Visitando St. Martins y Fundy Trail en Nuevo Brunswick, Canadá

Visitando St. Martins y Fundy Trail en Nuevo Brunswick, Canadá

hello friends welcome we are grandparents of
audio from saint martins although today we are for a walk so
we have been visiting mom and dad of samuel and they live in the city of
frederick and today his friends invited us to go for a walk to a little town on the thing
What is called San Martin stays like two hours two hours so we’ve been
driving I’ve been sleeping more than nothing but we have reached the village like this
that now we are going to ride the car in front we have the friends of submerged
and they are called me niger and roger too they have imitated other Cuban friends
yes by carlos so we are a group of eight people and friends of cuba
and well the plan we are going to make a walk spend a little time on the
beach we are in the bay of fundy that we already show you a little in the other
video when we toured with my parents and if it’s going to be a nice hot day
so we have come to the sea well now we are driving by
little town and it’s a special week because It is educated on with when all the people
who lives and works in other villages in other larger cities are supposed to
They return to this town to visit their family friends and everyone get together and
they also have something called the thanks and that would come to be when the
people set a table in front of their house with all the things that they no longer need
a cheap price cheap prices and they sell things i don’t know if it stretches a lot
do is in south america in north america like this during the months of
summer a lot of wars downtown to streets then we just stopped at a little store
in English it is called general store store general that would come to be like a
warehouse there is a word for this in Spanish to general branches
and it’s a little more style store old what year is it if you have money and
Tinelli Nine 1889 and yes she is Latina quite old and has only had three
owners during that time and when we went through the store I didn’t think it was
a church because it is built same with church but we already bought
some food there and now we are stopping I don’t know we’re still seeing but already
we will find out we are following the other car first stop of the day here in week
we have reached a place called yes the sea caves and this is a
place that during high tide is not accessible us luckily by
coincidence no more we arrive during tide come down because we don’t set the schedule
so now we can walk by what would normally be covered by is for
the sea not because here in the bay of fundy we have the highest tides of
world so to be able to walk on the sea ​​floor is quite special as well
that now to visit the caves and look who samuel appeared what did you
this place seemed very impressive already look at the size of that cave right there
there they have it and during high tide one can come by kayak yes yes just like
in two rocks quotas we visited some weeks ago but now to look for the
group the rest of the group is us waiting well I think we drive maybe 20
minutes and we have thoroughly reached I think it’s a park it’s not provincial it’s not
National is a private park because it’s beautiful we’ve been driving by
park and the views we have are all serpentine streets there is forest
views of the coast and the sea is awesome and we stopped at a
place called long beach that means the long and good now the
tide has started to come in so half beach is covered down the water
but we can still go down and walk the rest of the group is walking taking out
photos so if we are going to show you the beach and then we will have lunch we will
eat a delicious picnic in these beautiful Bay views until the perfect day
a perfect day I’m with a trunk alpaca is cool nothing we already went in
this perfect weather the perfect weather for samuel yes for me a little cold
but we have been almost 40 degrees in fredericton or maybe 20 something
to well here we are at the beach this
it would be long beach as they already I mentioned half of the beach is already down
I do is covered by the tide but the same comes from the size of this place and
in all this so much sand and I don’t know if you can see behind me but there is like a
mist that is entering the sand very interesting very rare
it looks like something out of a movie of suspense or something and now let’s have lunch played s with
hungry now a rich picnic with some breathtaking views wait to see is for we are having lunch friends and
Samuel’s parents prepared three salads there is one which is a salad
Caesar another with sweet potato and egg and this does not I know how Spanish is given today and
we also have maple a maple silo walnuts are delicious so let’s
eat and we continue with the ride good we just finished our lunch and
now I am with boris that turns out to have watched the videos with my dad just us
we realized exactly small is the world not exactly
well, this is this tour around here I found the Bay of Fundy
between awesome really looks like the tide is taking the ocean water
is taking the sand from the beach is super awesome for me I’m Cuban no
I’m used to it and then I recommend them for
course visit this beautiful place in direct contact with nature and
they will find here a place of a healthy recreation and it will happen very
I really recommend it with all sincerity a place totally
different especially the beaches of Caribbean that are as beautiful as this
place many let’s join two Y and now let’s cross the bridge
hanging there are people swimming in the river many dogs too and it is a maximum of
10 people on the suspension bridge m Y We just visited play with some waterfalls
of 15 meters and now we have good we climb to the car we return to the town of se
images that remain about 15 minutes and the plan we have two options the side all regional or charter sides for
those who don’t know is a fish soup and seafood very popular way and although now the thing is to find a
place to stop this little town is Visited dry tourist very popular already and now now we are going to give them height
covered bridges who is pictured there are two we had one this morning and well
these bridges were also nicknamed the bridges of lovers because in the
era of carriages to couples could cross the covered bridge and kiss without
that nobody sees them and nowadays these bridges are not used anymore it’s more like
a tourist site well then the place where we thought
going to eat charter and ice cream is so popular and there were so many people that
we decide we will not continue and look another place if not it won’t touch us
food and well let’s say to this other place that it’s called
this other poster is so not even I know if it has a name but I know that they sell
ice cream and also the famous guy is fish and seafood soup so that
is what we have asked now we are waiting for the order to be ready and
well we are among addicts in the car because it is the only shadow there is well sauro was very rich but lesson
what to say seems too expensive to me final mom wishing she was invited
He offered to buy us his sauber that I’m just seeing the price that was 13
dollars for a bag of soup that very rich had lots of fish many seafood
but wow it would have to cost a third the price especially considering that
we are here on the coast so good we only have one more stop that will
be the plague samuel is buying a ice cream now that we’re not next to the
sea ​​has been unbearable heat and that ice cream is necessary is a
need let’s see what flavor you chose next in line and look at this samuel and
its ice cream two flavors what flavors you asked and how is that solution already the price very strong flavor to the
projection in tutors or 33 dollars is much cheaper than knowing then and now the last destination of the weird day or
the red rock beach and look for this is that bears that name behind me is a
red rock wall the entire coast is so also apparently this is a
secret plant because it is quite difficult to get there you have to deviate a little
for those little houses and it’s a dead end street that doesn’t look like much
but there you have it there is only one person in this square and we we are back in the house of
seam’s parents was a long day but very fun we really enjoyed
I have a beautiful day and the truth is that before going to be pictures today I don’t
I knew nothing about the place there was only heard the name but I didn’t know what
can do that you can visit and it turned out to be a pretty little town that is a
perfect place to spend the day whole especially in the summer when
the weather is nice so I know we can recommend we hope you
have also enjoyed this video knowing another part of the province of
new Swedish brand Finnish we are going to say goodbye because it’s been a long day and
see you soon with more videos already friends ah and the

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