We K-Pop Ep.13 – X1 [ENG, CHN, IND / 2019.10.04]

(Monster rookie X1 comes to We K-Pop) 2, 3. Fly high X1. Hello, we’re X1! (X1’s final episode is coming up) (Let’s recap their previous highlights) When you complete your missions, global prizes are waiting for you! There’s a New York Times Square advert as well. Welcome to We K-Pop! Your fatal charm! (They complete the first mission!) You need to make the MCs laugh! (Hyeongjun, Seungwoo, Seungyoun are picked) (Hyeongjun’s Celeb Five cover dance) (Seungyoun’s funny skit) But I’m not an alien! I sang a song and she said to stick with soccer. Hey, she laughed! (They got through the 2nd mission!) This is a mission that reveals TMI about X1! Wow. I think I know. You look exactly the same! That’s me! We’re not going to point, Eunsang! (Example of a good evolution) They keep typing “crunch.” They keep saying “crunch.” Kim Shinyoung? What’s up with this? Wait a minute! I’m not even holding a phone! This is unfair! You fail! You know the “Of Course” game? Of course! Of course! Whatever mistake the other guy makes, you have to say that’s okay. That’s okay. You lose when you can’t respond or use honorifics. You lose! You lose this round. Let’s have Seungwoo go first. Dohyon, come out here! Seungwoo, clean up after yourself. Let’s go on a diet. Don’t eat. Can you do that? Seungwoo, you stand here. My left side looks better. Getting a head start! The odds are against me. You lose this round! Back to your seat. Go on. – Kim Yohan, come out! / – Kim Yohan! You cried and wanted to see it through. That’s okay! What’s going on? I expected an attack but this happens! Switch places with me. I can beat you with Taekwondo, right? (Teasing) That’s okay. You lose! (Will Wooseok survive to the end?) Wooseok, take your pick. – Lee Hangyul, come out. / – Hangyul! Let’s go. Wooseok looks like he’ll win. Hangyul nervously kicked his water bottle. Wooseok, your elder is here. You always treat me like you’re older anyway. Take it easy. – Wooseok can start. / – Me first. Hey, Hangyul. I thought you were older, sorry. That’s okay. (That guy is no joke) He’s playing mind games! He said that’s okay. Hangyul, I’m now 24. Yeah. Are you aware that you look three years older? (Keep calm!) Not five years? That’s okay. – Oh! / – That’s okay! They’re neck and neck! – Wooseok. / – Now Hangyul’s turn. – Wooseok. / – Yeah. Your legs might snap in half. Look how fit mine are! (Bulky vs. Slim) Oh, what an attack! That was strong! – That’s okay. / – He’s okay. Hangyul, you did Taekwondo a long time. Right. (Taekwondo?) You know I can beat you, right? You know I can beat you, right? (Teasing) It’s a Taekwondo attack! – You lose! You lose! / – You lose! You’re good! He’s hard to beat. (LOL) (Respect) Why is he so good? This is easy! Wooseok, take another pick. – Junho! / – Junho! Junho! Mr. Cha? I don’t think I can beat Junho. He can’t beat Junho? There’s Hyeongjun, Dongpyo, Eunsang and Minhee. I’ll pick out of those two. Eunsang or Dongpyo. – Eunsang? / – Eunsang! Eunsang! (Eunsang or Dongpyo?) Eunsang, come out here. – Eunsang! / – Eunsang! He might be stronger than we think. Eunsang is quiet but speaks his mind. He’s the quiet type that says all that he wants. You need to hold hands. Alright. You can go first. Okay. Wooseok. Yeah? Wooseok. Yeah? Where are you? (You’re too short for me to see) (Unbelievable) That’s okay! That’s okay! (Eunsang! Respect!) That’s okay! That’s okay! I’m okay. I’m okay. – But that’s not how we see it! / – I’m okay. – That’s okay. / – Are you sure? – He said that’s okay! / – But not us! He said that’s okay! He took the hit, it’s okay. – I’m okay. / – He takes it well! – I can’t sit down for this! / – Quiet, everyone. Hang on, you guys. You must hold hands! – Okay, let’s do this. / – Wow. Eunsang is strong. – Eunsang. / – Yeah? Wait, hang on. (What is he doing?) Wait, hang on. Wait a minute. Come over here. Get over here. Come on. Eunsang! Eunsang! Can you tell the difference? Eunsang, are you okay? (Wooseok cruelly targets the face) (Can Eunsang withstand the blow?) That’s not okay. You lose! – This hurt him! / – That’s cute. Hurry and hug it out. You know I’m kidding, right? Remember, it’s only a game! That’s because you’re taller. – Right. / – It’s only a game. That was really strong. Wooseok, who is your next pick? (The next target is?) Song Hyeongjun, come out. (He did all he could to avoid his glance) Hyeongjun, come out here. You can’t start crying. You can stand here. (Wooseok, let’s switch places) (Move