War on the Saints Part 1 – Scheme of Balaam

War on the Saints Part 1 – Scheme of Balaam

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the lies] [War] [On the Saints] [By] [Commander Eliyahu ben David] [For the Righteous Remnant from the Judeo-Christian
Sphere…Because the Evil Day has come…] [Grow powerful in union with the Lord, in
union with His mighty strength! Use all the armor and weaponry that God provides, so that
you will be able to stand against the deceptive tactics of the Adversary. For we are not struggling
against human beings, but against the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers governing this
darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm. So take up every
piece of war equipment God provides; so that when the evil day comes, you will be able
to resist; and when the battle is won, you will still be standing.] [Therefore, stand!] [Ephesians 6:10-14 – Complete Jewish Bible
Translation] [War on the Saints Part 1] [The Scheme of Balaam] [This study of Bamidbar / Numbers 25 will
provide the vital Scriptural foundation needed to rightly understand the specific details
of the War Against the Saint that has recently been unleashed into the world. This satanic
scheme will be unpacked for you in this series of video messages.] [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] Moab’s brother
nation, Israel, was camped in the plains of Moab after defeating two of Moab’s most powerful
enemy nations. Fearing his nation would be next and realizing he could not defeat Israel
on the battlefield, Balak, the king of Moab, enlisted the soothsayer Balaam to curse Israel.
Three times Balaam tried and three times YHWH refused to curse Israel but blessed Israel
instead. Balak and Balaam found that YHWH will never curse Israel. That could have been
the end of that story, but satan still had his favorite trick in his arsenal. We learn
of this in Bamidbar/Numbers 25, The Peor Affair. Here in this warning example, since YHWH would
not curse Israel, satan would enlist the aid of Israel to curse themselves. Here in numbers
chapter 25, really nothing could be more relevant. So we are going to get right into this now,
verse 1-3. [Dawn] “Israel stayed in Shittim; and the
people began to play the prostitute with the daughters of Moab; for they called the people
to the sacrifices of their gods. The people ate and bowed down to their gods. Israel joined
himself to baal Peor. YHWH’s anger burned against Israel.” [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] It is so interesting,
YHWH had defended Israel before Moab and even defended their righteousness, Balaam was really
unable to curse them, YHWH would not let that happen. But now we see a different tact here,
it mentions though Israel’s location, it says that Israel was in Shittim. This is the last
stop before finally they did go into Canaan. The word ‘Shittim’, it is a certain kind of
tree and today we call it the Acacia tree. These grow all over Arabia. This word is actually
shortened from a larger word that we find in Numbers 33:49 for this place, called ‘Abel-Shittim’
or ‘Meadow of the Acacias’. So apparently this was a place that was near the river so
Acacia trees were growing there and it was probably somewhat more pleasant than much
of the desert that Israel had been through. So this is where Israel was at the time and
of course this is right actually in the border of Moab. Everything is looking so good right
now, you know, they have just had these big victories and they are all just doing so well
and at the very time that they are feeling like that, the enemy has this scheme going
on that is really going to bring tremendous hurt on the nation. He is always wanting to
steal your victory, of course he is always scheming against you, this is why we cannot
afford to get over confident as possibly happened here with Israel. We are going to get in now
to the nature of this scheme. It tells us what happened. They called the people to the
sacrifices of their gods and the people ate and bowed down to their gods. So Israel joined
himself to baal Peor. Of course the thing that led them into disaster here was sexual
immorality. So, they are in this relaxed attitude and there was a scheme with these Moabite
and Midianite women, it was not just that they thought these Hebrew guys were good looking
or something. They might have said that but the truth is, they had a hidden agenda. Their
agenda was to corrupt Israel and to draw them into idolatry against YHWH. So as these men
became enamored with these women, in order to be well thought of by them and be able
to make progress in their unrighteous relationships with them, they joined with them in sacrifice
to their gods and worshiping their gods. As it says here, “YHWH’s anger burned against
Israel.” At this point in time, pretty much every bible believer of every stripe is faced
with a very similar situation. Our culture in America is totally changing, immoral behavior
is considered the norm now. If you do not approve of it, you could actually end up,
for example, losing your job or worse could happen to you as time goes by. So there is
pressure to conform, so therefore a desire to hang onto the things that we want. Hang
on to your job, hang on to your position within your community, or so on. In a sense, could
that not be an inducement to bow down to the false gods of the world? I think it is a big
issue, we have to be concerned about this today. To end up actually bowing down to these
false gods, it shows you how much a person can sink. One day you can be in total victory
and really, if you take the wrong step, pretty soon you can be doing things that are disastrous
to yourself. It is amazing really, how quickly these men fell into these acts of worship
to these false gods. Fulfilling their desires of their lower nature induced them into this
sin. That this is a plot, becomes very clear when we get into Numbers 31 because there
in verse 16, it tells us that this happened or that this was caused through the council
of Balaam. So this was a scheme that Balaam introduced when he was unable to curse Israel,
apparently he came up with this scheme which he then counseled to the Midianites. this
scheme was employed against Israel with horrible success and it says that YHWH’s anger burned
against Israel. Balaam is guilty just like satan is guilty. In the garden satan, through
lies and deception, induced mankind into sin. But then the sinners are guilty for the choices
they make. Same thing here. Balaam was guilty and those who conspired with him, they were
guilty in trying to do harm to Israel. But then those Israelites were guilty too because
of the choices that they made. So all of a sudden, a time of victory and joy, turned
into a time of tremendous folly. A disaster really for Israel. YHWH rightly was burning
with anger towards them because of their unfaithfulness to Him. Now we want to talk a little bit about
baal Peor and exactly who he was and what this kind of worship is so that we can understand
more about why YHWH was so angry over this. Baal Peor is not really the name of the god.
