Weezer – Say It Ain’t So (Official Music Video)

Weezer – Say It Ain’t So (Official Music Video)

(“Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer) ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Alright ♪ ♪ Somebody’s Heine’ ♪ ♪ Is crowding my icebox ♪ ♪ Somebody’s cold one ♪ ♪ Is giving me chills ♪ ♪ Guess I’ll just
close my eyes ♪ ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Alright ♪ ♪ Feels good ♪ ♪ Inside ♪ ♪ Flip on the telly ♪ ♪ Wrestle with Jimmy ♪ ♪ Something is bubbling ♪ ♪ Behind my back ♪ ♪ The bottle is ready to blow ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ Your drug is a heartbreaker ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ My love is a life taker ♪ ♪ I can’t confront you ♪ ♪ I never could do that
which might hurt you ♪ ♪ So try and be cool ♪ ♪ When I say ♪ ♪ This way is a water
slide away from me ♪ ♪ That takes you
further every day ♪ ♪ So be cool ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ Your drug is a heartbreaker ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ My love is a life taker ♪ ♪ Dear Daddy, I write you ♪ ♪ In spite of years of silence ♪ ♪ You’ve cleaned
up, found Jesus ♪ ♪ Things are good,
or so I hear ♪ ♪ This bottle of Stephen’s ♪ ♪ Awakens ancient feelings ♪ ♪ Like father, stepfather ♪ ♪ The son is drowning
in the flood ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ Your drug is a heartbreaker ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ My love is a life taker ♪

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  1. If you like Weezer, you might also like this band that you probably haven't heard before (yet): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeQpggOw8EA

  2. 오늘 노래 잘들었어요 악수를 할수있는 기회까지있어서 좋았어요… 그리고 먼지가되어 불러주셔서 고맙습니다!

  3. This is one of those songs that are so great that if it were all they had done and hung it up immediately after they recorded this. They could tour off this one hot track.

    Peace & Love

  4. I love how depressed everyone looks, like this is their 1000th take and they just want to go home.

  5. Some pf the best stoner rock ever in my opinion. Like they're stoned, and it's rock; they're rocked! I'm baked.

  6. Im here because im depressed , and crying and drunk i hate my life i wanna die but im a pussy so i wont kill myself

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  8. I was listening to calpurnia and saw this cover not even reminding this song, I clicked on it and was like "this sounds SO familiar.." so I looked for the original, all the songs I've been remembering or randomly hearing then automatically loving the song, are all by weezer WTF THEY ARE SO GOOD, I've heard of weezer so many times but I never knew these songs I like are all by them, and I'm pretty sure my mom or dad used to play their songs a lot when I was a baby or something, I always randomly come across songs my parents listened to when I was a baby, my parents have a GREAT taste in music

    edit: sorry for keep on ranting but I had a "emo phase" and I LOVED mcr, told my mom and she said she loved my chemical romance when she was pregnant with me, she had their CDs & everything, then she said "I guess it does matter what music you listen to when your pregnant" 😂

  9. I have this pretty great memory from when I was 9 back in July 1995 and my older cousin and brother picked me up from school to take me to the Theater with them to see the movie "Clueless" and this song was playing on the radio on the way there.

    I'd give just about anything to go back to that time.

  10. サマソニ大阪で泣いたぞ!!!こんな良い曲が世界中で歌われるような世界になってくれ!!!俺は英語は分からん!!!だがこの歌が、良い曲であることは分かる!!!

  11. Every time the chorus plays I start singing “hey, wait, say it ain’t so” just like in Nirvanas Heart Shaped Box.

  12. This song is a cathartic one for Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, who takes out his family frustrations in the lyric. He wrote the music for the song and had the title, but didn't know what the song would be about until he remembered an incident when he came home from high school and found a bottle of beer in the refrigerator belonging to his stepfather ("Somebody's Heine' is crowdin' my icebox").

    Cuomo's family had been hurt by alcohol abuse in the past, as his father was an alcoholic and left the family when Rivers was four. When Cuomo saw the beer in the fridge, he thought his stepfather was also going to end up leaving.

    The video was shot at the garage in the Los Angeles where Cuomo and Weezer bass player Matt Sharp lived. It was directed by Sophie Muller, whose extensive credits include most of the Eurythmics and Annie Lennox videos, and several by No Doubt.

    Rivers Cuomo takes a shot at his biological father, Frank, in this song in the verse he starts with "Dear Daddy." After leaving the family when Cuomo was four, Rivers saw Frank infrequently until around the time when this song was released, at which point they renewed their relationship.

    When Cuomo sings, "You've cleaned up, found Jesus," he's referring to his dad's religious epiphany: Frank became a Pentecostal preacher. Years later, Rivers enjoyed watching videos of his father's sermons, which often incorporated music (Frank was a professional drummer). This helped Rivers come to terms with his insecurities on stage – he never looked like a rock star and sometimes felt like he didn't belong on stage, but seeing his father do it helped Rivers realize that he had a genetic gift for performing.

    Looking back at the lashing he gave his dad, Cuomo told Rolling Stone in 2014, "I was an angry young man. I was quick to point the finger."

    The line, "Flip on the tele', wrestle with Jimmy" is a reference to Cuomo's brother, Jimmy. The other name mentioned in the song is "Stephen" ("This bottle of Stephen's"), which refers to their stepfather, Stephen Kitts.

  13. I saw weezer live back in 2009 and they were fking awesome! Ive always loved them! And they are even better live! ❤❤


  15. Craziest collab ever! We got Steve from Blues Clues on vocals, Dwight from The Office on drums and Eminem on bass. Damn.

  16. So cool! Love the hacky sack and can't listen to the "yeah, yeahyeah yeahyeah" bridge without cracking up! Songwriting genius at its best!!!

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