along) Switching places! – He’s strong! / – Switching places! Switching places! Did you see his hand? Nice wrist snap. He did more than this! – Alright. / – You can go first. Your legs could snap with one kick. – That’s okay. / – Fatten up. – That’s okay? / – That’s okay. – He said that’s okay. / – That’s okay. Hey, Hyeongjun… Hey, Hyeongjun… About your profile height… Oh no! That’s off limits! That’s off limits! (My profile height?) That’s off limits! You lose! – Hurry back in! / – Don’t cry. Back inside! To your seat. – Hyeongjun, get back. / – It’s okay. Hyeongjun’s crying. Don’t worry, I was only teasing. – His profile height is real. / – He was just teasing! He won six times in a row! I know. Anyone can tell Wooseok owns this game. At this time, we need Mr. Cha or Seungyoun to face him. Right, we need them now. The person to take Wooseok down is actually Junho. – Junho, come out. / – Come on out. This is the final round. Just stand there. This is the final round. Wooseok first. Junho. You sometimes come to my room. This is already hilarious. I wish you wouldn’t. That’s okay. He said that’s okay. Junho? (Is he nervous?) Wooseok. Yeah. – Can we switch places? / – That’s okay. Alright, they switched places! Your right side looks great too! Alright, fans. (Wooseok shows his right side) (What will he say to shake Junho?) Junho. Practice your dance more. That’s okay. Junho, now it’s your turn. – Wooseok. / – Yeah? I know you have nothing against me. I know you have nothing against me. (Unbelievable) I know you have nothing against me. (Junho’s hardcore!) I know you have nothing against me. (Wooseok has logged out) You lose! Junho! Junho knocked him down! (Wooseok falls against Junho) – Mr. Cha! / – This is over! Cha Junho! Cha Junho! – Cha Junho! / – You know I’m kidding, right? Give him a hug! Right now… Wooseok was sweeping the game… Then in one blow… Mr. Cha did that to him. He fell after Mr. Cha’s blow. – He lost this time. / – Yeah. The mission isn’t over yet. He’s the strongest mind out of the MCs. Seungmin, let’s go! – It’s Seungmin. / – Let’s go! – Seungmin. / – This is only a game. But Junho is only strong against me. I only work on Wooseok. Don’t worry, you can still beat him. Each of you guys are the most peaceful in your group. This is harder without much info. Right. I don’t know what to ask him. – Not knowing him makes it harder. / – Right. You must hold hands. Seungmin, you can do this! Let’s go, Seungmin! I’ve never seen Seungmin raise his eyebrows for anything. Some say his eyebrows don’t move. You can do this! The same goes for Junho. Even Junho? – Junho is like a robot. / – No change. Mr. Cha! This should be close. Okay, Seungmin can go first. (Pressured) (Agog) (When will he attack?) – Hang on. / – You lose! Just a minute. – Seungmin! / – You lose. (Is that it for the MCs?) Hang on. Inseong, you try. – Me? / – Let’s go kitty cat. – But I’m bad at this. / – Meow! (The pride of We K-Pop on the line) – Meow! / – Your name is Junho? Yes. (Oh my) You said you’re bad at this! (Adding plenty of seasoning) Stop showing off and hold hands! Stop showing off. No honorifics starting now. (The real final round! Beat the MC!) – I’ll just be casual. / – Sure. (Interesting) That was great! Inseong, you first. Junho, do you work out? Looks like you should do more. That’s okay. (What’s he doing?) That’s okay. – You okay with that? / – Yeah, I’m okay. – Inseong. / – Yeah? You shouldn’t show off before strangers. (Our spice guy always does his best) (But busy doing his thing…) Stop showing off and hold hands! Stop showing off. (Making use of what he hears) (He’s one quick learner) (Amazing adaptability) (Trying to keep calm) (Waahhh) – I’m sorry. / – You lose! (Giving him a hug) (I’m sorry) He’s good! – Seungmin’s surprised. / – He’s good. Inseong! Inseong! Inseong! (Not knowing what to do) (Bowing at 90 degrees) – Our baby kitten. / – Mommy! Let’s have you hug it out. Alright! Let’s not take the game seriously. This means the 3rd mission is… Clear! Play the music! (“I’m Here For You” by X1) (Kitty cat, you did well) This is Junho’s part! (Junho did his best for the mission) Alright, that’s it. I’m alright, you guys. – Don’t worry. / – Sure you’re okay? I’m glad he made it fun. ONE IT, are you having fun? Yes! Inseong’s fans, are you okay with it? FANTASY, you’ve become quieter but that’s okay. Yeah, that’s okay. Finally, we’ll get into the song you all have been waiting for! The title song “FLASH”! Wooseok can introduce the song again. Our title song “FLASH.” It’s the song with the most potential to show our sexy side. A flash is the burst of light from cameras. We worked on the song with that bursting image in mind. Our stored up energy bursts like that. – You know the Big Bang, right? / – Yes. Yeah, when the universe exploded into being. Just like that, it means we’ll take down the world. – Oh! Take down the world! / – Awesome. I’m not sure if the song is that deep but we sing of our big ambitions so I hope you enjoy “FLASH.” Alright, that’s great. – So much excitement for “FLASH.” / – Yeah. The next mission we have is actually granting wishes. Granting wishes? On our social media, ONE IT already posted comments. This is the first wish. “I hope every member shows off their great talent such as singing, rapping and dancing and any other impersonations on the show for fans.” That’s the first wish we have. From what I noticed, this one guy is averting my eyes. Dongpyo is doing that. Your eyes locked. When our eyes lock, he keeps looking the other way. As if there is someone scary behind me. – Dongpyo, let’s go. / – Let’s go! You have to step up to do this. And you know, Dongpyo is packed with talent. That’s right. So I’m looking forward to this. Of course! Dongpyo! What will you show for ONE IT? I don’t have my talent. Your dance? My dance? Girl group dance. Did you say girl group dance? BBoom BBoom. – “BBoom BBoom”? / – “BBoom BBoom”? – “BBoom BBoom.” / – “BBoom BBoom.” We just received word. – The classic “BBoom BBoom.” / – Yeah. BBoom BBoom. Wow. You can do it! Play the song “BBoom BBoom”! Let’s go! (“BBoom BBoom” by MOMOLAND) Let’s go! (Cutie Dongpyo’s back with music) (Bursting with playful talent) – Oh yeah! / – Great! ♪ BBoom BBoom ♪ ♪ BBoom BBoom ♪ (Dongpyo is great) ♪ BBoom BBoom ♪ – Great! / – He’s so light! ♪ BBoom BBoom ♪ ♪ BBoom BBoom ♪ (Shinyoung, take my heart) (Heart attack) Even the ending! He gave it a perfect ending. Let’s have Eunsang take the floor. Eunsang is next! Let’s get it! Our guy Eunsang! Can I sing for you guys? Sounds great! (We love it) Please concentrate now. ♪ I think of you before me ♪ (I think of you, ONE IT) – That was sweet. / – Great voice. – What a warm voice. / – Honey-sweet voice. How about one more? Can you dance to “Move”? (ONE IT asks for “Move”) Move? Dance? (Idol guys dance to “Move” at least once) (Sexy hips is the killer point) Kim Wooseok! Kim Wooseok! (Wooseok will join him) You can dance together. (Can’t wait) But I don’t know this dance. I just winged it. You can give your color. – That’s what dancing is. / – Yeah. Let’s have the music! (“Move” by Taemin) (Unbelievable) (Fatal charm) (Sexy groove) (Eunsang with the cool hand gestures) (Sexy kneel) Hang on! (Eunsang’s in shock) (Overflowing with sexy) Hang on! (This is it) (Saving him from being edited out) Wait a minute, wait a minute. I stopped you for your sake. You know, Eunsang reached out to keep pace but saw him on the floor. Like an introduction. – Introducing the dance. / – It was no joke. This is the dance he’s doing! We have so many in the audience. Now we’ll communicate with fans who have come to watch today. You can take out your phones and start posting wishes you want X1 to grant for you on this show today. When you post your wishes, we’ll choose some here. That’s right. You can also greet them and whatever you want. – Hang on. / – So fast! – It’s uploading so fast. / – Yeah. Lee Hangyul, show us Taekwondo. (Haha) Alright. Kim Inseong is a hottie. Inseong? – Did you write that? / – That was a secret. I’m just kidding. Who wrote beatbox? Asking for beatbox. I guess they can beatbox. Jo Seungyoun can! – Beatbox. / – Beatbox. Let’s have Seungyoun start and Dohyon finish. That sounds great! Here we go. (Seungyoun X Dohyon beatbox) (Seungyoun starts it off) (They’re good) (Eye contact) (Let’s do this) (Heh) (Dohyon keeps up) (Perfect harmony) (Seungyoun takes a break for Dohyon) (And a perfect finish) Wow! – Boom boom boom! / – He’s good. You’re super good! Let’s try this ourselves. I can only make quarter note beats. – Show us. / – Like this. (He’s actually pretty good) I can do only this much. Seungmin, take it from him. (Uh… Okay…) (Tsk tsk tsk) (This is my best shot) (Cute) (That’s okay, I’ll finish up) Alright! (Oh! MC Shinyoung!) That’s awesome! I didn’t know you could do that. This is my small talent. Hang on. The guys born in 2002, do the “Sweet Heart” song. 2002 All together! We have five members born in 2002. Who are they? Raise your hand if that’s you. You guys, come to the