Vlog – One Adventurous Day in Taipei with Saint 圣结石和小野的一天 | Ms Yeah

Vlog – One Adventurous Day in Taipei with Saint 圣结石和小野的一天 | Ms Yeah

Hello everyone Let me introduce you my good friend in Taiwan Mr. Sheng, Shengjieshi( a nickname) Hello, everyone Saint Famous video blogger in Taiwan Singer Director This is my first day in Taipei and I come to meet Mr. Sheng directly It’s ok because Taipei is my place What are we gonna to do today? Ok, let me see Now, I will give you a special gift It’s a luck box Oh, you’re so sweet There are introductions on over 20 tourist attractions in Taipei You can pick them up randomly and then I will guide you to these tourist attractions Oh, it’s so sweet But, I think there are many horrible things in the box No, they are so good, which represent my enthusiasm Oh, really You won’t use this box if you are sincere We can open it now it’s table tennis in Taipei Oh, it also has spoon What’s this? It means that if we use the spoon in Taipei to play table tennis will be very fun Oh, really?I don’t believe It’s true” Oh, it’s very fun Mr.Sheng will use the rolling pin and I will use the spoon Let’s see who will be better Let’s go Can you play? Yes. I can It’s so easy Let me start Wow Haha Wow, you look so.. Oh, you are so great I don’t want to play I will tell you that all the wonderful tourist attractions are in the lucky box It’s my sincerity It’s not lucky If you think you are not lucky that’s Chen yixun(a Chinese star, it’s implied meaning) It’s bicycle Won’t you take me to do high wire? No Haha, ride the bike on the high wire? I think you will No We won’t go to the circus Holding glass It’s not a challenge Will you pick another one again? Yes. They are not challenges Really? It’s the bike again I really like this one Oh, instant noodles I can try in, but I also think it’s not a challenge Really? how about eating instant noodles while riding bikes? Only myself? No, we can do it together It has the tandem bike Oh, it’s okay Let’s do some sport What are we doing? I think we seem like a couple We should play a music from Jay Chou( a music star from Taiwan, China) Do you forget our task, Mr. Sheng? Yes We’ve ridden the bike for one hour and we have forgotten our task which is riding bike while eating instant noodles You can try it now I don’t know why should I do this with you This is the special activity in Taipei Are you planning to take you to eat the local food in Taipei? Oh, it depends on the situation Oh, I think you are deceiving me Let me wander a while for digestion The bike becomes so light without you Oh What are we gonna to do? Let me see We should pick one from my lucky box Mr. Sheng is kidding me He took me to play the tennis and eat the noodles I don’t think it is good despite I haven’t opened it I think it’s a day for you to kid me No We will be happy today KTV What will we do? I think we should do something unique You can see the second page Roller coaster. In deed, I’m not afraid of the roller coaster Do you mean we should sing a song on the roller coaster? Yes No. I won’t Okay, you can choose others there are other exciting games in the box such as Free fall and paragliding movement you can choose what you like Okay, where is the theme park? Let’s go I’m no afraid, it’s so easy No service What should we do? The most horrible one is the pirate ship Let’s go I can’t open my eyes I want to pause I want to go home We can’t sing (Chinese pop music) (Chinese pop music) Are you okay No You take me to this and now you feel no good I regret You looked so timid just now I think I am way out of my league I though I could take it for three times Now I think I can’t Yes, you were afraid of putting your hand up just now Yes, I acted like this just now I really thought my life was danger Can you try the abyss over there? it’s a piece of cake Because of the limit of time I can’t try it today Let’s pick another one Oh, it’s okay No, I should see the next page The first page is Taipei snacks It’s okay Earpick You can eat these snacks by earpick. Yes. It’s good Let’s go What’s this? It’s a kind of drinks Ice? No, It’s like the jelly Do you want to try? Yes, please give me one How much? 40 NT$ What’s this mean? It means the truth is in the front of you Okay, it’s really a cold joke This Sweet potato balls are so good Excuse me please give me the original one with small dish I will treat you for it Oh, you’re so nice Thank you, really thank you It’s really good We’ll eat it by the earpick It’s really important I’ll buy it with my wife whenever when come here If I won’t buy it, my wife will become angry You can see many people know you She is Xiaoye Xiaoye has many fans in Taiwan Sponge cake Ice cream with peanuts the mountain pork It’s salt crispy chicken It’s very typical in Taiwan You must taste it when you come to Taiwan This one is very good This one is very good. but I recommend you order this one first If you can’t finish now, you can take it to the hotel Do you want pepper? Yes Thank you International fans International program It’s really different We need to just wait for a while Okay Thank you so much I think we’ve bought too much we should find somewhere to sit Let’s eat by earpick How do you feel when you look at so many delicious food? Now, let’s eat them with the earpick Give you one Let’s eat the noodles I think it’s so wired You can mix them It’s so good I didn’t recognize that you like the heavy taste It’s okay Oh, it’s good This is the mountain pork Many indigenous people like to cook it It’s good It’s good and it tastes like the meat stewed with soy sauce and strained before serving I want to eat this one Sweet potato balls It tastes like the glutinous rice sesame balls Do you eat it? Yes It’s deep-fried spiced diced chicken This is my favorite snacks Is this your favorite snacks? Yes, of course It represents the flavor of Taiwan Let’s eat the sponge cake There is egg inside it’s my first time to eat this kind of cake It’s very tender I don’t want to use it It’s not convenient What are you doing? Look at this It’s not convenient to use one earpick You make a big spoon with all the earpicks Yes I think it will be good Wow It’s so good Do you wan to try? Ice cream with peanuts? Oh, I really like it Pancake with peanuts and eggs? No, ice cream with peanuts I really like the coriander, it’s very unique Actually, I don’t like the coriander too much but it tastes good now It’s really good Which one do you like best today? Ice cream with peanuts? First, I like the spoon which I made just now Okay. This is my favorite snacks The sponge eggs are so good Mountain pork is good All of them are okay These are the tip on the iceberg of the delicious food in Taiwan Do you feel good now? No In fact, I just want you to have a small pity When you come next time I’ll take you to find new and interesting things Okay We set out at 8:00am, it’s 11:00pm now He guides me for the whole day This is my good friend, Mr. Sheng If you like him, you can follow my account If you like me, you can also follow mine You can follow her account and then follow my accoun Yes I’ll teach you how to say goodbye in Chengdu dialec Bye, see you in Chengdu Take me to the disco It seems like we’re crazy I think so

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