Baal means ‘lord’ and Peor is the mountain where this baal was worshiped. This is a way
of identifying who this god is without actually saying its name. It is named elsewhere, baal
Peor, is named for instance in the book of Kings, Jeremiah, and other places. It is the
same as the god chemosh, who was the god of the Moabites. As we look into this more, we
find that chemosh was known by a number of different names, in different places. Hosea
chapter 9 talks about this god of the Moabites. In Hosea chapter 9 it associates him with
the Semitic goddess ashtar. This is the duo of chemosh and ashtar that was actually worshiped
at baal Peor. The Scripture in Hosea 9:10 says “I found Israel like grapes in the wilderness.
I saw your fathers as the first ripe in the fig tree at its first season; But they came
to baal Peor, and, consecrated themselves to the shameful thing, and became abominable
like that which they loved.” It is telling us what happened with Israel. They were corrupted
at this incident of baal Peor. It changed them and they became abominable like this
false god. The Septuagint version of Hosea 9:13 makes very plain what happened too, it
says: “Ephraim, even as I saw, gave their children for a prey, yea Ephraim was ready
to bring out his children to slaughter.” This is talking about the worship of baal Peor
and the goddess ashtar. It involved not only human sacrifice, but sacrifice of children.
The targum says about this verse, “They of the house of Ephraim have sinned in slaying
their children to the service of idols.” Now it is interesting that these verses do not
talk about this aspect of it here in Numbers. But they are mentioned there in Hosea, when
we understand that this worship even involves such things as the sacrifice of children,
you can understand why YHWH would call this abominable and would be so angry about it.
I want to talk about the goddess who is the consort of chemosh and this is the goddess
ashtar. This is a name that is used in slightly different ways, is translated in slightly
different ways in different languages, so ashtar to the Moabites is astarte to other
of the ancient Middle Eastern peoples. But it is the same one. In the Scriptures also,
this same goddess is called ashtoreth. This same goddess was later also worshiped by the
Sidonians and the Phoenicians and was part of the worship of Ahab and Jezebel that they
introduces into Israel. ashtoreth is really astoret with the vowel pointing from the word
‘bosheth’ which means ‘abomination’. So rather than actually say the word, they took the
vowels from the Hebrew word for abomination and then inserted them into the word to indicate
the name of this goddess. Which gives you some idea how this goddess is regarded by
YHWH and by righteous Israel. So this is astarte. According to various sources, historical sources,
and so forth, astarte connected with fertility, sexuality, and war. She is almost always represented
as naked in all of the representations of her and was first worshiped in Syria in Canaan
in the first millennia BC. So very very early. Some ancient texts that have been found, Ugaritic
ancient text, equate her with the goddess ishtar. Another way of saying her name, ishtar
and ishtar has been transliterated as easter; easter. This goddess easter, which is the
goddess of fertility, the celebration of ishtar, astarte, the same goddess interestingly that
was worshiped there along with the baal of Peor, this is the celebration from which easter
comes. The date is taken from that and some of the customs, such as eggs and bunnies.
These things are borrowed directly from the pagan customs having to do with easter. Called
the queen of heaven, in some places in Scripture. So this gives you a pretty good picture of
who these gods are and what they practiced was something sometimes called sympathetic
magic, or sympathetic worship. In the Spring is when this was celebrated, they looked for
these gods of course to cohabit together to bring fertility and the crops and all the
livestock, the peoples, so on. They thought all of this happened through the gods and
goddesses cohabiting together. This was part of their worship, it is called sympathetic
magic, doing the things that you want the gods to do. So they had these orgies that
were in celebration of these gods, they had temple prostitutes, to bring in funds for
the upkeep of the temples and so forth of the gods and to honor the gods. This was all
part of their worship, so it was not uncommon at all for these women to do this with Israel.