front. Wow, wow, wow! – 2002. / – They’re awesome. There’s something about them. – So tall! / – What are we doing? You’ll do the “Sweet Heart” song. ♪ Sweet heart, I really like someone ♪ Is this the one? (Can we pull this off?) (Come on, guys) (What?) In the back… In the back, they’re taking selfies. They’ll upload the selfies. (Great selfies) (Fun to take secretly) Are you ready? For ONE IT fans on site! Here it is! Five, six, seven, eight. ♪ Sweet heart ♪ ♪ I really like someone ♪ ♪ So much that I might die ♪ ♪ Can’t handle it anymore ♪ ♪ So I gotta tell you ♪ ♪ I keep thinking of you ♪ ♪ That pretty face ♪ ♪ That soft voice I hear ♪ (So cute) ♪ I really like someone ♪ ♪ So much that I might die ♪ ♪ Can’t handle it anymore ♪ ♪ So I gotta tell you ♪ (Peek) (Copying Dongpyo) (Adorable smile) (He’s so cute) (Looking around) (Trying to keep up) (Moves fitting the lyrics) (It’s all good because you’re cute) (Looking around) (He doesn’t know the song well) (Working it with this face) (You’re so cute) (Just mouthing the song) (Minhee has no idea) (Tries to copy the others) (Ends up just watching) (Hesitant) (What do I do?) (Just freezes) Alright! Hang on, hang on. Kang Minhee to center stage. He only mouthed the words. Let’s have Minhee do it alone. Five, six, seven, eight. Can I ask you a favor? Please sing the song for me. We’ll try to sing the cutest ever, so you do the same. – The cutest ever. / – Here we go. Five, six, seven, eight. (Sweet heart) (Reality check right from the start) (Working his cutest charm) (But already out of things to do) (Stop… I don’t know…) It’s not over! I’m sorry. That’s alright. Because he tried his best, this mission is a success! – Mission clear! / – Success! Now we can listen to the song. Right, play the music! (“FLASH” by X1) (X1 dreams of rising to the top) (A song that showcases each members color) (It pumps them up to hear it) (Addictive melody) Shine for us, X1 (We love it) What a great song! You cleared that mission. Now here is another! Many of you know this song. It’s been released in the album in an X1 version. Let’s have you tell us about it. (The members look one way) Of course! Yeah. Everyone expects it now. Oh no, it’s become a routine. You don’t know this one! I can make it up as we go. One part of the lyrics says to move the world. X1 is starting to make breakthroughs. It means we’re out to move the world. With great ambitions. Move the world! – Thank you. / – That was amazing. Wow, that’s awesome. You’re the guy to introduce X1 songs. – Alright. / – Please. It’s my job now. (No objections?) Wooseok has dibs on it now. Even with a full album, he could introduce all 13 songs. Yeah, he could in a relay! – He’s good at it. / – Nonstop! This mission is the PMI Dance! I’m sure you’ve heard of PMI. We’re going to play random music and you’re going to dance to it. Even if you don’t know the dance, you can dance freestyle. You have to freeze when the music stops and you get a question to answer. When you answer wrong or can’t answer, you get the X sticker of terror. That’s right. You fail the mission when all eleven members get X stickers. That’s right. If you can’t dance properly, X. If you can’t keep still, X. And even if you freeze well, you get an X for wrong answers. Because Yohan hurt his leg, he can give the surprise questions. – Call them out first. / – Alright. PMI Dance, play the music! (“FLASH” by X1) Alright! (Warming up with X1’s debut song) (Their bodies automatically move to the song) (So awesome) (Out of this world) (Yohan wants to join the dance) – Stop! / – Stop! (They freeze at an awkward pose) – Stop! / – Stop! – Who are we going to ask? / – Yohan! This question is for Hangyul. Hangyul! Seungyoun wanted to raise a Shiba Inu but did this when he couldn’t. What did he do? Alright! Three! He bought a doll. – What? / – Wrong. You’re wrong! What did he do? (Is he mad?) What was the question? Please don’t get mad. – I don’t know. / – Let me tell you. Seungyoun couldn’t raise a Shiba Inu… (What did Seungyoun do?) Let’s laugh together. The guys are struggling. He named a flower, Shiba Inu! (Are you for real?) Really? – Really? For real? / – Seungyoun. Let’s hear from Seungyoun. That’s weird. You guys can get up now. – Stand up. / – Seungyoun. Yes? Buying a doll is expected. That’s what Hangyul would do. Why did you name a flower, Shiba Inu? There was a time when I had a chance to plant flowers. I really wanted to raise a dog but I couldn’t because I’m so busy. Right, they need more than food. I really