100 Replies to “Weekend Update: Angel – SNL”

  1. great work as Angel. Heidi reminds me a bit of Melissa McCarthy, in her emotional delivery while keeping it funny . very hard to do.

  2. You know why she's so good? Because she really believes for a few seconds, that she's that person. In her mind, she's transformed herself into that character. I love her ability to focus on her task at hand. Commitment and focus! Very talented. God blessed us with her. Recognize before she's gone world. I hope Collin knows this too!

  3. I think I know where Biden is going to be this weekend. At Angel's sister's, trying to grope her, her sister, her kids, her sister's kids, and the pets. Joe Biden sucks. Joey The Rapist is a loser.

  4. One of the greats, right up there with Ferrell and Hartman and Farley and Oteri and Murphy and Fey and McKinnon and Akroid and Hader and Short and….

  5. This is so so sooo good! But still the best part for me is when Colin (the sexiest guy on SNL ever) laughs 2:49.
    Even his laughing is sexy… his smile turns me on, so I am sorry, if I am a bit over the top

  6. She really wants Colin to know where shes gonna be. She definitely hopes Colin comes up to her sisters.

  7. I dont give up on my old phone after a year, you think youre the fighter, Im the fighter, I still got my iPhone 4S

  8. That is literally the best crying brooklyn accent Ive ever heard… hey colin did you hear that its the best crying brooklyn accent ive ever heard?

  9. How does she not break? Heidi is so funny. Almost two years old and this sketch still kills like it did the first time it aired.

  10. Never understand why that is a threat. Please please take the kids to your sister's and leave them there permanently. Thankyou very much.

  11. Good god, this woman puts 100% into every performance she does on this show and makes it look so effortlessly. I bet she would be amazing in a drama. It's about time that SNL made her a regular. Heidi Gardner, you are the bees knees!

  12. Tina, Amy, Cheri, Ana, Molly, Maya, Kristin, Cecily, Aidy, Kate — and now you can add Heidi to the amazing Hall of Fame!

  13. I would box Mike Tyson as long as no one jump in and he didn't have a weapon and don't forget he better not try and bite my ear

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