Week of April 1, 2019 Spiritual Self-Mastery Class ~ Ego & Heart with Sloane Rhodes

hi everybody its Sloane Rhodes here with
your spiritual self-mastery class ego and heart of the week I’m going to say
April 1st 2019 even though today it’s a second but it’s also for whenever you
happen to be watching or listening to this recording or this video you’ll
always just like anything in life any time you hear something that’s or see
something is I think exact right time you’re going to but I am going to
categorize it as that’s for the week of April 1st 2018 and as I do every week
I’m going to draw one card looking at the overall energy and how the ego might
try to distract us and how we can jump into the heart more and then another
card for what we can expect to look forward to regardless and so let’s just
go ahead and get started and just let everyone know that I did just do another
Q&A video where I responded to an email and in this particular Q&A video I
address those feelings that arise within us where we feel as though we’re we’ve
done something wrong or we’re not on the right path and it’s not so much about
our thoughts around it it’s about the feeling that we often hold within our
very own bodies so I address back in the NICU a and
there’s a link here if you are interested and I do appreciate the
questions as I receive them and I think it’s so helpful because anytime someone
asks a question just like an elementary school everyone wants to know the answer whenever someone’s brave enough to ask a
question and usually helps out many other people as well and I am you’re
always welcome to send in your questions if you want me to you know keep your
name private or not read the email them of course you can let me know that in
your question okay so for this week this particular
video this particular recording yeah for watching inspector look forward to
regardless we have effort okay start to look forward to regardless
is moderation and the deck we have forgiveness for Conor this is the
underlying energy which is really really nice because we are coming I think the
last two classes the spiritual self mastery classes for the videos I did
there was a theme around loss feelings of sorrow or sadness recovery so I love
this forgiveness under the deck that does show that we’re kind of coming out
of some of those feelings and we are being more gentle more kind there’s an
energy with whenever we have this idea of forgiveness there’s this idea of
recovery you know because there’s an opening within the heart and whenever we
open our heart to what has occurred that’s just another way of saying you’re
free you won’t be more forgiving either of self of others or the circumstances
you’re softening you know it’s a beautiful healing energy okay so for the
week we have the energy around effort the energy of effort and you know I’m
gonna say this way the ego may try to distract us with this effort energy by
making excuses for things that you do or things that others do many times when we
have this idea of making an effort this it’s an idea of pushing right it’s an
energy of pushing of trying to make things happen it even kind of feels a
bit laborious right so the reason that I came up I don’t know why but it came up
as you know you make excuses is that sometimes we say like the ends justify
the means so this particular week the ego may try to come in with this idea of
the end justifies the means so make sure that you’re not trying to present a
persona that you are more than you are you know if you
are applying for the job and they want to know if you have certain computer
skills don’t pretend that you do don’t say that you do if you don’t you know
openness and honesty is what will is the name of the game for this week don’t
push too hard you know we have effort and moderation
so there is a toggling here there is a balance being sought here and so you
don’t want to pretend that you know more than you you do or you have more skills
and then then you actually have acquired thus far in life you can always acquire
more skills but don’t pretend and if you maybe that you are talking with someone
this week who is presenting themselves as being more than they are and the way
that you’ll be often to identify it in terms of the egoic energy and sometimes
you know the the ego can actually when it arises it’s in another you know but
you can see it within yourself with you can see it within another because you
hold a version of it within you so if you see another person this week you’re
if you have having interactions with someone this week where it feels that
they’re pushing too hard on a pushy salesperson give yourself time you know
it’s always okay to say you know let me think about a little longer you know I’m
not ready to make a decision yet don’t get swept up in someone’s effort to
persuade you and don’t get caught up in your own ego up needs and desires for
things to be a certain way so that you push the boundaries a little bit lino
the ends justify the means no not this week certainly so the ego might try to
come in and distract us this week with either someone coming in that way or you
pushing too hard in that way as well we’re trying to present yourself in a
certain light some kind of trickery energy there in
terms of how the ego you know but the heart says look at all the different
ways in which I can recognize the efforts of others you know look how hard
they’re trying I appreciate this pushy salesman desire
to provide for his or her family but it’s not mine to hold you know the heart
can look at things without the judgment you know the the ego would look at
someone who’s pushing too hard or being kind of a pushy sales person in this
particular example it may show up in a different way I’m just giving you a very
specific example so that you can draw from that example and the you know the
ego will look at the pushy salesman so that you know that person’s a liar or
cheat or whatever but you know the hardest is that way yes they’re pushing