wanted a dog but… Just look in the mirror! Just look in the mirror! They said you can look in the mirror! (Famous for his Shiba Inu looks) You need to raise the flowers too, right? So I just named it that. You just named it Shiba Inu? PMI Dance, play the music! (“To My World” by Produce X 101) (This isn’t paused) (Aha!) (Wooseok X Minhee stand still – Hang on! / – Time out! Time out! (Shinyoung has hawk-like eyes) – Hang on! / – Kang Minhee! He hesitated. Only a few members know this dance. Not everyone knows. Then you can dance freestyle. Oh yeah, we can even dance random! (Wooseok just watched them dance) – Hang on! / – Time out! Time out! (Shinyoung missed Wooseok behind Seungwoo) Time out! Time out! (Shinyoung missed another guy as well) (Dohyon didn’t get caught) (Outright looking at Hangyul) (Dongpyo was moving gawky) (They avoided Shinyoung’s eyes) Oh right, I’m sorry. I admit it. – You get an X. / – Oh yeah, freestyle. You can dance random. Alright. (Who is making Shinyoung laugh?) (Dongpyo steps out from the back) (Wink) (Dongpyo is let off the hook) (Today’s rules are up to Shinyoung) Play the music! (Dohyon starts dancing his way) (While everyone else is dancing) (Dohyon’s funky version) (Dongpyo’s funky version) That’s how you do it. Nice! Nice dancing! That’s it! That’s how you dance! (So into it) – Stop! / – You have to stop. – Stop! / – You have to stop. – Okay, Yohan! / – Alright! This question is about Hangyul. For who? Who is the question for? – Seungwoo. / – Seungwoo! We have a mic for you. Hangyul thinks of himself as this. 1. Prince. 2. Princess. 3. Angel. 4. Fairy. 5. Baby. What is the right answer? 5 Angel! 5. Angel! Wrong! 5. Angel! Wrong! (Not knowing why he got wrong) Give him an X? Yes, give him one! (Anyway, Seungwoo gets an X) (Speeding the game along) Here we go! (Whatever) (Seungyoun starts to dance funky) This is funky dancing. (Set everything on fire) This is funky dancing. Here we go! The music stopped! – This is about Dongpyo. / – Dongpyo! – Dongpyo. / – Yeah. – For who this time? / – Hyeongjun. – Hyeongjun’s turn. / – Hyeongjun. – Do we have a mic? / – Yeah. Which part of his body does Dongpyo think is the prettiest? Alright! 1. Eyes. 2. Nose. 3. Lips. 4. Hands. 5. Legs. Which part? You get an X sticker! Which body part is it? Sorry, but you get an X. The answer is 3. Lips. 3. Lips. (Hyeongjun also gets an X) He even smooches saying hi. What was my answer? (Confused) What was my answer? Angel, but he said the wrong number It was 3. Angel. He didn’t know his own question. Play the music! (“BOSS” by NCT U) (What song is this?) (Sharp moves from the start) (This what you call a group dance!) (Dancing hard in the back) (It’s like they’re one) (So cool) (Jamming even sitting down) (Wooseok follows the moves) (The king of random dancing) (This is freestyle!) (The members keeps dancing great) (Legendary performances all the time) Stop! Dongpyo, stop! Stop! Dongpyo, stop! I want to drag this on. Who are we asking this time? This is about Dohyon. But for who? – Eunsang can answer. / – Eunsang! What doesn’t Dohyon eat vegetables? This is a multiple choice answer. 1. Because it’s not good. 2. Because you hate the smell. 3. Because you should enjoy eating. 4. Just because. 5. Because you’re already healthy. What’s the answer? – 4. Just because. / – 4. Just because! What’s the answer? – 4. Just because. / – 4. Just because! Wait! Wrong! – Really? / – 1. Because it’s not good. 1. Because it’s not good. (I said it’s 3) 3 Obviously it’s 3. Isn’t it all of the above? Isn’t it all of the above? It’s because you should enjoy eating. Wow, I’m sorry. The fans knew! You should enjoy the food. – That’s too bad. / – I’m sorry. What a shame. (There are five X stickers now) (Still plenty of time) (“Pretty Girl” by Crayon) Alright! (This is my song) (The youngest guys dance) Some just started dancing. (Time for the older guys to learn?) Oh, he takes center! – Stop! / – Stop! This question is about Wooseok. Alright, this is about Wooseok. – For Seungyoun. / – Seungyoun. What is Wooseok’s shoe size, which is the smallest among X1? What is his shoe size? Seungyoun? Five, four, three, two, one. – What? / – 255mm! Wrong! The answer is 250mm. (Frustrated / Angry) Play the music! (Let’s listen in) (Now the killer part!) (The center showing the moves) Stop! This question is about Minhee. About Minhee? Ask away! For Junho. – Mr. Cha! / – Yes? What was Minhee’s childhood dream? What was his childhood dream? Five, four… Three, two… Doctor! – Doctor? / – Doctor? Wasn’t