Because this is what they did, it was part of their worship, it was not unusual to them,
but it certainly should have been unusual to the Israelites. So this is the story of
how this could happen. After this happened, now this is the first time that Israel actually
engaged in this kind of worship, and this was going to be going on around them in Canaan,
this same worship. After being introduced into this here, this remained a snare to them
throughout the time that they were in the promised land. There were apostates that kept
reverting back to this abominable form of worship, all the way until the destruction
of Jerusalem in 586. So over hundreds of years, they kept turning back to this false worship.
They had tasted of this and it had infected them. So they just had kept turning back to
it. Verse 4 and 5. [Dawn] “YHWH said to Moses, “Take all the
chiefs of the people, and hang them up to YHWH before the sun, that the fierce anger
of YHWH ,ay turn away from Israel.” Moses said to the judges of Israel, “Everyone kill
his men who have joined themselves to baal Peor.” [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] YHWH needed to
do something to show the nation as a whole how damaging this is and to stop them all
from running into this worship so that the whole nation would be completely lost. So
here we have YHWH’s instructions to Moses about what to do. It involved the chiefs of
the people, the commanders. In verse 5 it calls them the Judges of Israel. It says,
“Take all the chiefs of the people, and hang them up to YHWH before the sun, that the fierce
anger of YHWH may turn away from Israel.” What this assumes you already know, we have
already been through the earlier part of the Torah that set forth judges and courts. YHWH
is here then giving instructions that the Judges, on finding the guilty parties, after
due process of the court, would take the guilty and they would be hung up to YHWH before the
sun. The sun was part of the worship of baal Peor because the sun brings about the fertility,
so this was a direct insult to this false god and it was also sort of an ironic punishment
for them, that is they were going to worship the sun then this is how they were to end
up. When others who had not yet gotten involved in this, saw this punishment, perhaps it would
deter others from ending up the same way. So this was really in the best interest of
the whole nation too, while being a just punishment in itself. It was really a fight, it was a
struggle for the life of the nation here. Because if this nation went over to the worship
of these other gods, the end result was going to be horrible for them and any of them doing
this was horrible for the whole nation. Especially because Israel was already in a covenant with
YHWH and they promised that they belonged to Him and to no other god. So for them to
join themselves now to another god, that is not only against the covenant but it is abhorrent
to the covenant so they actually became part of this other god and of course this was something
that was so unholy, that, it was creating a triad between them and these other two gods
and YHWH cannot handle that, you know? He is not going to allow that, otherwise He would
be sullying Himself with their adultery and their immoral behavior and their idolatry
and He just could not do that. If you think about this word, ‘joined’, there are people
today that join themselves immorally with other people. Some of those people almost
think of that like some kind of recreation. As if it is not really going to affect them.
The Scriptures are so different about that because when you are joined to somebody else,
you become part of them. It does have an affect, it is going to have an affect on your life,
you just cannot take that in a casual way. There is reasons why YHWH has all of these
commandments, because to go against them is to sin against our own self. I think that
is what you would have to say these Israelites did, not only did they sin against YHWH, they
sinned against their own selves, and their families, and their nation, and everything
that they held dear. So that made them worse than the heathens, not only as bad as the
heathens- worse. It made them totally useless. Verse 6. [Dawn] “Behold, one of the sons of Israel
came and brought to his brothers a Midianite woman in the sight of Moses, and in the sight
of all the congregation of the sons of Israel, while they were weeping at the door of the
Tent of Meeting.” [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] All the congregation
it says. So this must have been the majority of the congregation, were weeping at the door
of the Tent of Meeting. Probably the ones that are there, weeping at the door of the
Tent of Meeting, they are probably innocent. This is the majority of the Israelites. I
think when we look at this story, we should remember that about Israel, that this was
a large minority that nevertheless, brought tremendous pain on the whole nation. Sometimes
it happens like that. This is the picture we have here. Now just imagine all of these
Israelites weeping and crying because of what is happening here, they are just seeing this
wickedness, they are seeing the trouble that this is bringing on the nation and perhaps
some of their own family members. They are on holy ground, at the door of the Tent of
Meeting, this is the precinct of the Tabernacle itself that we are talking about. This is
a holy area. Here in this holy area, with these holy people, who are upholding righteousness there, what happens? He has joined himself to her. This person is someone who is analogous
to a temple prostitute in this worship of baal and now he is taking her and bringing
her right into the midst of Israel, but not just Israel, right into the holiest precinct
of Israel. This man and the others that involved themselves with the Moabites, they might have
thought that they were somewhat more progressive, not stick in the muds, like the other Israelites
and after all, you know, why do we have to hold ourselves a part from these other nations?
