Weekly Recap #375 August 30th- Warframe, Caravan Stories, PlanetSide Arena & More!

Weekly Recap #375 August 30th- Warframe, Caravan Stories, PlanetSide Arena & More!

The latest Warframe is quick, fast, and in
a hurry, early access for PlanetSide Arena is just around the corner, brawlhalla takes
us back to school, caravan stories completes it’s journey to the west, and fortnite seems
almost as excited for borderlands 3 as I am… almost. Whats good everyone! JamesBl0nde here with your weekly recap for
gaming news and announcements for the week of August 30th, 2019, First up, Elder Scrolls Online’s “Season of
the Dragon” continued this week with the launch of the Scalebreaker dungeon DLC! This coincides with Update 23, which brings
several quality of life improvements to the game. These include things like multi-crafting,
which will allow players to craft any number of items at a time so long as they have the
resources. Multi-bidding has also launched for Guild
Trading locations, and Undaunted keys/rewards underwent a major change. The Scalebreaker update sees the addition
of two new dungoens in Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok. In Moongrave Fane, the vampires of the Hollowfang
prepare to perform a terrible ritual. Joined by the former Dragonguard Grundwulf,
they wish to drain the blood from a captured Dragon! You and your team must fight your way into
the fallen ruin and put a stop to their plan before it’s too late. In Lair of Maarselok, Maarselok sleeps deep
in the mountains between Elsweyr and Grahtwood. However, upon the opening of the Halls of
Colossus, this monstrous Dragon has awoken and now threatens to spread his corruption
into the domain of the Wood Elves. Only with the help of the Warlock Carindon
and the forest spirit Selene can you defeat this terrifying new Dragon! Speaking of cool updates, Digital Extremes
has announced that its awaited Warframe update, Saint of Altra, will arrive this week on PC. “Saint of Altra” introduces the 41st Warframe,
Gauss. Gauss’ kit is based on kinetic movement
and speed. His passive charges a current that charges
his Speed Gauge, helping shields recharge up to 80% faster and decreasing recharge delay
by up to 80% as well. His Mach Rush ability lets him burst into
a hyper sprint that bowls over enemies and charges his battery or crash into solid objects
to create powerful shockwaves. This can be held to sprint continuously. Kinetic Plating can generate armor plating
that converts a portion of absorbed Kinetic damage into Energy, and protects him from
being staggered or knocked down. Thermal Sunder siphons kinetic energy from
the area charging his battery and inflicting Cold status on nearby enemies; holding this
skill reverses the process drains the battery and inflicts Heat status instead. Finally, his Redline ability overcharges his
battery and sets his Fire Rate, Attack Speed, Reload Speed, and Holster rate into overdrive
in addition to boosting his other abilities. When past the Redline, arcs of electricity
periodically spark from his body, exploding en masse when the ability is activated. Add another awesome warframe to the list of
many. Next up, Sci-fi economy simluation Prosperous
Universe has officially gone free to play this week! Non-paying players receive indefinite access
to the game, though with limited features. During the First Access phase, which started
in December 2018, a one-time payment was required to unlock all the Pro features. Once this first access period ends, the game
will move to a monthly subscription model. The developers, Simulogics, are set on steering
clear of microtransactions both now and in the future. Head over to the site post at MMOHuts.com
to learn the difference between the free and paid experiences. In other news, Hunter’s Arena: Legends is
an upcoming Battle Royale RPG by Korean developer Mantisco that showed off some PVP and PVE
combat this past week! Three hunters appear in this trailer, who
are working together to face a mighty Boss Monster, and highlights the balance between
collaboration and betrayal that players can expect. The goal is to have Hunter’s Arena: Legends
launching at the end of the year. People attending the LG Ultragear Festival
(Aug. 31 – Sept. 1) in Seoul, South Korea can check out the “Tag Mode”. According to the site post, the footage was
actually created on the game engine, so this is a realistic representation of what gameplay
will be like. Moving on, Mankind Reborn released a new developer
blog this past week, highlighting the newest update, Update #16. They discuss that the game has more of a budget
now, so more serious efforts will be put in, and that Union City has been completely rebuilt
from the ground up. The city is presently composed of a downtown
and underground area, each with their own sets of content. The goal is to have Union City serve as a
testbed for gameplay content that’s coming over the next few months. The first iteration of in-world real estate
has also begun, and the interaction system has received an overhaul. There is simply so much going on in this update
blog, you should really check it out in more detail from the link below. Weapons changes, item slot optimizations,
the chat system, so many things are seeing updates and changes. A lot is going on in the world of Mankind
Reborn right now. Speaking of, Caravan Stories officially has
a release date! Played by more than two million people in
Japan, Caravan Stories completes its journey to the west on September 10th, 2019. The vast, beautiful world of Iyarr awaits,
and players will recruit heroes and tame monsters. A monolithic structure appears above Iyarr. This mysterious threat, known as Enigma manifests
a portal from which chaos pours forth. Before the realm succumbs to shadow, heroes
from the six races of Iyarr must stand together and push back the tides of darkness. Players will engage in real-time combat, and