it a baseball player? – What’s the answer? / – Can I change it? I’m not really sure. – Hang on. / – The answer is… Wasn’t it baseball? He doesn’t even remember himself. Let me change my answer. Okay, you can change it. A baseball player. Wrong! It was a botanist! (Huh?) He wanted to be a botanist! (What?) (Me?) – You were awesome. / – Yeah. – A botanist. / – I love plants. They help us live long. (Mr. Cha gets an X) You might all end up with an X. That was a difficult question. Play the music! How many do they have? (“Love Shot” by EXO) (Wooseok takes center this time) (Bursting with awesome) (Captivating the viewers’ hearts) (Dohyon, what are you doing?) (Seungyoun wants the center just as much) (Can’t let that happen) (You can’t take center!) (Wooseok is sexy) (Quickly backing up) (I caught you) (Looking so cool) (All the way in the corner) (Wooseok, why are you moving?) Hang on! Dongpyo! Wooseok and Dongpyo. – Give them an X? / – Yeah. This is an X party. For Dongpyo. This is about X1 as a whole. About the whole group. For Dohyon. Alright, Dohyon. When and where did X1 debut? When and where? The time? When did X1 debut? – When did we debut? / – When. – When. / – And also where. – Just say it? / – Yeah. August 27 at Gocheok Dome. (Dohyon gets it right away) – Correct! / – Of course. That is correct. Play the music again! (“I NEED U” by BTS) (Stepping back for urgent business?) (Eunsang takes his place instead) He stepped back! (Random dance) He stepped back! – He stepped back! / – Oh, Eunsang! (At that sexy moment) Stop! Stop! You can’t move! This question is about Junho. About Mr. Cha. Hyeongjun can answer it. Hyeongjun! What two languages can Junho speak? Two languages? What two languages? – Two. / – Too easy! – Get it right. / – Junho’s two languages? – What is it? / – Korean. What other language? The goblin language. Goblin! Is that the answer? – Correct! / – Correct! Play the music! (“U GOT IT” by X1) (Captivating hotness) (X1 are in their element) (I’m the lead here) (Korea is X1 nation) (This is what you call a hot dance) (Sexy) (Hot) (How can they all be so good?) (Adorable) Alright! This question is about Eunsang. About Eunsang. – For Minhee. / – Minhee. At Eunsang’s junior high graduation, he said he will become famous and did this before his friends. – It’s a multiple choice. / – Yeah. 1. Signed his autograph. Okay! 2. He greeted teachers in the lounge. 3. He ripped out his graduation pic. 4. He took pictures with total strangers. What is your answer, Minhee? What is it? 1? 1? Is that your answer? That’s what Eunsang hinted at. 1? What was it? (He signed his autograph) Looks like ONE IT got it right. Correct! (Answer: He signed his autograph) Is it really number one? That’s some confidence. – Why did you do that? / – Good! – What confidence. / – I guess you knew. You signed your autograph for friends? – How did know that? / – I guess so. – I don’t remember. / – Alright. How many X’s do we have? Not eleven yet. – Not eleven? / – No. That means the PMI Dance mission… – Is a success! / – Success! (Mission clear! Only nine X stickers!) The mission was to play “Move.” Please dance that for us. Play the music! (“Move” by X1) (A powerful song about moving the world) (Out of this world hot dance) (X1 hotness moment) (Move my heart) (X1 doesn’t disappoint) Alright! – Move! / – That was awesome. Beyond awesome. I heard this song at your audition. I was like, “This song is cool.” I even watched their stage. Did you see it in person? No, on TV. I meant to say that myself. You cleared the mission to succeed but raise your hand if you have an X. (Almost all of them) – Hang on. / – There are so many. Dohyon is the exception. Great! Alright! (Even his celebration is cute) Dohyon, come over here to the MCs. – To the MCs. / – This way. Those with X stickers step forward. This is a penalty you face afterward. Do you know Billie Eilish? Dance to “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish… This is so difficult. You can do the “Bad Guy” dance. Play the music for us! (“Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish) (They start the engine) (Indeed a sexy icon) (Opens up before the start) (My Goodness) (Dongpyo’s shocked) Alright, Seungyoun! (What’s with your eyes?) Seungyoun! (Let’s do this) (Dancing whatever) Alright, what’s this? (The tour bus dance?) – Hang on! / – Hang on! (What the!) (Hey, let’s not do that here…) Hang on! (This is what ONE IT wants) (Eunsang and Hyeongjun get bold) (Learned something from the