This is a way that we can develop closer ties with some of these surrounding nations, you
know, have more unity here in the area. So this is a good thing we are doing. Clearly,
this man had no conscious against what he was doing, so he must have had some sort of
a conscientious justification in his mind, thinking that it was a good thing. It just
occurs to me that so often people who involve themselves in immoral behavior, think they
are the ones that are right. They have some kind of a justification for the evil that
they are doing, even though it is wrong, and even though it is an insult and a wrong against
their community and the people with them. That is what happened here with this man and
he was not having any regard for how this was going to effect those around him, he certainly
had no regard for holiness or righteousness. We will read, 7 through 9. [Dawn] “When Phinehas, the son of Eleazar,
the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose up from the middle of the congregation, and
took a spear in his hand. He went after the man of Israel into the pavilion, and thrust
both of them through, the man of Israel, and the woman, through the belly. So the plague
was stayed from the sons of Israel. Those who died by the plague were twenty-four thousand.” [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] We just picture
all of these Israelites there at the Tabernacle, all weeping and crying over this sin that
is going on and this man bringing this Midianite prostitute in the midst of all of them. This
was in the pavilion. So he had brought her into the pavilion there in verse 8. The Hebrew
word for pavilion here, it is not just the same as tent which is why it is translated
differently in English, it is a large vaulted tent. In other words it is the kind of a big
tent that you would use for some sort of public use. So this might have been some sort of
a public meeting place, it might be a place where the elders even would come to meet,
or some other kind of public use. This was not even his own home that he brought her
to. He brought her to the pavilion, which was part of that public area in that holy
area of the Tabernacle. I think that is important for us to realize what he was actually doing.
He was not even doing this in the privacy of his own home, he was actually violating
this sanctified area there in the precinct of the Tabernacle. So we have here the story
now of Phinehas and how Phinehas reacts. Is this an example then that when we see unrighteousness we should grab a spear and run it through somebody? You know, I have often heard this
presented in a way that would kind of leave you with that impression. But that is not
really what this story is about. I would like to read something from 1 Chronicles 9:20 that
helps us with this. It is talking about the priestly lineage and a certain branch of that
lineage there and it says: “…their fathers being over the host of YHWH were keepers of
the entry. Phinehas the son of Eleazar was the ruler over them in time past, and YHWH
was with him.” So, this little piece of information tells us that Phinehas was the ruler over
those who were the keepers of the entry. In other words, he was the ruler of the security
guards, the holy security guards that were to keep all unholy individuals out of the
holy area, out of the sanctified area. He was the leader of them. So that was part of
his office, that was part of his duty. What we see about Phinehas is not only was he offended by what happened, as the others were, but he rose up and did this because it was his
responsibility to do it. It was his job to keep this area holy and clean and this was
his reason why he did it. Because it was his office. So he took a spear, perhaps from one
of the guards there that were under him. Perhaps he carried a spear for this very purpose,
it is very possible, and he went after the criminal who was violating this holy space
by what he was doing. This is really what this story is about and I think a lot of people
do not point this out about Phinehas, that this was his office to do this. But it helps
us to understand the story better I think when we know that. So he followed this man
and this woman, went after them, in the pavilion, it says. In this tent, this public area, there
in this holy area. One blow through both of them. The Hebrew authorities are pretty agreed
on what this means, the way this is written, that they were actually in the midst of an
unrighteous act right there in that holy area and that with one blow he killed them both
for their sin. You know, in the New Covenant Scriptures, Messiah said ‘love your enemies
and pray for those that persecute you’ and here we have Phinehas running a spear through
his brother. A lot of people would think that is a contradiction. You know, it is apples
and oranges because really when Yeshua says in the New Covenant Scriptures to love your
enemies, He is talking about your personal enemies that do not like you. He is not talking
about, you have the job basically like a police officer to enforce the law and a person is
a criminal and commits a criminal act, going into an unauthorized place. You know today,
If you go into certain unauthorized areas, they will kill you. There is a lot of places
like that in the world. The military has places like that, various religious organizations
have places like that. There are some places, it is off limits and you know it is off limits
and you do not go there. So this is really nothing unusual, you know? Countries all over
the world have done this, there is nothing unusual about this except for the fact, the
part I think is unusual, is that Phinehas actually did his job. That part is kind of
unusual I think, because I think it is very hard to actually execute someone who is your
own countrymen. Even if that is what is called for according to the law, as it was here.
