she didn't get enough head and marry a girl with the last name of Lingghun hyphenating it with his making it Gat-Lingghun

  7. 1:29–2:05 hold it. We gotta go back and do bullet points, 'cause there's just too many things wrong with this scene! First off… although i agree with kinzie that hacking zinyak ship is a bad idea they are giving them means to attack but Dont You Ever Come At Johnny Like That

     Second… Johnny Gat Is A Honest Loyal Trustworthy SOB Who's Been There Ever Since First Joining The Saints And After Julius Betrays The Saints Johnny Becomes The Second Hand Man Of The Group And Not Only That Aisha Johnny Gat Love Was Killed So Life Was Hard

    Third… How Dare You Throw It In Player's Face That Earth Oolag And Viola Is Dead BITCH WE KNEW THEY ARE FUCKING DEAD Its Not We Tried Not Stopping Aliens From Trying Blow Up The Plant Cuz We Did The Player Is Already Sad Enough As It Is You Didn't Have To Bring Up Earth Destruction He Tried Giving Hope To You But How Do You Repay Player Throwing It Back At Them With Ungrateful Ignorant Comments About Him And Johnny Let Me Tell You Something Kinzie Unless You Wanna Step Up Lead The Saints And Stop Zinyak While Also Trying Saving Rest Of Your Crew I Suggest You Shut The Fuck Up And Just Stay In Your Lane


  8. I fucking hated this mission. Took my ass 4 fucking hours to complete it. But that's when I was a kid. I probably improved.

  9. Am I the only one who found it ironic that the boss said I'd walk through hell to bring Johnny back but in gat out of hell that exactly what Johnny did to bring back the boss

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