older guys) Hang on! (Shock and horror) Hang on. Hey there. You guys really surprised me. The stage is on fire! The four of you, stay here. (Let’s just have fun with it) Here is the real stuff! We can’t just let these guys go. Play the song “Havana” for us! (“Havana” by Camila Cabello) (Starting their engine) Dancing in couples! (Daring) (No captions so viewers can enjoy) Can we even air this? – Oh my! / – Hang on! Can we even air this? – Oh my! / – Hang on! – Oh my! / – Hang on! Can we even air this? – Oh my! / – Hang on! – Stop! / – No more! – Stop! / – No more! Stop! Stop, that’s enough! (X1 danced to please ONE IT) – We almost can’t air that. / – Right. Alright. Han Seungwoo! – Hang on. / – Han Seungwoo! Do you want the real deal? (We want it!) Han Seungwoo to the front. To the front. Play “Havana”! This is what “Havana” should be. Let’s have music for “Havana”! (“Havana” by Camila Cabello) – Havana! / – With sleepy eyes! Look at the camera with sleepy eyes! Sleepy gaze! (Different angle for the sexy legend) (Bursting with sexy) (He has his own moves) Alright, that’s enough. Alright, that’s enough. (Staring) Alright, that’s enough. That’s good enough. That was… That’s just how much we can air. We kept that fine line. – Anyway, / – You guys know fun. X1 guys know what works on TV. It was really fun. So much fun! The last mission is easy. The song “X1-MA” is on the line. Let’s hear what X1 has pledged never to forget in the performances to come. Seungwoo first. Don’t be sick. I hope ONE IT and X1 don’t get sick and stay together always! Alright! That was great. (Don’t be sick) (Don’t forget) (That we’re by your side) That was a heartfelt message, so it’s mission clear! – Success! / – Don’t get down and out! Play the music! (“X1-MA” by X1) (Shouting “Don’t give up” and “Don’t lose to me”) (It’s a song that shows the dreams of the youth) (X1 dances to ONE IT’s singing) They’re singing along. (How touching) (Don’t ever give up) (Moved) Okay! Yeah! – Alright. / – Okay! (ONE IT, you’re the best!) X1 completed all five missions to win a special prize! (A chance to win special prizes) (Warm up mission for “Stand Up”) (Sweet, sexy, cute) (No trouble clearing the mission!) (The mission for “Like Always”) (Make the three MCs laugh) (Shinyoung was hard to beat) (But Seungwoo knocked her out) (Mission clear!) (The mission for “It’s Okay”) (Saying what they had kept back) You know I can beat you, right? Hang on. (Hurting but not hurting) Your profile height… (Moments that hurt) That’s off limits! – Wooseok. / – Yeah? (Overcoming all odds) – Inseong. / – Yeah? You shouldn’t show off in front of strangers. (Even knocking down MC Inseong) You succeeded the mission! (The mission for “FLASH”) (Of ONE IT by ONE IT for ONE IT) (X1 reveals every talent) (ONE IT, we only look at you) You clear this mission! (The PMI mission for “Move”) (Showing off their dance skills) – Stop! Stop! / – Stop! (Getting down to every detail) (They whizzed through the quizzes!) The PMI mission is clear! (And the mission for “X1-MA”) (ONE IT and X1, don’t be sick) (Mission success thanks to heartfelt words) (They only fail one out of six missions!) Don’t be sick. (Amazing) Hurry, let’s have the wheel out. Here is the wheel! (Agog) There are two busts on this wheel. There are lots of mystery prizes. There’s also an exclusive celebrity mystery prize. I wonder what the top mystery prize is? Okay, who will turn the wheel? Junho will step up. (Junho gets to turns the wheel) Great! Alright, Mr. Cha! (Come on, let’s get lucky) This depends on Junho. Is this something already decided? (Do we really get the MC coupon?) Of course! Even for our next album showcase? You bet! Your showcase and everything. It’s the MCs. Whatever we can do. You can ask us to do whatever. Whatever you ask. Is that what you’re after today? That sounds nice. I’m hoping they get prime Korean beef. – Junho, please. / – Junho is our lucky guy. X1’s lucky guy! Junho, turn that wheel! Let’s do this! Let’s do this! (Nervous they might get nothing) – Junho! / – What if we don’t get anything? (The wheel turns past their worry) (Please) (What special prize does X1 win?) (Please don’t be bust) (Will Junho turn out really lucky?) (Wow!) (Slightly disappointed) The top! What is it? Great! I wonder what’s in the blank. – What is it? / – I’m nervous. Junho, you can show us. Junho, peel that off! – Top… / – One, two! – This won’t peel off. / – Three! (Top brand neck pillows) (At least they’re the top brand) Top brand neck pillows! You won