build a party suited to the world’s dangers. NPC’s weaknesses can be complemented by
the strength of the right tamed monster, and every role must work together to seal victory. There are nearly 300 unique heroes and beasts
to recruit and tame, so no two players experience will be quite the same. Party management will be key, but every journey
must have a well-equipped caravan. These will serve as the player’s progression
hub. At a caravan, players can customize their
looks, unlock crafting, create resource generators, and much more. Then you can combine forces with other players
to test their mettle against legendary foes. More betas happening in September as Enplex
Games announced that their upcoming story-driven multiplayer, Population Zero will be kicking
off a Closed Beta soon. This Closed Beta will begin on September 19th,
and everyone is invited to sign up for it. There are also Founders Packs that guarantee
access to the closed beta but are not required in order to be selected. There will be an Open Beta in 2020, and at
that time, Population Zero will be a free-to-play MMO experience. Players can wander Kepler however they please,
and examine, befriend, and fight a variety of entities. There are two factions, but players can swap
out at will by completing quests for one faction or the other. The Perk System will offer a great deal of
agency for players to create a unique character, with the skills they desire. Between this, and the robust crafting system,
players can explore Population Zero however they please. Well it looks like Elsword’s RE:BOOT event
is wrapping up with the final set of characters, Chung, Luciel, and Rose, receiving their updated
job paths! These are adjusted for both PVE and PVP. All characters saw changes to attack types,
evasion, skills, and traits, as well as received awesome new animations. To help players out, the Item Support Login
event will provide some great support items, and the Hot Summer Burning Event provides
highly sought after Weapon Enhancement Buffs. There will also be summer boosts where players
will receive up to +10 Weapon Enhancement Buffs for their weapons. Players can also learn more about the Demon
Realm, thanks to a pair of new dungeons that have arrived. The new dungeons are Trosh’s Nest and the
Abandoned Icerite Planet Dungeons. With this, the El Search Party will dive deeper
into the Demon Realm, and uncover more mysteries. You can find more details on the rewards and
limited-time events planned in the link in the description below. To go along with epic game’s exclusivity
on the Borderlands 3 PC release. New content awaits in Fortnite thanks to a
crossover with Borderlands 3 – such as the Pandora Rift Zone, and the Psycho Bundle (available
in the Item Shop). There’s also a new Pandora Prefab to try
out in Creative Mode. New challenges also await, with free rewards! Pretty standard add on for Fortnite but it
still hypes us up for borderlands 3. Also this past week, Bandai Namco announced
that Bless Unleashed will enter an open beta phase from November 7th until the 21st! Exclusive to Xbox One, it will introduce players
to the goals of the final game and will be able to choose from a variety of classes and
races, as they journey to save the world of Lumios from a dark, mysterious threat. Players will be able to go solo or team up
on dungeons and raids with friends to do battle. Check out the latest gameplay overview trailer
you see playing here to see if it’s your type of game and keep up with the latest info at
MMOHuts.com Next up, the PlanetSide Arena team released
a developer letter this past week, which announced their vision for the game, and the Early Access
date, which was sooner than I expected. PlanetSide Arena will hit Steam’s Early
Access program on September 19th, 2019, and the plan is for a multi-platform launch in
early 2020. PlanetSide Arena is an ambitious project that
is going to take the comradery and battles that PlanetSide is known for and shape it
into something new. It will be class-based, high-speed action
with jetpacks and vehicles to pair up with team-based tactics. The game’s initial launch will have the
new Squads Mode (12 soldiers per squad) and Teams Mode (3 soldiers per team) in intense
300-player matches. Over the next year, however, the team will
begin to explore a future that will see an evolution of the empires, introduce new vehicles,
weapons, classes, events, maps, and new game modes as well as classic favorites reimagined,
all at a scale that can only be created through a PlanetSide experience. Modes like 300-player Squads, Sunderdome,
Outfit Wars and Massive Clash will spark a new, even more intense phase in the battle
for Auraxis. And as I mentioned last week, Smite fans should
click on over to MMOHuts.com and check out Jason’s new God Guide for Persephone, the
newest god in the game! You’ll find lore, a breakdown of her abilities,
a look at her balance, and tips for building her in a match! And finally for our last bit of news, the
latest patch for Brawlhalla, Patch 3.48 (School’s In Session) was revealed recently, and with
it comes the Back to School Event. The Back to School Event will have several
exclusive skins for characters such as Fait, Lin Fei, Kaya, Xull and more. There are plenty of cosmetics to collect,
and a new Brawl of the Week, KO Mania. There is a nice long list of balance adjustments
in this update, which you can find a the link in the description below. And that’s about it for all the major news
and announcements this week for more information on the news topics, check the links in the
description below, feel free to discuss the news or even more news in the comments below
and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit that little bell icon to get notifications
and of course share this video! But until next time guys that’s going to
be it for me… I’m JamesBl0nde… see ya out there gamers!

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