I think it is still hard to do, but Phinehas saw it as his duty and he did it and the fact that he rose up to do his duty, proved that Israel as a whole was not responsible. It
proved that those who were in authority were enforcing YHWH’s covenant and that YHWH’s
order was being upheld. So when all of that happened, it stayed the plague that had come
on the sons of Israel. YHWH saw the order that he put into place was working to bring
this to an end. This is under control. Phinehas was really the one that made that happen.
There was a plague, so apparently, the courts could not handle these cases fast enough,
this was spreading so fast. So YHWH had to send out a plague against the evil doers,
who were 24,000 that had involved themselves in this, that were killed. Huge number. As
a matter of fact, it says 24,000 here, in 1 Corinthians the apostle Paul says that 23,000
fell. The 23,000 were the ones that actually fell from the plague and then this 24,000
includes all. The ones that fell from the plague as well as those that were executed
so there were 24,000 in all that were guilty parties that were sentenced and executed rather
directly by YHWH or by the judges of the nation. Now we realize, this is a nation of several
million people, so in terms of percentage, it is not a huge percent. It is not like 25
percent or something like that. It is a relatively small percent, but individual people, 23,000
yeah, that is really huge. 23,000 people that actually checked in their brain at the door
and went after these women and got involved in this false worship. It is just mind blowing.
What I would say to young men out there, and really I guess we are all capable of this,
this is a weak area. Obviously this is a weak area in peoples lives and satan has often
used this as a way of turning people away and drawing them into sin and sometimes a
disaster that is so bad, they never recover. Like what happened with these 24,000. That
really can happen and this is why we must all be vigilant and really, we have to be
helping one another in these matters. We are vulnerable in matters of the flesh, we all
are. You know, this is why this story I think is so vitally important to us today. You know,
part of this that comes across to me is, that Israel was to be a set-apart nation because
those around them did not hold the same values they had. But the surrounding nations did
not have those values. As soon as Israelites, these 23,000 or 24,000 of Israel, bought into
the more licentious sort of attitude of the people around them, they were toast. This
speaks a huge message to me in the time that we live in, because really, the world around
us is becoming more immoral and there is a mindset developing in the world that condones
all sorts of things that the Scriptures do not condone that make it all the more easy
I think for believers just to be pulled off into immoral behavior. I think this is going
to be increasing a lot because the culture is changing. It has changed a lot in times
past but we are really on a roller coaster ride from this point in terms of the change
of the culture and we have to be aware of it. YHWH’s standards, YHWH’s covenant and
His requirements have not changed, regardless of what the world does. We have to make up
our mind and our heart about these situations before they even arise. Especially with the
world changing the way it is, it is going to be throwing a lot of things at us that
are going to be very difficult for people and I believe we do need to be making decisions
in advance of the problems. Verse 10 through 13. [Dawn] “YHWH spoke to Moses, saying, “Phinehas,
the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, has turned My wrath away from the sons of
Israel, in that he was jealous with My jealousy among them, so that I did not consume the
sons of Israel in My jealousy. Therefore say, ‘Behold, I give to him my covenant of peace.
It shall be to him, and to his seed after him, the covenant of an everlasting priesthood,
because he was jealous for his Elohim, and made atonement for the sons of Israel.” [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] Here YHWH takes
the initiative after this happens, to speak to Moses. He wants to talk to Moses about
Phinehas. YHWH says “He has turned My wrath away form the sons of Israel and the characteristic
that YHWH especially points out here is that Phinehas was jealous with YHWH’s jealousy. YHWH saw that Phinehas expressed YHWH’s own jealousy. This is what we want, this is what
we need from our leaders. From our spiritual leaders. We need spiritual leaders that will
feel what YHWH feels and as a result of that, do what YHWH does instead of just doing what
they want for themselves. That is really what Phinehas did in his position. You know, he
was an official, he had a certain job, but he did not just think “Well, this is my job”
he actually felt the same jealousy that YHWH had and then he acted on that, expressing
YHWH’s actions. Expressing YHWH’s wrath in the situation and His judgement, so that He
brought an end to this plague. This is an amazing thing that Phinehas did and it is
exactly what leaders among God’s nation need to do. It is a perfect pattern for us. We
need to know YHWH that well, that we feel what He is feeling so that we do what He would
have us do so that we truly can represent Him in how we behave and how we act. An amazing
thing, and YHWH was just so impressed with that, that He said “I give a covenant of peace”
He established a covenant of shalom with Phinehas. So Phinehas, and therefore his line, it says
his seed after him, were given the covenant of an everlasting priesthood. It is not over.