top brand neck pillows! That’s the prize for X1! Okay, then you have to promise. Can you promise us this? Yes! Hashtag We K-Pop. Okay? Also, “I Wish I Could Unsee That.” If you guys do that… Stick that back on. (Working fast and in secret) Are we getting rid of that? – Junho’s fast. / – What if we don’t get anything? – Our lucky guy! / – Lucky guy! Lucky guy! Turn that wheel! – Let’s go! / – Turn it! It’ll be awesome if we get a good one. The wheel is turning! (More nervous than before) (Come on, here is my lucky vibe) (Will Junho find luck this time?) (They win the MC coupon!) (Wow!) (Junho! Hoorah!) (I really did it!) (Our lucky guy!) (They really did it) (What do we do now?) They want you to sign the promise. – Kim Shinyoung! / – You guys, this means that… Inseong and Seungmin’s MC coupon… You’re included. There is more! We have one more present for you. One more gift. Inseong! Billboard’s K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin made it possible for X1 to appear today. (Jeff Benjamin showed X1 interest early on) (His pick made X1’s appearance happen) If you see on the wheel, one prize was the Billboard interview. Because you could pick that, this guy didn’t get any sleep. Let’s video call Jeff who’s been waiting to make that interview happen now! (Amazing) Okay, let’s call Jeff! Okay, let’s call Jeff! Jeff. We’re calling him at this moment. Really? (Hello, please pick up) Hello, Jeff! (Cheering to see Jeff) Jeff! Hi, Jeff! Hello, Jeff! Hello, Jeff! You can say hello over here. (Video calling here) Come to the front. Hi, Jeff. Nice to meet you! We’re X1! – Can anyone speak English? / – Anyone? (Nam Dohyon) Have a seat. Hi, nice to meet you. Hi, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too! I’m Dohyon from X1. (Dohyon speaking English is cute) Thank you for interviewing X1. Thank you so much for letting us have an interview with you. Of course! It’s an honor for all of us. Thank you. Congratulations on your debut. Oh, thank you so much! Yes, I’m really happy to share that X1… You guys debuted on a couple of different Billboard charts this week. I’ll get an article up this week as well. He’s saying good things. What? – An article? / – Yeah. He’s writing one for us. (Jeff, you’re the best!) Thank you so much. I knew that. (Yohan, you believe me, right?) (Should I?) I know you guys worked really hard… (The screen freezes) Why did it freeze there? (He’s making a thumbs up) He really loves you guys. The screen froze. Why did it freeze here? (He’s saying nice things) I’m really excited for you. Thank you so much. If you get a chance to come to Korea, we hope we can have a real interview. And see you at New York! (Let’s meet in person next time) Thank you so much! – Thank you! / – Bye, Jeff! – Thank you, Jeff! / – Thank you so much. See you soon. – See you soon! / – See you, Jeff. Jeff! Celeb Five interview, okay? Thank you! Okay, bye! Let’s keep it cool. Alright. Bye bye! Thank you. Thank you. Alright! (Jeff wrote his great article after the call) Let’s wrap this up now. Please share your thoughts about today. Mr. Cha? I’m a big fan of yours. A huge fan. – Oh my, thank you. / – Such a big fan. Thank you for today. No, thank you. Please invite us again! – What? / – I hope you invite us again. I hope you come when we do. – Good. / – Yeah. We K-Pop is watched in 120 countries by 100 million viewers around the world. X1 was our guest today. And I hear that X1 has prepared an awesome performance for you. Let’s say bye and wait for the performance. Yeah. A gateway drug you can’t escape! A downright selling show for fans! A worldwide fan-making project! Global showcase, We K-Pop! See you next time! – Bye! / – See you! Bye! – See you! / – Until next time! We’re going to take a selfie. Are you getting ONE IT? 2nd floor! (Along with ONE IT) (Everyone with peace signs) Let’s do this! One, two, three! Once more! One, two, three! (Let’s always be happy together) (Next week) Get your ticket! Hi, we’re MOMOLAND! Ta-da! Guess what this is! This is your ticket to MOMOLAND where it’s filled with dreams and hope! Merry-Go-Round, are you ready to play? (A place where everyone has fun) (A musical only seen on We K-Pop) ♪ Sir, we appreciate it ♪ ♪ Here’s your coffee, spit ♪ (There’s also must-see horror) (1110% viewer satisfaction) (Can’t stay away from MOMOLAND) (MOMOLAND excited as ever!) All together! (Don’t miss us next week) (“I’m Here For You” by X1) (A letter for those having a rough day)

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