so hard that they’ve you know they’ve even lost sight of themselves but
they’re doing it in their mind for the betterment of themselves or their family
but they that heart doesn’t have any judgment around it the heart says yes
and it’s not mine you know I can say no thank you without
the fight back you’re trying to trick me that would be very ego like you know
you’re doing this to me and the heart says I see yes that’s not for me in the
heart you know makes the correction you know course correction you know like
that the heart starts kind of making these course corrections and the ego
starts getting caught in these minor skirmishes
that feel big you know but they’re really not they don’t need to be but
they feel big to the ego so you have to honor that as well well yes the ego is
really fired up right now it feels like that you gonna need to
make more of an effort to match their effort or whatever and it doesn’t you
know that’s that’s the ego energy you can check in with yourself if you are
there’s an overlay of judgment around it so something to think about for the week
and if something is pushing a little too hard this week either you are another or
situations pushing in on you take a breath you know and you can say
yes you know that heart says yes I see it’s a lot of energy around this and if
it feels great yes but if it doesn’t say yes not for me this week you know we do
have the over the what we can expect to look forward to regardless is this idea
of moderation you don’t want to be all there nothing this week this is a gentle
week it may not feel gentle there may be people who are pushing you to make a
decision or you’re pushing another or you’re pretending someone’s pretending
to be more than they are okay yes I understand I’m choosing not to engage
with that or you may be tempted to portray yourself as you know the expert
when you art you know or that you may pretend you know we have this idea of
forgiveness a softening healing you may pretend this week that everything’s
great you know there’s this idea of kind of a little bit trickery and fakery here
it’s okay you know you don’t need to pretend you
know it’s okay to be gentle and soft like I’m not quite ready yet or I’m not
sure I’ll have to get back to you are you able to do this job what is required
of me I’m not sure I can meet those expectations in the moment that I’m
happy to to gain additional skills you know whatever you know you can do it
without the egoic fear or need to portray yourself you know as a certain
type of way in order to appease someone else or in order to you know deflect the
feelings of you know that you’re somehow not good enough it’s kind of thing try
to be as best you can in the kind of middle ground this week you know the
idea of moderation is what we can especially look forward to regardless
there is change around this you know again we have this we’re coming out of a
period of kind of some some healing some sadness and we’re going to healing here
and so it’s a gentle kind of incline it’s not a you know don’t don’t pretend
that you’re all good everything’s all good or if someone’s trying to portray
themselves as that you know it’s it’s probably not the case so this week just
be easy feel your way through it allow yourself to kind of be to forgive
yourself for maybe not being it where your ego thinks you should be you know
or where you think someone else should be just try to be you know gentle this
week see if I want to say anything else so you can drop into the heart you know
yes I see you know I see how badly I want to prove to others my worth you
know I can see my ego my ego getting all ready to gear up for battle in order to
prove him or herself yes I’m not quite there you know I recognize that in order
to do that I would have to pretend that I know more than I am where I feel more
than you know I have skills that I don’t yet have that’s a that’s a feeling of locker than
my ego but I don’t have to you know you don’t have to go where the ego wants to
take you invest the heart heart says yes I see it all and I’m choosing to align
with truth with healing energy with a softening choose to be more moderate and
I choose not to pretend things are either terrible or great but I choose
just to kind of be gentle this week that’s how that heart can kind of look
at this and experience this week and the ego says no you need to put forth more
effort or they need to put forth more effort or you need to protect yourself
because they’re you know they’re trying to treat upon your boundaries you know
this kind of thing in the heart says no no I see exactly you know I’m I’m fine
thank you you make the course correction without
like you’re doing this to me you know it’s know I’ve already kind of covered
that but what we can expect to look forward to regardless again it’s more
moderation don’t don’t don’t pretend to be
everything’s great and opportunity was terrible just trying to maintain as best
you can an even keel this week because truly there is quite a bit of softening
going on within self it’s a an internal shift and when we have that internal
shift sometimes things take longer than that
ego would like and so they sometimes this is why the the effort card will
come in you need to push keep pushing and I wanted to bring you back to the
older energy the more familiar pattern of always striving and always pushing
always trying to get more do more be more these kind of things so okay I hope
that you find it helpful I wish you much love as always and I will see you either
your private appointment if you want a private appointment I don’t have the
schedule up on the online scheduler but you can email me and I’ll set up the
appointment for you and my videos my video readings are still available and
also I have my courses over the Sloan Academy and I do have my new QA video up
as well so if you are interested in that let’s check it out there is a link here
alright just left everyone thought I

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