The overwhelming position among various bible believing groups about this would be
that the Aaronic priesthood now is over. But according to this covenant, it is not over.
It is everlasting. Now this raises certain problems for people, this does not negate
the priesthood of Yeshua Messiah, the Melchizedek priesthood. This in no way negates the sacrifice
of Yeshua Messiah. Aside from those things, there is still a lot that the priest did that
the nation really needs. What about for instance, the Aaronic blessing? Who’s responsibility
was that? The priesthood. To bless the people. I would like to see some of the sons of Phinehas
rise up and start blessing the people of YHWH. That would be a pretty wonderful thing, to
have that happen. In the millennium too, the millennium talks about the ministry of that
priesthood. It is included in the prophecies regarding the millennium. So this is a covenant
that YHWH made with Phinehas and his seed after him, it is an everlasting covenant,
it will continue in YHWH’s nation. It is not over. This is because it says “he was jealous
for his Elohim and made atonement for the sons of Israel.” I think that is huge, you
know? I do not think that Phinehas had any idea what was going to come to him because
he did his job. This is pretty huge that YHWH made this covenant with Phinehas. It is really
something to think about. You know when we do the righteous thing, when we choose to
do what we should do, even when it is difficult and hard to do, YHWH takes notice of that.
He brings rewards to His people far beyond what we can imagine. This is what we see here,
what happened with Phinehas in this covenant. Verse 14 and 15. [Dawn] “Now the name of the man of Israel
that was slain, who was slain with the Midianite woman, was Zimri, the son of Salu, a commander
of a fathers house among the Simeonites. The name of the Midianite woman who was slain
was Cozbi, the daughter of Zur. He was head of the people of a fathers house in Midian.” [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] We have this
Israelite and we find out he was not just a run of the mill Israelite. There is a lesson
there too because many times, unfortunately, leaders can be over confident and because
of that they can end up falling into sin. Some of them can think like they are above
it, you know? They are above punishment, above the consequences. Perhaps that is how he got
so far into the holy precinct. Got passed guards and things because they recognized
him as a man of note as one of the commanders. But did that stop Phinehas from doing his
duty? No and this is the truth about YHWH’s Torah. His laws, His commandments, they apply
equally to everyone that is in the covenant. In fact, those who have more responsibility
are the ones that are held to the highest standard. This is YHWH’s way. So I think it
helps us to kind of see this about this man, Zimri. It puts me in mind of what Paul said
to the Ephesians as he was traveling back to Jerusalem. He told them that from among
they themselves, not speaking to the elders, among the people, among they themselves that
the wolves would arise. That is exactly what has happened over and over again, many times
the leaders go bad and then they end up leading the people into sin. They are often targeted
and it is kind of a pattern that we see through time just like Paul said it, just like we
see it and so this is why anyone that has it in their heart to be a leader of YHWH’s
people, they have to realize that it is going to bring them into constant spiritual warfare
all the time from every corner because they are a target that can really do a lot of damage
if they can just be turned. So no one, no matter who they are, no matter what they know,
what gifts they have, what office they hold, is above this happening, nobody. This is why
really we all need to be humbled for God. We must be humbled before Him and we must
always be open to His correction and looking for His correction in our life to save us
from becoming overconfident and then stepping into something evil like Zimri did here. Well
then in verse 15, we have the Midianite woman that he was with, Cozbi. So basically what
you have got here is a prince of Israel and a princess of Midian. So these people are
among the nobles or you might say, the elite, of these two nations. This even gets more
interesting because when we get to numbers 31, we find out that this Zur, who was her
father, is listed as one of the kings of Midian. She is a real princess, the daughter of one
of the kings of the nation of Midian. You know perhaps he thought he had found quite
a prize, someone worthy of a person of his position, he had found this princess for himself.
But whatever the reason, it was a very bad idea. As a matter of fact, if we think this
through a little more, we know that this was a plot, this whole even that happened, this
was a plot. Balaam had laid this all out to the Midianites and then they were falling
through with this. So what appears happened here, is that this king of Midian actually
employed his daughter in this plot and the idea was that she was a leading person among
the Midianites and so she could enlist other Midianite women and Moabite women to be involved
in this plot while then she got this prince of Israel involved, then got him involved
in the plot for him to stir up support to involve Israelite men in this plot. Why would
get go into the middle of the nation of Israel, into a public pavilion, and behave like this?
Well the purpose would be to draw away more of the people of Israel because here is an
influential Israelite that is doing this, so this would have to be part of this plot
to draw these people away. No doubt they may have both been involved in starting this plot.
