Volunteering with the Youth Team – St John Ambulance

Volunteering with the Youth Team – St John Ambulance

[Soft music] I’m Matt Atkinson and I’m a volunteer
with the youth team at St John Ambulance. My role is to inspire, support,
and empower young people to deliver first aid in their community. [Soft music] We teach young people basic first aid skills, which are skills for life. [Soft music] It’s incredibly rewarding to see young people from all sorts of backgrounds coming
together learning life saving skills. [Soft music] With our Badgers, we learn basic first aid
skills such as bandaging, CPR, recovery position. [Soft music] Young people can take those
demonstrations out into schools, into other youth groups, and share their
knowledge. [Soft music] Some of our Cadets have gone on to be doctors, nurses, paramedics, and
it’s incredibly motivating to know that as an organisation, we’re building the
next generation of healthcare professionals. [Soft music] But it’s not all serious we
have fun, we play games, and we find that that helps build their confidence and it
keeps them coming back to learn new skills. [Soft music] Volunteering is an exciting,
flexible opportunity for you to develop yourself, support young people, and learn
new important skills. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, to meet new people, and discover what young people can achieve. If you’re considering
joining up, come and see what we do because I can guarantee you will be
inspired by our young people. St John Ambulance has become a massive part of my life. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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  1. Needed Here in North Wandsworth.
    Once Battersea power station is opened as a cultural and office workplace hub.
    North Wandsworth Cadet unit, needs to be located close to Clapham Junction.
    York Gardens housing Estate will be remodelled in the coming Decade.
    Plough Road, new church rebuilt in the area.
    Community engagement is key, here in North Wandsworth and Battersea.

    Former member with
    Local St. John Ambulance adult unit.
    1998 to 2016.

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