I think from the standpoint of the average Israelite that got involved, they did not
know how this happened right? They saw some good looking woman looking their way and they
checked in their brain at the door and pretty soon they are bowing down to the baal of Peor,
you know? They have got no idea what is going on, but what really is going on is a conspiracy.
Conspiracy theories, we hear about conspiracy theories all the time and people always poo
poo conspiracy theories, and a lot of them are really pretty far out there and crazy,
but the truth is a lot of history has come about because of conspiracies and it is still
that way. There is plotting going on all the time and that is what happened here that caused
this to happen. This was a plot, ultimately a plot of satan in order to bring harm and
distress to Israel and to defame the name of YHWH. Unfortunately, he had too much success
in this case, because there were those who were willing to go along with the plot. Who
did not even have the sense to know that this is what was really happening, but it is what
was happening and these ringleaders ended up getting what they deserved. Verse 16 through 18. [Dawn] “YHWH spoke to Moses, saying, “Harass
the Midianites, and strike them, for they harassed you with their wiles, with which
they have deceived you in the matter of Peor, and in the matter of Cozbi, the daughter of
the commander of Midian, their sister, who was slain on the day of the plague in the
matter of Peor.” [Voice of Eliyahu ben David] It says, “Harass
the Midianites and strike them for they harassed you with their wiles,” what does harass mean,
when he says ‘harass them’? It is war. When you conceive a plot to do evil to another
nation, that is war is it not? It says ‘with their wiles’, with their wiles. You know,
a lot of us are pretty innocent and it is a good thing, we are supposed to be innocent.
But what we need to learn, and this story should help to teach us, is that a lot of
people are not innocent and they can be very tricky. People that you know, you would not
suspect as being tricky but they have their own idea of why they are doing things and
they mean to do you harm and that is what wiles are about. It is a form of deception.
To deceive a person into doing things that are going to harm themselves and others. They
seem like your friends, they are acting like they are your friends, they are acting like
they like you, but really what they are trying to do is destroy you. That is what these young
women were doing, to these young men. They seemed appealing, they seemed attractive,
these men were crazy about these women, literally. Crazy enough about them to actually abandoned
YHWH and follow after the gods of these women. But, were these women really doing what they
were doing because they liked these men or that they were looking out for the best interest
of these men? Is that what they were doing? The same thing can happen to young women as
well. Many many times people do not present themselves with their real agenda. They are
deceptive to get what they want, to get what they are after and even if they are wanting
to destroy somebody to do that. This happens a lot, and a lot of times young people end
up being deceived and then end up being hurt. There were a lot of young men that died that
day, they could not discern that they were being plotted against and they fell right
into the trap. It is just pathetic you know? It is just so sad, but it can easily happen
to a person and this is till true. In our world today this sort of thing can happen
a lot. You know once the enemy has got you by the heart, you are pretty much sunk. So
you know, you just really have to be aware and purpose in your heart as to who you are
going to be and what you are going to do. I mean, that is just so important, otherwise
unless you purpose to do it, and you make the effort to keep yourself pure, to keep
your life pure, to test everything, and to test everyone, by the word. At some point,
a long the line, you know the enemy can really do you harm, so you have to be vigilant. But
YHWH saw this and He was going to inflict punishment on these Midianites because of
what they did. The Scriptures constantly promise us this, while we are told in the New Covenant
Scriptures not to retaliate against our enemies, the Scriptures do tell us that YHWH Himself
will retaliate against His enemies and therefore if people do this, and they go about trying
to set harm or try to do harm to the people of YHWH, they have to realize that they will
then have to deal with Him. So while we ourselves, we will not retaliate to what they do, YHWH
is going to. When He does, there will be a judgement for doing that evil to His people.
Well quite a story you know, it is stunning, especially right now because we are at an
amazing turning point in terms of the change in the culture. It is huge what has happened,
gigantic change in the culture and yet YHWH’s covenant has not changed. He has not changed,
His standards have not changed, but the environment in which we need to continue to be holy and
separate, well that environment has changed tremendously now. So I do not think these
verses could be more timely then they are at this moment. James 1:12 through 15 and
I would encourage people perhaps to read that and meditate on it. It talks about temptation
in those verses, it tells us not to think that we are tempted to evil by Elohim. Because
it says He does not tempt anybody. When we are tempted, we are tempted by our own desire,
we are enticed by our desire. You see, this is what the plot was. The plot of the enemy
here was to entice these Israelites by their own lower nature, by their own desires. Then
James says that that desire, when it conceives, bears sin. So you know if we have a desire
that is against YHWH’s laws, against His covenant, we need to rebuke that. We need to turn that
away and we need to make a definite decision ‘that is not where we are going’ because if
we do not do that, then we just let that fester, it will bring us into the place of sin and
James says when sin is full grown it brings forth death. Sin is not good, it does not
bring forth good things, it brings forth very bad things. This is the process by which that
happens and the Scriptures tell us about it and we really can do something about it. Another
passage of Scripture in 1 Corinthians chapter 10, this is verse 5 through 13. In these verses,
it talks about this very incident, and some of the other incidents like it where the people
turned away from YHWH, where they lusted after evil things and were drawn away. There Paul
says, “Neither let us commit sexual immorality as some of them committed and in one day twenty-three thousand fell. Neither let us test the Lord as some of them tested and perished by the
serpents. Neither grumble as some of them grumbled and perished by the destroyer.” Then
he says this, “Now all of these things happened to them by way of example, and they were written
for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have come.” Well there was an end of
an age in that time that Paul was living in and that age came to an end at 70 C.E. That
was when the Temple was destroyed and that whole Jewish system came to an end. But Paul
mentions ‘ends of ages’. The other age that he has in mind is the age that we are in today.
In fact we live at the end of this age. These things were all written as examples to us.
So that we could benefit from these things that happened. These things are very relevant
to us. There is lots of people in the world that would tell you this information is not
relevant anymore, but what the apostles say, it could not be more relevant, it is for us.
Because YHWH does not change, His righteousness does not change. He has not changed His mind
about any of this and He is not going to change His mind. So even though the world has changed
and continues to change, He does not change. He has called us to be separate from the world,
to live holy sanctified lives and I believe as we look at the story, we can see the dangers
in not doing that and we can see the blessings of faithfulness to Him. [War on the Saints Part 1]
[The Scheme of Balaam] [By: Eliyahu ben David]
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  1. Wow, this video teaching is such a timely blessing. First the sighting of the Star of Bethlehem/Messiah's Star, and now this new video series is starting. It is very informative, especially for those who are still unaware of the customs of the pagan worship of Ashtoreth and the relation to modern day Easter. A deep teaching indeed, no ear tickling here.  I'm encouraged and exhorted to not be spiritually passive  because the war on the faithful Remnant is definitely being waged. We must keep our eyes fixed on our Commander and Chief, Y'shua Hamashiach  and keep faithfully standing for Truth. Thank you to all the Tsyion ministry team for getting this video out. I'm looking forward to hearing all of this series. Shalom.

  2. Excellent program. Can not wait for the rest of this series. So very exciting. Great production too, I really enjoyed the intro. Keep them coming.

  3. As usual the only truth on the air waves is Eliyahu ben David. Thankfully YHWH has raised him up to warn us. Of course we have to choose truth which may be a little or a lot uncomfortable and REQUIRE CHANGE in nominal thinking and behavior.
    Jeremiah 3:15 “And I shall give you shepherds according to My heart, and they shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.
    Mark 13:22-23 “For false messiahs and false prophets shall rise and show signs and wonders to lead astray, if possible, even the chosen ones. “And you, take heed. See, I have forewarned you of it all

  4. listen up Men, (I'm talking to the men here) the moral of the story, when Satan has exhausted all other means of attack against you unsuccessfully.He will throw poon at you. This is a FACT. Don't mean to sound crude here, let's just look at what it is and not sugar coat it. This is Satans Playbook, literally. Be aware of this. The non beleiving woman is not necessarily giving you signals because you are so great, or so handsome, or strong, or rich, or smart. Vastly there is an agenda afoot, by Satan to destroy you.Don't let your EGO's, and dicks lead you into destruction. I Assure you that will happen, and I assure you, THAT IS THE AGENDA. And to recover from this sin, if possible by grace, in some cases not 24,000 Israelite men for example, absolutely brutal. Don't go down that path to begin with. JUST DONT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The war of the saints is gainst the members in the flesh who say they know God but walk in darkness speaking lies through hypocrisy. Where? In the churches. The pastors are hired to rule according to the people who pay him in tythes and offerings. Who is lord over us? Pastor. If a poor man unknown should walk into your assembly would you let him speak the word of his testimony. Would you give him your place on the platform? John wrote to the church but Diotrophes received him not. That is where the war is in the churches – in the image of jealousy. Who gave YOU authority? You were born altogether in poverty and you presume to teach us? We have degrees in theology and letters of recommendations. So you may be seated, pastor. Not many wise, not many noble are called. God has chosen the poor in spirit for they shall see God. If when you come together in Jesus name let everyone be in one accord. Let everyone esteem eachother higher than themselves. Someone had a psalm but you had to Lord over the flock with your prepared sermon. A poor widow woman had a revelation but she was told to be quiet. Who gave her authority? The people are dying in the pews for lack of having their spiritual senses exercise by reason of use. Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.

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